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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5CR - Magnolia


The judging for the Cover competition has taken place and we have a class winner for each class - 50 house points per class winner. Begin your drum-roll for the winner - 100 house points - announcement after the pictures.

Raya (5AL)                                                                                         Khemjira (5CR)










Lexi (5EV)                                                                               Bella (5KM) 


Tommy (5NY)

And the winner is...

Lexi (5EV) for including thought for all subjects, teachers and Chesswood Bright Sparks messages too.

Well done Lexi - 100 house points.






have a fantastic easter.  hope to hear from you all in two weeks time.


Friday 3rd april

Good Morning 5CR, where did you all go yesterday?   Apart from Khemjira, Oliver , Ellie and Leon, the rest of you seem to have disappeared.   It is the last day of Home Learning for two weeks so lets end this term with some amazing work for our class page.  You do not have to send in all the work you do, just the piece you are most proud of and I will proudly show it below.

I am in the process of sorting out the Top Ten Word count and Book count for March and the Reading Heros for this week so keep an eye on the space below, they will definitely appear at some point today.  Also look out for the Friday dance crew which I am sure Mr Quick will be posting up during lunch.

Have a great day learning

Miss Read


Here we are.  The last pieces of work for the Spring 2 Term.  Thankyou Khemjira, great poster, Maths and Science work


So much work has gone into this writing Melody.  You should be so proud of yourself.


WOW Melody.  Amazing Art work.  Your collaborative Kandinsky work is fantastic.  You have definitely gone 'The Extra Mile' to Be The Best You Can Be'


Ellie never fails to complete her Home Learning.  You really are a superstar Ellie.  Have a well deserved two weeks off.


Here is a sample of the amazing work that Scarlett has been doing. Maths, Spellings, Writing and she has read Charlie and the Cholcolate Factory and passed the quiz.  So many reasons to be proud.  Well done Scarlett

  Well done Malwina.  Great Spellings.



Anyone who appears on any of these reading achievement posters can have 50Hps for each poster their name is on.  I am really, really proud of you.  Keep it up.  You are super stars.

Thursday 2nd april

Hi 5CR.   I am currently working on creating an amazing Art Curriculum with Mr Himsworth and Miss Price and we are all amazed by the standard of the sketching you are sending in.  Such high quality.  Here at Chesswood we want all our children to 'Go the Extra Mile' and 'Be the best you can Be',  you are certainly doing this with your Art and all the rest of your Home Learning. Such dedication.  Keep it up :-) Although we are about to have a 2 week break, make sure you still try to fit in a little learning each day.  There will be no work set on the class 5 Daily Learning page but you still have the opportunity to practice your Writing, Art, Maths and Reading.  I am sure with your imaginations and creativity you can come up with some really fun ways to do this.  Enjoy your day.  Miss Read


I see Khemjira is putting her DT skills to good use and she has even been kind enough to write out the recipe for us incase we would like to have a go at creating a huge marshmallow Krispie cake for our families too.


More beautifully presented work from Ellie.  From the wow comment on her division by two digits calculation I can see someone else is as impressed as I am by her high quality work.

 Delicious looking cake baked by Ellie for her Morfer (Grandad in Danish)  Excellent DT Skills


Excellent Maths and spellings from Oliver.  I know how tricky you used to find division.  Now you are completing calclations with ease.  Well done

wednesday 1st april

Good Morning 5CR, you have all been working so hard.  I am very proud of you all.  Just 3 more days of Home Learning before you get 2 weeks off for the Easter Holidays so lets make it a fun packed 3 days of learning  so I can put all your lovely work on this class page.  If I haven't heard from you yet, please get in touch, it would be great to see what you have been up to since you have not been able to come into school.   Keep doing those AR quizzes.  Top Tens will be posted very soon.

Have a lovely day

Miss Read


Congratulations Leon, Tom and Nicholas have yourself 50HPs and a prize will be waiting for you when you get back to school.  Also well done everyone else on the list.  50Hps each keep up the amazing work.

  Fantastic maths Oliver.  Well done



Check out Tom's amazing art work.  Its brilliant.  Well done Tom



What great writing and origami Melody.  I can see you have put a lot of work into your Home Learning.  I really like how you have made a draft of your letter before writing it up. Excellent work.



Eva sent me loads of amazing work today.  Rather than put it all on the class page I have chosen some of the best bits.  Fantastic Home Learning Eva.


I really like how Finley has made a draft of his letter before writing it up in neat.


He also used some great research techniques and created a word map.  Excellent Home Learning.  I know you are really proud of it.


More amazing Home Learning from Cristian.  Great cylinders and you are working really well on duolingo.



What a fantastic routine.  Well done Ellie.  Amazing.


Malwina is in a very creative mood today.  Excellent sketching and origami.


Some lovely spellings and Turbo Maths completed by Cristian whilst a green and yellow dinosaur cooks him pancakes.  Looks like great fun Cristian.  Excellent DT skills.


Well done Nikolay.  I can see you are working steadily through your book and keeping up with all the Home Learning.  Fantastic work.



This is amazing Bella.  You have put so much thought and effort into your fairy mansion.  Well done.   Have 50HPs

Tuesday 31st MARch 

Hi 5CR

I am so pleased to see that you are all doing so well on your Home Learning. I love receiving all your fantastic photos.  I hope you have all noticed that the housepoints are now shown alongside each piece of work on the daily learning table.  Remember to tally up all your hard work carefully, ready to put on your housepoint charts when you get back to school. 

This is the last week of the Spring 2 Term so I would like you to try your hardest to meet your targets on Accelerated Reader.  So far only 9 children have met their target ( Scarlett, Nicholas, Finley, Nethanylle, William, Caleb, Bella P, Annie and Matilda) 4 children are really close (Ellie, Deni, Khemjira and Harry) 5 of you have not read a single book this half term :(  and the rest of you can make it if you really try to be the best you can be and go the extra mile.  I am happy for you to email me if you would like to know how close you are to your target and how many points you still need :-)

I will be posting the top tens for IXL and TTRockstars tomorrow.  Remember prizes are available for the name at the top of each list.  I am keeping a note of all the children who have earnt prizes so far and I promise that no matter what date you come back to school I will ensure you get to choose your prize.  I am so proud of all the hard work you have been putting in.  Keep it up 5CR


I am not sure if William has sent me a picture of the cookies from the other day or whether he just loves making cookies.  It is definitely one of the best ways to do Home Learning as you get to eat your learning once you have finished.  He has been hard at work with his History and Science too.  Well done William.

  Yet another quiz completed by Ellie.  Target met.  Well done


More beautifully presented work Ellie.  You really are living up to the Chesswood Mottos of Be the Best you can Be and Go the Extra Mile

Theo gives a pretty good argument for not wearing a uniform in his letter to Mr Jolley.  Great work Theo. Well done

What an incredible eye drawn by Bella G - So much detail.  And she finished a book and passed a quiz.  Well done.  Amazing Home Learning

Queenie has decided if she can't work with her friends in the classroom, she will do it online instead.  Hi Bella P.  Great idea Queenie.

I just don't know where Elsa gets all the energy from.  In this picture she is doing a 3km run  She really is going the extra mile!



Excellent spinner experiment Eva.  You explained the science behind it really well


Annie and Erin have been hard at work researching life in Ancient Greece.  They have also been doing a lot of Duolingo and IXL.  I wonder if they will be at the top of the Top Tens this week.  They are definitely in for a chance at the prizes on offer.



Elsa has been in touch to say that she felt very active this morning.  

  Check out her awesome skills.


Like Cristian, Melody was putting her DT skills to good use yesterday and she too made some delicious looking cookies.  She also learnt all about surface tension and wrote a great report.  Excellent Science work.  Remember to add on those housepoints.


Those cookies look fantastic Cristian.  Great Maths work too.  Make sure you look on the daily learning table to see how many house points you have earnt.

Monday 30th march


More amazing work from Nikolay.  You are working so hard.  What a superstar.

Excellent Maths investigating Oliver.  Wee done


Well done Tom.  A fantastic game idea and loads of excellent spellings and Maths.  Keep up the good work.


Melody looks like she is having a lot of fun baking cookies inbetween her writing.  I hope they tasted yummy.


Well done Finley.  Loads of French home learning done and an excellnt map of Hugo's life.


Excellent writing Malwina.  I really like how well you have self-assessed your work.

  Well done Ellie.  Yet another AR quiz completed.  90% of your target completed.  1 point to go.


Fantastic work once again Ellie.  I love that you even found time to create a poster for your post woman.


Mystery solved.  Thank you Nikolay.  Now I understand the importance of the paper clip and water in the bowl.  Excellent Science experiment.

Here are the top 7 readers for week 1 of Home Learning.  Well done all of you.  50Hps if you are on the list.  Everyone else in the class, don't forget to complete those books and do your AR quizzes.  Each week the top readers will get a prize.  This week the prizes go to Ellie who read the most words and Scarlett who read the most books.  Well done girls.


Leo has been hard at work again practising his art skills, writing and doing his IXL.  30 more Hps for your fantastic home learning.  Keep it up.


Elsa has been putting all her ICT skills to good use sorting out her apps on her ipad to ensure she can find things as quickly as possible.  Have 20HPs for all your hard work



Thank you Queenie.  Lovely demonstration of compass directions you can find when you are out and about. Have yourself 20HPs 

Duolingo Top Tens

Some of you have made a fantastic start on Duolingo. The 20HP goes to Nethanylle with a huge 526XP-c'est formidable! 10HP for everyone else on the list for their excellent efforts.

1st-Nethanylle 526XP

2nd-Ellie 116XP

3rd-Erin 59XP

4th-Annie 58 XP

5th-Joshua 50XP

6th- Eva 30XP




Friday 27th March


Well done Oliver, Ellie and Malwina for these fabulous Corona Virus posters.  I know it is all a little bit scary right now but you are doing the right thing by staying at home, stopping the virus from spreading.  That makes all of 5CR, infact all of Chesswood, super heros because you are all literally saving the world through your actions.  Well done.  Keep smiling.  We will all be back in the classroom soon.  I miss you all.


Amazing Work Khemjira.  Your sketching skills are coming on really well.  I cansee a future artist at work here.


    More amazing work. Well done 60 Hps



When Nikolay is not reading it seems he likes to have his picture taken with bowls of floating items.  Hopefully the scientific reasoning for this will become apparent!  Have 20Hps.  More if you send in an explanation to your pictures Nikolay.

    Thank you Leon lovely work.  Your secret all nighter is now safe with everyone in 5CR - Have 40HPs



Lovely work Harry.  Excellent presentation.  Keep it up.  50Hps



Excellent Home Learning Cristian.  You are working really hard 80 hps Eres una super estrella.


Go Ellie Go.  Great exercise and work.  Well done.  Another 30Hps



As you can see, in her spare time, when she is not doing higher level Maths, Melody likes to rescue Butterflies from her cat.  Definitely a super hero learner. 50Hps for all your amazing work



What an amazing collage.  Well done Finley.  20Hps.



Check out Eva's video to make you smile.



Well done Eva.  Fantastic Art, Geography Maths, English and French Home Learning.  80HPs for your amazing work so far.


Wow William what great looking biscuits.  I can see you are putting your DT skills to great use again.


As you can see William is working hard on his French skills.  Travail fantastique William. Another 30Hps coming your way.


                                                      Amazing work Malwina.  Such lovely writing and amazing sketching.  Keep it up and have yourself 40HPs to record in the front of your Home Learning Book.  Make that 60Hps in total to account for the Home Learning Book Cover you have sent in recently and the amazing alternative cover for The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  You have really captured the style of the illustrator of the book.  Well done.


Amazing Art work Bella.  You are doing so well


More amazing work from Bella.  Lovely presentation. Beautiful smile. Keep it up and have 50Hps



Great PE workout Leon.  You are looking good.  Keep up the great work and add 20Hps to the front of your Home Learning book in recognition of the effort you are putting in.

Thursday 26th March



Super Home Learner Ellie hard at work once again.  Well done Ellie.  Another 60HPs can be recorded in your Home Learning Book.


I am liking your casual onesie clothing here Finley.  I might have to try it myself as there are no children in the class.  Well done for completing your Home Learning today.  I hope you are enjoying The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  I think its a fantastic book.  Your Story starter is amazing.  Lovely use of language.  30 HPs for all your hard work today.


Annie and Erin hard at work again.  Well done Girls.  Another 10 Hps each


Well done Nikolay, working hard.  Have yourself 50HPs for all the work I can see you have done.  Record them at the front of your Home Learning Book.  Keep up the fantastic reading too.  10 more HPs


Take a look at William's sketching skills.  How impressive are these drawings. Sketched like a pro.



In addition to his written learning you can see William is also practising his DT skills (Very Yummy looking cake) as well as his gardening and exercise skills.  Keep up the great work William.  Add 70 HPs to the front of your Home Learning Book.


Harry has been keeping track of the birds in his garden and is creating a line graph to record his hungry visitors.  He has also been hard at work doing his Maths.  Make sure you record 30HPs at the front of your Home Learning Book.



This video is great.  Well done Annie and Erin.  Fantastic jokes.  They really made me smile. Have 20HPs each for your fantastic script.



Take a look at the video Nicholas has sent in.  He is working hard to complete his work.  He just needs to work on his hairstyle!  Have 20HPs for your efforts.

Wednesday 25th march



Brilliant work Erin.  30HPs to you too.  So much fantastic work.


Excellent work Annie.  30HPs.  Watch this space for the video that goes with the script Annie made with her sister Erin.  It is fantastic and will definitely make you smile


More from Super star Ellie.  Day 3 and still working just as hard.  Well done.  50 more HPs


Fantastic work Scarlett.  I can see you have been working really hard.  30HPs for your amazing home learning.


Here are our Top Ten Superstars this week.  Record 10HPs in the front of your home learning book for each time your name appears in the list.  Kysla, Nicholas and Matilda there is a prize waiting for you when you get back.  Keep up the good work class.



Excellent work Khemjira.  Well done.  I really like the 3D Hollow Box.  Fantastic art skills and lovely presentation throughout your work.  30HPs

Tuesday 24th March

  Thank you Annie and Erin.  Fantastic front covers. 

Have 10HPs for each bit of work you have completed today, add them to the front cover of your Home Learning Books.  Keep up the good work.


Amazing work from Annie.  Lovely presentation.


Extraordinary work from Erin - Keep going.  You are working well

Great front cover Nethanylle - 10HPs - tally them up on the front cover of your Home Learning Book.

    Looks like Theo has the right idea.  Home Learning in the sunshine.  Well done Theo.  Great spelling practice. Give yourself 10HPS


    More fantastic work from Ellie . Look at her fabulous Game developer pictures and neat handwriting.  Also well done for passing your AR test.  It's great that you are still keeping up with your reading.  Add 60Hps to your total for all of your hard work today.



Monday 23rd March



WOW look at Ellie go!  Well done Ellie.  Add 70HPs to the front cover of your homework book. You have worked really hard today.


Here's another class superstar.  Well done Finley.  Add 30HPs to the front cover of your homework book.

Keep the good work coming class.