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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning page.  This will be updated each Monday by your teachers.  If you have any urgent queries relating to year 6 home learning, please send an e-mail to both Mrs Peace, the year leader ( and Mr Yelling, the assistant head teacher (, so we can deal with your queries quickly.  If you need any technical help, please get in touch with the IT manager, Mr Miller (  Otherwise, the contact details for the Year 6 team are listed below.

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General Year 6 Mrs Peace -
6EP Miss Price -
6RW  Mrs Robinson-Wright -
6SJ  Mrs Johnson -

Mrs Bourner -   

Mrs Peace -

6EW  Miss Wadge -
6MH  Miss Hills -


Reading, Writing & Maths  - the tasks outlined below relate to the work being set in school for the core subjects of reading, writing and maths. They will be updated weekly by your teachers.   


Please note - you may need to swap round the Nasty Writing and English in the morning depending on the time of your class's live English session.  You can find out this time and find the invite by checking your school email account.


Starter Boards
8:50 Maths
9:50 Nasty Writing
10.05 English
10.40 Break
10.55 Finish English
11:35 Reading for Pleasure/ Reading Task
12.05 IXL/Duolingo
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Meditation/Mindfulness or PSHE 
13:30  Wider Curriculum 1
14:20 Wider Curriculum 2 
15:05 Hometime


The tasks shown currently are for the week beginning Monday 8TH MARCH.  Click on the image to see details of the tasks.


 Monday 29th March - Friday 1st April


Wider Subject Tasks - the tasks set below are linked to the work being undertaken in all other subjects (foundation subjects) this half-term. They will be updated half-termly by teachers. Have a go at as many as you can during your time at home.




Extended homework - practice the homework tasks more often during each day of isolation:

  • Read an age appropriate book for at least 30 minutes
  • Complete IXL English tasks for at least 30 minutes
  • Complete IXL maths tasks for at least 30 minutes
  • Learn your spellings in different ways and practice any high-frequency words that are still tricky - click here
  • Practice your maths written methods for 30 minutes - click here

If you do not have access to the Internet please let your class teacher know immediately and they will look at options during the period of isolation.


There are many links on our website to support independent learning for children across all subjects. The sites and links will allow children to explore a variety of high-quality resources to support them in researching areas of interest. These may go beyond the curriculum topics at Chesswood but will be highly valuable in engaging children in their independent learning skills and developing a love for learning. Click on the headings below to access the links and resources.

Useful Websites and Links

Explore a wide range of websites and links to great learning opportunities. You can use the menu to explore sites and links by subject. 

Game Zone 

Use the menu to access games created by teachers at Chesswood to support learning in all curriculum areas. 

Knowledge Organisers

Have a look at knowledge organisers for your year group. It would also be great to look back at previous knowledge organisers. What have you remembered?

  1. Week 9 HL Reading Comprehension Text, Questions and AnswersPDF File

  2. Year 6 reading activity gridPDF File

  3. Lesson 1 resourcesPDF File

  4. Lesson 2 Imagery ChecklistPDF File

  5. Lesson 3 Word BankPDF File

  6. Y5-Summer-Block-5-ANS1-What-is-volume_-2020PDF File

  7. Y5-Summer-Block-5-WO1-What-is-volume-2020PDF File

  8. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS6-Area-of-a-parallelogram-2019PDF File

  9. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS7-Volume-counting-cubes-2019PDF File

  10. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS8-Volume-of-a-cuboid-2019PDF File

  11. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO6-Area-of-a-parallelogram-2019 (1)PDF File

  12. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO7-Volume-counting-cubes-2019PDF File

  13. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO8-Volume-of-a-cuboid-2019PDF File

  14. Y5-Summer-Block-5-ANS1-What-is-volume_-2020PDF File

  15. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO6-Area-of-a-parallelogram-2019 (1)PDF File

  16. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO7-Volume-counting-cubes-2019PDF File

  17. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO8-Volume-of-a-cuboid-2019PDF File

  18. Written methods week 9PDF File

  19. Y5-Summer-Block-5-WO1-What-is-volume-2020PDF File

  20. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS6-Area-of-a-parallelogram-2019PDF File

  21. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS7-Volume-counting-cubes-2019PDF File

  22. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS8-Volume-of-a-cuboid-2019PDF File

  23. Y6-Spring-Block-5-ANS6-Area-of-a-parallelogram-2019PDF File

  24. Y6-Spring-Block-5-WO6-Area-of-a-parallelogram-2019 (1)PDF File

  25. Turbo Maths Week 9PDF File

  26. Turbo week 9JPG File

  27. Year 6 DT Summer Home Learning Takeaway TasksPDF File

  28. Termly Learning Year 6 Spring 2PDF File

  29. Weekly Learning Year 6 Week 9PDF File

  30. Weekly Learning Year 6 Week 9PDF File

  31. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS1-Using-ratio-language-2019PDF File

  32. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS2-Ratio-and-fractions-2019PDF File

  33. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS4-Calculating-ratio-2019PDF File

  34. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS5-Using-scale-factors-2019PDF File

  35. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO1-Using-ratio-language-2019PDF File

  36. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO2-Ratio-and-fractions-2019-1PDF File

  37. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019 (1)PDF File

  38. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019PDF File

  39. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO4-Calculating-ratio-2019PDF File

  40. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO5-Using-scale-factors-2019PDF File

  41. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019PDF File

  42. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS5-Using-scale-factors-2019PDF File

  43. L1 Slow writing sentence breakdownPDF File

  44. L1 Slow writing success criteriaPDF File

  45. Planning sheet for planning and draftingPDF File

  46. success criteria for draftingPDF File

  47. Year 6 vocabularyPDF File

  48. Written methodsPDF File

  49. Written methodsPDF File

  50. Weekly Learning Year 6 Week 10PDF File

  51. Weekly Learning Year 6 Week 10 xDOCX File

  52. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS1-Using-ratio-language-2019PDF File

  53. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS2-Ratio-and-fractions-2019PDF File

  54. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019PDF File

  55. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS4-Calculating-ratio-2019PDF File

  56. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS5-Using-scale-factors-2019PDF File

  57. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO1-Using-ratio-language-2019PDF File

  58. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO2-Ratio-and-fractions-2019-1PDF File

  59. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019 (1)PDF File

  60. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO3-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol-2019PDF File

  61. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS6-Calculating-scale-factors-2019PDF File

  62. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS7-Ratio-and-proportion-problems-2019PDF File

  63. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS-Ratio-and-proportion-problems-2-2020PDF File

  64. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO7-Ratio-and-proportion-problems-2019PDF File

  65. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO-Ratio-and-proportion-problems-2-2020 (1)PDF File

  66. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO-Ratio-and-proportion-problems-2-2020PDF File

  67. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS1-Read-and-interpret-line-graphs-2020PDF File

  68. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO1-Read-and-interpret-line-graphs-2020-1PDF File

  69. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO4-Calculating-ratio-2019PDF File

  70. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO5-Using-scale-factors-2019PDF File

  71. Y6-Spring-Block-6-ANS6-Calculating-scale-factors-2019 (1)PDF File

  72. Y6-Spring-Block-6-WO6-Calculating-scale-factors-2019 (1)PDF File

  73. Y6-Summer-Block-3-PPT1-Read-and-interpret-line-graphs-2020 (1)PDF File

  74. Lesson one to uplevel with SCPDF File

  75. success criteria for L1 uplevellingPDF File

  76. CGP reading comp answersPDF File

  77. Cyber-Bullying CGP questionsPDF File

  78. Cyber-Bullying CGP reading comprehensionPDF File

  79. Written methodsPDF File

  80. Week 11 4 Operations (Taken from 18-19)PDF File

  81. Week 11 4 Operations (Taken from 18-19)PDF File

  82. Weekly Learning Year 6 Week 11 xPDF File

  83. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS1-Read-and-interpret-line-graphs-2020 (1)PDF File

  84. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS2-Draw-line-graphs-2020PDF File

  85. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS3-Use-line-graphs-to-solve-problems-2020PDF File

  86. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS5-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020PDF File

  87. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO1-Read-and-interpret-line-graphs-2020-1 (1)PDF File

  88. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO2-Draw-line-graphs-2020PDF File

  89. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO3-Use-line-graphs-to-solve-problems-2020PDF File

  90. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO5-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020PDF File

  91. Week 12 4 Operations (from 18-19)PDF File

  92. Hostages answersPDF File

  93. Hostages questionsPDF File

  94. Hostages textPDF File

  95. L1 Book review lesson slidesPDF File

  96. L1 Book review success criteriaPDF File

  97. L1 Book review templatePDF File

  98. L1 reason for writing success criteriaPDF File

  99. L1 Book review lesson slidesPDF File

  100. L1 Book review success criteriaPDF File

  101. L1 Book review templatePDF File

  102. L1 reason for writing success criteriaPDF File

  103. Weekly Learning Year 6 Week 12PDF File

  104. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS5-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020 (1)PDF File

  105. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS6-Pie-charts-with-percentages-2020PDF File

  106. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS7-Draw-pie-charts-2020PDF File

  107. Y6-Summer-Block-3-ANS8-The-mean-2020PDF File

  108. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO5-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020 (1)PDF File

  109. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO6-Pie-charts-with-percentages-2020PDF File

  110. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO7-Draw-pie-charts-2020PDF File

  111. Y6-Summer-Block-3-WO8-The-mean-2020PDF File

  112. Week 1 4 Operations (From week 13 18-19)PDF File

  113. CGP answersPDF File

  114. CGP questionsPDF File

  115. CGP reading comprehensionPDF File