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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Y3 Induction Events


Welcome to Chesswood!  We are delighted to welcome the families joining us as part of Year 3 in September.  On here you will find key information, which may also have been shared with you via letter.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via

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Letter confirming classes for 2023-24 Parents were sent a personalised letter on Friday 30th June via e-mail.
Frequently Asked Questions - Children

Please click this link to view answers to frequently asked questions by children joining us in Year 3.  Questions were asked when children completed their online questionnaire.


Frequently Asked Questions - Adults

Please click this link to view answers to frequently asked questions by adults joining us in Year 3.  Questions were asked when adults completed their online questionnaire.


Tuesday 4th July - Induction Evening

Please click on the image below to view the slides from our Induction Evening presentation.


Wednesday 5th July - Induction Day Children will spend the day at Chesswood.  The whistle will be blown at 8:40, with the school day formally starting at 8:50.  Children will be collected from their classroom at 3:15.  Children have received a personalised welcome booklet.
Year 3 Challenge Card

These were issued to children either on the Induction Evening or the Induction Day.  Click the image to download a new version:


Tuesday 11th July (Springfield) & Tuesday 18th July (Lyndhurst) - Meet the Teacher Year 3 teachers will visit Springfield & Lyndhurst and be on hand to meet children and parents after school.
Monday 21st August 

WELCOME PICNIC — Monday 21st August

As mentioned in our July welcome letter to new Year 3 parents, we would like to invite our new Year 3 families to join us for a picnic on the field, which we can now confirm will be on Monday 21st August from midday to 2pm. During this time, the Year 3 leader — Mr Gilbert, Deputy Head Teacher — Mr Himsworth, and other members of the Chesswood team will be on hand to say hello and help with any questions you have ahead of starting in September. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see some familiar faces and get to know children that will be in your class this year. There will also be the opportunity for members of staff to walk you round to the outside of your classroom and the Year 3 playground as a reminder of where to go on your first day, Tuesday 5th September.

Key details:

  • Please enter and leave through the Ladydell Road entrance (back gate).
  • The gate will be unlocked between midday and 2pm.
  • We will have designated areas for different classes to sit in to help you spot other children from your class — but appreciate you may want to sit with other families that you already know from other classes . Don't worry if you can't remember your class - the adults here will have class lists.
  • Please bring with you any snacks/drinks/blankets/hats/sunscreen (hopefully it's sunny!).
  • Please note parents will need to stay with their children and supervise them during this visit.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any pets during this visit (as lovely and cuddly as they are)!
  • If the weather is bad, we will be based in the hall.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday 21st August. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Mr Gilbert via email at

Monday 11th September - Meet the Teacher  Parents are invited to attend a presentation from their child's new Year 3 teacher sharing key updates and reminders about life in Year 3 at Chesswood.