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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Writing Resources

Children do not need to visit this page to access resources.

Please click the links within the Weekly Learning sheet.

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  1. Turbo Spage Year 3 Week 2PDF File

  2. Turbo Spag Week 3PDF File

  3. Nasty Writing Week 3 for WebsitePDF File

  4. Story checklist for websitePDF File

  5. T-LP-950B-Gorilla-page-borders-narrow-lined-portrait_ver_1PDF File

  6. Story planPDF File

  7. Turbo SPAG for WebsitePDF File

  8. Turbo Maths Week 5PDF File

  9. Nasty Writing Week 5PDF File

  10. Persuasive checklistPDF File

  11. Persuasive TextsPDF File

  12. Example letter from SmudgePDF File

  13. Plan for letterPDF File

  14. Emotive language word matPDF File

  15. Persuasive writing word matPDF File

  16. Turbo SPAGPDF File

  17. Nasty WritingPDF File

  18. Example letterPDF File

  19. Turbo SPAG Week 7PDF File

  20. Nasty Writing Week 7PDF File

  21. Turbo SPAGPDF File

  22. Nasty WritingPDF File

  23. bullet pointsPDF File

  24. Preposition word matsPDF File

  25. Slow writing paragraph criteriaPDF File

  26. Slow writing paragraph TEACHER MODELPDF File

  27. 20180924175339PDF File

  28. 20180924175409PDF File

  29. 20180924175433PDF File

  30. Y3 KO - Animals including HumansPDF File

  31. NCR examplesPDF File

  32. NCR examplesPDF File

  33. Nasty WritingPDF File

  34. Turbo SPAGPDF File

  35. Nasty WritingPDF File

  36. Turbo SPAGPDF File


  38. Nasty WritingPDF File

  39. Nasty WritingPDF File

  40. Turbo SPAGPDF File

  41. Stone Age BoyPDF File

  42. Speech checklistPDF File

  43. Speech Punctuation PosterPDF File

  44. Synonyms for said word bankPDF File

  45. Home Learning Task sheetPDF File

  46. Adverbs of manner word matPDF File

  47. Group word bank planPDF File

  48. Adjectives word matPDF File

  49. Powerful verbs matPDF File

  50. Writing FlipsPDF File

  51. Stone age comic dialogue 3PDF File

  52. Stone age comic dialogue 2PDF File

  53. Stone age comic dialogue 1PDF File