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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Staff Absence Request

To submit a request for absence form please read the following table of what time off is generally granted with pay and then click the link below. Once submitted it will be forwared to the relivant line manager.

Leave of absence generally granted with pay


Max days in opne financial year

Sickness of close relative (partner, mother, father)

3 in total including any from the table below which are granted with pay

First day of child’s illness

Up to five days on the day of the initial illness will be paid.

Staff working less than five days would receive the number of days pro rata – 3 days contracted would mean 3 days initial illness would be paid

Birth of child for father of child, or mother’s partner


Death of a near relative (child, father, mother, partner)


Death of a close relative (sister, brother, grandparent)


Leave of absence  - might not be granted with pay


Max days in one financial year

Appointments impossible to arrange out of school hours.  Where part of a day is required, this will count towards the total.  Specific times must be detailed 1
Sickness of a near relative (partner, mother, father) 3 in total including any from the table above
Child’s illness (members of staff are expected to make arrangements for the sick child to be nursed after the first day ) Absence beyond the initial day is unlikely to be paid but would be agreed should the staff member need to remain at home.
Death of a close friend 1
Household removal 1
Study leave (leading to Higher Education qualifications that contribute to the member of staff’s professional development) Up to 10 days over the duration of the course, but no more than 5 days in any one year.  In addition, days needed to attend for examination
Interviews for appointments (consideration may be given to an extension where it is unreasonable to expect travel to and/or from the place of interview within the day(s) of the interview). 3 x 1 day
Service as a volunteer of the non-regular forces which involves attendance at summer camps. 10 per year
Attending the day time meeting of the governing body of any educational establishment. 0.5 per meeting
Other exceptional and compelling personal reasons 1

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