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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday 25th January 2021

New Daily Teams Meetings

Class pages will no longer be updated by the class teachers. This is due to our new learning expectations, which include a daily Microsoft Teams meeting, 08:45-09:00, to register home learners and prepare them for the day of learning.

To access Teams you need to be logged in to your school email account (Office 365) - for help, click here. Or see the child friendly video for using Office 365 - Outlook email  here.

For help using Teams, click here. Or see the child friendly video tutorial for using Teams  here.

Assessment work

You no longer need to email in evidence of your work on a daily basis - this has been replaced with set pieces of work that will be identified for assessment. Your teachers will tell you which ones these are in the morning Teams meeting and they will be clearly identified on the daily planning. 

To send in your assessment piece, you will usually send an email (ideally from your own school account) with a photo or uploaded attachment of the work. Sometimes, assessment may just be to complete a Microsoft Form or to complete a quiz.

Your teachers would love to respond to all of your emails but that is not possible now. If you do not get a response, and you think you should have (i.e. you asked a question that needs a response), please resend the email with, ‘PLEASE RESPOND’ in the email subject line, this will act as a reminder in such busy times.

Teachers will select samples of work from those entered, to build exemplars of work against the set success criteria at differentiated levels (working towards age related expectations, working at expectations and working at greater depth) to reflect a normal classroom. The work selected will remain anonymous and will focus only on the good examples of meeting the success criteria. Pupils (and families) will then be given the opportunity to self-assess their work against the exemplars to judge how well they are doing and pick out some targets to work on in their next assessment piece.

Enjoy the new learning format.

Mr Yelling

Thursday 21st January 

Hi my lovelies, 

Thank you for all of your lovely work, I have received lots of it overnight and its all looking great! 

We have had a quiet day in 4DG and are looking forward to finishing our poems tomorrow! 

Miss G :) 

Wednesday 20th January 

HI my lovelies, 

So great to see so many of you on Teams this morning :) remember if you have a fun game we can play together let me know!

This is a little update about something exciting for you - next Wednesday Mr Quick and Mr Haggart are going to be doing a live P.E. lesson on Teams. It will be Wednesday 27th at 10:55-11.30. This will be the perfect time just before you then log on to see me :) They would love to see as many of you as possible on there. Here is a little advert for you to watch:

We have also started Fact of the Day in class. It would be amazing if you have an interesting fact we can share! 

Today's fact(s) of the day come from Emi and Kasper 

Emi - A narwhal's horn isn't actually a horn, it is actually a tooth which grows outward from their top jaw!

Kasper - The moon has 'moonquakes' just like we have earthquakes on Earth!

Please keep sending me your lovely work, I am reading and keeping all of it :) 

MIss G :)

Tuesday 19th January 

Hi my lovelies, 

I hope that you are all staying in and snug today! Its wet, wild and windy out there (check out my alliteration!) 

We have a busy dy ahead of us today, continuing our poetry and tackling some more origami this afternoon. 

I have had an amazing amount of work from you all over the last couple of days which is making me feel very proud! There are several lovely pictures of work for you too see at the bottom. Amelia made  terrific t-shirt, Ethan's awesome art and Alana's excellent English (did you see what I did there!)

Miss G :)

Monday 18th January 

Good morning my lovelies, 

I couldn't believe that we are already over half way into January when I wrote the date on the board this morning! However, this is good because I am one day closer to having you back in 4DG. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did and I may have eaten too much pizza (shhhh!).

We are going to be having a very busy day in 4DG today, we are really looking forward to starting our poetry. Our last poems about the weather were so fantastic that I know these will be the same. Remember to keep using interesting and exciting vocabulary, if anyone would like a copy of our uplevelling sheets just send me an email! We re also looking forward to art today as well :) 

Please keep sending me all your lovely work :) just like Lilah and Amelia did. 

Miss G!

Friday 15th January 

Hi my lovelies, 

Today has been another busy day at Chesswood. We have been working hard to finish our legends, and had a very fun afternoon with Mrs Sparks practising our origami and doing GoNoodle! 

It was so wonderful to see so many of you on teams this morning and I already can't wait for Wednesday! 

Well done for all of your amazing efforts this week, have a lovely , relaxing weekend!

Miss G :) 

Thursday 14th January 

Hi my lovelies, 

Today was a very wet and wild day at Chesswood. Poor 4DG didn't get to go outside once for any fresh air, but we did do some lovely dragon pictures to accompany our legends and we made time for a game of Tomato Ketchup as well. 

We have nearly finished our writing and have some incredible legends to go on display. Don't forget to send me yours if you have written one!

It was Lacey's birthday yesterday - so a big happy birthday to her!

I am really looking forward to seeing you on teams tomorrow - don't forget 11:45!

Here is some fabulous work I received from Max and Michael, as well as some of our dragon drawings!

Miss G :) 

 Wednesday 13th January 

Hi my lovelies, 

Today has been a busy day in 4DG. We have started to write the problem in our legend and are very excited to see how our stories are going to unfold! I have even joined in with everyone and trying to write my own, I think a target of mine will be to use a larger ranger of conjunctions!

We have been desiging dragon pictures to put up on display as well, which I can't wait to show you. Maybe you might like to draw a dragon and send it to me so I can put it up on our wall!

We have been really lucky today as Miss Varley from 4EV came to help us this morning, and we she was so impressed with our learning that she gave us a pom-pom! We want to fill it up so we can all have a lovely treat when we can be together again.

All of 4DG say hi - Mrs Sparks is waving as I type this message to you - and yes... Jackson is still singing about Jurassic Park! 

Here is some wonderful work from Alice and Willow - Well done and don't forget to send me any work you have done!

Stay safe and stay smiley :) 

Miss G



Monday 11th January

Hi 4DG, (it's strange not opening the door to you all and saying "Hello my lovelies") 

I hope that you all had a wonderful and restful weekend and made it out on some chilly walks! I am here in school ready for a day of learning. You have lots of exciting work to do this week, I think you will all particularly like the legends and I would love to see as many as possible :) 

I will be uploading a small video this week for you all and keep an eye out for regular updates from me. 

Have a wonderful Monday 

Miss G!

Meet the teacher - September 2020

Due to COVID restrictions, unfortunately, teachers cannot meet with parents and carers this year. Therefore, I have produced this video to introduce myself, give a brief explanation about what we are doing in Year 4 and to tell you how you can support your child or contact me if you have any queries





Welcome to 4DG

Take a look at the transition video to find out a little more about the new class.

Hopefully the video will answer all of your questions about next year,  including the questions asked via the form responses.

Try to keep up with the transition tasks and I would love to see any work that you do. I am really looking forward to meeting you all very soon and would really like to hear from you! Hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and a well earned rest! 

If you have any further questions, or to post your postcards on the page (take a photo),

please email us: