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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Ukraine Crisis

This web page has been developed to support children and families. We are bringing together a range of age appropriate materials, links, information that children and families can be confident in using. The first aspect is to ensure children have a an easy route to raising questions, worries, thoughts and feelings. By doing so school staff will be well-placed to provide support guidance and understanding based on the specific needs of children in the coming weeks - at all times any school response will be age appropriate. Furthermore, we can assure parents any particularly sensitive aspect raised by a child will also be communicated to individual contact with the family ensuring they are well-placed to understand and support their child.

Should you find any content on this web page of concern, inappropriate or in any way offensive please email we will listen carefully to all views when making decisions on inclusion of appropriate content, intended to provide a valid and reliable range of age appropriate information for children.

File:Flag map of Ukraine from 2014.png - Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine Assemblies

Upper School


Click on the image below to open the slides supporting the Ukraine assembly. Slides will adjust and develop to ensure the best possible reference guide for the school community.


Lower School

Click on the image below to open the slides supporting the Ukrainian assembly. Slides will adjust and develop to ensure the best possible reference guide for the school community.

Questions, worries, thoughts and Feelings

Us the form below to share things about Ukraine that are on your mind. You can complete the form below or follow this LINK if you have a smaller device like a phone.

Peace and Protest Playlist

Ukrainian School Support Project

Ukrainian children in London: 'We are worried about our families' - BBC News


Advice if you are Worried

  1. Talk to friends if small worry, talk to parents and school staff if there is a bigger worry
  2. Use the form above to share with Mr Jolley
  3. Do things you enjoy
  4. Watch or listen to things that make you smile or laugh
  5. Don't just think, listen to or watch difficult news stories - watch things that are positive, happy or fun 
  6. Remember the whole world is upset by this and WORLD LEADERS are doing their best to bring it to a safe end quickly with the least hurt and harm possible.

Click on the image below to find out more from BBC newsround if the news is upsetting you:

Ukraine - Guiding Facts

  • In Eastern Europe, along the Russian border, sits Ukraine, the largest country in the region.
  • The Carpathian Mountains to the west protect Ukraine from fierce northern winds.
  • The Ukraine has some of the richest farm land in Europe – over 1,000 miles of flat plains known as steppes.
  • Ukraine has rich supplies of oil and gas.
  • Because of its natural resources, Ukraine has been the target of invaders for thousands of years. First came Vladimir the Great, who introduced Christianity in 988. Then came the Mongols in the 13th century and the Lithuanians one hundred years later. Polish invaders arrived in 1569. The peasants were tired of being bossed around.
  • They formed the Cossacks, fierce warriors led by fiercer leaders. The Cossacks fought against Poland and eventually formed an alliance with Russia. Then, Russia took over the country.
  • In 1932, Joseph Stalin planned a famine in the Ukraine to curb rebellion. Over 5 million people starved to death. Ukraine was once again ravaged by war when the Nazis invaded. After World War II, the Soviets had control.
  • Today, the Ukraine has finally won her independence. However, the country still has conflicts with Russia and neighboring countries. Ukraine is a rich country with a long, sad history.
  • In 1986, Ukraine suffered the world’s worst nuclear accident. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, sending nuclear radiation three miles high into the air. The radiation killed animals and people and polluted water and soil.
  • Kiev is the capital city.
  • Ukraine has 223,090 square miles of land.
  • President of the Ukraine is Volodymyr Zelensky, he defeated Petro Poroshenko (April 2019).
  • The currency used here is the Ukrainian hryvnia.
  • Over 44 million people live in Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian Hryvnnia is the currency used.
  • Ukrainian is the official language, although people also speak Russian, Hungarian, Romanian and Polish.
  • Most people are Christian.
  • The government is a multiparty democracy.
  • 95 percent of adults can read.
  • People in the Ukraine can expect to live for 72.5 years.
  • To find out more click on the image below or follow this LINK

Things to see in Beautiful Ukraine

Ukraine (and the Oblasts)

The oblasts are similar to Counties in England e.g. West Sussex or Hampshire

The Conflict Information, Help and Guidance



Positive Action - People Helping

See images of the help, care, love and support. Click on the image to open or follow this LINK

NATO (The North Atlantic Alliance)

NATO: what is it, why does it still exist, and how does it work? Learn the basics about the Alliance in this animation.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - NATO

Watch the growth of NATO countries in Europe since 1949. This is a central concern in this conflict - changing country friendships and defence.

Click on the image to open or follow this LINK


The COLD WAR Part 1 and 2



Ten Minute History - The Decline and Dissolution of the Soviet Union (Short Documentary)


Year 6+

When the USSR (Russia, The Soviet Union) asked to join NATO?

One thing many wouldn't have expected in the Cold War was that the USSR asked to join Nato. Which seems a bit mad and so obviously it raised the question: why? To find out watch this short and simple animated documentary.

Vladimir Putin - A guide

Caution Y5+ watch with responsible adults 


Belarus - An oversimplified Guide


The UN (United Nations) What is it?

This animation answers your questions on why the United Nations was created, what functions the UN has and what important work the UN does.

The UN Agency for Children

What have children had to do when faced with enormous challenges. The United Nations organisations seeks to promote and protect the rights of all children, especially those experiencing war, famine and disasters.


How did the Soviets React to the Moon Landings? (Short Animated Documentary)


The Crimean War 1853

Yes - over 150 years ago - war has caused difficulties for Crimea and Ukraine for hundreds of years. It is never good to be at war and this region has been invaded many times.

The Crimean War 1853

The charge of the LIGHT Brigade

Alfred Lord Tennyson Poem - The Charge of the Light Brigade

Suitable for Year 5+

The charge of the LIGHT Brigade

Alfred Lord Tennyson Poem - The Charge of the Light Brigade

Audio Guide to the Charge of the Light Brigade - the bravest and stupidest charge in history!

Suitable for Year 3+

Florence Nightingale

You have probably heard of Florence Nightingale - a world history heroine. As a nurse she was also involved in a war in Crimea over 150 years ago - history repeating itself?! Click on the images opposite to find out more or follow this LINK for the top and this LINK for the bottom