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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5AL - Oak

friday 17 july

"And now, the end is near, and we I face the final curtain...." 

Crying Emoji times a million!

It's extra specially sad to come to the end of a year like this, when there's a large number of you that I haven't seen for so long, after knowing you for so long. Even worse, we're going to be loosing Oliwier this year as well! (He's going back to Poland, I haven't misplaced him). There's a chance that he may be back in the future, so fingers crossed. He's in school today, so here's a message from the young man himself......

"Bye everyone, I'll miss you!"


On the plus side, after two long years, I'll be escaping there weirdos for a while!

(Year 4 Silly pics of those who wanted to do them). 


thursday 16 july

Tre-hen-dous home learning from Arturo! 

Future's looking Rose-y for Charlie!

I've been so busy today, I haven't even had time to do our Top 10s, so I'll give you 1 extra night of learning before posting them tomorrow; you're right, I'm too kind!

Keep up the amazing work, we're nearly there. 

Take care, 

Mr Light


wednesday 15 july

And a fabulous Wednesday afternoon to you all. I can almost smell the end of Yr 5! I believe that reports were sent out this morning, and there was a bit of an issue with them, so they'll be sent out again this afternoon. It was a bit strange writing them to be honest, what with one thing and another. This has no doubt been the strangest year of my teaching career, but one that has been full of surprises. Some children have worked harder than I have ever thought possible, and I know lots of you have really benefited from learning individually at home. I am confident that when you're back in school in September, you'll be able to use and apply this learning to achieve even greater results. I'll still be around, and don't think I won't be taking a keen interest in how your getting on; you have been warned, Mwhahahahaha! (again)  


tuesday 14 july

Hi everyone! I'm sure by now you've got your teeth into today's home learning tasks. I hear a few have received an invitation to attend summer school and accepted; well done! It's been a strange time for everyone and I continue to be impressed with the maturity that so many of you have shown. As a result, I'm confident that you'll be in a much better place when we return to school. It's going to be strange, but I'm speaking to your new teachers about our journey over the past 2 years and I think there'll be as well informed as they can be. Please remember the first thing I said to you all those months ago; don't panic!


monday 13 july

I'm trying my best to upload things, but it's sooooooo slow. Here's a little selection.....

Phillip's coffee making skills (I can't even do that!)


A selection of Oliwier's reading and Maths skills. 


Duolingo Top 10 has been completed. 

Hi everybody. Apologies for Friday; I had rather a chaotic day that involved moving my bubble (don't ask!) Right, I've completed my reports, so I should hopefully have a bit more time to catch up with my emails. Firstly, there's this....... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!


thursday 9 july

Afternoon all. Apologies for the delay once again. In case you think I've already forgotten about you because I've got my fancy new class, it's not true! I've actually had a bit of time out of class to write your reports and I've taken a little break; there's only so many times you can write the word 'improvement' in one day (I'll let you decide if it's 'has made a big....or...will need to make a big.... that applies to you)! Thank you to those parents and children who have emailed me; I'm doing the best I can. Top 10s are completed and looking much more heathy than last week; thank you! Take care, Mr Light. 


wednesday 8 july

So, the cat is finally out of the bag; I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to claw it's way out. By now, you should know who your teacher is going to be next year; either Mrs Johnson, or Miss Price. I worked with Mrs Johnson in Year 4 a couple of years ago, when she taught my daughter, and I consider her to be an excellent teacher. Miss Price taught my daughter this year (what we had of it) and again I'm confident those of you going to her are in very safe hands. I know it'll be strange having a new teacher after such a long time, but it's better you experience it now, rather than when you went up to secondary school, because there was no way I was going to follow you there, despite some of you telling me I would be! Anyway, we're not done yet; Top 10s tomorrow, mwhahaha!  


tuesday 7 july

Afternoon all. Sorry for my late arrival, I'm getting busier and busier as the end of term draws nearer and nearer. I have it on good authority that correspondence will be going out this afternoon regarding arrangements for next year, if it hasn't done so already. 

I'm glad so many of you are keeping in touch with each other, but our school filters have been busy once again. We're aware that a number of you have your own YouTube channels and are asking each other to subscribe. You should not be able to do this until you are at least 13 years of age; we would ask that those children make sure that there parents are aware and are monitoring the content on there, before we have to get involved. 

Other than that, enjoy what remains of a blustery Tuesday afternoon!


monday 6th july

Ahh, apparently the information regarding next year was originally going out on Friday, but with all the fun and games regarding what will/might/should be happening in September, this information was delayed until tomorrow to give you the most up-to-date information. Still, not long to wait now. Here's some pictures to keep you entertained in the meantime...



A few of us getting roux'ed last week. 


Hi All. I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Thank you to those children and parents who sent me birthday wishes; it was a shame that I chose such rubbish weather for my birthday, sorry about that! Duolingo Top 10 is done; well done to those children. Still no news on when you're going to be informed about next year's teachers yet, it can't be much longer, it's transition day on Wednesday! Have a good day, Mr Light. 


friday 3 july

Morning, and welcome to, what is only 3 remaining Fridays of Year 5. Just to clarify, transition day is next Wednesday and you'll be able to access an introductory video of you new teacher on their new homepage. I THINK information regarding classes for next year will be posted on the website later today, but even I'm not 100% certain; I'll be confirming with you as soon as I know. In the meantime, keep being awesome. Hope you enjoy the sunshine, and I'll try to enjoy me last day as a 44 year old (you're right, I don't look old enough). Have fun, Mr Light.   


thursday 2 july

Between teaching full-time, writing reports for you Herbets, getting things ready for next year and technical difficulties, I'm struggling to keep up to date with our class page. We've been told that we don't need to maintain our class pages if we're teaching full time, but I feel it's important to keep a sense of class community, as far as possible, so please keep sending me things in, and I'll do the best I can. For now, here is a selection of what I've been sent....

Romyna's biography. 

A couple of pages from Romyna's Playscript. 

Raya's story plan. 

Raya's written methods; green for growth. 

Paddy on his walk around Arundel; he sent me a lovely account of wildlife he encountered. 

Oliwier's story (now complete). 

 Charlie's 'Ghost Cat'.

Top 10s are in; not our best week, it must be said. Special congratulations to those children who persevered enough to make it onto the leaderboards. 


wednesday 1 july

July already, my goodness. It's only 3 more days until my birthday (#4thofJulyisnotjustIndependenceDaybutMrLight'sbirthdayaswell). I hope you're having a good week so far. At least the weather is back to normal. I've heard from quite a few of you this week, but it would be lovely to hear from a few more. I've still got a couple of things to upload when I get the chance, which I should be able to do by the end of tomorrow.

Keep up the great work and don't forget Top 10s tomorrow. Take care, Mr Light. 


tuesday 30 july

Apologies for my late arrival. We've been busy at school teaching and trying to sort out next year. I appreciate you are all keen to find out what's going to be happening, but I can't reveal anything yet, so there's no point asking, sorry. What I will say, is well to those children who completed the form on the website telling their next teacher a little about themselves and asking sensible questions; we are all going to be answering those questions in our video chats to our new classes over the next week or so. Keep looking at the website for further details. I hope you've all had a positive day of home learning and keep up the amazing work. Take care, Mr Light.  


monday 29 june

A couple of people you might recognise wanted to say hello....







Duolingo Top 10 is done, well done to those children and bask in your well-earned house points. 


Morning! I'm not sure what hurts more today, my feet or my eyes. We all decided to go for a walk yesterday (my other half, my kids, my mum and her partner who are nearly in their 80s), and ended up walking from Shoreham to Devil's Dike and back again; over 27,000 steps and only about 7 of them flat! My hay fever has gone into overdrive, still, it keeps my mind of my aching feet. That's enough about me, 3 more weeks everybody, that's 15 school days left of Year 5! Have a great day's home learning, there aren't many more left (of this school year at least, after that, who knows???) 


friday 26 june

If you're going a bit stir-crazy and want to get away from it all, why not check out the hotel that Raya made in the DT section..........spoiler alert........ it's for bugs. 

Morning all. I wanted to put this up yesterday (from Charlie) to send to you all as a sort of metaphorical fan, but I couldn't upload it. Still, it's a little cooler today and it's nearly the weekend. Only a few more hours of this week's home learning to go, we can do this! 

thursday 25 june

It was 27 degrees at 8.30am this morning, imagine how hot it is going to be later! Right, Top 10s are done, and I'm pleased to say that it was a better showing than last week. We still only had a Top 9 for Maths, but lots of you who are on the IXL leader board for English did over an hour; well done. I've got some children who are spending their day in school and who are still managing to appear on the leader boards for IXL (even though they aren't doing any in school), so there really is no excuse.

Take care, especially today in the hot weather and keep being awesome. Mr Light.    


wednesday 24 june

Anyone else hot? A good and sticky morning to you all. We achieved this yesterday (which I tried to upload multiple times). I wonder if we can reach 200,000 questions on IXL by the end of the year? (I would say that that's another 10, 000, but as you're all using IXL so much, you don't need me to tell you that). Top 10s tomorrow everyone, and I'm expecting 10 children to be on each list; it's too hot to do much else after all! Have a great day. 



tuesday 23 june

This is how Oliwier and I like to start each day. I would put up a picture of me as well, but it's difficult to hold the camera, honest! 


Right, I've tried uploading things throughout the day and it won't work, sorry. It should all be back to normal tomorrow, as I say. 

It's warming up! A good Tuesday morning to you all. Thanks to those children and parents who keep sending me things in; I'm a little bit behind, but should be back up to speed by tomorrow afternoon. If I haven't heard from you in a while, please ping me an email, preferably with a picture. I hope you have a marvellous Tuesday.....and don't melt! Mr Light. 


monday 22 june


Morning all! It's going to be a hot one this week by the looks of things, so stay safe and drink plenty of water. I hope you all managed to have a pleasant weekend. I spent most of it walking, so my feet are a bit sore today, still I'm not complaining about being able to get out in the sunshine! Duolingo Top 9 has been completed and is in the Top 10 Section. Have a great day! Mr Light


friday 19 june

Morning all and welcome to a rather wet end to the week. I'm doing what I can to keep you updated with what's going on, but unfortunately it looks unlikely that you'll be returning before the summer holidays (unless something big happens with social distancing guidance), because classes have had to be split over a number of classrooms, we simply don't have the space. My advice right now is to keep doing what you're doing and do it bit more IXL (most of you)!

Have a great day, Mr Light. Oh, and if you get bored, why not create your own board game like Charlie. 




thursday 18 june

Right, it's taken quite a while, but Top 10s are up (apologies to those children who are still waiting for me to upload things; I'm doing the best I can). If I'm honest, I think we can do a lot better; there was no Top 10 for IXL English or Maths this week. Once again, lots of you could of easily made the Top 10 if you'd only spent a little more time on there. Well done to Olly, his exceptional effort of 11hrs means that he's completed ALL the Yr 5 IXL Maths activities. I'm not expecting 11 hrs from the rest of you, but I think more than 25mins a week is very achievable. I'm looking forward to an improvement next week.  


A quick 'good morning' to you all. I've completed this week's Top 10s, but I'm having difficulty uploading them. I will try again throughout the day. Enjoy your learning! Mr Light.


wednesday 17 june

Hi everyone. We're just about to start another day's home learning at school. We're in Mrs Hamilton's classroom in Yr 4, one of my old classrooms and for some reason her computer is even worse at uploading pictures to the website than my one at home; I've saved lots of 'stuff' from you and will do my best to upload it in the next day or so. Keep doing what you're doing and have a great day. Top 10s tomorrow! Mr Light. 


tuesday 16 june


Duolingo Top 10 has been uploaded!

Just a quick note at the moment. I haven't forgotten you. Thank you to those children who sent me work in yesterday. I should be able to upload some more things later on today, or failing that tomorrow at the latest, including Duoling Top 10s. I hope everyone's learning is going well and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care, Mr Light. 

This is a life-sized Titanosaur foot apparently, which Luke made with is mum; a fusion of Science and Art. 

Marnie letting her imagination run away with her.  

friday 12 june

Right, that's nearly another nearly week done! Thank you all for your continued efforts. Once again, Im busy as a busy bee's busy bits, so I'll keep this short; you're all awesome!

Here's a couple of table football games....


Charlie Placzek                                                                          Philip Edwards


thursday 11 june

Got something to celebrate? Got some home learning to do? Why not combine them like Charlie and write some instructions on how to make a card, like he did for his mum's birthday? Bless him. 

Leo's Park Run - Option A (pre-rain)

Leo's Plan B


Hi everyone. The planets have alined and the computer gods have been kind to me this morning, long may it continue; Top 10s are done. Not a bad performance at all. Again, if a couple more of you had sent just a bit longer on IXL English, I would of had a Top10, rather than a Top 7. Well done to those children who have made it up there. I won't be doing a Reading Rocket until more of you are passing quizzes at home, but a special mention to Olly, who has almost met his target already, and Marnie, who is already over halfway there. I'm going to be in school teaching full-time as of next week, teaching some of the Yr 5s who are in school, but I'll continue to do what I can to keep the class page updated. Have a great day! Mr Light.  


wednesday 10 june

Lets see if I have more luck today. Hi everyone! It's Wednesday morning (Top 10s tomorrow) and we're almost halfway through Week 2. I continue to hear from a few more of you, but I'd still like an email or picture from those who have been quiet for some time. Generally, keep doing what you're doing, because so far the results have been amazing. On that note......


tuesday 9th june


Hmmmmmmmm. I'm not sure what happened there. I wrote my morning message this morning as usual, and it's now disappeared???? Oh well, Here's Romyna doing some Maths!





monday 8th june

Ready for another Ahhhhhh?

And welcome to a breezy Monday Morning. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We're Week 2 of the second Summer Term (only 5 more to go after this!). Duolingo Top 9 is in the folder (I can only assume that you've been too busy doing other things.....hmmm......). I know lots of you are busy working away at home, it would be great if I could have a few more pictures to share, so if you haven't contacted me for a while, please do so. I hope you find today's home learning interesting and challenging, remember don't panic and don't forget IXL is there to support you if you need it (Top 10s on Thursday, as ever). 

Have a great day! Mr Light.  


friday 5 june

My goodness that week went fast for me, I hope it did for you; we're nearly there, I can almost smell the weekend. I've had some fantastic work in this week, but it's gone a bit quiet from some of you. Please remember to email me a picture of something that you've been up to once a week if you can. We're getting there, like British Rail (one for the parents), and I appreciate all your efforts. On that note, have a look at this....



thursday 4 june

Morning all! The technology fairies haven't been too unkind to me this morning, so I've managed to complete our weekly Top 10s. There have been some outstanding efforts and I could of easily had a Top 10 for IXL English if a few of you had spent just a little more time and attempted 1 or 2 more activities. I'll wait a couple of weeks to post our first Reading Rocket to give more of you a chance to get off the ground! Don't forget to keep in touch, and send me a picture of what you've been up to if you want, now you're all technical whizzes there's no stopping you. Have a great day! Mr Light. 

It would appear that 'Slime' by the ever-entertaining David Walliams is proving Rather popular at the moment...





wednesday 3 june

Good afternoon to you all. Apologies for my late arrival, I've been busy in school helping out with the Year 6s this morning. Things appear to be running smoothly, and everyone is being very sensible. Thanks to a few more of you for getting in touch yesterday, it would still be good to hear from a few more. It's our first Top 10s of the Summer Term tomorrow (apart from Duolingo of course), so I'll be interested to see the results. Enjoy the rest of your day and don't work too hard! Mr Light. Here's Oliwier and Charlie trying to make it rain yesterday, and they succeeded!





tuesday 2 june

Morning all! I hope by now you're getting back into the swing of things. I've heard from a few of you, but it would be great to hear from a few more. Thank you to those children who have already sent me work in. I know that a few of you were even busy over the half term holidays, going the extra mile or what! Don't forget that we're here to help and keep doing what you can. If you've been up to anything interesting, feel free to tell me about it, or even better, send me a picture. I look forward to hearing from you. Here's Matthew proving that he knows a lot about slime! Take care, Mr Light. 



monday 1 June

I've added our Duolingo Top 10 to the Top 10 folder; well done to those children. We are still no clearer about arrangements after the Yr 6s return later this week, so for those of you desperate to return to school, you're just going to have to wait a bit longer I'm afraid. We'll of course be informing you and your parents as soon as we have any information. In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing. 

Olly Woolven-Pegg 5AL

And a warm welcome back to you all. So, as of Wednesday Year 6s can return to school. At present there is no information about Yr 5s, that I'm aware of; I'm in school at the moment (along with only 2 Yr5 children from the whole year), so if I learn any more, I'll let you know. I hope you enjoy your first day back home learning for a while, don't panic, just do what you can do. Take care, Mr Light. 


friday 22 may

Right, that's it, Summer Term 1 done. Well done everybody, I think you have all earned your week off. I've finally managed to add our word count to the Top 10 folder. Feel free to send me any pictures of things you get up to over half term. You were asked to put on your journalist hats on today and I've had some great work in. Why not scroll down and have a look? Don't forget to send me your Roadblox usernames if you want to and I can pass them on. Bye for now, Mr Light!

Philip Edwards 5AL

Raya Clarke 5AL

Oliwier Kurnatowski 5AL

Charlie Placzek 5AL

Alex V-D-M 5AL

Calling all Roadblox-ers! It was brought to our attention that Roadblox could be another good way of you keeping in contact with each other (if you haven't been doing this already). To make things easier, I'm happy for you to email me your usernames, if you want to. I will then create a class list to send to other children within the class, this information will only be emailed to other children in the class directly, and as ever, it will be your responsibility to use it appropriately. 

We're nearly there, that's a whole half term (you know what I mean) done! At present I'm no clearer to what will be happening after half term as the Prime Minister and Education Minister of this country, so don't bother asking! I've got a daughter in Year 6 and a son in Year 3; I don't know which ones of us will be coming into school on the first Monday back, if any of us! I know people are going to be working extremely hard over half term to try and work out a solution to, what appears to be a puzzle that changes every 2.3 seconds (slight exaggeration, 2.3 minutes), so when I know, I'll let you know. Have a great final day of home learning for this term! Take care, Mr Light.  


thursday 21 may

If you're looking for amy more information regarding the TT Rock Stars world record attempts, find it at


on the website. Thanks, Mr Light. 


Good morning. Top 10s are done; our Reading Rocket is still having trouble getting off the ground, but I can see that a few more of you are able to read books and complete quizzes at home now, so well done. For some reason, I haven't been able to get access to the Reading Top 10 on AR, I'll try again when I'm in school again tomorrow. The big news is that you've been smashing IXL, by my rough calculations I recon you've spent about three times as long on it this week compared to last week, so in addition to those children who have worked so hard to appear on our Top 10 leader boards, here's a certificate for you all to bask in your own magnificence! (Bask people....BASK!) 


wednesday 20 may

I didn't realise today was Thank a Teacher Day, I'm guessing you didn't either; I've been inundated with this one piece of work from Raya (No, thank, no, no, thank you......thank you more....etc). Remember, I don't do it for the thanks, just the red wine.....errr.... I mean the look on your faces when the penny drops (and the red wine). Raya's also been busy practising her violin (see below) and using pies to calculate how many slabs she'll need for her trampoline; check out the Maths page!




And a very good Wednesday morning to you all. I thought we'd start with something a little energetic from Matthew to wake us all up. We're almost halfway through our last week of this half term, and despite it being the strangest half term I've ever known, we all continue to do the best we can. That's all I can ask, so keep doing what you're doing and it'll soon be the half term holidays. Top 10s tomorrow! 



tuesday 19 may

Morning all! Thanks to everyone to keeps sending me things in. It would be good to hear from a few of you that I haven't heard from in a while. I hoping that most of you aren't experiencing technical difficulties anymore, and are all set up with everything you need. If there is still anything stopping you from your home learning, please let us know about it and will sort it for you asap. Keep doing what you can, because it's making a real difference to your understanding and development; it really is a case of short term pain for long term gain! I know I'm going to see an even more awesomer (yep, I said awesomer again) 5AL in the future. Take care, Mr Light.  


monday 18 may

Right, Duolingo Top 10s is up; well done to all of those children. Charlie is still managing to upset the Duolingo Gods, so his whopping score of 725 XPs hasn't registered; we just have to bask in his magnificence here. Bask away.....


And a merry Monday afternoon to you all. No Duolingo Top 10 as yet, I'll post it as soon as I get it sent through. I hope you had a relaxing weekend and maybe you even managed to get out and about for a bit, in a socially responsible way of course. I'm looking forward to hearing from you this week and seeing what your all up to, there was some fantastic creativity last week, as well as the usual machine-like learning efforts, awesome. On that note....

(Top 10s on Thursday, as ever)



Friday 15 may

First a couple of messages. I know some of you have been having difficulty finding the resources for White Rose Maths; please make sure you are looking for the activity specified in the daily learning, which can be found by scrolling down the page (the resources for the current week aren't uploaded until the week after). Secondly, I know a few of you have received phone call from the helpful Mr Powell (Miss Maskell's TA). If you haven't yet, you can expect a call in the near future. Mrs Cuthbertson and I aren't avoiding you, we've just very busy doing other things, sorry (sad face emoji). That said, what an amazing way to end the week! Lots of you have been sending me things in and I'm busy uploading what I can. There has been some excellent creativity shown in your DT home learning tasks (check out our DT page). So many of you are working away and achieving so much; I appreciate everything everyone is doing. The quality of work I am receiving continues to blow me away. I'm going to leave it to Oliwier to express how I'm feeling, with food!

Now that's what I call loving sausages, thanks Oliwier! 

Luke Vane, the triple threat: Nation Numeracy Day, Science (Changing states; Freezing liquids) and Fractions. He's also been bouncing on the trampoline will his mum fires quick-fire questions at him. The boy is the definition of multitasking! Here he is also converting his jumps; he like a quadruple threat!





thursday 14 may

Hi All, I've had rather a frustrating morning so far trying to upload this week's Top 10s. There's all done, but for some reason I am struggling upload anything to the website once again. It may have to wait until I'm in school tomorrow I'm afraid. I can see that lots more of you are trying IXL English, which is great, but you need to log over 25 minutes to register for the leader board. On the subject of minutes, it's exciting news as far as IXL Maths goes, with just one minute separating 1st and 2nd, and 3rd and 4th! Our Reading Rocket is still having difficulty getting off the ground; I understand it's difficult, but please see the advice I've already posted below. I get the feeling that it has all gone a bit flat for some of you, we're nearly there; just one more day after this this week and just one more week before Half Term! We can do this people, you've blown me away so far, I dare you to do better, because things like this happen when you do!  Take care, Mr Light.    



wednesday 13 may

Welcome to another day of home learning. The sun is out, the birds are singing (probably) and you continue to impress me. I know that home learning was difficult for many of you at first, but, as I've said before, I've been really impressed with the routines that have been established and the responsibility you have shown. Many of you have learnt new skills and approaches to your learning that will serve you very well in the future. If I could bottle the commitment and positive attitudes you have shown me, I would; I think l'eau de 5AL would be a very successful product! Merci mon amis, Monsieur Light. 


Here's Arturo with his picture for National Numeracy Day


tuesday 12 may

So, it would appear that those technical gremlins have been busy again. If you have been doing Duolingo at home and cannot see yourself on the leader board, please check that you are linked to 5AL. If not, let me know and I'll pass it on to Mrs Nicholson who collates them. Well done to Charlie, who scored 680 points; we'll just have to bask in your magnificence here instead. Still, at least that means that I had a Top 10! Everyone, please keep doing what you can. I know lots of you are using IXL,  and very productively; Top 10s on Thursday! Have a good day, Mr Light.   


monday 11 may

Hi all. Welcome to another week of home learning. I hope those of you who managed to get out yesterday didn't get blown away. It looks like another breezy day today, so if you're staying inside, we've got lots of things that you can occupy yourself with, as usual; try not to get too overwhelmed and keep doing what you can. The Duolingo Top 10 is already in the Top 10 section; I know a few of you have asked me for your passwords again recently, so it would be great if we could actually reach 10 this week. I am very pleased and proud of the amount of contact I've been having from you all throughout this home learning period; we're all very busy working on our curriculum subjects, trying to get ahead with your home learning and supporting those children who are in school, so please be patient with us. We'll be contacting you again in the near future to make sure things are still going ok, in the meantime, carry on being awesome. Take care, Mr Light.  


Thursday 7 may

Right, it's taken me a while, but Top 10s are up. It's great to see some new names up there. Don't forget my house point system (scroll down). I've also completed a Reading Rocket. There are still lots of children not off the mark yet; I know it can be difficult to read at home and complete quizzes under the circumstances, please remember the advice I have given you (again, scroll down). I'll be uploading what I can, when I can, so please be patient. One more day this week, then tomorrow is a bank holiday, I know some of you are getting a little confused! Take care, you're amazing! Mr Light.

First, a message from Olly about his stammer. 

I have drawn this picture, because i am trying to let people know how hard a stammer can be and how easy it can be as well. On the top half of the page it looks like i am stressing out and stammering a lot whereas on the bottom half of the page it looks like i feel relaxed and i am sliding to help me get out the words.



wednesday 6 may

Hi All, sorry for the late arrival. I won't keep moaning how busy I am, but I'm really busy, so how sorry you feel for me is up to you! Right, straight into the jokes. Here are some new ones, as well as the punchlines from yesterday (scroll down)....

There's this restaurant called Karma; there are no menus, you get what you deserve. (My favourite one from Raya). 

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloumi. (Matthew).

How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie it. (My favourite on from Olly). 


Keep'em coming people!

Who's a clever bunch? Top 10s tomorrow!



Tuesday 5 may

It's me again (who else would it be, I know). Firstly, I would like to say how impressed I continue to be with you all, not just in terms of the amount and quality of work and the imagination that you are showing, but also how much responsibility lots of you are now taking for your own learning. Many of you have your routines in place and are completing and sending me your work independently. I know from speaking from to other teachers, that we my friends, are ahead of the game. I've been lucky enought to have some children sending me things everyday of their home learning, whilst others have been working away at home and have only recently started to send me things in; I want to share and celabrate as many of your efforts as I can because I'm very proud of you all, but unfortunately I simply can't put up everything I'm being sent. Usually it takes me about 5 minutes to upload each picture from home and sometimes I can't uploaad them at all. The time we have to maintain our class pages is limited, as there are lots of other things that we need to be doing, but I want to do my best because I feel this is an important way to communicate with each other. So if you have asked me to upload something and you can't see it, make sure your looked in the subject it relates to on the right in the 'Also In This Section' section. If you still can't see it, send it to me again, but be aware that I may not be able to do it straight away. Oh, and Top 10s on Thurday, I've got lots of house points I'm itching to give away! Bye for now, Mr Light. 



Your computing task is to send me a joke from your school email account, here's what I've had so far.....!


What did the left eye say to the right eye? (Charlie) Something smells between us. 

What do you call a penguin in the desert? (Paddy) Lost!

Can February March? (Leo) No, but April May. 

Which Months have 28 days? (Leo) All of them!

Where does a sheep go on holiday? (Summer) The Barrrharmas. 


I'll put you out of your misery tomorrow if you can't work them out. Keep sending them in!





monday 4 may

Happy Star Wars day everybody! 

I hope you've had a restful weekend and are tucking into a morning's home learning. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that it's a four day week this week, under the circumstances; I don't know about you, but they all have a tenancy to roll into each other at the moment. I had some really interesting work sent to me last week, I also heard from some children that I haven't heard from in a while. In addition to that, there were some new faces on the Top 10s. Well done everybody! I wonder if you can be even more amazinger (I'm saying it's a word) this week? I've only got a few of you who still need to set up their school email accounts now, so if you feel like emailing someone after you've done your home learning to tell them how awesome you are, you should be able to. Don't be shy people, shout it from the roof tops, as James Arthur says (X Factor reference, in case you're wondering).  Duolingo Top 10 will be in the Top 10 folder shortly..... how exciting! Bye for now. 

Here's a little something fromm Annisa to get us in the mood.....





friday 1 may

It's the first of May already, I can hardly believe it. Right, I'm almost sure that I've managed to speak to everyone now. If I haven't heard from me, send me an email yourself, or get whoever is looking after you to do it. I've still got loads of things to upload. I'm particularly enjoying the videos of these marble runs you're creating (I am the school DT leader after all). I'm going to try and do what I can from home; weirdly, videos are easier to upload than pictures sometimes. The rest I should be able to get uploaded when I'm in school later. There is a lot of excellent work going on, and some wacky stuff as well; I'm so proud! (Did you know that Olly had a pet tiger, I didn't?). I'm going to be doing our first Reading Rocket soon. I know it can be difficult to find books; remember, if you've got books at home and their on AR, you can still do the quiz even if there're outside your reading range, as long as you select 'I read with someone' (even if you didn't). Lots of you are already off the mark with your reading targets, special mention to Oliwier, who is now working his way to 200% of his! Take care and stay safe, Mr Light. 

Forget that! Even when I've uploaded the videos, the webite won't save (this is the bit where Mr Light would normally walk over to the door and look out muttering to himself - you know what I'm talking about). Deep breaths....deep breaths. 

Right, I've managed to get most of this things I wanted uploaded, Have a look in the subject sections if you can't find what you're looking for. Keep'em coming (but to too fast!)


I wanted to post this yesterday, but due to technical difficulties I couldn't!

Alex working hard at home. If only I could bottle that concentration. 

Arturo wanted you to take a peek-at-him working away. 



thursday 30 april

And a good Thursday morning to you all. A big thank you to all those children who have been sending me things in, I'm particularly enjoying the colour work you've been sending me, which will be appearing on this very page shorty. I'll also be posting this week's Top 10s once I have collected and uploaded them. Please be aware that I have other teaching commitments which mean that I am not always available to respond to things as quickly as I would like. As I said yesterday, if feel that your email requires a quicker response, please use our Yr 5 support email. I'm hoping to catch up with as many things as I can today. I'm getting more and more emails from children, which is great. Please be aware of safer Internet guidance when emailing each other, and always use Courtesy, Care and Kindness in your communications. Our school filters also apply to your emails, so my advice would be not to draw attention to yourselves! Stay safe, Mr Light.     


Arrrrgghhhhh, I can't upload anything! I'll try again later, otherwise it'll have to wait until I'm in school tomorrow. 

Sorry, Mr Light. 


Top 10s

The Top 10s I can upload are now in the folder. It looks like those phone calls and messages I've been posting have really paid off! There have been some outstanding performances, and as promised I'm doubling the house points for this week. In fact, it's worked so well, how about this from now on; anything less than an hour that makes it up there 10HPS, anything between an hour and two hours 20HPS, between two and three hours 30HPS and over three hours 40HPS. 



Here are some colour wheels to brighten up everyone's day. 

Oliwier Kurnatowski

Charlie Plazeck

Summer Currier (obviously, it's Summer)


wednesday 29 april

Hi all! My goodness you've been busy. I've spoken to most of you by now, just a handfull of children that I still need to catch up with. Don't worry Philip and Jack, I haven't forgotten you. Arturo, Romyna and Lynna, I'll be trying again in the next couple of days. Apologies to Tudor's mum for waking her up after a nightshift! As I said to one parent yesterday, I'm even busier at the moment than if we were at school, so if you do have an issue regarding your learning and you want a quicker response, don't forget the Yr 5 support email. I know that some of you have already begun contacting each other through your school email accounts; excellent stuff. We want you to learn, but we also want you to stay connected with the school and each other, lets face it, there's only so many mines you can craft, days in a Fortnite, or roads you can block! Take care, Mr Light. 

Oh, and don't forget, Top 10s tomorrow, so if it's all getting too much, do some IXL, English if possible!


tuesday 28 april

I don't know wether you've looked out of the window yet this morning, but there appears to be water falling from the sky, I for one, am a little confussed. Right, I've only got a few more calls to make, then I've spoken to all of you. Thanks to those of you who have set up your school emails. Now you have your own email account, it's easy for you to get in touch with each other. If you have set up your email, you can search for other pupils in the search bar, or use your own email address to work out the email address of a classmate; it's not rocket science. If you can't find someone, then they still haven't set up their school email yet. Why not write an email to someone today so say hi? Keep doing what you're doing and don't forget Top 10s on Thursday. It would be plesant (not 'good') if I could have more than three people on the Top 10 for English IXL this week, in fact, I'll double the house points for anyone who makes it up there. When, like Oliwier, you have mastered every YR 5 skill, I will personally give you a house point for every single skill completed (I know, I know, I'm so generous). Have fun and enjoy the change in the weather. 


Disclaimer;- Please note-house points have no monetry value and cannot be exchanged for any goods or services. 


Duoling Top 10 now in the Top 10s folder. We only managed 7 this week, hmmm. Email me if you still need your logins and passwords. Olly W-P leading the way again, but Oliwier is closing in.... exciting stuff!


Paddy sent in this egg-cellent effort. Have a look in the DT section to see what he's been up to (when I've uploaded the pictures). 




monday 27 april

Nearly at the end of April already, where does the time go. I've managed to speak to most of you by now. If you haven't heard from me yet, or missed my call, you can expect a call from me in the next couple of days. I know the class page isn't currently as busy as it has been. I'm trying to upload as many of your pictures straight into the subject sections on this page as I can, when I can and when my computer lets me. Because I'm getting a lot, I'm going to start putting the most recent pictures first, as I do on here. Two quick reminders; IXL English and to set up your own school emails if you haven't done so already (instructions on the IT support page). Keep being amazing. Bye for now! Mr Light. 


Marcell still finding time to learn, despite having a new baby brother! (Ahhhhh)




Year 5 Assembly Rewards - Spring Term 2

The wheel of fortune has been out again - whizzing around to pick the names from the prize pots for reading and IXL targets.
Rewards are shown below for the lucky people picked by the wheel - congratulations to everyone who made it into the pots in the first place - 67 reading, 96 IXL maths and 69 IXL English. 
Special mentions for the top efforts during the half term: 
Sam (KM) for achieving 978% of his reading target.
Andrei (NY) for completing 18 hours and 52 minutes on IXL maths.
Anuhas (NY) for completing 9 hours and 55 minutes on IXL English. 

friday 24 april

And a good afternoon to everybody. Apologies for my late arrival, I've busy in school, but I'm back in front of my computer now battling with a very busy Internet. Great to speak to more of you again yesterday, if you haven't heard from me yet, I'll be contacting you in the next few days. I'm sure that you've almost completed your home learning by now, so enjoy your weekend, hopefully in the sunshine! Take care, Mr Light.  

Marney still managing to fill her her days during these unusual times. 





thursday 23 april

HI all, it was good to talk to some of you yesterday, I'll be catching up with the rest of you over the next couple of days. I've completed this weeks Top Tens, which are now in the Top 10 folder (get me!) Well done to those children. IXL English needs more effort to say the least, so if you're not sure what to do, please spend at least 30mins on that over the next 7 days. You're all amazing, speak to you soon!



Wednesday 22 april

And a happy Wednesday to everyone. Exciting news! Us teachers have been asked to contact you all over the next few days to see how you have been getting on with everything. Don't panic, if you're reading this, then you are already doing one of the most important things; keeping in touch with school. I'm going to be asking how your parents and you have been getting on with home learning, but I already have a good idea from most of you how that is going. One thing that you can do for me before I speak to you, if you haven't already done it, is to set up your own email account. It's really easy, it's just your usual login followed by the web address (see the IT support page for instructions) and your password. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Take care, Mr Light.   





tuesday 21 april

Hi everyone. Welcome to Tuesday on our home learning class page. I've already heard from a few of you, it would be good if I could hear from a few more. I hope by now that you're back into the swing of things. Don't forget, if there's a daily task that's stressing you out, leave it and do something else instead. Don't forget IXL (Top 10s on Thursday). I'm getting to grips with these subject folders, but unfortunately uploading things is still a very slow process. If you have any videos, please make sure you're sending them to Chesswood TV if you want them shared with everyone. Keep up the amazing work, and I hope you're not missing school too much!  

Maximum effort. Maximum results. "Rrrrrrraaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! I'm a learning machine!"






Some poetry from Romyna. I assume these were filmed at different times, unless she felt the need to colour co-ordinate them???


monday 20 April

Hi everyone, and welcome back to home learning. I hope you are all rested by now and are busy keeping active, working off all those Easter Eggs. We're making a few changes to how we share the work we receive from you, so from now on, if you've asked me to share something and you can't find it our our class page, have a look on the subject page it relates to. For example, if you send me in a picture of you doing something DT related, you'll find it in the DT section of the Home Learning on this page. I'll still be posting pictures and messages from you on here as well, so don't forget to check in. I admit it, I miss you guys!

Let the summer term awesomeness commence! 

Lynna getting in on the cover decorating action


Annisa reminding us what the seafront looks like. 

Here is the Top 9 (Ah-hem) for Duolingo for today. Particular well done to Olly, who will soon know more French than French people soon. I'll be doing our Top 10s on Thursday as usual, so you've still got a few days to get those scores up!



The judging for the Cover competition has taken place and we have a class winner for each class - 50 house points per class winner. Begin your drum-roll for the winner - 100 house points - announcement after the pictures.

Raya (5AL)                                                                                         Khemjira (5CR)










Lexi (5EV)                                                                               Bella (5KM) 


Tommy (5NY)

And the winner is...

Lexi (5EV) for including thought for all subjects, teachers and Chesswood Bright Sparks messages too.

Well done Lexi - 100 house points.

friday 3 april

Apologies for my late arrival, I've been in school sorting out a few bits and bobs. It's still standing I'm afraid, waiting for your return when things get back to normal! Whether my colleagues are at home, or in school, we're all working hard to keep your learning going and to make things as enjoyable as possible. All we ask is that you do what you can. It's nearly the Easter Holidays, so it would be particularly appreciated if I heard from those of you who haven't been in contact for a while. Stay safe and keep up the amazing work. Mr Light. 

Ever wondered how Superman stays in shape?

 A stellar effort from Alex (yes, I know they're planets). 

 Oliwier reminding us all how to punctuate direct speech in his reading task. 

Matthew mixing things up with his home learning tasks.

Thanks Olly. You have Identified some key areas.

Things I want us to think about when doing this task. Are all engineers men? Do they all wear hats? Do they all build things?

Do a bit of research and think outside the box. Do you agree with Olly? If so, why? If not, why? Is a craftsman an engineer?

Is an engineer a craftsman? Why is Mr Light asking so many questions? Because I want opinions based on evidence and I

can't tell you your opinion. Or can I? (No, I can't) Time to warm up those brains.  


Brian Cox , meets the Muppets, meets Barbra Woodhouse (one for the parents). That Summer, is one cute Sun!


Right you lot, that's it from me. Have a great Easter and stay safe. Mr Light.


Thursday 2 April

Hi all! We're nearly at the Easter Holidays and I think you all will deserve a well earned break. Despite my new computer, things are still a bit slow my end. Keep sending me what you can and I'll do my best. I'm hoping to post Top 10s shortly. I'll keep you posted. Take care and stay safe. Mr Light. 

Firstly, a message from Matthew. 


Nuff said. 



Wow! Are there that many hours in a week? (I should know that really, I'm your maths teacher!)



The quizzical and physical 5AL. 


Done without the assistance of Mr Gilbert this time. I thank you. 

Olly sketching what can only be described as an interesting breakfast. 



Hi everyone!

Hope you are all keeping busy and staying safe.  I'm really enjoying seeing all the photos of your smiling faces and the amazing work you are doing. Fabulous Top Tens! I wonder how many millionaire readers we will have by the time we see each other again?

Nearly the end of the second week of home learning and I bet you're all looking forward to your Easter holiday. I hope you all have a brilliant break. Don't eat too much chocolate!!! Oh but it's the holidays - go for it!

Send me a message if you want to say Hi, I'd love to hear from you!



There's isn't a situation that I know of that can't be helped with a montage....cue the music!

I can put this up now, because you've all completed yesterday's written methods I'm sure (wink, wink). This is great to see Jack. You should be very proud. 


Some award winning photography. Arturo working on his jump shot. 





Wednesday 1 April

So, we're almost halfway through the week already. I'm hoping my technical problems will be sorted out shortly. I've got my new computer, so it's hopefully just a case of getting it set up and then I'm sure everything will run smoothly.........hmmmm........

Great to hear from you yesterday, especially a couple of you who I haven't heard of for a while. If you haven't got in touch so far, please send me an email. Keep doing what you can. Above all, remember the first thing I said to you when I met you all those months ago - Don't Panic! 


Matthew practising the ancient art of sock distraction during his wall sits. "You are learning quickly my student." 

Hurry......up......and.......takethepicture! Looks like Oliwier will return to school with abs of steel. 




The Reading Rocket is back! (Yes, it IS a rocket). Remember, your percentages are based on your personal reading targets, so there's no excuse not to met them, apart from the whole not being at school thing. Seriously, there are online resources in the reading section of the website, but be warned, I've recently learnt that some AR quizzes don't necessarily relate well to some of the online books; just to keep things a little more interesting. Keep doing what you can. 




Great to see Marcell IXLing himself. Top 10s tomorrow people, don't forget.  




And that's how you do that! Thanks Oliwier. 




Charlie is 100% accu-rat with some help from Horrible Histories (I won't tell you how long it took me to work out that's why he's a rat). 



Tuesday 31 March


Hi all, I've been having some technical problems recently. Fortunately, that lovely Mr Miller is sorting me out a new computer tomorrow, but until then I'm going to do my best. I had some fantastic work sent to me yesterday, and I'll be putting a selection of it on here today. I'm pleased to see that most of you are up and running with your home learning by now. Remember, if you're unsure what to do, go on IXL. I'll be doing some more Top 10s on Thursday. Bye for now!


Some excellent rounding of decimals there Jack. Dice work! (sorry, couldn't resist)



Matthews bean busy, yet made his dad a hot drink today (I know I spelt bean ((and again)) wrong, he's also bean (((and again!))) doing arm curls with tins of beans).  


Phillip taking time out from reading Mr Jolley's biography (Shh, don't tell him I said that). 

Great to see Summer using some of those techniques we've been learning. Remember, red sky at night......the shed's on fire! (Dad jokes have been lacking recently)


Olly getting himself in a spin, for scientific purposes obviously. 


Alex showing he can do his learning at home just as well. 




monday 30th march

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I was supposed to be visiting my brother, who is also a teacher, on the Isle of Wight with my family (that's what I call a RELATIVE clause!). Instead, I ended up watching Ant and Dec live from their living rooms. We're going to be posting another week's activities for you, do what you can and don't forget that we're here to help you with any difficulties that you may be experiencing. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 


A little something from Oliwier to start the week off. Is there no end to this boy's talents? I hope you're enjoying the book. If you haven't started listening to it yet, please do. You can find it on previous Year 5 learning pages; just catch up and see if there's any activities that you can do this week. 

Duolingo Top Tens

A few of you have made a great start on Duolingo this week, especially Oliver with 193XP-c'est formidable! Have 20HP Oliver for your super efforts and 10HP for everyone else on the list.

1st-Oliver 193XP

2nd-Summer 127XP

3rd-Leo 102XP

4th-Jack 50XP



You make some good arguments Jack, in this well written letter. Can you spot what I would circle in green pen, which represents green for growth?


What's cooking in Raya's kitchen?   Cookies..............yum. 



I think we might have to start calling him Olly Wollven-Pegg-Gates soon. Done with a little help from dad I hear. Remember me when you're a rich game designer, and remind me to give you my bank details. 

Friday 27 March

As the squeaky Scottish dog said, we're nearly at the end of our first week of home learning (if you don't know what I'm talking about, have a look at our homepage)! The sun is still out and you're still being amazing. I've received loads and loads of emails from parents  and children. Please keep sending them in. I can't put everything on the website, but I promise to do what I can. if there's a particular picture or piece of work you want to share, please can either you, your parent(s), or whoever is looking after you indicate it on the email. Keep up the great work and I'll continue to be as amusing as I can (sorry). 

I'm having a few technical issues trying to rotate pictures at the moment, I'll be uploading them shortly!


Now that's what I call home learning! Matthew even found time to make his mum a cup of tea.

1,2,3......Ah bless. Coffee, milk, no sugar please Matthew. 




One word - Owwwwww!


Philip using the power of all that brain food he's been cooking. 

Arturo unleashing the felt pens with an important message. 


Thursday 26 march

Morning All!

I'm please to see the sun is still shining. Personally, and as a school we've been really impressed with what you've all been up to. We've had some triumphant success and I know we've had some tears as well. As far as the home learning goes, please just do what you can. If a task is too difficult, have a chat with someone at home to see if there is something less complicated you can do on the same topic. If it's a maths or English task, IXL is there to support you and there's nothing wrong with looking at previous year's learning to improve your understanding. Don't forget,  I'm here to support you as well,  although please use the support email link on our Yr 5 home learning page if you want a quick response, as I'm still as busy as a busy bee's busy bits and not sitting here with my feet up on the desk as you might think!

You're all amazing, so stay safe and keep it that way!



I'm missing my, "Good morning Mr Light"s Philip.  


I'm not sure that's one of the chopping techniques I taught you Philip, and you're lack of oven gloves suggests to me that that oven wasn't on at the time..... I'm sure you're an expert now with all the practice I hear you've been doing. Anyway, I can clearly see that you've connected with your inner carrot with what you're wearing, and that meal looks amazing and amazingly heathy. I'm genuinely jealous!  

Top 10s for the last 7 days

Here is our Top 10 Word Count. Well done to these children, particularly those six of which who have managed to beat Fabian's word count, who left our class in October! Seriously, I can tell from checking your reading target scores how much you are all reading (well, almost all of you), and they've never looked so healthy. Keep doing what you can, and remember, if you're still having difficulty doing AR quizzes, follow the guidance on the reading section of the website. 


I know there's been lots of activity on the IXL Maths website, particularly well done to these 10. Remember, as long as you are doing maths at your level, it counts towards the time you have spent on IXL. It's a great resource, so please make the most of it. 

Here's our TOP 10 for English. This has always been less popular and unless you're in the very small minority who has completed every Year 5 activity, please don't forget about it. If you're having difficulty with any weekly writing task, it can wait and spend some time on here instead. Again, it doesn't have to be Year 5, use it to support your learning. Special mention to Shania, who continues to work extremely hard at home to develop her understanding.

You're leading the way Shania, thank you! 


After some assistance from Mr Gilbert, I've also managed to do the IXL Top 10. Well done to you all. 

some work from the boys at school














Right, they're coming in think and fast now, so here it goes......



Marcell exercising mind and body. 


Matthew keeping those quizzes ticking over. 


Great to see the Kurnatowski learning machine is working well, great work Oliwier. I particularly like your commitment to Greek footwear!

I'm hoping this is enough to get Raya in the house. 

Don't adjust your eyes, some jokes from Leo. 


Good to see Charlie following Leo's approach and breaking out the colours. 


And that's how you do that! Well done Olly. With that dressing gown, you look like King Kong on top of the Empire State Building. I assume that was the look you were going for. 


How many Year 5 writing objectives can one boy called Olly fit into a piece of writing..... this many. 



When things get a bit much, have a look at Annisa's picture and think calm thoughts. 



Wednesday 25 March

That's right. I've decided to do what everyone else is doing and put our most recent news and pictures first.... mind blown! I'm starting with a few late entries from yesterday, just to confuse things even further. Basically, scroll up and down and you'll find stuff. We'll work it out (by we, I mean me). 


I hope Matthew's pocket money is going towards the electricity bill!

Lets face it, the second picture is more surprising that the first. Please send me any cooking related football puns you can think of, all I've got is, 'Flapjack and chips' (sorry, dad joke). 


And today.... (no really)


I think if Raya keeps this up, she might actually be allowed in the house!

Paddy drawing his own portrait of Mr Light (I assume). 

All I'm going to say is that I think Olly makes some interesting points....



Thanks Summer, by sending me this, you've made me learn how to upload videos onto the school website.....I'm off for a lay down now, my brain hurts! 





Hi All, 

Welcome to our class page. I'm going to be posting work and messages from you all here soon, so keep an eye out. I've already heard from a few of you, and I'm looking forward to sharing all the fabulous work that you are going to be doing!

Take care of yourselves, 

Mr Light



        Leo M'Lord keeping it real!               Summer looking happy with her new home learning book


Good to she Olly keeping hydrated,                   A great first day effort from Matthew

all that brainpower needs cooling.  



Hi all. I hope you're not too bored yet. Keep up the good work. I've had lots of emails from you and your parents today, some relating to problems with AR. Please remember to type in into the search bar at the top of your search engine. I'm looking forward to posting the Top 10s this week! Look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Take care and stay safe, 


Mr Light


A couple more covers from Annisa and Raya. Good work girls!

Be on the look out for colours being stolen from Easter Eggs!

A well trained Annisa editing her poem.          Good to see Leo putting his coloured pencils to good use. 

"I think we're gonna need a bigger book."

(Slight misquote for the parents)