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4OM - Holly


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Friday 17th July

Wow! We've made it to the end of the year and what a year it has been! Only one more day of learning and then a well-earned break. It would be wonderful to see some of your efforts from this week. I'd love to see your Tapestries of Learning. 

The final Top Tens have been posted over in the Top Ten section on the right. Check out Zachary's time spent on IXL for the whole year - wow! We are SO close to 14,000,000 words (13,977,399). I'll check later and update this page if we reach it so it's not too late to do your quizzes.

It's been wonderful to have you all as a class 4OM, even if it's only been for half a year! Make sure you say hello if you see me out and about and it will be lovely to see you all in September enjoying life as Year 5s.

Don't forget to keep reading and practising IXL over the holidays - it'll really help in September.

Goodbye for now!

Miss O'Leary



One last thing...I want to draw attention to a summer competition. The South Downs Generations project is a local partnership between The Friends of the South Downs and 4 local schools, including Chesswood! To build momentum, we have decided to give everyone the opportunity to take part. The idea is that you will interview local residents about their childhood, working life or a key historical event. Details of the competition are below - make sure to ask for the interviewee's permission before you submit your entry. Good luck!


Thursday 16th july

Good morning!

How are you all today? We're so close the end of term now Holly Class - two days to go! Our current word total is 13,917,230  so we are even closer to that 14,000,000. If any of you have quizzes to do, do them today! 

I'll be poting the final Top Tens up here tomorrow along with a special goodbye message for you all.

Enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and happy home-learning!

Miss O'Leary



13,863,127 word read now! Only another 139,873 words to reach 14 million! Can we do it by Friday??

Wednesday 15th July

Hello Holly Class,

Happy Wednesday! I'm glad that the sun is out again today. How are you all feeling? I've seen a few of you out and about over the last few days (Izzy, Adam, Andrew, Bianca) which has been lovely! I'm sorry I couldn't stop and chat for longer - it's difficult when you're chasing after two little crazies :)

Elizabeth has been busy keeping active and reading as you can see in the photos below.

Only three more days left home-learners! Have a great day.

Miss O'Leary


Tuesday 14th july

Good morning home-learners!

I hope your Monday went well. Thank you to Alice who sent in her wonderful piece of art  You can see this below. It wouod be great to hear from some more of you in our final week! Don't forget to quiz any books that you've read before Friday. We're so close to 14 million now!

Have a fantastic Tuesday :)

Miss O'Leary

Wow! What lovely bright colours. 10HP

Monday 13th July

Good morning 4OM,

We've made it to the final week! Only five more days of home-learning left. Let's make them count!

How was your weekend? What lovely weather we had! We went on a VERY hilly walk yesterday. My legs ache today! We found our first ripe blackberries of the summer and some little flowers which I remember calling 'fairy hats' when I was younger. 

What did you get up to? Email in and let me know!

I'll be posting the Top Tens on Friday this week as it will be the final one! Try to do any outstanding quizzes before then so that we can make that 14,000,000 total.

Have a super day home-learners!

Miss O'Leary



13,728,241 Wow! The word total is creeping up...can we make 14,000,000??

Friday 10th July

Good morning Holly Class,

Here we are - Friday again! How was yesterday? It would be great to hear from some more of you. Alice has been in touch. She's been working on her maths with Connie as you can see in the photo below - inspired! She's also sent in her super poem. I would love to read some more of these - send them in!

I hope you've enjoyed the home-learning this week and are ready for you last week of Year 4! What are you most looking forward to about the summer holidays? 

Have a wonderful day and a super weekend.

Miss O'Leary

Fantastic poem - 8HP. I love your use of personification Alice.


13,697,940 words read! Wow!


Thursday 9th july

Good morning 4OM,

How was yesterday? I hope you enjoyed meeting Miss Maskell and having a go at the transition tasks. Only seven days of learning left in Year 4 now - let's really make them count! What learning are you proud of this week? Email in and let me know. If you can send some photos today, they might appear on Mr Gilbert's Year 4 collage tomorrow.

Lily-May has been in touch. She had a lovely day out with Bianca - you can see some photos below.

Have a wonderful day Holly Class

Miss O'Leary



Tuesday 7th July

Good morning 4OM,

Check out our fantastic word total at the top - can we make it to 14 million by the end of year 4? Come on - let's do it! Only another 302,060 words to go so get reading! I'll check out our word count on the final day of term and let you know whether we've made it or not.

I've posted the Top Tens over in the section on the right. Eight of you have done quizzes this week - well done!

It's transition day tomorrow so you'll get to find out a little bit about your new teacher - I'm sure you're very excited. I'm looking forward to finding out about my new class and to meeting them all properly in September. I will miss you all though! You'll have to make sure you pop in to say hello to Miss Monger and myself when we start back in September.

Have a happy Tuesday Holly Class.

Miss O'Leary


MONDAY 6th july

Good morning 4OM,

Wow - only two weeks left until the end of Year 4 - what a crazy year it's been! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy yesterday's lovely sunshine? We went for our long walk and picnic and saw a snake! We think it was a harmless grass snake but it moved too quickly for us to see it properly. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture so here's a photo of Winter and me enjoying the walk instead:

I've heard from quite a few of you since Friday which has been lovely! It was Thehansa's birthday yesterday:

Happy birthday thehansa!

She met up with Izzy, Elizabeth and Alice. You can see them all at the end of today's post. Louis has been very busy and has sent in some off his hard work which you'll also see below. Finally, Alice has sent in her persuasive speech about the use of plastic:



12 HP What a fantastic speech Alice! You've used emotive language, rhetorical question and statistical facts incredibly well and have certainly persuaded me to use less plastic. Well done!

Keep a look out for the Top Tens Holly class - I'll be posting them tomorrow. If you've finished any books over the weekend, try to do the quiz before then.

Have a wonderful day of learning 4OM

Miss O'Leary

Well done for all of your hard work Louis! 8HP

Friday 3rd july

Hello 4OM,

Fridayyyyy! One more day of home-learning and then the weekend. Have you got any exciting plans or will you simply be relaxing? We'll be heading out for our usual long, walking adventure as long as the rain stays away!

I received some exciting news about Worthing library this week. They are slowly beginning to open some of their services from next week. You will be able to select books online and then they'll let you know when you can go and collect them. If (like Emine and Alara) you're running out of reading material, this will be a great solution.

Finally, you can see some lovely and familiar faces below - they also seem to have found a new friend!

Have a happy day of home-learning. See you on Monday!

Miss O'Leary


Thursday 2nd july

Good morning Holly Class,

We're almost at the weekend! Can you believe there's only two more weeks of school after today? How are you all feeling about Year 5? I hope you're looking forward to finding out about your new teacher and all about the exciting topics that you'll be doing next year.

Astor got in touch yesterday afternoon and sent in her Scratch video which you can see by clicking here:


I spent some of yesterday trying to tackle the caterpillar problem in my garden - apparently if you spray the plants with soapy water, the caterpillars can't stick and simply slide off. I've given it a try and will get back to you with the results soon!

Have a wonderful Thursday and don't forget to get in touch when you can!

Miss O'Leary


Wednesday 1st July

Good morning 4OM,

Let's hope for a little more sunshine than yesterday! How has your week been so far? I hope yesterday's rain didn't send you as stir-crazy as it sent my two little ones. They didn't have as much time outside as they usually do and ended up building a fort out of sofa cushions and anything else they could get their hands on! Tidying up our living room at the end of the day was fun...

Alice has sent in a video of her DT efforts from yesterday's home-learning. You can see her brilliant 'slow-mo helicopter' below. Bianca has also been in touch. She's been enjoying using her 'fraction help-set' from school and is now eager to do some more fraction work. You can see how happy she is in the photo below!

Some more videos or photos of what you've been up to would be lovely! Have a wonderful day of learning.

Miss O'Leary




Super helicopter Alice! 8HP

Tuesday 30th june

Hello 4OM,

A rather rainy day today it seems. Oh well, the plants will all be happy at least! I've posted the Top Tens over in the Top Tens section. Check out Evan's word count for the last seven days - wow! I wonder what he's been reading?

Andrew saw my ladybird picture below and sent in a picture of a ladybird and her babies (see below). Gabriel has also been in touch - he's been very busy with his home-learning and has sent in his biography and his story which you can see in the Writing section on the right.

It's baking day in our house today - bread, biscuits and a birthday cake for my mum. Luckily Alara and Emine enjoy baking so they'll help out. Actually they're better at baking cakes than me after having so much practice throughout 'lockdown' so I'll probably just leave them to get on with most of it!

Have a happy Tuesday Holly Class and enjoy the home-learning :)

Miss O'Leary

Monday 29th June

Good morning 4OM!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Did you manage to fit in some reading? I've just had a look at the word count for the last seven days and five of you have done quizzes so well done! I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning to do the Top Tens in case a few more of you have quizzes to complete - so get quizzing if you can!

We went on another countryside adventure and  had a rather windy picnic! We found LOADS of ladybirds, including one that was black with red spots - you can see her below. We also found a rope swing which Fox and Winter thoroughly enjoyed.

Have a wonderful Monday Holly Class and don't forget to get in touch :) 

Miss O'Leary

Wow! 13,549,543 words read Holly Class!

friday 26th june

Hello Holly Home-Learners!

Friday at last! How has your week been? I hope you're all looking forward to a relaxing weekend. What are you planning to to? We're hoping to take our kayak down to the sea but the weather isn't looking very promising for tomorrow so we may have to think again! It'll be another country walk on Sunday - come rain or shine. I'll try and find something interesting to photograph and post on here.

Thehansa has sent in a photo of her Science task on keys. It certainly looks very tasty as you can see below. I wouldn't have been able to resist eating the sweets!

Have a fantastic day of home learning 4OM!

Miss O'Leary

Thursday 25th June

Good morning again Holly Class!

Another beautiful day out there! I hope you all get to spend some time enjoying the sun in between your home-learning. Perhaps you could complete some of the tasks sitting outdoors if you have somewhere suitable to sit - in the shade would probably be best in this heat! 

How are you enjoying writing your biographies? I can't wait to read some of them. It would be lovely to read some more of your stories from last week too if possible.

I am fighting a battle against caterpillars in my little garden at the moment. They are munching their way through all of my plants :(( I thought it was snails and slugs at first but I found some of the culprits yesterday chewing on the leaves of my chilli plant. I will post a photo of the destruction they're causing later on. I'm not really sure how to stop them and am just hoping that they hurry up and turn into lovely butterflies and fly away!

Have a wonderful day of home-learning!

Miss O'Leary

Wednesday 24th June

Hello 4OM,

What a lovely sunny day we've woken up to! Today and tomorrow are going to be absolutely scorching it seems. How are you planning to keep cool? Will you head down to the sea for a dip? I took my four little and big ones down yesterday afternoon for ice creams and a swim - the sea was very cold but lovely! I think we'll just pop the paddling pool up in the garden today.

How is you home-learning going for this week? It's be great to hear from as many of you as possible. What books are you reading at the moment? What subjects are you enjoying the most? What are you up to in your spare time? Are you managing to meet up with any friends? Lots of questions! Send me in some answers :))

Have a lovely day and don't forget your sunscreen if you go outside to enjoy this wonderful sunshine.

Miss O'Leary


Tuesday 23rd june

Good morning again 4OM,

How are you all today? I will be posting the Top Tens shortly so keep an eye out for those. Well done Eira on making it into the Top Ten for words read!

Alice has sent in her art - you can see this over in the Art section on the right -  and Connie has sent in her fantastic story which you can see below. Wow! What a super effort! I love the fact that you can hear Connie's voice throughout and the illustrations are wonderful. Amazing use of ambitious vocabulary too.

I hope you all have a productive and enjoyable day Home-Learners!

Miss O'Leary



10 hp Connie - what a wonderful story!

Monday 22nd June

Good morning 4OM,

I hope that you've all had a wonderful and restful weekend? Email in and let me know if you've been up to anything interesting. We went on a VERY long walk yesterday which took almost 6 hours ,with a picnic and an awful lot of dithering and dawdling from Fox and Winter! My legs ache today. We found lots of tiny frogs like the one below:

If you know whether this is a baby frog or a toad, do email in an let me know! We weren't sure.

Thank you to Alice and Ben who have sent in their excellent stories already. I've posted these below with some comments.

I'll be posting the Top Tens tomorrow this week to give a few more of you a chance to do an AR quiz if possible. There were only four people in this week's Top Ten for words read - hopefully we can get a few more!

Have a wonderful day of Learning Holly Class.

Miss O'Leary

Click on the image to see all of Alice's amazing story. She has used expanded noun phrases and the senses to really paint a picture in the reader's mind. Wonderful use of speech and fronted adverbial too and what excellent layout and illustrations! Super job Alice 10HP

Super story Ben! You have used paragraphs well and have included fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and lots of ISAWAWABUB. Your use of commas is excellent. 8HP


Friday 19th June

Good morning Holly Class,

Friday again! Hopefully you're all feeling motivated and ready to learn. Have you enjoyed writing your stories? I can't wait to read some of them. Send them in and I'll share them on here.

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? It's lovely that we can begin to meet up with more people outdoors now. Hopefully the weather will be good for the next couple of days so that this is possible! Alice, Connie and Elizabeth met up yesterday afternoon for a game of basketball as you can see below. Wonderful to see that you're combining socialising with exercise and keeping fit girls! 

Have a super Friday everyone!

Miss O'Leary


Thursday 18th June

Good morning 4OM,

How was yesterday? It really would be fantastic to hear from some more of you today. If you can send in some photos of what you've been up to, I'll forward them to Mr Gilbert and they might end up featuring on the weekly year group collage!

Where has our lovely sunshine gone? Hopefully it'll return later on today. At least all of the plants will be happy to get a good drink! Unfortunately the slugs also love the rain - and my mangetouts. I've put broken egg shells around them to try and stop the slugs and snails but it doesn't seem to be working!

Have a wonderful and productive day Home-Learners and don't forget to email in when you get a chance.

Miss O'Leary



Wednesday 17th June

Good morning again 4OM,

Here we are - halfway through the week again.  I hope you're enjoying all of the tasks this week - email in and tell me which has been your favourite so far. What are you most proud of?

Today is baking day here. Alara and Emine are making biscuits and scones. I'm very much looking forward to having a scone later with strawberry jam and clotted cream - yummy! Are you doing any baking at home?  As well as being fun, you're practising your maths skills with all of the weighing and measuring - plus you end up with something (hopefully) tasty to munch on! If you do any baking this week, why not send in some photos so that we can all admire your culinary skills.

Have a lovely day Holly Home-Learners!

Miss O'Leary

P.s Thank you to Alice for sending in a video of her water bottle experiment. You can see this below:




Super work Alice - 5hp

Alara's finished scones (they were very tasty!):


Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Holly Class,

How are you all today? It's been great to hear from a few of you since yesterday. Louis, Andrew and Izzy have all sent their monochrome art pieces which you can see below. It's very interesting to see all of the different household objects that they chose - they're all so unique!

Andrew has also sent in a video of him successfully launching his cardboard boat - The Falcon - for DT. Can you hear how excited his dad gets? Did you manage to build a successful boat too? Send in a picture or a video if you can.

Have a great day!

Miss O'Leary


Louis' beige monochrome piece - 5hp. That bread looks very tasty!    Andrew chose to do blue and red. An interesting selection of objects there - 5hp.

Wow - Izy managed to find a lot of blue objects - super work. 5hp



Monday 15th June

Good morning Home-Learners!

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the lovely sunshine that we had (for most of the time)? I hope you didn't get caught in the rain on Saturday! I did and was quite a long way from home at the time. I ended up drenched to the skin! Email in and let us all know what you've been up to.

Louis has been busy working hard and has sent in a video of his fantastic computing work and a photo of his super artwork (both of which you can see below).

How are you getting on with your reading? Don't forget that if you've run out of books, you can listen to free audiobooks online here:

Have a wonderful day 4OM!

Miss O'Leary

p.s. Top Tens are on their way.

Fantastic picture of The Leaning Tower of Pisa by Louis - 8HP




Another great computing effort Louis - well done. 8HP

Friday 12th June

Good morning once again Holly Class home-learners,

Friday again! Hurrah! Alice has found a creative new way to make her family walk more interesting - she managed to map out her name as you can see from the map below! Perhaps you'd like to have a try at this if you get a chance and send us in the results. I've also posted a picture  of Fox, Winter, Alara and Emine on one of our walks - some more monkeys in a tree!

We had our first two mangetout yesterday! Not quite enough for a meal yet but a very exciting moment and Fox and Winter enjoyed them.

Email in with any news you want to share - it'd be lovely to hear from you.

Have a great day and a wonderful (hopefully sunny) weekend!

Miss O'Leary

Thursday 11th june

Good morning 4OM,

How did you all get on yesterday? Have you enjoyed the tasks this week? What's been your favourite task so far? I'd love to see some pictures of your cardboard boats!

I've heard from a couple more of you since yesterday. Alice's mum has sent a photo in which you can see below - I'm sure you recognise all three of those monkeys in the tree! 

Lily's mum sent in a photo of her geography work which you can also see below.

Happy home-learning and hopefully I'll hear from some more of you today :)

Miss O'Leary

Lily's correctly matched symbols for geography - 5hp. I'm sorry it's upside down. No matter how I tried to rotate it, it just kept pinging back!

Wednesday 10th june

Hello Holly Class,

I hope you're all feeling wide awake and ready to learn! It's been great to hear from a couple of you since yesterday. Alice emailed in with her science work (you can see this over in the Science section on the right) and also some news of what she's been up to lately. You can see her launching a rocket on the beach below and also a picture of her pond dipping at Wood's Mill. Connie has sent in her fantastic news report which you can also see below along with some comments. 

It really is so wonderful to hear and see what you've all been up to. I'd love to post up some more of your news and your home-learning up later on today.

Our word total has increased again - edging closer to our goal of 15,000,000 by the end of year 4!

Have a great day :)

Miss O'Leary




     Wow! This is absolutely excellent Connie. You have used paragraphs well, I can clearly see your 5 W's and you've included both direct and reported speech. Your layout is superb too! 10HP Well done!


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Holly Class,

How are you all today? Hopefully ready for some fantastic home-learning!

I will be posting the Top Tens shortly so keep an eye out - have you made it in any of them? I've noticed that some of you haven't been onto TT Rockstars for a while. It's so important to keep up with your tables to do try and find time to practise. I've posted a different TT Top Ten this week - average time spent over the last 7 days. Let's see if we can get those averages up!

Yesterday was very quiet - I'd really love to hear from some of you today. Email in some pictures of what you've been up to when you have a chance. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Miss O'Leary

Monday 8th June

Good morning home-learners,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Email in and let me know what you got up to! We went on a very long walk yesterday which was supposed to take around two and a half hours. However, with two pairs of very little legs it took almost six hours! We did stop for a picnic and also to look at various flowers, animals, insects, sticks, leaves etc. Luckily we just missed the rain - it began to pour down as soon as we got into the car! :)

I asked you to send in pictures of anything you're growing last week and Louis has sent in some wonderful pictures (which you can see below) of the tomatoes, onions and peas that he and his sister are looking after. They look very well-cared for I must say! You can also see Louis' news report over in our writing section.

Ben also emailed in on Friday to say 'hi' and to tell me how much he's enjoying his reading. You can see a photo of him with his latest book below.

Have a super day 4OM! 

Miss O'Leary




Friday 5th june

Good morning! 

What an amazing word total we have now Holly Class. Let's see if we can make it to 15,000,000 by the end of Year 4...

How have you been getting on with the writing this week? Alice sent in her fantastic new report which you can see below. It would be great to see some more of these - I really do miss reading and marking your writing!

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? Email in and let me know what you're planning to do. We'll be off for another long walk and a picnic as long as the weather stays dry. I'll try to remember to take some photos if I spot anything interesting.

Have a wonderful Friday home-learners.

Miss O'Leary

What a great news report Alice. You have used fronted adverbials of time and a mixture of direct and reported speech. Some wonderful vocabulary here too - 'demolishing', 'hallucinating' and 'fatalities'. Great work - 10HP.

Thursday 4th june

Hello again 4OM!

It'd be great to receive some more photos of your work today home-learners. Mr Gilbert is putting together a year group collage of pictures to go on the website so if you send in a photo, it may feature on that as well as our class page.

The little bit of rain that we had yesterday has really helped my garden as you can see below. We now have some tiny cucumbers, French beans and mange tout flowers!

Are you growing anything at home? Send in some photos if you are.

Looking forward to hearing from lots of you today!

Miss O'Leary

P.s. Andrew has already sent in some pictures of his plants - you can see these underneath mine below. I can just about make out a lovely tomato plant behind his charming selfie!

Great to see that your sense of humour is still going strong Andrew :)



Wonderful photos Andrew! Let's have some more plant selfies to post on our class page please!

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Holly Class,

Wow - the middle of the week already. Where does the time fly off to? Thehansa has sent in a fantastic video of her successful Marble Run for DT which you can see below. Great to see some more creative uses for cardboard boxes!

What will you start off with today? Do you try to wake yourself up with a bit of PE or do you go straight for Maths and English? Email in and let me know how you're all doing.

The weather is supposed to change today (although it looks okay so far!) - what activities do you find to keep yourself entertained on a rainy day? I try to get Fox and Winter outside for a little bit even if it's pouring with rain - they like splashing in puddles! We'll also try and fit in a bit of baking and maybe a puppet show.

Have a wonderful day home-learners :)

Miss O'Leary




TOP tens for the last 2 weeks  are in the section on the right.

Also, check out the Writing section for Thehansa's marvellous Conversational poem!

Well done louis! Our new 2 millionaire - fantastic reading effort! 


Tuesday 2nd june

Good morning again 4OM!

How was yesterday? Did your home-learning get off to a good start? What was your favourite task? It'd be wonderful to hear how you're getting on. Andrew has been busy extending his amazing cat house as you can see below! Can you think of any other creative uses for cardboard boxes? If, like me, you've been receiving quite a lot of deliveries over the last couple of months, then you probably have a few of the, knocking about at home! 

I'm baking some more sour dough bread today - I'll try and remember to post a picture later. It's definitely getting tastier and (thankfully) less brick-like!

Have a lovely day Holly Class and don't forget to get in touch!

Miss O'Leary


Monday 1st june

Good morning and welcome back 4OM!

How was your half term? Hopefully, you all managed to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather that we had. I've spent the last week enjoying lots of time with Alara, Emine, Fox and Winter. We've been on a few very long walks in the countryside with picnics and have also had a couple of trips to the beach. We saw big herd of deer on one of our walks which was truly magical. I've posted a picture below. The sunshine has been lovely but it's meant my garden has been very thirsty - luckily I've had a little helper as you can also see below! Email in and let us know what you've been up to. Some photos would be lovely too. :) 

I'll be posting the Top Tens for the last two weeks later on so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, I hope your home-learning gets off to a great start today and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Miss O'Leary


We have  another new millionaire reader... a huge well done to Alice who has now read a grand total of 1,024,768 words. amazing!


Friday 22nd May

Friday! Only one day of home-learning left and then it's half term! Let's make this your best day yet. Have you managed to complete the writing task for this week? Alice did, and you can see her performing the poem 'The Jaffa Cake Argument' below. What a brilliant poem! If you can record yourself performing your poems and get them sent in today, I'll post the videos up here.

Have a wonderfully productive day (hopefully the weather will cheer up a bit!) andf I look forward to hearing from you.

Miss O'Leary



Wonderful poem Alice - you've used speech punctuation well and have captured a funny situation perfectly in poetic form - 10HP :)



Thursday 21st may

Good morning 4OM,

Almost Friday! I've had an idea - would one of you like to write the 'daily message' for me for tomorrow? If you would like to, then email in what you'd like to say and I will post it up. It will be a chance to say 'hello' to all of your friends and classmates. If I don't hear from anyone, I'll post a message as usual.

How are you all staying in touch with each other? Don't forget that you can use your school email accounts to message your classmates.

Have a lovely day Holly Class!

Louis has sent in some pictures - I've posted a couple below:


Louis' origami and his book review for The London Eye Mystery - he obvioulsy enjoyed it as he's given it 5 stars!

Wednesday 20th may

Good morning 4OM,

Wow - Wednesday already. Only 3 days of home-learning left before you have a break for half term! Let's make them your best days yet. Louis has sent in a short clip which I've posted below. Great to see that he's putting his new-found origami skills to good use ;)

How is your reading going? If you've run out of books, don't forget that you can listen to free children's audiobooks online at the moment from Audible.

You can still do AR quizzes on books that you've listened to too.

Have an excellent day Holly Class and stay in touch!



Tuesday 19th may

Hello again 4OM!

How are you all getting on today? Have you started the writing yet.

Alice has sent in her writing from last week - her 'Guide to Home-learning' is below. What a wonderfully presented piece of work! I love the annotated diagram of a work station and her daily schedule looks very sensible. Lots of time for relaxation built in as well as learning. Well done Alice!

Let's hear from some more of you today - show me what you've been up to. What are you enjoying most about the home-learning?

Have a wonderful day!

Miss O'Leary

A super piece of work Alice - 10HP

Monday 18th May

Good morning 4OM,

How was your weekend? I hope you were all able to enjoy the lovely sunshine that we had. We went for a walk in the countryside yesterday and found lots of these:

Does anybody know what they are?  I'l give you a clue - they're usually much bigger and people often eat them with cream...

Andrew has been very busy over the past few days building a new home for his cat out of a cardboard box! You can se this below. What a lucky cat - I'm sure it's enjoying playing with all the toys. Can you find any interesting new uses for cardboard boxes? Get in touch and let me know what you've been up to.

Have a happy day Holly Class and keep an eye out for the Top Tens - I'll be posting them later on today.

Miss O'Leary

Friday 15th May

Good morning 4OM,

Friday again! Only one week of home-learning left before half term Check out Alice's news above - another millionaire! What fantastic news to begin our Friday. 

What are you looking forward to most about today's home-learning? Will you have a go at the zendoodling? It looks fun and relaxing. I might have a try if I have time! I'll post my results on here if I do. My second loaf of sour-dough is in the oven. I'm hoping it's not quite as brick-like as my last effort...

Have a wonderful Friday Holly Class and don't forget to get in touch!

Miss O'Leary



We have a new millionaire reader... well done Benjamin who has now read a grand total of 1,025,639 words. amazing job!


Thursday 14th may

Hello again home-learners,

Thursday again already! Thursday is the highlight of Fox and Winters' week as they love the clapping to thank the NHS in the evening. They get very excited and it's rather hard to get them settled off to sleep afterwards! What do you look forward to during the week or at the weekend?

Bianca has been in touch to say 'hi' and sent in a lovely picture for National Numeracy Day yesterday which you can see below. Can you work out which number she is? What an amazing work station she has set up at home - check out all of those posters on her wall :)

I've also posted a seedling update. You can see some of my tomatoes are now happy in their pots. So far so good!

Have an excellent and successful day.

Miss O'Leary

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning 4OM,

Are you all well-rested and ready to learn? Ben emailed to say it was his birthday on Sunday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful way to celebrate - by becoming a millionaire reader.

Alice has sent in some amazing pictures that her dad took of dolphins in the sea near her house! Check them out below. There's also a picture of Alice with her wonderful 'Four Seasons' art work. Let's hear from some more of you today.

Happy home-learning.

Miss O'Leary


Tuesday 12th May

Hello again Holly Class,

How did yesterday's home-learning go? I'm looking forward to seeing some of your wonderful work. The DT today looks great fun - I might even have a go myself!

How fantastic that we now have a fourth millionaire reader! Alice is also extremely close so by this time next week it could be five.

Have a fun and productive day!

Miss O'Leary


Monday 11th may

Good morning 4OM,

Hopefully you've had a marvellous weekend and are ready for some more fun-filled home-learning! Thehansa celebrated Vesak Day (a Buddhist celebration) last week and you can learn all about this in her incredibly interesting and informative video below. The picture is of a home-made lantern that she made with her dad. George has sent in some Scratch work - you can his video in the Computing section on the right.

I made my first loaf of sourdough bread on Sunday which went fairly well - I'll post a picture later on. I've also planted most of my seedlings out into our garden now so I'm hoping that they survive the elements and that we'll get some tomatoes and beans one day soon!

I'm hoping to hear from lots of you today - tell me what you've been up to over the weekend and send in some photos if you get a chance.

Bye for now

Miss O'Leary

p.s. Top Tens for the last week are now in the Top Tens folder on the right :)




Miss O'Leary's sourdough loaf - it tasted okay. Rather heavy though, a bit like a brick!

Wow - 12,019,254 words read so far - You did it! Amazing 4OM!


Thursday 7th may

Good morning,

We've made it past 12,000,000 words Holly Class! Amazing effort - well done! Today is the last day of home-learning this week as tomorrow is a bank holiday. What will you do with your extra day of weekend? It's supposed to be lovely and sunny so hopefully you'll be able to spend some of it outside.

Mr Davis has been in touch to tell me how hard Zaine and Libby have been working in class. There is a photo of them with their stories below. I'm hoping to post the stories themselves into our Writing section later on so that you can read them. Sam also emailed to say 'hello'. It's lovely to hear from those of you at school as well as those at home - Miss Monger and I are missing you all!

Have an excellent Thursday home-learners (and school learners too!)

Miss O'Leary










You can now read the stories in full in the Writing section. Check out Alice's fabulous play script too with a very sassy Rapunzel!


Wednesday 6th may

Good morning 4OM,

Hopefully you're raring and ready to go! You can see last week's Top Tens now in the section on the right. Sorry they were posted a day late this week. Well done to Alice who is now so, so close to becoming a millionaire! A big shout out to Andrew too who has clearly been doing A LOT of French!

Bianca has sent in a fabulous picture which you can see below. Can you work out what she's spelling out?

Have a super day Holly Class.

Miss O'Leary


Tuesday 5th may

Good morning again 4OM,

How did yesterday go? Are you enjoying looking at play scripts? How was the Art?  I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Louis sent in some photos from last week's science investigation. You can see these below. It looks like he did a very thorough job!

I will be checking our word count later today to see whether we've got any closer to 12,000,000 words so if you've got any quizzes to do, try to find time to do them today. 

I've decided to have a try at making sourdough bread this week - this is a way of baking bread without using yeast. It takes quite a long time to get started but I'm hoping to have a loaf by Sunday and will post some pictures of the end result! Are you trying anything new during lockdown? Let us know how it's going!

Have a great day.

Miss O'Leary





Great work Louis! 8HP


Monday 4th May

Good morning 4OM,

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the little bit of sunshine that we had on Saturday. I'm starting to hear from lots more of you which is fantastic! Thank you to Izzy who sent in some of her wonderful writing. Check this out in the writing section to the right. Louis' origami can be seen in DT and Ben has written some instructions - also in Writing. Thehansa's instructions for making Sri Lanken Milk Rice can be seen below. It sounds delicious - I think I'll give it a try.

Have a lovely day of home learning Holly Class. I look forward to seeing some more of your wonderful work.

Miss O'Leary

Super instructions Thehansa - I love the pictures on the right! 5HP

Friday 1st may

Hello again,

Have you got that Friday feeling? I've heard from a few more of you since yesterday which has been lovely :). Ben emailed to say that he really enjoyed the writing task this week - that's great news! Kaspian emailed to say hi too and Alice has been emailing in lots of wonderful work. You can see her instructions for making biscuits and photos in the writing section. I'm going to post her science experiment video below later on.

My puppet theatre is almost finished as you can see below! I just need to attempt to make some curtains for it now.

Have a wonderful day 4OM.

Miss O'Leary





Thursday 30th april

Good morning,

Hopefully you’re ready for some more fantastic home-learning! Thank you to George who dropped me an email yesterday to say hi – his origami Ninja star is below. I'm hoping to hear from some more of you today.

How are you entertaining yourselves when you're not learning? I'm trying to make Fox and Winter a puppet theatre out of a cardboard box at the moment. It's not going very well! I'll post some pictures once it's finished.  We'd love to see photos of what you're getting up to at home. Don't forget that you can email each other by using the school based email - it's a great way to stay in touch. Instructions can be found in the IT support section.

Have a great day!

Miss O'Leary


George's Ninja Star 5HP



Wednesday 29th april

Hello again. Halfway through the week already! Only a few of you are doing quizzes at the moment. It'd be great to get our total up to 12,000,000 by the end of the week. Two of you (Ben and Alice) are very close to being millionaires - only a couple more books and you'll be there! Don't forget you can download free audio books from Audible while the schools are closed and you can still quiz books that you've listened to.

If you're having problems accessing AR to do quizzes, visit the Reading Support at Home page in the Home Learning section on the website.

Hopefully the weather will be better than yesterday 4OM - it certainly looks nicer out there at the moment so fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful and productive day.

Miss O'Leary



Tuesday 28th april

Good morning 4OM!

Thank you to those of you who are sending work in. It’s so great to read your stories and to see all of the other great work that you’re doing. Connie has sent in her excellent improved adverts from before Easter. You can't miss them below - they're so eye-catching! Check out the English section on the right to see some more of Connie’s marvellous writing and Alice’s story. Andrew’s 3D hand can also be seen below. A very effective piece - well done Andrew.

I’m looking forward to seeing some more photos of your origami after today’s DT task.

Have fun!

Miss O’Leary


Wow! Super adverts Connie. I'm so impressed by your vocabulary use. Words like 'exquisite' and 'phenomenal' will really help to entice people. 10HP


Andrew's 3D hand 6HP


Monday 27th april

Hello again 4OM home-learners! I hope you’ve had a lovely, restful weekend and are ready to learn. It really has been wonderful to speak to some of you recently. I’ll be catching a few more of you this week and look forward to hearing how things are going.

Well done to Gabriel who has sent Miss Monger and I some more fantastic examples of his home-learning. I’ll be posting his story and some photos of his science experiment into the subject folders later on. Keep an eye out for the Top Tens today too. Don’t forget to keep a record of any house points that you earn 😊

Happy learning! Miss O’Leary

friday 24th April

It's almost the weekend home-learners! One more day of learning and then time for a rest.

How do you make your weekends different from the week? We have pizza and a movie on Friday evening and then pancakes on a Saturday morning. We also tend to stay in our PJs for a bit longer on a weekend morning! I'm also hoping that this lovely sunshine sticks around so that we can take a nice long walk too. 

It's been lovely to speak with some of you over the last couple of days. I'm hoping to catch a few more of you today. 

A big shout out to those of you that are sending work in. Andrew was the second person to send in his completed story. You can find this in the Writing section on the right. Have a look at Alice's Science photos too - that experiment certainly did look yucky! Bianca and Jayden have also sent photos in. You can see these below.

Have a wonderful day Holly Class and enjoy your weekend. 

Miss O'Leary


Bianca's been busy at home. 


Some pictures of Jayden and his home learning book. You can see his 'missing poster' in the Reading section and his story in Writing on the right.

Thursday 23rd april

Wow – Thursday already! This week is flying by.

Well done to Thehansa – the first one to send in her story. I’ll be posting this onto our class page later today. You can also check out Louis’ Scratch animation below and Alice’s PE video which I’ll be posting into the PE section on the right.

Don’t forget to email myself or Miss Monger when you get a chance. We’d really love to hear how you’re getting on.


Thehansa's 'Story of Bravery'. Click on the story to see it as a PDF.

Well done for using lots of fronted adverbials (with their commas) and for splitting your work into paragraphs. You have also used some great vocabulary like 'capable' and 'precious'. Next time, try to include some direct speech and speech punctuation :) 10HP

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello again!

Hopefully you’re starting to get back into a routine with your home-learning. I’d love to hear about how you’re all getting on! I’m especially looking forward to reading the stories that you’ve been writing this week.

Thank you to Zachary for sending in some fantastic work. You can take a peek at his Easter comic strip in the RE folder. Louis has also sent work in. I’ll be posting his Scratch animation onto our class page later today.

Enjoy the sunshine Holly Class and happy home-learning! 😊



Louis' fabulous scratch animation - 10hp


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning home-learners. I hope you’ve slept well and are feeling refreshed. A reminder that I’m posting some of the wonderful work that you are sending in in the subject folders on the right. Check out Andrew’s cylinders in Art and Alice’s teeth poster (from last term) in Science.

I’ve also posted a picture of my seedlings below Monday’s message. They’re growling at a vast rate now that it’s sunny. Are you growing anything? I’d love to see pictures if you are. I’d also love to hear from lots more of you today! Thank you to Thehansa and Andrew for getting in touch already 😊


Check out the Top Tens section on the right - I've posted Top Tens for the last 3 weeks.


Wow!  11,554,740 Words read so far!

Amazing work 4om - keep it up!


Monday 20th April

Good morning and welcome back 4OM! I hope you've all had a great break and are ready for some super home-learning today. Have you enjoyed this lovely sunshine that we've been having? My seedlings certainly have - they're enormous! I'll post some pictures later on today.

When you get a chance today, drop me an email to let me know how you are and what you've been up to, If you managed to complete any of the holiday tasks, I'd love to see some pictures too.

Our AR word total has increased by over 300,000 so some of you have certainly been reading and doing quizzes! Hopefully lots more of you will be doing quizzes this week. Any problems - just email me or Miss Monger.

Have a wonderful and productive day of home-learning. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing all of your achievements. Bye for now!

Miss O'Leary

p.s. Don't forget that I'll be posting some of your work into the individual subject folders on the right along with any housepoints awarded.



Wow!  11,225,194 Words read so far!

Amazing work 4om - keep it up!


Friday 3rd april

Good morning 4OM - we've made it to the end of term! No more home-learning tasks until after the Easter holidays. There will be some holiday activities posted up later on today though so keep an eye out for those. Remember to keep up with your reading - you'll still be able to quiz the books that you finish over the holidays. I'll be posting the Top 10s on the first Monday back and it'd be great to see some new names appearing on them - especially the TT Rockstars Top 10! Come on girls!

Have a wonderful day of home-learning Holly class and an even better Easter break. Enjoy all the chocolate!

Miss O'Leary

IMPORTANT - from today onwards, I'll be posting the work that you send in into the subject folders on the right. Up to 5 pieces of work will be posted per day and 10hp are yours if your work is posted!


Thursday 2nd April

Hello 4OM. How was yesterday? Did you play any April Fool's jokes on anyone? Let us know how they went

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s home-learning tasks. If you managed to complete the Scratch task, perhaps you could take a screen shot or a video of your game to share on here. How are you doing with learning your tables? Hopefully you’re all keeping up with TT Rockstars and BBC Supermovers. I will be checking TT Rockstars later today and adjusting your groups if necessary. If you’re finding it too easy or too hard, do let me know. We've got a great practical activity for you today as part of your science home-learning - making a model of your teeth from a slice of bread! We'd love to see some pictures of those. Have a fantastic day!

Miss O'Leary

Thehansa has compared her Aunt to Aunt Gloria in 'The London Eye Mystery'. She sounds like a wonderful aunt! Try using bullet points in a list Thehansa to separate items more clearly :)



Ben has been learning about editing computer videos as a bit of extra computing practice. Here's what he's produced! Apparently a Nerf war video is next on the cards. Watch this space!

The video editor at work

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning home-learners!
Spring is definitely here now - some of the seeds we've planted have started to sprout (tomatoes and chillies). I'll post a picture later on.
We've had some wonderful examples of your origami efforts sent in (see below). It'd be lovely to see some more of these as well as anything else that you're proud of. Have you taken up any new hobbies over the past couple of weeks? Perhaps you've found more time to do some of the things you enjoy at home? I've been doing a lot of baking with mixed success. We've made cookies which were very popular and green alien bread which didn't go down so well!
Miss Monger and I would love to hear what you've been up to as well as seeing all over your wonderful home-learning. Have a happy day!
Miss O'Leary
Some more wonderful Art and DT from Louis. I love the colours of those bunnies!
As promised, some pictures of my seeds starting to sprout! Tarragon on the left and tomatoes on the right. We've planted lots of others but these are the only ones to emerge so far! I'll post another picture next after the Easter break so that you can see how much they've (hopefully) grown :)
Zach has been getting very creative with junk modelling. Check out this amazing recliner made from cardboard boxes!

Tuesday 31st March

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Holly Class! I hope you've all had your breakfast and are ready for your home learning. You've been sending in some lovely pictures of your hot and cool colour collages - thank you! Some of you get a mention from Charlie Dog today so listen out for that. I've also posted the Top 10s for the last 7 days and you can find these in the Top 10s section on the right. Not many of you have been doing quizzes over the last week - remember that you can now do these from home. If you have any questions about this, please do email us. We're here to help! If you are running low on reading material, you could always listen to an audio book. Audible have made most of their children's books free to listen to online for now. You can access these at:

I hope you're all remembering to fit in some exercise as well as all of your marvellous home learning? Your daily PE tasks will definitely help your brain to work better. Fox and Winter now have a trampoline in the garden which is proving to be a very popular way to let off steam!

I'm looking forward to hearing from some more of you today. Remember to keep a record of house points while you're at home. 10 hp are awarded for a mention in any of the Top 10s and also 10hp if we post a picture of your home learning up here.

Happy home learning!


Great to see that so many of you are spending time on Duolingo improving your French! I've added another Top 10 to show who has earned the most Duolingo XP points so far. Well done!


Some mathematical reasoning from Zachary. All correct answers - well done. Remember to give examples where possible to strengthen your reasoning. This would have worked well in the question about Seb above.


Excellent DT origami efforts from Alice (left) and Thehansa. Those Easter bunnies just need some eggs to go with them now!

Monday 30th March

Good morning 4OM! Have you had a good weekend? Hopefully you’re well-rested and ready to learn. You may have noticed that the daily plan for your home learning looks slightly different. This is so that you’ll find it easier to follow. If you have any questions, please email myself or Miss Monger. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can look at Mr Miller’s guidance at the top of this page.

Thank you to all of you who are sending us pictures and videos of your learning. We’re looking forward to hearing from as many of you as possible this week.

Have a wonderful and productive Monday!

Miss O’Leary


Daily learning

Some more excellent maths from Gabriel. Well done for using 'because' to extend your answers. Have another look at that 'Investigate' question. Are you sure that there are only 7 4s per hour?

A lovely exploration of colours from Lily for the Art home learning task. You can clearly see which are 'hot' and which are 'cool'.


            Some more magnificent artwork from Andrew and Ben. Great examples of hot and cool colours boys!


An eye-catching poster all about teeth from Thehansa. Lots of accurate information and a lovely use of colour :)


Friday 27th March

 Hello 4OM! How are you today?

It’s finally Friday – what are you planning to do over the weekend? Hopefully lots of reading as well as some relaxing and having fun with your families. It’s great to hear that so many of you are enjoying your home learning. What else are you finding time to do? If you’ve got any outside space, now is the perfect time to plant some seeds. I’ve been out in my little garden planting with Fox and Winter today. We’ve planted sunflowers, carrots and spring onions amongst other things. I’ll post some pictures as soon as they start to sprout!

If you haven’t been in touch yet, please do send in some pictures of the work you’ve been doing. Remember to email Miss Monger or myself by the end of the day if you haven’t already.

Have a wonderful day and happy home learning!

Miss O’Leary

Daily learning 

What a wonderful piece of Fox art from Libby! It looks like you've used a proper canvas with oil paints here. Great that you've been inspired by your learning in school. 

Thank you for sending us your advert for the stocks Alice. I can see that you've tried really hard to include all of the success criteria. I particularly like you use of rhetorical questions.

Some more super work from Alice. Great use of placement and perspective for your cylinders at the top Alice!

What a dreadful punishment Thehansa! I have a weakness for sugar but this sounds quite horrific! Remember to use a comma in your sentence when you begin with 'if' as it's an ISAWAWABUB word :)

Thursday 26th March

Good morning 4OM! Another lovely sunny day!

Thank you so much for all of the fantastic videos that you've been sending into us. We've really enjoyed watching and listening to all of your musical pieces - there's been some very creative use of household objects! Have a look at Alice's and Izzy's videos below (underneath Wednesday's posts). There's also a short message there from Miss O'Leary. We'll be posting some more of your videos later on today, along with some more pictures from your wonderful home learning books. 

We hope you've managed to work out a timetable. Perhaps you could share these with us too. Are you following a similar timetable to school or is it completely different? Remember to take regular breaks between all of your hard work! Have fun :)

 Daily learning 26.03.20 

  Thank you for sending us your improved 'bad adverts' Alice. Definitely better than the originals! Well done. Don't forget to underline your WALT and date!



Wow Thehansa! I'd like to know how you managed to make the notes pitch-perfect! Lovely :)




Super effort Louis! I'm sure everybody can recognise which tune you're playing. I like the fact that you've used a variety of different bottles to help you achieve the perfect pitch and volume.



Look at Louis' brilliant home learning - I'd love one of those quadruple scoop ice creams!

Some super work on time too. I can see that someone has marked it for you too - green for growth! Wonderful :)




 Some more great home learning from Gabriel. What a superstar! Another great science experiment. Some excellent adjectives in your adverts - I especially like 'devour'.

Have  a look back at question 3 above. What time is being shown on the clock? Have another try at working out what time Alfie will arrive.

        More super home learning from Thehansa - did you hear Charlie give you a mention today? I like your drawings of the sound waves. Don't forget to use a ruler to underline WALTs and dates :)

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning 4OM! Welcome to Wednesday on the virtual Chesswood school. Have you watched the message from Charlie dog today? Gabriel gets a mention for all the amazing work he has emailed in. If you haven't managed to send anything in yet, try to get a picture or video of something you are doing at home today and send it in. You could get a mention from Charlie too! We have had some really good adverts coming in and a lot of you are getting to grips with telling the time using a digital and analogue clock - tricky stuff! 

Competition judging on Friday - Complete your decoration of your home learning book and send in a picture so we can pick the winning entry.

Here is Bianca doing her home learning. The timetable is a great idea so you know what you are going to do each day. I love the cover for your home learning book. I can see you have used the skills you have learnt in our fox art lessons to decorate it.

More maths and reading from Coby. You have really understood how to convert between 12 and 24 hour digital time. Can you explain WHY you think Salim might be in another dimension. Have you found some clues, Detective Coby?

I like your advert for chocolate ice cream and good use of rhetorical question.

Well done Gabriel, another amazing day's work. Charlie dog is impressed with how you are doing.


Great work Thehansa. I definitely want one of those ice creams! I am impressed with your conversion of 24 hour and 12 hour time especially with all the different hours and minutes times. Well done!

Who doesn't want one of Libby's brownie's with a dollop of chocolate in the centre!



Check out Alice's wonderful  experiment with pitch and volume. I wonder who ate all the pringles!






Izzy's super rendition of 'Jingle Bells'! Very innovative :)

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning all! I hope you are all sitting at your learning stations (wherever they are) and have begun today's learning. We are starting to get some fantastic work being sent in; thank you to Gabriel, Elizabeth and Coby. Have a look - all their books look amazing with really careful presentation and use of space on the page.

Well done Coby, I think you tried everything today! Can you think of any other punishments that people had through the ages, apart from going to prison? Some of them were particularly horrible!

Well done Elizabeth, a very carefully drawn picture of our planet. Your could add your class and home learning to your front cover. We are all still here working together!

Well done Gabriel! You have been super busy. I'm glad to hear you think Salim is still alive. Can you explain why you think this? Good spot for the rule for adding the -ion suffix and you remembered lots of punishments form our crime and punishment topic - even the trial by ordeal of eating cake!

Here is Libby's in school maths work which she was very proud of. Well done Libby - you've got this!

Keep sending me the work: its great to see how you are taking responsibility for you home learning and a big thanks to all you home teachers out there too.

Here's Lily- May learning her French words today. Remember your Duolingo passwords can be found at the bottom of this page by following the link. Let me know if you have any problems getting started

Evan has been having a go at writing persuasively. Well done!

That's ingenious Alice!  I love the idea that it can't melt! Good use of persuasive language and some technical language that makes you sound like an expert. Well done! 


Good morning 4OM.  Miss Monger and Miss O'Leary  here and we hope you had a lovely weekend and are excited to start your home learning today!  The Year 4 Team have spent a lot of time making activities for you to get involved in and we'd love to see photos/videos of you doing these and the work you have done.  

We would love to see your learning station at home. Have you made yourself a daily timetable to help you organise your day? Some of you may want to put your school uniform on so you feel like you are in our classroom! It is not going to be easy to keep yourself focused on your work without us there to support you!

Your first task is to get your learning book ready. You can decorate the cover today and send a photo in so we can post them on our class page. When you are doing the work from the daily learning plan, PLEASE remember to write the date and underline it so we can see when the work was done. Just like at school, take care with your presentation as this is your new school book! I know you don't have squared paper for maths but you can use the lines to help you lay your work out neatly. Remember to  use a 6 lines or more rule so you are using all the space carefully in your book.

We look forward to hearing from you all.  Remember to email us with any questions, updates, photos and videos and we will load as many as we can onto this page so we can all see what we are doing. 

All the best to you all and have a super fun and productive school day, even if you don't get changed out of your PJs!

Bye for now!




Such a beautiful sunny day today. We're waiting to see how your are getting on out there!

Click on the link at the bottom to view the Top Tens for the last seven days.

Well done everybody and keep up the good work!


Gabriel with his Home Learning book. Wonderful illustrations - well done!