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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5AL - Oak

Thursday 2 April

Hi all! We're nearly at the Easter Holidays and I think you all will deserve a well earned break. Despite my new computer, things are still a bit slow my end. Keep sending me what you can and I'll do my best. I'm hoping to post Top 10s shortly. I'll keep you posted. Take care and stay safe. Mr Light. 

Firstly, a message from Matthew. 


Nuff said. 



Wow! Are there that many hours in a week? (I should know that really, I'm your maths teacher!)



The quizzical and physical 5AL. 


Done without the assistance of Mr Gilbert this time. I thank you. 

Olly sketching what can only be described as an interesting breakfast. 



Hi everyone!

Hope you are all keeping busy and staying safe.  I'm really enjoying seeing all the photos of your smiling faces and the amazing work you are doing. Fabulous Top Tens! I wonder how many millionaire readers we will have by the time we see each other again?

Nearly the end of the second week of home learning and I bet you're all looking forward to your Easter holiday. I hope you all have a brilliant break. Don't eat too much chocolate!!! Oh but it's the holidays - go for it!

Send me a message if you want to say Hi, I'd love to hear from you!



There's isn't a situation that I know of that can't be helped with a montage....cue the music!

I can put this up now, because you've all completed yesterday's written methods I'm sure (wink, wink). This is great to see Jack. You should be very proud. 


Some award winning photography. Arturo working on his jump shot. 





Wednesday 1 April

So, we're almost halfway through the week already. I'm hoping my technical problems will be sorted out shortly. I've got my new computer, so it's hopefully just a case of getting it set up and then I'm sure everything will run smoothly.........hmmmm........

Great to hear from you yesterday, especially a couple of you who I haven't heard of for a while. If you haven't got in touch so far, please send me an email. Keep doing what you can. Above all, remember the first thing I said to you when I met you all those months ago - Don't Panic! 


Matthew practising the ancient art of sock distraction during his wall sits. "You are learning quickly my student." 

Hurry......up......and.......takethepicture! Looks like Oliwier will return to school with abs of steel. 




The Reading Rocket is back! (Yes, it IS a rocket). Remember, your percentages are based on your personal reading targets, so there's no excuse not to met them, apart from the whole not being at school thing. Seriously, there are online resources in the reading section of the website, but be warned, I've recently learnt that some AR quizzes don't necessarily relate well to some of the online books; just to keep things a little more interesting. Keep doing what you can. 




Great to see Marcell IXLing himself. Top 10s tomorrow people, don't forget.  




And that's how you do that! Thanks Oliwier. 




Charlie is 100% accu-rat with some help from Horrible Histories (I won't tell you how long it took me to work out that's why he's a rat). 



Tuesday 31 March


Hi all, I've been having some technical problems recently. Fortunately, that lovely Mr Miller is sorting me out a new computer tomorrow, but until then I'm going to do my best. I had some fantastic work sent to me yesterday, and I'll be putting a selection of it on here today. I'm pleased to see that most of you are up and running with your home learning by now. Remember, if you're unsure what to do, go on IXL. I'll be doing some more Top 10s on Thursday. Bye for now!


Some excellent rounding of decimals there Jack. Dice work! (sorry, couldn't resist)



Matthews bean busy, yet made his dad a hot drink today (I know I spelt bean ((and again)) wrong, he's also bean (((and again!))) doing arm curls with tins of beans).  


Phillip taking time out from reading Mr Jolley's biography (Shh, don't tell him I said that). 

Great to see Summer using some of those techniques we've been learning. Remember, red sky at night......the shed's on fire! (Dad jokes have been lacking recently)


Olly getting himself in a spin, for scientific purposes obviously. 


Alex showing he can do his learning at home just as well. 




monday 30th march

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I was supposed to be visiting my brother, who is also a teacher, on the Isle of Wight with my family (that's what I call a RELATIVE clause!). Instead, I ended up watching Ant and Dec live from their living rooms. We're going to be posting another week's activities for you, do what you can and don't forget that we're here to help you with any difficulties that you may be experiencing. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 


A little something from Oliwier to start the week off. Is there no end to this boy's talents? I hope you're enjoying the book. If you haven't started listening to it yet, please do. You can find it on previous Year 5 learning pages; just catch up and see if there's any activities that you can do this week. 

Duolingo Top Tens

A few of you have made a great start on Duolingo this week, especially Oliver with 193XP-c'est formidable! Have 20HP Oliver for your super efforts and 10HP for everyone else on the list.

1st-Oliver 193XP

2nd-Summer 127XP

3rd-Leo 102XP

4th-Jack 50XP



You make some good arguments Jack, in this well written letter. Can you spot what I would circle in green pen, which represents green for growth?


What's cooking in Raya's kitchen?   Cookies..............yum. 



I think we might have to start calling him Olly Wollven-Pegg-Gates soon. Done with a little help from dad I hear. Remember me when you're a rich game designer, and remind me to give you my bank details. 

Friday 27 March

As the squeaky Scottish dog said, we're nearly at the end of our first week of home learning (if you don't know what I'm talking about, have a look at our homepage)! The sun is still out and you're still being amazing. I've received loads and loads of emails from parents  and children. Please keep sending them in. I can't put everything on the website, but I promise to do what I can. if there's a particular picture or piece of work you want to share, please can either you, your parent(s), or whoever is looking after you indicate it on the email. Keep up the great work and I'll continue to be as amusing as I can (sorry). 

I'm having a few technical issues trying to rotate pictures at the moment, I'll be uploading them shortly!


Now that's what I call home learning! Matthew even found time to make his mum a cup of tea.

1,2,3......Ah bless. Coffee, milk, no sugar please Matthew. 




One word - Owwwwww!


Philip using the power of all that brain food he's been cooking. 

Arturo unleashing the felt pens with an important message. 


Thursday 26 march

Morning All!

I'm please to see the sun is still shining. Personally, and as a school we've been really impressed with what you've all been up to. We've had some triumphant success and I know we've had some tears as well. As far as the home learning goes, please just do what you can. If a task is too difficult, have a chat with someone at home to see if there is something less complicated you can do on the same topic. If it's a maths or English task, IXL is there to support you and there's nothing wrong with looking at previous year's learning to improve your understanding. Don't forget,  I'm here to support you as well,  although please use the support email link on our Yr 5 home learning page if you want a quick response, as I'm still as busy as a busy bee's busy bits and not sitting here with my feet up on the desk as you might think!

You're all amazing, so stay safe and keep it that way!



I'm missing my, "Good morning Mr Light"s Philip.  


I'm not sure that's one of the chopping techniques I taught you Philip, and you're lack of oven gloves suggests to me that that oven wasn't on at the time..... I'm sure you're an expert now with all the practice I hear you've been doing. Anyway, I can clearly see that you've connected with your inner carrot with what you're wearing, and that meal looks amazing and amazingly heathy. I'm genuinely jealous!  

Top 10s for the last 7 days

Here is our Top 10 Word Count. Well done to these children, particularly those six of which who have managed to beat Fabian's word count, who left our class in October! Seriously, I can tell from checking your reading target scores how much you are all reading (well, almost all of you), and they've never looked so healthy. Keep doing what you can, and remember, if you're still having difficulty doing AR quizzes, follow the guidance on the reading section of the website. 


I know there's been lots of activity on the IXL Maths website, particularly well done to these 10. Remember, as long as you are doing maths at your level, it counts towards the time you have spent on IXL. It's a great resource, so please make the most of it. 

Here's our TOP 10 for English. This has always been less popular and unless you're in the very small minority who has completed every Year 5 activity, please don't forget about it. If you're having difficulty with any weekly writing task, it can wait and spend some time on here instead. Again, it doesn't have to be Year 5, use it to support your learning. Special mention to Shania, who continues to work extremely hard at home to develop her understanding.

You're leading the way Shania, thank you! 


After some assistance from Mr Gilbert, I've also managed to do the IXL Top 10. Well done to you all. 

some work from the boys at school














Right, they're coming in think and fast now, so here it goes......



Marcell exercising mind and body. 


Matthew keeping those quizzes ticking over. 


Great to see the Kurnatowski learning machine is working well, great work Oliwier. I particularly like your commitment to Greek footwear!

I'm hoping this is enough to get Raya in the house. 

Don't adjust your eyes, some jokes from Leo. 


Good to see Charlie following Leo's approach and breaking out the colours. 


And that's how you do that! Well done Olly. With that dressing gown, you look like King Kong on top of the Empire State Building. I assume that was the look you were going for. 


How many Year 5 writing objectives can one boy called Olly fit into a piece of writing..... this many. 



When things get a bit much, have a look at Annisa's picture and think calm thoughts. 



Wednesday 25 March

That's right. I've decided to do what everyone else is doing and put our most recent news and pictures first.... mind blown! I'm starting with a few late entries from yesterday, just to confuse things even further. Basically, scroll up and down and you'll find stuff. We'll work it out (by we, I mean me). 


I hope Matthew's pocket money is going towards the electricity bill!

Lets face it, the second picture is more surprising that the first. Please send me any cooking related football puns you can think of, all I've got is, 'Flapjack and chips' (sorry, dad joke). 


And today.... (no really)


I think if Raya keeps this up, she might actually be allowed in the house!

Paddy drawing his own portrait of Mr Light (I assume). 

All I'm going to say is that I think Olly makes some interesting points....



Thanks Summer, by sending me this, you've made me learn how to upload videos onto the school website.....I'm off for a lay down now, my brain hurts! 





Hi All, 

Welcome to our class page. I'm going to be posting work and messages from you all here soon, so keep an eye out. I've already heard from a few of you, and I'm looking forward to sharing all the fabulous work that you are going to be doing!

Take care of yourselves, 

Mr Light



        Leo M'Lord keeping it real!               Summer looking happy with her new home learning book


Good to she Olly keeping hydrated,                   A great first day effort from Matthew

all that brainpower needs cooling.  



Hi all. I hope you're not too bored yet. Keep up the good work. I've had lots of emails from you and your parents today, some relating to problems with AR. Please remember to type in into the search bar at the top of your search engine. I'm looking forward to posting the Top 10s this week! Look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Take care and stay safe, 


Mr Light


A couple more covers from Annisa and Raya. Good work girls!

Be on the look out for colours being stolen from Easter Eggs!

A well trained Annisa editing her poem.          Good to see Leo putting his coloured pencils to good use. 

"I think we're gonna need a bigger book."

(Slight misquote for the parents)