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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Student Teacher Enrolment

The following information and documentation will give you an feel of Chesswood and contains all the information you need to know. Please read all the documention carefully and if there is anything you don't understand or need more help with please contact the school.


Student Handbook

Signing in & Out

A sign in/out sheet is located at reception and must be completed by each individual every day.  This is to ensure your safety should an evacuation take place.  Please do not sign in another student when they are not present.

Time keeping

UoB state you must be in school by 8:30am each day.  We recommend that you arrive before this and leave no earlier than 15:30.  Time before and after school is crucial to prepare and review pupils’ learning, evaluate your own teaching and maintain your teaching files.  The class teacher/mentor may wish to meet with you or have you help prepare for the next day.  Even if you are not required to teach or be in the classroom, it is essential you are on the school site and have checked in and out with your class teacher/mentor.  The lead mentor, Laura Hossin, will be checking this is happening.

Evacuation procedures

  • A summary is included on the reverse of your lanyard.
  • Each class is allocated an evacuation number, located on the nearest playground to your classroom.  Please make a note of it on your induction day.  The number will be displayed in your classroom. 
  • We would recommend that you have additional evacuation rehearsals to ensure you and the class are familiar with the process.
  • The evacuation process is as follows:
    • A continuous 2 toner siren will sound.
    • Children line up silently. Clarify the way in which your class have been trained to do this.  Some line up in alphabetical order.
    • The first child in the line will lead the class out to their designated number.  Ask a TA to lead the class out.
    • The last child/a designated child will collect the first aid box and register.
    • Complete a head count. Where a child/children are missing, complete the register.
    • Confirm to your year leader that the class are all accounted for.  Where a child is missing, inform your year leader, or most senior team member, immediately.
    • Continue to manage behaviour, ensuring children all face forwards silently.

Dress code

Adults should dress and present with appearance appropriate to their professional role; this may be different to that adopted in their personal life. You should ensure you are dressed smartly, decently, safely and appropriately for the tasks they undertake. Those who dress or appear in a manner that could be viewed as offensive or inappropriate will render themselves vulnerable to criticism or allegation. Take guidance from your mentor: look at how they are dressed for their role.

Computer Access

We believe that you need individual access to the school network in order to fulfil your role whilst on placement.  You will be given an individual log in name and password, as well as a key fob for access to photocopiers and the school entrance gates. 

  • By logging on to the school’s ICT systems, you agree to abide by this Acceptable Use policy and the policies that relate to the use of ICT. These can be found in our policies folder or can be accessed via our IT Manager, Ben Miller.
  • You are expected to act in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner. 
  • No one may use ICT resources in violation of license agreements, copyrights, contracts or national laws.
  • You must not load or download software on any device without authorisation from IT manager


You are not be expected to use your own personal equipment to take images of pupils at or on behalf of the school.  We have many I-Pads and cameras, which can be used for this purpose

Images must not be used in the public domain unless parental permission has been given. Details of this can be located with the class teacher and admin team.

Data confidentiality

  • Please only use a child’s initials on any documentation you create, including short-term lesson plans.
  • Any copies of our school documentation must have pupil photographs/names removed and replaced with initials only.
  • Do not take home any documentation where a child can be identified (by photograph or name).  These documents must be stored in a secure location within school.
  • At the end of your placement at Chesswood, please shred all documentation where a child or adult can be identified.  This is following the new GDPR guidance.

General conduct around the school, including in the staffroom

All adults who work in schools set examples of behaviour and conduct, which may be used as a model by other staff and by pupils. 

  • The staffroom is a space where visitors, children and external agencies pass through or meet regularly.  Please ensure you keep the space and your belongings organised and tidy at all times. 
  • When you are using the staffroom during non-contact sessions, please remain professional.  Staff members will note any unprofessional behaviour and feed it back to the lead mentor and the university.  These observations may be recalled should any application be made for a job or reference request.

The role of your mentor

Your mentor will typically be your class teacher.  Where you are placed within a job-share class, the mentor will be the teacher in on a Friday to ensure the weekly review meetings take place.  Laura Hossin is Chesswood’s lead mentor.  Please contact her if you have any questions or concerns that cannot be answered by your mentor.

Handing in of planning to the class teacher/mentor

It is expected by UoB that you submit and discuss your lesson plan with your class teacher/mentor in good time ahead of the lesson.  We ask that this takes place at least the night before you are to teach the lesson.  We acknowledge that last minute changes may be made, but please discuss this with your mentor.

Placement mid-point feedback to the school from trainees

Both Chesswood and the University of Brighton are keen to hear your feedback throughout your placement.  It is in everyone’s best interest that we continue with good practice and improve in all areas.  In the middle of your placement, you will be given the opportunity to share your experiences at Chesswood anonymously via an online questionnaire.  Should you wish to raise any concerns before this time, please speak to Laura Hossin, lead mentor.

TS8 – Fulfil Wider Professional Duties

Throughout your placement, you will experience life as a teacher and gather evidence for each of the teaching standards to demonstrate this.  It can happen that TS8 (fulfil wider professional responsibilities) is harder to evidence.  While it is optional, we will support and encourage you to engage in the broader life of the school, through activities such as joining staff on the playground at break times, running or assisting an extracurricular club and joining teachers at parents evening.  Your mentor will provide extra support with this, as will Tim Quick (PE Leader) and Claire Cossins (Music Leader).  The start of your placement may provide more time and flexibility to complete these activities, before your teaching load increases.

Progress Review Organisation

It is common for multiple students to compete their placements at Chesswood alongside others from their course.  It often happens that a University Tutor will be assigned to multiple students.  When the Tutor contacts you to organise your observations and reviews, please liaise with the other students and team members to best timetable these lessons.  Please then share this plan with the University Tutor and the admin team (via, so they are aware of where the Tutor is going.