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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

    Friday 18th February - The School Is Closed

    Soon after 9 a.m. this morning, we received direction to close from the Director of Education, Paul Wagstaff. On that basis, we have no choice but to make arrangements to close the school. Please click here for more information

    I am well-aware this will please some and anger others – and above all disrupt every family whose children attended school today. I am genuinely sorry for any confusion or disruption this will cause. The school will remain open until 11:30, therefore there is not an urgent collection but a steady stream until that time for collection.

    We will open both gates for collection. A member of staff will be sat at the Ladydell entrance with a radio so they will organise for children to walk to the gate when parents arrive. For those arriving at the Chesswood Rd entrance please use the intercom, the gate will open, you are invited to come into the school (out of the weather) and wait for a short period whilst your child collects their things and comes to the entrance.

    If you are unable to collect your child by 11:30 (before the peak wind speeds) and conditions worsen, you are encouraged to wait until the wind abates which is likely to be at normal closing time. On that basis staff will remain with children where families judge it is unsafe to travel during peak wind times (we can’t keep them throughout the holidays though ) – so take your time, stay safe, urgent collection is not necessary. Please avoid calling the school directly until after 11:30 a.m. as there are many competing demands that the administration staff need to attend. I am personally sorry for any disruption this has caused. We opened in good faith and for good reason.

    However, the unprecedented late notice to close all West Sussex schools has caught somewhat by surprise

    Yours sincerely

    Andrew Jolley