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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

4JH - Lime

Friday 17th July

We made it! The last day of Year 4 is here and what a crazy, unforgettable year it has been.

Have an AMAZING summer, stay safe and relax. I can't wait to see you all again in September. 

Mrs Hayman 



 Ernie's summer has already started... 


Thursday 16th July 

Good morning 4JH!

How are you all? It has been lovely hearing from some of you this week and seeing lots of the 4JH faces that are in school :D 

I hope you are enjoying writing your tapestry, I can't wait to see them. I've received a few sneak peaks and it makes me so happy to see and remember all of our lovely memories from earlier in the year. 

Final 2 days of home learning... you can do it! 

Mrs Hayman


You will not believe who I bumped into yesterday... 

Scarlett's mum and her dog Marni! I have been hearing all about Marni when Scarlett emails me so it was lovely to see her! The best part... Ernie and Marni were like best friends playing! It was SO cute! So I thought I would share a video with you. 



Wednesday 15th July 

Howdy hiiiiii team!

Half way through the week already?! Crazy! 

I saw Jed, Eva Betsy and Emily this morning - Dance mania girls, you will be glad to know that Jed is still wearing the T-shirt you designed him! It still looks fab :) 

Hope you have a super dooper day.

Mrs Hayman 


Ernie has a BIG thankyou to say to Lotte! Look at the present he received from her. One very happy puppy :D 

Tuesday 14th July


Hellooooo 4JH!

How are you all this morning? I am back in school today, teaching Year 6! AHHHH! So I may take a little longer to reply to your emails. 

Please still email and check in though, very strange being here without you so I would love to hear from you. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 


Monday 13th July

Good morning 4JH!

How was you weekend? I had a great time with a surprise family get together on Saturday and an epic dog walk yesterday. Check out my birthday cake! 


We are on the final countdown for home learning, 5 more days to go! You can do it! 

Remember to check back for our Top Ten's later today :) 

Mrs Hayman 


Ernie sporting my nephew's Toy Story sunglasses! 

Friday 10th July

Happy Friday team!

This week seems to have flown by! Only one week left of home learning and then your next school day will be at Chesswood in our new classroom! So much to look forward to!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine :) 

Mrs Hayman 



Ernie started at the top of the mound and then taught himself to ski...

Thursday 9th July

Good morning 4JH, soon to be 5JH! EEEEKKK!!

Guess what today is... 




I bet you can't guess.... 





Thank you so much for all of your lovely postcards yesterday, I don't know about you but I am SUPER excited for September! Just the small job of picking up our classroom and moving it to the Year 5 building... Let me know any requests for our new classroom and I will see what I can do :D 

Have a great day and eat some cake for me!

Mrs Hayman 


Ernie chewed an envelope this morning - think he is making me birthday confetti! 

Tuesday 7th July

Hello 4JH! 

The sun looks like it is going to be out to play today, yay! How did your first day of the week go? Looking at poetry in English, Sophia H sent me some great personification. Can't wait to see what your imaginations can come up with by the end of the week. 

Big shout out to Ofelia for being our Spark of the Week. Make sure you go and check our Top Ten's too - they were updated yesterday :) 

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. 

Mrs Hayman


It appears we have a dare devil on our hands!

Monday 6th July

Good morning 4JH! 

Hope you are all okay and had a lovely weekend! What did you get up to? I had no Ernie dramas this weekend so it was a pretty relaxing one for me, topped off with Brighton winning - always helps :) 

Can you belive we are in to our final two weeks of year 4?! This year has certainly been a crazy one but I'm glad I've spent the crazy year with you guys. 

Are anyone's holiday plans back on track for the summer? It would be great to hear if you are venturing away somewhere!

Have a splendid day.

Mrs Hayman 



He thinks those puppy dog eyes are going to work on me... 

Fact of the Day 

Forty (40) is the only English number whose letters are in A-Z order!


Friday 3rd July

It is Fri-yay! 

Last day of home learning today before a weekend of relaxation and maybe even some sort of normality?! 

I am looking forward to receiving your speeches today - Friday is always the most exciting day to receive work because it reminds me how fabulous you guys really are :) 

Have a great day, stay safe and have a lovely weekend team!

Mrs Hayman 


Flying into the weekend!

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning 4JH!

How are you all this morning? Here is a picture of Mia to brighten your day. She has newly decorated cow print nails, mooooooooooo! Aren't they fab?! 

How are you all feeling about transfer day next week? I've been getting a few emails with some worries, which is okay - please do get in touch with me if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them! 

Have a super dooper day :D 

Mrs Hayman 

Sophia H sent me this Greenpeace video for you guys to see - it's both powerful and persuasive! You may be able to magpie some parts for your own speech...




Strike a pose!

Fact of the day 

Once, somebody who won a best memory contest, got locked out of his house for hours because he forgot his keys.

Wednesday 1st July

Wow... JULY! Can you believe we are half way through the year. July is my favourite month - the sun is usually shining and it's my birthday month! Yay! I know I share my birthday month with a few of you in our class too, which is even more exciting. 

Hope you are all enjoying this week's learning, I'm a looking forward to seeing some of your powerful, persuasive speeches - I know how persuasive you lot can be! 

OH and BIG NEWS! SAM is a MILLIONAIRE! WAHOOOOOOOOOO! That means we have 3 millionaires amongst us now, I wonder if we will get any more before the end of term? I know some of you are very close... 

Have a great day!

Mrs Hayman  


This little man was trying to escape yesterday, either that or he likes playing with the keys... What's your guess? 

Tuesday 30th June

Helloooo 4JH

How are you all? It is rainy day today so perfect time to get stuck into your home learning. Did you all enjoy researching plastic pollution yesterday? There is so much to find out, it is incredible! Ella sent me a link to a great video - A girl who lives a ZERO waste lifestyle. Just shows that people can reduce their plastic usage if they really wanted to. Worth a watch so thank you Ella!




Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 




Still practising our catching over here!

Fact of the Day

This is to scale! Look how many Switzerlands fit into Brazil!

Monday 29th June

Good morning 4JH! 

Did you all have a lovely weekend? I hope you didn't get blown away by the wind! My weekend was filled with a little bit of craziness (my pupdate will explain more) followed by a great catch up with some friends. Cerys has been bust practising her sewing skills.

Look at what she has been making...           

It's Monday so don't forget to check in on the Top Ten's later today and we will have a new Spark of the Week... I wonder who it will be?! 

Have a great day and try to check in with me if you can. 

Mrs Hayman 

P.S Top Ten's are now live!



After a very short lived walk on Friday evening (the rain didn't help), Ernie was acting very strange, shaking his head and holding it to one side (you know, like you do when you have water in your ear?!) so we knew he must have got something in it on our walk. A Saturday morning trip to the vets meant this little guy had to be sedated - he was too wriggly for someone to go poking around in his ear!  The vet pulled out the huge, spiky grass seed! It had gone right down into his ear and in the process, perforated his ear drum... (hopefully you remember what this means from our science learning!) A very sleepy Ernie later, he was sent home with some medicine, a big bill (I hope he has been saving his pocket money!) and the memorabilia from his early grass seed career... After an hour or so of being back at home, he was back to his usual self!  

Fact of the day 

After a well earned break from fact of the day, Sam is back! 

In 1943, the US government banned sliced bread from being sold. You had to slice it yourself.

Friday 26th June

Hi 4JH!

Just a quick one from me today as I have a message from someone very exciting! 

Have a lovely weekend and a big WELL DONE for all of your hard work this week. 

Mrs Hayman 

A message from Miss Gilmour

Hi guys! I hope you are all having a lovely time in the sunshine -isn’t it hot! Mrs Hayman has told me how well you have all been doing in lockdown and I check the class page all the time to see your lovely pictures. I have some exciting news - I am going to be teaching at Chesswood in September! I am so so so excited to see you all again and I will be in our old classroom so please pop by and see me! I have been really busy at home and taking lovely long walks when I can and lots of bike rides too. Can’t wait to see you all very soon - I haven’t forgotten about any of you and can’t wait to hear all about your summer adventures! Miss Gilmour x




Thursday 25th June

Hello 4JH!

Hands up if you are heading to the beach after your home learning today?! It is SO SO SO hot, a dip in the sea will definitely be needed - I know Ernie will need a dip later too. 

How are you getting on with you biographies? I hope you have enjoyed finding out lots about Sir David Attenborough, he is an incredible man! 

Remember to stay safe in the sunshine today, drink lots of water and keep in the shade as much as possible. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 


Ernie was caught in the act... but what was he up to?!

Wednesday 24th June

Howdy hiiiiii 4JH! 

Hope you are all okay and enjoying the sunshine. Yesterday was soooo warm and today is meant to be even hotter! Have any of you got paddling pools in the garden to cool down in? I wish I did! I know Ernie would love it too. Make sure you are remembering your sun safety if spending time outside. There are some great videos on our website -head to Pastoral > Staying Safe and Well > Sun Safety. These can give you some top tips on staying safe and enjoying the warm weather.

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 


I hope Ernie remembered his sun cream!


Tuesday 23rd June

Helloooo 4JH

How are you? Did you see our Top Ten's yesterday? Big shout out to Erdem for being our Spark of the Week - never failing to make me laugh. 

Cerys sent me a picture of her reading spot in the sunshine yesterday. It looked fab!                       

Cerys, it is something about your pictures - it never lets me rotate them!

Can you create somewhere nice to read today? Maybe a den? 

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. 

Mrs Hayman

P.S Guys, it is SO close! We need to keep reading and keep quizzing!

Class Word Count
4OM 13,481,139
4SU 11,924,801
4JH 11,812,289
4PB 11,545,274
4JD 11,284,520
4HH 9,369,906



 We watched some videos of Ernie when he was really little on the TV. Ernie was fascinated and even tried to take a treat from the TV!

Monday 22nd June

Good morning 4JH and welcome back :)

Did you all have a lovely weekend? What did you get up to? I had a great weekend watching Brighton beat Arsenal, eating BBQ's and walking Ernie - pretty standard apart from the football part! 

I received Lotte's writing on Friday and she went above and beyond making her story into a book - it is fabulous! Make sure you go and have a look on our English page to see it and have a read. 

Don't forget to check back here later for Top Ten's and Spark of the week :)

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 

P.S Top Ten's are now live!


Ernie and his little legs reached the highest point!


Hello 4JH and happy Friday!

Hope you are all ready and raring to go for the weekend! Just one last bit of home learning to do and you will be done. I am looking forward to receiving your finished stories today - can't wait to read them! If anybody wants to send in a Friday shout out I would love to post them again. It was great to hear from some of you last week. 

Keep up the hard work. 

Mrs Hayman 


I'm so big!

Thursday 18th June

Good morning 4JH

How are you all? It's a rainy morning today but looks like it is brightening up later so use this opportunity to get your home learning done nice and early! Hopefully, you can then enjoy some time outdoors later. I had lots of lovely emails yesterday, telling me about the books you are reading YAY! This makes me VERY happy :D :D :D 

Keep sending in pictures, I am looking to send some over to Mr Gilbert to feature on the weekly collage later today. It would be great to have some of your work or smiley faces on there this week.

Have an awesome day. 

Mrs Hayman  





Ernie just loves to swim!


Wednesday 17th June

Bonjour 4JH!

It is Wednesday, which means we are half way to the weekend! Even more excitingly, for those football fans out there, football is back tonight! We have to wait for the best team to be playing until Saturday though... 

How are you all? and what have you been up to? Missing our classroom chats with you guys keeping me up to date with all the exciting things you are doing! Be sure to keep the emails coming my way - it is the best we are going to get for now.

Keep up the hard work, you should be very proud of yourselves. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 



One of Ernie's favourite walks is Dover Lane. Has any one been? There are lots of different walks up there! 



Tuesday 16th JUne

Hello 4JH! 

Hope you are all okay. Did you manage to take a look at our Top 10s? Unfortunately, we didn't manage a Top Ten for AR! Let's make it our mission to read lots this week and hopefully quiz. I will try and have a look at our year group ranking... Hopefully, we haven't dropped down too far, eeeeeeek! 

I saw some great story plans yesterday, I can't wait to read them, LOVE a good story :D If you haven't started your English yet, don't worry there is still plenty of time. If you get stuck or feel like you need some inspiration, ping me an email, always happy to help. 

Have a great day.

Mrs Hayman 




Ernie lost his favourite blue ball to the river but he was determined to get it back, even if it meant swimming for the first time! 

Monday 15th June 

Good morning 4JH! 

How are you all? Did you have a good weekend? Mine was filled with some lovely dog walks and a scrummy BBQ! It is so nice to be able to spend time in the garden with people. What have you guys been up to? 

It's Monday, which means a new week of home learning and a new set of Top Tens! Make sure you check back here later to see how you have got on. I wonder if we have have some new names on the lists?! 

Let's make a great start to the week! Message me if you need any help. 

Mrs Hayman


Look! Lotte received a Blue Peter badge after sending in some of her school art work. AMAZING! 



Ernie and his Dumbo ears are loving life!

Friday 12th June

Happy Friday 4JH! 

We made it to the end of the week with lots of fabulous work! Well done to those of you who have sent me updates on what you are doing, you all deserve a pat on the back. I had a great chat with Taito yesterday, he was telling me all about the books he has been reading. He has really got stuck in to his David Walliams books over his time at home and is currently loving Mr Stink - I know lots of you have read this one too! It's a gooden! 

It would be lovely to receive some Friday messages from you to share with the class. Maybe you would like to give a shout out to one of your friends? Or someone you haven't heard from much over this time? Send them my way and I will post ALL of them on here :) 

Friday Shout Outs

Hello Mateo! I messaged you last week, message me soon! Miss you. From Erdem 

I would like to shout out Jonty because I would like to see how he is doing! And to everybody in our class and say well-done even if you are not at school or if you are, it doesn’t matter I just would like to say do your best. From Jed 

Big hello to Sophia H and Lotte! From Cerys 

Shout out to all of 4JH who are representing us in school - Emily, Ben, Jed, Eva Betsy and Jake!

I would like to give a shout out to Cerys,Luke and Ernie.

I can't wait to see you as soon as possible.

Also a big shoutout to everyone else as well!

From Lotte



My Friday shout out is going to Stanley! Hope you and Percy are doing well and have enjoyed your week. Can't wait to hear from you both! 



And just like that, we say goodbye to another plant... 

Thursday 11th JUne

Morning team! 

Wasn't the weather yucky yesterday?! Looking forward to it brightening up again over the weekend. How are you all? And what are you doing to keep yourself busy? I'm think of doing some baking later today - bananas that need using means banana bread MY FAV! Will keep you posted...

Keep up the hard work and make sure you send through anything you have been doing. I love to see it. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman



Back to the cute pictures! Ernie's nap time. 


Wednesday 10th June

Helloooooo 4JH

It's Wednesday, which means we are half way there! I've heard great things about yesterday's DT activity - boat making. Cerys and Sam sent evidence that their boat was able to hold the weight. Sam's even managed to hold DOUBLE the amount! It's not too late if you fancy giving it a go, just scroll down to yesterday's work and have a look. You never know, with all the rain that is expected today, you may even be able to put your boat outside to float away! 

Hope you are all okay and staying safe. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 



 Not his cutest angle but Ernie lost two of his front teeth yesterday andyou can see the new ones coming through!

Fact of the day 

There are only 2 countries in Europe that have different train track sizes.
Spain and Finland.
Spain changed their track to stop France invading by train.

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning 4JH

Did you all manage to have a look at our Top 10's for last week and half term? If not, head over to our page and see if you have made it! It was great to see some different names on there and I was super impressed by AR. We managed to fill a top 10 for the first time since... I can't remember! What books are you reading at the moment? I was talking to Erdem yesterday about David Walliams' new book, World's Worst Parents, coming out at the beginning of July - Erdem is very excited! Ella was also telling me about the new Alesha Dixon book in the Lightning Girl series - she is LOVING it. Let me know if you've found any new books recently. I would love to hear. 

Have a super dooper day. 

Mrs Hayman 



                                                         Ernie is soooo long now, he just keeps on growing... 

Fact of the day 

Erdem - The largest star in the universe it’s called UY scuti and 1700 times bigger than the Sun!


Monday 8th June

Hello 4JH and hellooooo Monday!

How are you all? Did you have a good weekend, despite the rain?! I went on a lovely dog walk but took the route through the woods... A right turn here, a left turn there and then we found that we were losing ourselves amongst the trees! Bizarrely, we ended up right where we had started - the woods are a crazy place!

 I will be doing Top 10s and Spark of the Week later so keep your eyes peeled to see if you have made it. 

Lilly Mai has sent us an update on her sunflower - it is now taller than her! 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman

P.S Have another look at our English page - so many news reports for you to see and they are hilarious! Sam and Ella even recorded theirs.  



Ernie spent some time playing with his pal Lily this weekend, although she quickly had enough of all of his energy!

Friday 5th June

Good morning 4JH, it's FRIDAYYYYYYYYY!

Some of your news paper reports are starting to come in and they are just BRILLIANT! I am so impressed with how much you have remembered from when we last did our news reports and lots of you even remembering those year 4 writing skills we go on and on about... Keep looking on our English page as I will be posting your writing there. 

Keep working hard, one more day until the weekend - you can do it! I hope you have some nice things planned to relax this weekend, especially now we have a bit more freedom with who we can see. 

Have a great day and miss you all! 

Mrs Hayman 



It's a sleepy morning for Ernie.

Thursday 4th June

Hello 4JH!

Thank you for all of your lovely work yesterday, I received lots of emails showing the great stuff you have been up to, some of which can be seen on ur subject pages - don't forget to keep checking them out. I hope the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits yesterday! I was quite happy to see a bit of rain... Check out today's pupdate to see a confused Ernie, I'm not sure how he felt about getting wet every time he went out into the garden! 

Have a great day and keep up the hard work. 

Mrs Hayman 



Note the empty plant pot, it was full of beautiful flowers a week ago  - Ernie thought he would have a go at gardening! Note the plant pot on the table, yesterday this was the next pot on Ernie's to do list... 

Wednesday 3rd June

Howdy hiiiii 4JH!

How are you all? And how is your reading coming along? I'm yet to look at AR but hoping for fabulous things when I do log in :D Make sure you are reading every day and then don't forget to quiz on the book when you have finished it. If you have run out of books, let me know and I can help you to get a new one to read. 

I would love to see some photos of what you are getting up to at home, not just your school work. Maybe you are baking, building or just chillaxing? Either way, send me a snap and I can share it with the class. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman



I think Ernie was trying to tell me he was hungry, waiting so patiently for his dinner!

Tuesday 2nd June 

Hello 4JH!

I hope you have all settled back into your home learning - Erdem even said he was happy to have his work to do again! Thank you to those of you who got in touch yesterday, it was lovely to hear from you. If you haven't yet, no worries, just ping me an email :) Cerys told me all about her trip to the beach and how she braved the FREEZING cold sea. Has anyone else been brave enough to head into the sea? I think it's too cold even when paddling in it! 

Have a great day guys and enjoy the sunshine. 

Mrs Hayman 






Here are some videos of Ernie learning to catch his ball - he hasnt quite mastered it yet so we will keep practising. 

Sorry, I know the videos are the wrong way, I'm not tech savy enough to be able to turn them around! 

Fact of the day

Sam is back! 

The Taj Mahal in India was built to pay respect to a guy’s dead wife. And it wasn’t some guy. It was the leader of India at the time!


Monday 1st June

Good morning 4JH, welcome back to home learning! Can you believe it is June already? 

What did you all get up to over half term? I spent lots of time finding nice dogs walks with Ernie, having BBQ's in the garden and going for bike rides. We also made our own pizzas and used our BBQ and a pizza stone to cook them - it was so cool and tasted really yummy. Did you do any baking? I would love to hear what kept you busy over the week. 

Have a great day and if you have any questions, send them my way :)

Mrs Hayman 



Ernie is now nearly 4 months old. He is growing so quickly and is such a great dog - very well behaved and oh so clever. 

Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday 4JH!

Last day of home learning and then you have a whole week to relax and spend time doing what you love. HOW EXCITING! Last day also means, last day to work towards those reading targets. Make sure if you have any quizzes you are yet to do, get them done today! I will be looking to see who has met their targets later this afternoon. 

There will be no home learning over half term but keep an eye on the website because we will be posting some ideas to keep you busy! 

Have a productive day and a FABULOUS half term. 

Stay safe.

Mrs Hayman 

Can always rely on Sam to teach me something new! 



Here is Ernie enjoying a walk with his pal Koda!

Fact of the day 

It is illegal to stand within 90 metres of the Queen without socks on.

Thursday 21st May 

Good morning 4JH!

Let's have a go at some would you rather questions! Have a go at these and let me know your choices :)

Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

Would you rather be a famous inventor or a famous writer?

Would you rather it be warm and raining or cold and snowing today?

Would you rather be able to jump as far as a kangaroo or hold your breath as long as a whale?

Would you rather randomly turn into a frog for a day once a month or randomly turn into a bird for a day once every week?

Would you rather live in a house shaped like a circle or a house shaped like a triangle?

Would you rather have a tail that can’t grab things or wings that can’t fly?

Would you rather eat a whole raw onion or a whole lemon?

Have a great day! 

Mrs Hayman 



Hi, my name's Ernie and I've found another stick... 

Wednesday 20th May

Hello 4JH, happy Wednesday. 

What is your plan of action for this lovely day?! A nice walk somewhere or a bike ride? Or maybe you are planning on going out in the garden and doing some crafts? Home learning or reading? Either way, I hope you enjoy the weather!

Thank you to those of you who have checked in with me this week, it would be lovely to hear from some more of you though. A big shout out to Erdem for his daily emails, always managing to make me laugh! 

Have a fab day, work hard and stay safe. 

Mrs Hayman


Ernie is now big enough to jump up on the garden furniture... Uhoh! He took himself out there to enjoy some sun yesterday or maybe he thought he could have his lunch at the table?! Cheeky chap! 

Fact of the day 

Your blood is as salty as the ocean.

Tuesday 19th May

Hey, hey, heeeeeeey 4JH!

How are you didily doing? Did you all enjoy the lovely sunshine yesterday? 

Another big shout out to Scarlett and Stanley for being our Sparks this week - scroll down to see their certificates. Have you had a look at our Top Ten's? I am super happy to see our AR go back up, we managed to get 9 of you on there yesterday. I wonder if we can hit 10 next week? 

Lilly sent us a picture of her new pets yesterday. I bet you can't guess what they are...



The cutest bundle of fluffiness! These are her new pet chicks. The black one is called Crystal, the white one is called Alice and the ginger one is called Pig. 

Have a great day guys :)

Mrs Hayman 




Ernie has worked out how much fun it is running through long  grass.

Fact of the day 

A bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun. 

Monday 18th May 

Helloooo 4JH!

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with plenty of long dog walks, one of which resulted in us having to walk up what felt like 100000000 steps! Ouch! 

We are set for another week of sunshine so hopefully this will give you the opportunity to get outside and learn, whether that is completing your home learning outside in the garden or if it is exploring somewhere new. 

Watch this space for our top tens later today :)  They are up! Go and have a look :D 

Mrs Hayman 

Sparks of the week

I'm sorry, I just couldn't choose! Stanley is now a MILLIONAIRE! YAY! and Scarlett has been working SO SO SO hard with her home learning and always has incredible presentation. Well done both of you! 


P.S Lotte managed to get herself in the Horrible History magazine! Check it out. 


P.P.S - Sam has been busy looking at ALL of the countries around the world. What country do you dream of going to? 

I would love to go to Peru - well anywhere in South America really!





I love it when Ernie lies like this - I think he is sunbathing!

Fact of the day 


Friday 15th MAy 

Good morning 4JH

We made it to the end of the week! YAY! One last push with your home learning today and then you can enjoy the weekend. Have you got any nice walks or bike rides planned? I would love to hear what you are getting up to. 

I hope you are all managing to keep in touch with your friends. My challenge for you today is to reach out to someone that you haven't spoken to for a while, just to say hello. I am going to do it too as I know it will make them smile. 

Have a great day and an even better weekend.

Mrs Hayman





Ernie received some birthday cake from our neighbour's dog. Carrot and peanut butter you think he enjoyed it? 

Fact of the day 

Termites will turn into 211 IQ humans in a couple of million years.  

Last week, Sam turned table salt (picture 1) into sea salt (picture 2). Can you grind sea salt back to table salt? 



Thursday 14th May

Hello 4JH, happy Thursday.

Did any of you get involved with National Numeracy day yesterday? Ella sent me a photo of her number.


I was also really impressed by Lilly Mai's sunflower update, week 6 and they have grown to 30cm! Is anyone else growing any plants or flowers at the moment? I would love to see their progress. 


Keep working hard. 

Mrs Hayman 


Probably not the best choice of toy Ernie... 

Fact of the day 

Assuming the average 4 year old sleeps for 12 hours a day, a 4 year old asks on average one question every 1 minute 33 seconds. That is 464 every day(but 12 hours aren’t counted because of sleeping)!

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning 4JH!  

I hope you are all enjoying this weeks home learning so far. I have seen some fab origami creations, it is amazing the progress you have made with your origami skills!

I have seen a slight improvement in your reading but still nowhere near where we were before home learning started! I hope we haven't slipped down the year group leader board too much... I will check later and let you know. 

Ben received a gold award for his reading yesterday. He is working really hard to read and quiz on his books. 


Keep reading and have a great day!

Mrs Hayman



Yesterday, Ernie got a new collar! He has outgrown his last one, so here is a picture of him posing for the camera. 

Fact of the day 

Most tortoises live longer than humans.


Hello 4JH!

I hope you are all okay today. Thank you so much for the work you sent through to me yesterday, make sure you are having a look on our subject pages to see what is new. Sam sent a great video of him bringing his playscript to life - definitely worth a watch. 

If you have any questions or are stuck with your work, ping me an email and I will be happy to help. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman  



Ernie had so much fun running through the crunchy leaves yesterday. He kept jumping up and down with excitement! 

Fact of the day 

When you smell soil or compost, you actually smell bacteria!

Monday 11th MAy

Good morning 4JH!

Welcome back for another week of home learning. How are you all after a lovely long weekend? I would love to hear what you have been getting up to. 

I will be posting our Top Ten's later on today so watch this space :)

Send me an email just to say hello later, I don't just like to receive work! 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman



Ernie loves watching the birds!

Fact of the day 

70% of the WORLD population doesn’t use toilet paper. That’s at least 5 BILLION people.

The countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Bhutan, India and Pakistan take up 6% of the world’s surface, but 49% of the population of the world.


Thursday 7th May

Hello 4JH! 

How are you all today? It is your last day of home learning for this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday. Let's make it a good one! I am looking forward to seeing some of your play scripts come to life, please do send them over when they are finished. 

Have a fabulous day, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe. 

Mrs Hayman 



Ernie is starting to love the sea - he looks so big in this picture! 

Fact of the day 

Selfies killed 35 people in 2017, Cows killed 6 and sharks killed 5.

Wednesday 6th May 

Howdy hiiiiii!

It is Wednesday and sun is the set to shine today! I hope you all manage to spend some quality time outside with your family and enjoy the weather. 

I am still receiving such fantastic work from you all but a special mention to Lotte, who sent in a great picture of the water cycle yesterday. I have popped it on to our science page so go and have a look. Also, here is Mia's VE day poster, which we will be celebrating on Friday. What a lovely idea. 

Keep up the great work everyone, do what you can do and don't worry about the rest but please make sure you pick up your reading book and have a read today :) 

Mrs Hayman 


Ernie meeting sheep for the first time 

Fact of the day 

Blue whales can get a sun tan!

Tuesday 5th May

Hello my lovelies! 

A big well done to Jake for passing a quiz yesterday - 28000 words! I am hoping some more of you are nearly ready to quiz, we are slowly but surely slipping down the year group leader board for word count. WAHHHH! We worked so hard to get to where we were, lets not let it get away from us! If you fancy something different, why don't you try an audio book? There are lots of free books for you to access on Audible at the moment so have a look. You can still quiz on them after too. 

Have a great day and keep working hard. 

Mrs Hayman 


Such a poser! 

Fact of the day 

Some horses are allergic to hay.

Monday 4th May

Good morning 4JH

I hope you all had a good weekend, keeping yourselves safe but busy. I went on some lovely dog walks with Ernie. He is loving being able to get out and about, now he has had all of his vaccinations. I'm secretly loving it too! 

Lilly Mai has sent a video for us all to to see. She has been using her new world map to help her learn all about the world we live in. When I spoke to her last week, she was able to tell me SO much! Scroll down to see. 

Top 10's today... so watch this space :) 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 

Well done to Emily for being our BRIGHT SPARK this week! 

Here are our duolingo Top 10s. For the rest of them, head to our Top 10s page >>>>>>>> 




Fact of the day 

It’s a Japanese tradition to go to KFC at Christmas because of advertisement campaign in 1981!

Class Clip from Lilly Mai 



Friday 1st May 

Good morning 4JH, Friday again... 

One last push before the weekend :) We had one more quiz taken yesterday, I wonder how many of you are waiting to quiz today, lots of you I HOPE! I had a lovely chat with Ella yesterday and we talked about what to do if you are finding work tricky - don't worry! I am always here to help you, just ping me an email. Remember, not getting things right the first time is all part of our learning process so try not to give up. 

Lilly Mai has been really creative with her learning. In this picture, she has recreated the quiz show 'The Chase'. What a fab idea! 

Have a great day and an even better weekend. 

Mrs Hayman 

Class Clip from Sam 





When he is cute, he is really cute!

Fact of the day

Ernie: When I am older, I will be able to run at about 19mph.. My aim is to try and be as fast as my greyhound friends, who can run 45mph! This is the second fastest land animal behind the cheetah.

I had better start practising!

Thursday 30th April 

Can you believe it is the last day of April?! 

How are you all today? I wonder what is in store for you all. Have you got any nice activities planned? 

I had a quick look at AR this morning and was shocked to see only 3 of you have quizzed this week! Where have all of my keen readers gone?! I am going to challenge you all to pick up your book today and do some reading but not just anywhere, I would like you to find a weird or random place to read. You could even make a den, like we did when we read to the Year 3's. Get yourself a torch and read away :D 

This video made my day yesterday so thought I would share it with you here rather than on our science page. 

Mia and her sister have been experimenting with crystallisation. 



Have a great day 4JH. Missing you all.

Mrs Hayman 



                                                   Ernie received some post through the letterbox yesterday! 

Fact of the day 

Cows have a sense of friendship so cows can have and play with their best friends!

Isn’t that so CUTE???

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning 4JH, happy Wednesday. 

I hope you are all okay! It was lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday. I love seeing what you have been up to, even if it is that Scarlett is now sporting a very fashionable boot on her foot... Uh oh!

I have some lovely videos to share with you, the first being from Lotte. After working incredibly hard writing her story last week, she then went above and beyond, recorded it and added effects. It is a brilliant video and definitely worth a watch. 



Secondly, Sam sent me a video for you all yesterday. In his 'class clip' he is practising some folds for origami. I know lots of you were busy making some great creations yesterday.



Have a great day guys :D 

Mrs Hayman 




Fact of the day 

More people visit France than any other country with 118,000,000 tourists a year, the same as the population of Mexico!

Lithuania is the least visited country, with only 12,970 tourists on average a year. The population of Worthing in 2010 was 106,780!

Tuesday 28th April 

Hi Team! 

Ella has been busy creating a powerpoint and video based on saving the sea life. I thought I would share it with you.  You may need to pause it to read! 



Have a great day and if you have any questions, don't forget to send me an email. I love hearing from you. 

Mrs Hayman



I am pretty sure Ernie is not trying to read... My poor book :( 

Fact of the day 

Europeans thought tomatoes were poisonous until 1766.

Monday 27th April

Good morning 4JH

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent lots of time in the garden with Ernie or going on lovely bike rides. What did you guys get up to? It is Top Ten and Spark of the week day today! YAY! Check back here later to see how you have got on. 

Enjoy your new home learning activities and don't forget to send any work you are proud of through to me. 

Have a great day. 

Mrs Hayman 

Would you rather only be able to crawl? Or only walk backwards? 



Chillaxing in the garden

Fact of the day 

In the Indian village of Kongthong, names aren’t made out of letters. Instead, short melodies.

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday Guys! 

Last day of home learning before a sunny weekend. YAY! I am looking forward to seeing some of your finished stories today. I have seen some of the introductions and they are fab, you can check them out on our English page. Charlie has been really impressed by Stanley's writing and even gave him a shout out this morning, well done!  I have also added some great pieces of Art work by Mia, DT from Stanley and Music from Sam, which are definitely worth a watch. 

It was great that some of you managed to log in to your school email's yesterday. If you still aren't sure how to do it, send me a message and I can help you out. They are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and me! 

Have a happy and productive day. 

Mrs Hayman 



This mucky pup had a bath yesterday and I can't say that he hated it... :) 

Fact of the day

Mrs Hayman: Your ears and nose continue to grow for your entire life! 

Sam: It is Earth's birthday today (your old classmate!) 

AR Quizzes week 2

These absolute superstars have passed at least one quiz this week, earning us 441,000 words! 

Stanley, Sophia G, Jake, Ella and Stanislaw

Let's see if we can beat this next week! 


Thursday 23rd April 

Howdy hiiiii 4JH! 

I can't believe it is Thursday already! Are you up and ready for another day of home learning? It was SOOOO lovely to speak to so many of you yesterday, definitely makes me miss being in our classroom even more. I am really proud of how you are all approaching your work but don't forget to reach out to your friends! Send them an email, give them a call or send a message to me and I can pass it on - I know they would all love to hear from you. 

Have a great day team. 

Mrs Hayman 

P.S. Would you rather have car that can fly or a car that can go underwater? 

  Lilly is growing her own sunflowers. My favourite! 




Ernie is now ready to start his day.

Fact of the day 

Sam: Your brain can power a lightbulb. Seriously.

Sam: This is the most fun educational video I've ever seen about our topic, it’s a must see, tap the link!

Wednesday 22nd April 

Bonjour 4JH 

I hope you are starting to get back into the routine of home learning. I received some great scratch projects yesterday, it seems you are all enjoying the chance to be creative online - keep them coming if you haven't sent anything over yet.

I will be checking in with your Duolingo  and AR progress later today - hoping to see that some quizzes have been completed :D Watch this space for some special mentions.

Have super dooper day. 

Mrs Hayman

P.S Would you rather have a golden voice or a silver tongue? 

Message from Mrs Clements 

Hi 4JH, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break and still find being at home exciting.  Don't forget to go out in the sunshine to boost your vitamin D!  See you all soon, Mrs Clements



Deep in thought about something... My guess is his treats! Or maybe a carrot. He LOVES carrots. 

Fact of the day 

This one made me laugh Sam! 

Sam: A study in 2017 said that being lazy is a sign of being smart.

Sam doesn’t like walks...

Tuesday 21st April

Hello 4JH! 

Another day of sunshine today - will it take you outside to complete some of your home learning? I wonder if you could take a picture of you enjoying the sun? Maybe you could complete your daily reading outside? or even practise Supermovers! Send your pictures my way for some bonus housepoints!

I would also love to know how your housepoints are coming along, how many have you managed to earn yourself while working at home? Share your totals with me and we can create a class Top Ten! 

Have a great day!

Mrs Hayman

P.S I spy with my little eye... Jamie meeting his Summer reading target ALREADY, after day 1! And not only once... He has met his target by 320%. WOW Jamie, great work! 



Ernie has been practising for his driving license! 

Fact of the day 

Cows killed more people than sharks from January 1 2017 to December 31 2017.

Cows 6

Sharks 4



Good morning! Welcome back :) 

I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing but safe two weeks off. We are back with our home learning today. We have some great activities for you to have a go at - I can't wait to see what you decide to do. I will be choosing 5 of my favourite pieces of work to add on to our subject pages so make sure you check in and see if you are featuring. 

Don't forget, as much as I love seeing your work I also love it when you just check in with me and say hello! You could send me pictures or videos of what you are up to outside of your home learning time or maybe even a message for the class. I know we would all love to hear from you. 

As it is the start of a new term, your new reading targets will be set today. I will also announce who managed to beat their target during the Spring term! (See below)

Have a great day. I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Mrs Hayman 

AR Targets Spring 2

A HUGE well done to all of you who have made progress with your reading target last term. Here are the children who made it to 100%. A Special shout out to Erdem who met his target with 700%!

Ofelia x 4



Isla Jamie

Eva Betsy

Lotte x 2 Sasha 

Lilly Mai

Emily x 5 Jake


Jed  Mia

Sam x 2 

Erdem x 7 Stanislaw

Sophia H x 3




Look how big I am now! 

Fact of the day 

The universe is so large, scientists have proved there to be an exact copy of you somewhere out there. 


Friday 3rd April 

Good morning 4JH! Can you believe it is Friday?! And the last day of term! 

Has anyone seen Sam’s challenge of 24 hours in his home made hotel? Head over to the DT page to see. It is definitely worth a watch.  

Mia also sent in a fab video yesterday - she turned her persuasive writing into a video advert. It is great and even Charlie thought so too. Head to his daily video to see what he thought. 

One more day of home learning to enjoy and then you will have two weeks off! But keep checking up on the school website, we will still be adding fun and creative ideas to keep yourself busy over the holidays - only if you want to of course! 

Scarlett sent me a lovely long email yesterday, can you believe she has been going on a 5k run every morning! Watch out Mr Verner, Scarlett will be challenging you to a race soon! 


Today, Scarlett has sent through sooooo many pictures of her incredible work. Give yourself a big pat on the back, you should be very proud of yourself. Have a look at some of our subject pages to see what she has been up to. 

Anyway… Have a super last day! I look forward to seeing some of your work. 

Mrs Hayman 

P.S Sophia H, Charlie spotted your carpentry skills too! What a nosey little man we have :D 


Just a quick shout out to all of you who have been working hard on Duolingo! Special well done to:

Stanley 1117XP, Ella 373XP, Sam 350XP, Sasha 274XP, Erdem 248XP, Emily 208XP, Lotte 192XP, Sophia H 102XP, Jake 101XP, Cerys 65XP and Scarlett 59XP. 

Message from Miss Gilmour 

Hi everyone! 

How are you all? Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see Ofelia on my daily walk and thought, I must check in with the lovelies of 4JH! I think about you all everyday, wondering how hard you are all working - the good thing is, I can now see your work on the website! It is GREAT! 

I hope you are all keeping yourself safe.  When all of this craziness is over with, I will be in to see you :D 

Keep being the best you can be. 

Miss Gilmour 



Yesterday, Ernie saw Sam's video and decided to make a hotel of his own! This morning, he definitely has the Friday feeling, look at his smile :) 

Fact of the day 

Sam: There’s White Tack. Like Blu Tack, but white.

Emily: There is a type of daffodil called Emily.

Thursday 2nd April 

Good morning! 

I am so impressed with some of the work I have been sent this week. It is so lovely to see you guys embracing the home learning experience. Has anybody popped over to our PE, DT and computing pages? If not, check it out! Sophia H has been busy building a breakfast bar, Sam has built his own version of TT Rockstars, on scratch and Ella has been keeping active in the garden, dancing with brother. 

Guess what I watched last night... 

Holes! The film! So if you are looking for a film to watch, you can see how it compares to our last class read. I personally prefer the book but definitely worth a watch! I would love to hear your reviews. 

Have a great day

Mrs Hayman 




Have you guys been checking in with Charlie each day? Ernie met him yesterday - he was slightly confused to say the least! Look at that face! 

Fact of the day

Sam:If you dropped Lego into the sea, it would be gone in 3320 AD, 1300 years from now!

Wednesday 1st April

It is April! When did that happen?! and the sun is shining! I hope you all manage to have some time outside today - send me some pictures of what you have been getting up to. It was really lovely to hear from some of you for the first time yesterday but I am still waiting for a few more of you to get in touch...please do, even if it is just a hello. 

Keep going with your home learning, remember just do to what you can and have fun with it! I know lots of you had a go at the origami yesterday - Sam has even challenged me to have a go at the one he made. Watch this space...

  What do you think? How did I do? Ernie liked it!  

Have a great day all :D 

Mrs Hayman

Message from mr verner

Hi again 4JH, I have been LOVING seeing all your Home Learning and amazed by Sam’s curious facts of the day! Where does he get them all from?!
My sons have cracked the 2xtable and I have introduced them to the SuperMovers Times Tables  songs - they LOVED them.  We have also been doing the PE challenges every day and sent the scores to Mr Quick and Mr Haggart who were very impressed.  We all be super fit and healthy when we see you again!  I hope you all will be too!



Ernie went to the vet for the first time yesterday to have his vaccinations. The vet said he was a very happy puppy and was flirting with all of the nurses!  Such a cheeky chap! Ernie's teeth are nearly all through now, they are SO sharp! 

Fact of the day 

Mrs Hayman: Woodpeckers eat brains if they get really hungry.

Ernie : Puppies can be born green - luckily I wasn't! 

Sam: It is the third anniversary of my YouTube channel today!




Bonjour 4JH, tu va bien? 

I loved seeing some of your art work yesterday! If you haven't seen them, head over to our art page --> 

I hope you are all managing to have a go at some of the daily activities, don't worry, there is no need to complete all of them and put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy this time learning from home and see what other creative things you could be learning around the house! Send in any pictures of what you've been up to - it could be that you've learned to cook a meal? or even learned how the hoover works! 

A big well done to Lotte for being our Spark of the Week - she has made a super start with her home learning journey! 

Have a great day team :) 

Mrs Hayman 

P.S Sam, Charlie has been reading your fun facts!  Check out your special mention. 




 Here is Ernie helping me with my work yesterday! Luckily, he wasn't too much of a distraction! 

Fact of the day 

Pending... anyone...anyone out there... 

Don't worry, Sam has saved the day!

A cornflake shaped exactly like Illinois sold for 13000$! One cornflake!

10HP if you know where Illinois is?!

Cerys: Tomato sauce was sold in the 1800’s as medicine - Cerys LOVES tomato sauce!

Monday 30th March

Howdy hiiiiii 4JH! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a well earned break from home learning. We have some great activities for you to get stuck into this week so keep an eye out! You will see that each activity has a set amount of house points - make sure you are keeping a tally as these will all count towards earning that very special certificate in our BRIGHT SPARKS assemblies. 

I will be awarding the Top 10s and Spark of the Week later today - check back to see how you have got on! 

Have a great day, keep sending those emails!

Mrs Hayman 



Ernie continued to learn and grow this weekend! 8 week old Ernie now knows how to 'sit', especially when there is a treat involved! 

Fact of the day 

Sam:  Once a man died by holding in a sneeze. Sam's advice - don’t do that!

Spark of the week

A BIG well done to Lotte for being this week's Spark of the Week! She has made such an incredible effort with her home learning and she has even made ALL of this weeks Top 10s. What an achievment! 


FridAY 27TH maRCH

Good morning lovely people, it's FRIDAY and I can smell the weekend! 

We had some amazing art work in yesterday, it was great to see the progress you have all made since we first started our sketching work before Christmas - your cylinders have been fantastic! I wonder what work I will see today? There are some of you that haven't sent me an email yet, I am now eagerly awaiting your name to pop up in my inbox, even if it is just to say hello! 

What would be really lovely to see from you all today is a video message to the class -  record a hello, tell us what you've been up to, show us your work or record something interesting, then send it in and I will post it on here :D 

Can't wait to hear from you all! 

Mrs Hayman 

P.S if you are looking for all of your amazing work, head to the subject links at the side of this page (or the bottom of the page if you are using a smaller screen),. Happy scrolling! 



Here is Ernie, chillaxing. I think he has the Friday feeling! 

Fact of the day 


Jed: A shark can poop out their intestines to give them a clean before swalling them again! 

Sam: Last year, the owners of the largest replica of Noah’s Ark got classified ‘BAD’ for rain damage of all things! Noah’s Ark! Rain Damage! Crazy!


Thursday 26th March 

Hellooooooo 4JH!

I hope you are all enjoying working from home, I am definitely enjoying seeing all of your work come in. BUT your challenge today is to take a picture of what you are up to when you are not completing school work! TV? Playing in the garden? Making cakes? Arts and crafts? When I get home school, I will be going out in to my garden to enjoy this lovely sunshine! 

Have a great day!

P.S Did you hear Lotte's mention from Charlie the dog?! He was so impressed with the fossil she found on Worthing beach! 

In Sophia's spare time today, she has been shaving her dad's hair! The things we have to do when the hair dressers are shut, aye Sophia! 

Stanley has been bouncing with his cuddly called Percy! Isn't he cute! 


Cerys headed to the beach to watch the sunset this evening. What a lovely way to relax after a hard day or work and to make it even better, look what she found - a sea anemone!



Oh look! Sasha went to the beach too! He has made a photo collage of his time there. I love what he has done with the stone he found. Amazing what you can do when you keep those eyes peeled!  


Guess who else went to the beach! I feel like I'm missing out on something here. Friday night plan of action... exercise on the beach, during sunset! I bet Ernie will love the beach! 




Ernie is starting to really enjoy playing with his ball! 

Message from MRS Clements 

Hi 4JH,  I really enjoy seeing all your photos and work on the website. I'm keeping up with all my learning as well.  I've been watching Joe at 9am to keep fit so I can ride my bike again! keep up the good work.

The next time I see you, I think you all will be taller than me!!😊

Mrs Clements

Fact of the day 

Sam: The Hungarian word ollo means ‘scissors’ and looks like scissors!

Mrs Hayman: The average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world in their lifetime.


Wednesday 25th March 

Morning Team! 

How are you all today? I am looking forward to doing some Science today - are you going to be exploring pitch and sound? I would love to see your videos! 



Ernie loves being out in the garden, especially in this sunshine! Do you have any pets working with you at home? Send in pictures and I can add them to our page :) 

Fact of the day 

Sam: 6000 years ago, the Sahara Desert (or Desert Desert!) was a rainforest! Hundreds of species of birds, ape and more lived there!

Daily Learning 


Look at what Lotte found! A sea urchin echinoid fossil the size of a tennis ball! AMAZING!

                                                       Lilly's work station -  SO COOL! 




Go Lotte! Go! 


Cerys' day 3 - DONE! Wahooo!  She asked Molly to help her... I think she had other ideas! 

Special WELL DONE to Jake and Stanislaw, who have both passed AR quizzes today - a total of 79,393 words! 10HP

I spy with my little eye... Cerys, Jamie, Sasha, Ella, Stanislaw, Sam, Scarlett and Louie have all been working on IXL today. YAY! 10HP


Let me introduce to to Benjamin Monkey - Lotte doesn't have a pet but wanted to share her monkey with us. He is helping her with her home learning :)

Tuesday 24th March 

Good morning 4JH! Happy Tuesday!

The sun is still shining, I wonder if you could use your outside space to complete one of your daily learning activities today? I would love to see some pictures of your work stations at home! My work station is the same today, just a little bit quieter…

Keep sending in your work – I am looking to give out even more house points today!

Have a great day :) 

Message from Mr Verner 

Howdy 4JH, just a quick note to say hi to you all! On my daily exercise regime today I managed to scoot to Goring from Worthing Pier (and back), with no snack stops - honest!  I've even been teaching my Year 1 sons the 2 x table with pairs of their smelly socks - are they ready for Chesswood Cards yet? 😊 Mr Verner. 


Ernie only woke me up three times last night! Wahoooooo!  

Fact of the day 

Sam: A Mine craft world is 70 times larger than the sun in real life!

Jed: Sharks have no bones so when they die, the saltwater dissolves every part of them but their teeth! 

Emily: From July to November, the months have the name JASON. 

WOW! 10 of you have already spent time learning on IXL today - lovely to see! Well done Lotte, Emily, Luke, Sophia G, Jed, Erdem, Cerys, Sophia H, Jamie and Sasha. Give yourselves a pat on the back and add 10 HP to your tally. 

Jamie, Ella and Sam, rumour has it... your word count has increased! YAY! 10HP   



Monday 23rd March 

Good morning 4JH! I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend. You will be pleased to know, I picked up my new puppy on Saturday and decided to call him Ernie. He has been keeping me on my toes – nibbling on them too! 

The Year 4 Team have spent a lot of time prepping activities for you and we'd love to see photos/videos of you taking part in these learning activities. I’ve already received some this morning, which makes me so proud! Just remember to write the date and underline it, using a ruler, particularly for maths if you don't have squared paper.

Monday is usually our BRIGHT SPARK time so WELL DONE to those of you who have made it onto our Top 10's this week!  Don’t forget to keep track of your house points – maybe you could tally them up on the inside cover of your home learning book?

It is so quiet here without you all so please do keep the emails and photos coming in! I can’t wait to hear from you.


Fact of the day 

Thank you to Sam and Ibrahim for sharing their facts with us today.

Sam: Space is a giant vacuum cleaner, it sucks up the air.

Ibrahim: Everyone was born both handed, but one hand they don’t like to use.  I wonder whether we can teach ourselves to use our other hand? 

Home Learning Books 

Look at all of our fabulous learning books! It is great to see how you have all personalised them :)