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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

3MH - Beech

Monday 6th April

Hi 3MH! I have filmed Chapter 18 and 19 of FING, please find them below. I hope you're all having a good Easter break! I am still enjoying the sun and I must say, lazy mornings in bed! Enjoy the videos and I will write again soon! x

Chapter 18



Chapter 19



Friday 3rd april 2020

Good evening! Just noticed that what I wrote earlier today didn't save so not sure if any of you will even read this! If you are reading it now - my question is why?! Go and enjoy your Easter holidays! You have worked so incredibly well over the past two weeks and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Thank you for being such wonderful pupils - have a really lovely, restful break, you've certainly earned it. I will keep uploading FING for those of you who want to read it. Enjoy the sunshine, eat lots of chocolate and keep smiling! xox

Message from Miss Pinto (03/04/20):

Sniff, sniff. Does it smell like Easter Holidays??? Yesssss it does. 

You did it!!! You all got here and now can enjoy your break after the hard work. Hope you have lots of fun but don't eat all the chocolate eggs at once. 🍫🥚😉

We are working on our Easter Eggs now and then... HOLIDAYS. Be good, keep safe and smile. 

Miss Pinto 

thursday 2nd april 2020

Good afternoon 3MH, well done if you have emailed a friend your letter this morning. I have heard from lots of you today which has put a huge smile on my face! :D I hope you are all having a good day, it's nearly Friday! Please find chapter 16 and 17 of the book  FING below. I know we already read chapter 16 but I thought you could do with a little reminder. I will try to upload a new chapter each week day - however no promises because I may need to have a pyjama day in the week and I will not be putting a video online of me in my PJs, hehe! Hope you enjoy. p.s. scroll down after videos to see Miss Pinto's message. She has made THE most incredible posters for Autism Awareness Day. If you're not sure what Autism is, why not watch the video below.

Did you know that Oscar in our class has Autism? And lots of other children at Chesswood and in other schools all over the world. Here is a little bit about what Autism means for Oscar...

It means added challenges for Oscar including sensory issues like: increased sense of smell- he can smell inanimate objects, he’s not keen on being touched although he loves cuddles, he can spin round and round on a roundabout without getting dizzy, and more. Autism also helps Oscar in a lot of ways, like being able to understand maths and he is hugely empathetic towards wildlife/nature. 

You will meet many people who have Autism throughout your lives and it's useful to know a bit about it so that you can show them support in many ways, one way is just simply understanding that they may see the world differently to you, but with our differences and own characteristics, we make the world a fantastic place to be. 



Chapter 16



Chapter 17



Message from Miss Pinto (01/04/20):

Hello girls and boys, Miss Pinto here. 

How are you doing?

My little ones have been drawing and colouring this morning. Did you know that today is Autism Awareness Day???? 

I hope that you are all doing well, getting ready for the weekend and OH!!! THE EASTER HOLIDAYS!!!!! 🐰🐣



wednesday 1st april 2020

APRIL already! Hey 3MH, hope you are all well. I've been so busy today! I have been working on completing a puzzle which has been tricky because there was no picture on the box to follow! I have also been busy emailing lots of you back because you completed your computing work and send me an email from your own personal account - well done! If you still haven't emailed me, I'm waiting for you. It was another lovely, sunny day today and although I am missing you all a lot, I am enjoying spending time in my garden with my dogs Max and Charlie. I introduced Charlie to a book today... *video coming soon*.


Message from Mrs Jones (01/04/20):

Hello 3MH,

Hope you are all keeping busy and staying safe. I'm still enjoying seeing the photos of your work and your smiling faces.

Whilst we are at home I have decided to practise my Chinese writing as it is not very good.  See picture. Hope you all try and go into Duolingo and practise some French - maybe you can send us a photo for use to read.

Have a good day. 

Mrs Jones

Message from Miss Pinto (01/04/20):

Hello guys, good morning!!! 

Wednesday already, wow! 

Look at what I found in my leaving room, hahahahaha. Batboy and sister playing around before breakfast. 

Are you having fun??? Are you working on your reading, writing, Math, Art....??? 

I want to see your work on our page, come on surprise me and make me proud 😉. 

Missing you, keep safe and smile. 

Miss Pinto 

Tuesday 31st march 2020

Hi 3MH! Hope you are all having a good day home learning or at school. I am so pleased to be receiving emails from you children and no longer your parents - this shows me how independent you are being at home and also showing me that you are being the best you can be. I am only selecting a few photos to go on our class page each day now but I still want to see everything you have been getting up to! - The home learning sheet has a column with house points available - once you have completed the task give yourself that amount of house points - I trust you to be honest! If you get any from me via email because you've sent me photos, they're a bonus and you get those HP's on top of the others! So keep up the hard work and please do keep sharing your fantastic work with me, as well as your daily writing task as I love reading your diary/letter entires. Check out Archie's from today in our writing section if you want too see an excellent one! 

Reminder: This is the last week to meet your reading targets! I will update on our reading page later who has met it/who is close to meeting it. Keep going guys - you're all doing amazingly well this month with your reading - keep quizzing!

Good evening, just wanted to update you all with our reading - well done to Archie, Luna, Alina, Faith, Aga, Molie, Poppy and Skye for taking a quiz already this week.

Update from last time: Faith has now met her reading target three times, Aga twice, Alina four times, Luna once and Mollie once! You guys rock - keep being super stars. Miss Hills x

monday 30th march 2020

Good afternoon 3MH! I hope you had a good weekend? I can't believe we are on Week 2 already of our home learning. I have updated the Top Tens so please check out that page if you haven't already. (On the right if you are on a computer or at the bottom of the page if you are on a phone/tablet). I will be choosing a winner for the home learning book front covers soon - check your emails as I will be emailing you if you are the winner! Good luck with the home learning this week - I hope you enjoy the new topics RE and Art. As always, keep sending me photos/videos of the work you have completed and keep checking out our class page subject pages to collect your house points.  Write soon.

Message from Mrs Jones (30/03/20):

Hello all,

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are now ready for Week 2.  I am busy trying to research ways in which I can help you more– pretty hard to at the moment but hopefully when we are back in class.

It would be lovely to see at least one piece of work from all of you to show how hard you are working.

I will be contacting my little group that I had for spelling to provide new words for the week that you can practise at home – look out for my email coming soon.

Stay safe at home and keep up your hard work.

Mrs Jones


Message from Miss Pinto (30/03/20):

Hi all!!! 

How was your weekend? Mine was full of colours and lovely food. I hope to see your amazing work this week. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!!! Really missing school. Have a good start and enjoy the sunshine. 

Miss Pinto


friday 27th march 2020

IT'S FRIDAYYYYYY! I am very happy it's so close to the weekend. A few reminders for you, you've got until 4pm today to send in your home learning BOOK COVERS as the competition closes TODAY. I will be choosing one lucky winner from our class! It is day 2 of your English writing task and therefore I want to see ALL of your BFG storyboards - with 6 pictures and 6 descriptive sentences. - Send me a photo please. Finally, good luck with the final Geography and Science quizzes today! Enjoy the glorious weather, I will be going for my daily run with Charlie again a bit later - do get out in it if you can, the sun is good for you! Write soon.

A whopping 73,111 words gained today by 10/10 quizzes being passed! WOW that's more like it 3MH!

Well done to Hector, Faith, Skye, Alexia and Aga! Proud of you all! Have an extra 50HP each from me!

Also, Hector you've now met your reading target - TWICE! Woooooo!


Message from Mrs Jones (27/03/20):

Hello all, hope you are all getting used to being home schooled and are enjoying spending more time with your families.  I am enjoying spending more time helping my daughter and i am getting to re-read Harry Potter with her which I loved. We also made old tea stained paper for her piece of writing as a WW2 evacuee. Keep up with your reading and let's try and hit those targets. 😊


Thursday 26th march 2020

Another lovely day, I am just writing this quickly before I go for a run with my dog Charlie - have fun with your home learning today, I can't wait to see your BFG storyboards - remember to take your time to plan before you write - this is important! And look in the text to help you. I'm also looking forward to seeing your reasoning for maths - please do this neatly just like you do at school, send me photos once you have done both pieces of work! I look forward to hearing from more of you today - so far I've heard from 9/29 of you, 3 are still at school, so 17 of you are either sleeping all day or just being quiet with your emails... please say hi if you haven't already! I emailed you all yesterday so no excuses. One more thing before I go - KEEP QUIZZING! I'm giving out a total of 2,900 HP's if we get to 2,700 words by the 1st of April, so keep reading! Have fun home learning and I'll write again a bit later! 

WELL DONE to Hector for passing 2/2 AR quizzes and Laurentiu for passing 1/1, well done boys! 

Message from Miss Hills (26/03/20):

The run was successful although Charlie saw a cat and almost sent me flying! I am loving this sunny weather and the quiet streets, you can hear the birds singing without having to concentrate hard. I am jealous of all the fun learning you have all been getting up to, some of you are getting really creative and producing some really cool work! Well done. x


Message from Miss Pinto (25/03/20):

Hi guys, here I am today; hiding behind a tall glass of hazelnut and cocoa milk, made at home. It tastes like Nutella. 🍫🥛😂

wednesday 25th march 2020

What a beautiful, sunny day! I ate my breakfast in the garden this morning and enjoyed soaking up the joys of Spring, my neighbour had just cut their luscious green grass, I love that smell! I could also hear the birds tweeting from high up in the still trees. I looked up and saw the calm, ocean blue sky staring back at me - I realised in that moment that staying at home isn't so bad after all, especially with all the photos and emails I've been receiving from all of you! Few updates for you below.

WELL DONE Wariyaporn again - 4/4 quizzes passed today - WOW. A whopping 16,851 words added to our class word count. WELL DONE to Faith too, 2/3 quizzes passed today adding another 1,309 words. Brilliant job girls. Where is everyone else in our class? We need your help! READ > QUIZ. 

Check out the new pages on the right to see your amazing work in the subject categories!

Message from Miss Hills (25/03/20):

I got a message from my sister today who is lambing on a farm (this means she is helping the mummy sheep deliver their baby lambs!) The farm had their first lamb born this morning - how adorable! Spring is a delightful season filled with new births and beautiful nature. Keep your eyes peeled for any new flowers blooming near you. x

Message from Mrs Jones (25/03/20):

Went for an early morning walk with the dogs. They were so happy to be getting out. Don't forget to have a good break and get those hearts pumping.  You will feel more ready for a brain work out 😁

Message from Miss Pinto (25/03/20):

Hello guys, Miss Pinto here, working really hard with my kids building a house for the 30 day Lego challenge. Hope you are all doing well with your home learning. 

Tuesday 24th march 2020

Good evening 3MH, I have been very busy working from home today, mostly looking at your incredible work - I am so impressed with the amount of work you are producing at home. I am proud that you are still working on your neat presentation and joined up handwriting too. So big well done to you all. 

Just wanted to give Laurentiu, Hector and Chloe a little shoutout as they are still going to school - Mrs Lucas sent me some photos of your maths today, well done for continuing to be the best you can be at school, the photos made me smile a lot! I will add them to the maths section (on the right hand side of this page). 

Please continue sending me your best pieces of work from the day so that I can share your achievements with the rest of our class, school and parents. 

Also a quick reminder for anyone who has forgotten how to log in to your email, it is your whole first name and the first letter of your surname followed by and your password is the same as AR. You can use this to email each other too so don't forget to fill a bucket via email! 

BIG WELL DONE to Wariyaporn and Hector for both taking two AR quizzes today and passing them both

Come on 3MH - Keep reading and take the AR quiz when you have finished, maybe we can get to first place by the time we go back to school?! 

Message from Miss Hills (24/03/20):

Today included a very quick run avoiding any social contact with other people. It felt good to get fresh air and to not be sat down at my computer desk all day! I'm sure Mr Quick and Mr Haggart would be shocked to see me exercising. I also had a delivery from Mr Harney the hero, thank you for delivering my computer and chair and sorry I could only wave through the window!

Keep smiling and stay safe everyone! 

Miss Hills x



  Message from Miss Pinto (24/03/20):

Good morning guys!!!!! 

Day 2, how is your home learning going??? 

I've seen the pictures that you sent yesterday and I'm very impressed. Well done!!! 

I'm also doing some learning and might do  TT Rockstar later, wish me luck. 

Keep safe, keep smiling. 

Miss Pinto

Monday 23rd march 2020

Good morning 3MH! Miss Hills here, feels very odd not taking a register, but I guess if you're reading this now, you're with me. I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you're excited to start your home learning today! I have spent a lot of time prepping activities for you and I'd love to see photos/videos of you taking part in these learning activities. I'd also love to see your set up at home - will you make a timetable like ours in class?! This will help to keep your day structured and stop those of you who get distracted from playing all day! :D Have you got your home learning book ready? PLEASE remember to write the date and underline it, I will still be checking that you are remembering your capital letters for the proper nouns and neat presentation including using a ruler, particularly for maths if you don't have squared paper, don't think you've got it easy now you're in your PJs and not school uniform!

Message from Miss Hills (23/03/20):

This little guy has been very happy to have me working from home today, Dumbo has had far more cuddles than he normally gets on a Monday!

I have spent most of my day looking at your amazing work you have sent to me - I am a very proud teacher right now, your home learning looks incredible! Well done 3MH. Speak soon x

Message from Miss Pinto (23/03/20):

Here is one of the things I have done today guys, because I'm planning to read lots and lots I wanted to have a brand new book-mark. 

Keep working and smiling. 

Miss Pinto 

 Thank you to Chloe who has already sent me a photo of what she has been up to! Chloe joined in with the 'Rainbow Trail' and made a poster for her bedroom window! What a fantastic message: 'Be safe, be happy, be kind, smile.' This definitely made me smile and I'm sure it will do the same to people passing by her house. Chloe, 20HP, well done you, it is beautiful and so creative!

I look forward to hearing from you all, remember to email me with any questions/updates/photos/videos and hopefully I can add you to this page too, just like Chloe!