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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Check out Bea's spelling practice - fantastic presentation!

Lexi got 100% in her spellings - wow!

It's great to see Bea and Saba testing themselves on their spellings!

Check out Nathan's spelling practice!

Have a look at Edward's spelling practice, keep up the great work!

Here is Ruby's spelling practice, amazing presentation!

Bea's making great improvements with her spellings: 20 HP!

Ruby has been putting her spelling words into sentences, wonderful! 20 HP!

Check out Lexi's silly sentences. I love the colour-coding of the spelling words! 20 HP!

Edward's spellings - great stuff! 20 HP!

 Great spelling practice from Kuba, 20 HP!

Amazing silly sentences from Lexi - 20 HP!