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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

    School Bomb Hoax & Minecraft

    UK School's Bomb Hoax & Minecraft

    This week, over 400 schools received an email informing them of a bomb threat

    This email was a hoax and after police investigations it was concluded it was sent by what is being described as a disgruntled Minecraft gamer. The person in question spoofed a Minecraft server to make it seem these emails were sent by someone else. This type of attack should have been prevented by implementing simple security features with the server in question.

    The fact that this attack was linked to a Minecraft argument and server it does not mean there is an any additional risk to children playing Minecraft. Chesswood uses a special education version which is monitored and controlled by us. Only pupils at Chesswood can use it and we have to specifically allow them to do so. However, when using Minecraft at home it is different and not as controlled, to find out more on how to keep children safe online with Minecraft please look at the following pages on the NSPCC website: