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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5CR - Magnolia

friday 17th july

Good Morning and Farewell 5CR.  This is the last time I will ever post on this page but hopefully it won't be the last time I see you.  I am going to be in Miss Hamilton's old class which is opposite our classroom we have had this year.  I would love to say hi in September and find out what adventures you have had in the Summer Holidays so don't forget to pop by if you have some free time during lunch or break time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being your teacher and although I feel a little robbed of the time I got to spend in class with you I have some fantastic memories of the time we did have together and I am really grateful for the effort you have put into your Home learning.  I may be a bit biased but I do think our class page is definitely the best :-)  I do still have a few pictures to put up from yesterday and I will add any work you send me today but I do understand if you are all at a point where your brain needs a break so just do what you can today and don't worry too much.  It would have been a movie and popcorn day if you were in school anyway.

I hope you all have a fantastic fun filled summer holiday break.

Take care

Miss Read


And here it is.  The very last piece of work to go on our class page.  A lovely list of delicious sweets and drinks beginning with every letter of the alphabet.  Thank you Annie and Erin.  Working right up to the last day :-)

thursday 16th july

Just 2 days to go, today and tomorrow.  Thank you Ellie, Malwina, Finley, Melody and Bella G for being Home Learning Superstars right until the end of the Summer Term and for continuing to send in your amazing work.  It would be great if I could see some work for more of you in these last two days. I completely understand if you are now in school (I can easily photocopy your work) but if you are not then I would love to hear from you.

Have a brilliant day

Miss Read

  Theo has just finished his book 'My Brother is a Superhero' and passed the quiz . Well done Theo.  Excellent Reading Home Learning.


Annie and Erin have been working on their Geography and gardening skills. Their lettuce looks great and their cucumber is coming along nicely.   Excellent facts about Russia too, you must have done loads of research.  Great work girls.


  Ellie is determined to continue to send work in every day of lock down.  Today she completed a times table grid, read lots of her book and went on Duolingo to increase her French Knowledge.  Well done Ellie.  Brilliant work.

wednesday 15th july

Good Morning :-)  It's certificate time. Time to count up those Housepoints and send them to me (with some work would be great) I will then send out e-certificates to reward you for all the work you have been doing.  This way I will be able to see who actually reads this message in the morning and who has been working extremely hard but has been unable to email me their work for whatever reason.

Have a great day.

Miss Read



Check out this brilliant Science experiment done by Melody and her family.  It looks so much fun.


It is really good to know that despite everything being a little strange right now, Ellie is very appreciative of all those around her and has found a way to manage her Home learning with her family life.  Well done Ellie.  Thank you for sharing this with us.

tuesday 14th july

Hi 5CR.  I have had a lot of you contacting me with regards to doing AR quizzes over the summer holidays. So just to let you know, you can do AR Quizzes over the holiday but your words will be completely lost in the void of days which do not form part of the school year.  The system is set up to record quizzes from the first day back in September until the last day of school in July but only the term days and not the holidays in between.  I believe the weekends within a term are also counted but not those in holidays. This is something set up by the ICT leader and not something us teachers are allowed to change. This does not however mean you shouldn't read between now and September.  Just keep hold of the books and do the quizzes when you get back to school.  Miss Hills will think you are amazing :-)

Still 4 days to go so please keep up the Home Learning all the way up until Friday. I still look forward to receiving your work and will always put it on this website so we can all celebrate it together as a class.

Enjoy your last Tuesday in Year 5

Miss Read


Ellie has been hard at work with her Maths and PSHE.  It looks like Louie the cat has been helping out too.  Well done Louie, fantastic support and well done Ellie, great work.

  Malwina has been having a go at the Milky Science Experiment.  Great colour Malwina, it looks fantastic.



Finley has been working exceptionally hard on his comic strip.  I am not so sure I would want to swim in a radioactive sewer but it seems his hero's don't mind.  Great work Finley.

mondaY 13TH JULY

Good Morning 5CR.  Well you have made it to your last week in Year 5 in true Best you can Be style.  Our class page looks amazing so thank you everyone who has been sending in work.  As this is my last week as your teacher I would really love to hear from all 33 of you.  Even if it is just a picture of you having fun.  It would be great if our last week of learning could be together in one place to represent us together as a class until the end of the school year, so get learning and send in work you are most proud of.  You are all amazing and despite not being in the classroom  for the whole year I have really loved being your teacher :-)

I will post the Top Tens shortly.

Miss Read





Bella G has been putting herself and her siblings through their paces today by means of a family fitness session.  Looks like she is a very good role model.  They seem to be doing exceptionally well.  She also found time to paint this watercolour of a fox.  Exceptional PE and Art Bella.  Well done



Ellie has been writing down her lockdown thoughts by means of a Lockdown diary.  I think we all agree with her that we are bored of it now and want things to go back to normal.  Hopefully it wont be too much longer until that happens.  Ellie has also been creating some textured Art using tinned foil and has completed all of her Turbo Maths. An extremely creative way to spend your time in lockdown.  Great work.

friday 10th july

Hi there 5CR.  Its Friday and the sun is shining.  So proud of you all for continuing to send me work and keeping up with the daily learning.  You can probably gather from this late notice that I am in class again so same as always, keep reading and doing those quizzes, keep up with your Maths methods and spellings, finish those comic strips and complete as much of the extra subject learning as you can.  Then send it all to me :-)

Have a great day

Miss Read



  Melody has worked incredibly hard to complete her comic strip this week.  It has turned out fantastically.  Great work Melody and well done Berty the super cat KPOW.



  Theo has turned into a Maths whizz this week.  Check out this incredible angles work.  I am really impressed Theo :-) well done.


Bella is enjoying her illustrated Harry Potter Book so much she decided to do some illustrations of her own.  Excellent Hedwig drawing Bella.  It looks fantastic.


thursday 9th july

Good Morning 5CR.  I hope you had a great day yesterday completing your transition work and meeting your new teacher by watching the video Miss Hills made for you.  If you haven't completed your postcard, try your best to complete it today and email it to Miss Hills ( I know she is looking forward to receiving them.  I am most likely going to be teaching in Year 3 for the rest of the term so may not be able to get back to you as quickly as I usually do but that does not mean I do not want to hear from you.  I still want to receive as much work as possible from you and I will still reply to every text and put up every piece of work you do on the website.  Let's see if we can make it to the last day of term with work on our pages every single day :-)

Have a great day Home Learning


Miss Read


Melody has been working extremely hard on both her Maths and her comic strip.  Unfortunately it looks like Super Cat Berty has had enough of saving the world and has decided to take a nap.  Its obviously a very tiring job.  Hopefully he will wake up in time for his next mission :-)


Look at the quality of Khemjira's comic strip. She definitely went the Extra Mile to Be the Best she could be.  Fantastic work.

    Khemjira has also been busy in the kitchen again.  This time she has cooked Thai fried banana and Sweet potato.  Delicious.  Great Turbo maths too.


Ellie was really pleased to get all her questions correct on her Turbo Maths but even more pleased to have reached her target of 500,000 words read this year.  A fantastic achievement and an amazing increase compared to last year.  The challenge is now on to be a Millionaire next year :-)

Bella P has been working hard on her comic strip about an explorer rescued by lemurs.  Great ideas Bella.  Well done.


 Zane has had a fantastic day creating some fantastic artwork, learning about Italy and making outstanding progress on IXL.  Well done Zane.  Fantastic Home Learning.

  Malwina has done some fantastic research on Poland for her Geography task this week.  So many interesting facts.  It sounds like a lovely place to visit

 tuesday 7th july

Good Morning 5CR.  Just a short message today as I am teaching in Year 3.  As always, try your best with the learning set and remember to send me any work you complete. I will pop it on the website when the children go home at 3pm.  I will try to check my emails throughout the day so more than happy for you to contact me if you need to.  Have a lovely day.

Miss Read


Ellie has written an excellent review on David Walliam's novel Awful Auntie.  It is well worth reading if you haven't done so before.  Ellie gave it 10/10.  Ellie also managed to complete her spellings and Turbo Maths.  Fantastic work Ellie.


Melody has written a great draft to her comic strip.  If you were not aware before, from reading her work you will realise that her cat Bertie is actually a super hero!!  She also managed to independently complete all her Maths.  Great work Melody.


Leon has been checking out the local history of the old railway station in Warmsley.  Looks like he had a lot of fun learning. It would be great if you could send us some facts you found out Leon.

monday 6th july

Good Morning 5CR.  It's the start of a new week, the sun is shining and hopefully you have had a lovely relaxing weekend and are now ready to begin another week of Home Learning.  Lots for you to do today including beginning your comic strip writing, exploring the Commonwealth for Kids website and learning about computer science so have fun learning and don't forget to send me all your amazing work once you have completed it.  Accelerated reader was down at the weekend so I haven't quite finished the Top Tens.  I will post them once I have them all completed so watch this space.

Miss Read




Not great 5CR.  Only 7 of you did any Duolingo last week, only 5 of you did IXL Maths and only 4 of you did an AR quiz :-( I know it's getting to the end of term but you still need to keep up your subject skills.  It is really important if you are going to come back in September at the level that you are supposed to be at to start Year 6.  Of course your new teacher will support you and of course we are all aware that everybody's Home Learning experience has been different but you need to take some responsibility too.  Your parents have already done their exams and are working hard to bring in money so you can have everything you need at home.  Now it's your turn to thank them for all their hard work by working as hard as you can, independently if necessary, to be the Best you can Be academically.  I have faith in you.  I know you can do it :-)  


Melody has had another great day Home Learning.  She managed to complete all of her Maths, get 10/10 on the Commonwealth quiz and create a plan ready to write a comic strip about her cat Bertie.  I can't wait to see the finished article.  Well done Melody.


Cristian is working really hard to make sure he continues to practice his Maths and Spellings.  He is also managing to complete his TTRockstars, IXL and Duolingo too as well as read. What a super star.


Like Bella P, Ellie has also been working really hard on her reading.  She passed yet another AR Quiz today, (that makes 27 quizzes passed this year) and is less that 2000 words off meeting her own target of 500,000 words.  When you consider she only read 133,005 words in the whole of Year 4, this is an incredible achievement.  She is definitely making sure she is the Best she can Be. In addition Ellie also managed to complete her spellings and Maths this morning then spent an entire afternoon practising her dance.  She must be exhausted!

  Bella P has decided to re-read all the Harry Potter books.  She must be on the Chamber of Secrets right now as she has written this excellent character review on Gilderoy Lockhart.  Well done Bella.  Brilliant synopsis.

  Bella G has completed this great comic strip for English.  I really like how she has filled all the space with detailed drawings.  Well done Bella

friday 3rd july

Its Friday.  Yay. Nearly the weekend.  Just one more day of Home Learning then 2 days to enjoy a few days with no writing or Maths :-) Don't forget to send me in your story writing and I would love to see the photos you took for Art.  I haven't seen any comprehensions yet and no evidence of any of you cooking a roux for DT.  I know you are feeling tired and a little demotivated but there are still 2 weeks to go and plenty of activities to choose from.  It would be sad to think that my last 2 weeks as your teacher were spent waiting for you to send in work that never appears :-( I am not ready to let go of being your teacher yet so please don't give up on being my amazing class :-)

Hope to hear from more than 4 of you today

Miss Read



Bella G has been having a go at Fluid Art which is made using Acrylic Paint, water, a medium (water and PVA glue) and WD40.  The results look fantastic.  She has also found time to write a book review on Kenzuke's Kingdom and draw a backpack to go with her first day at school story on Wednesdays class page.  Brilliant work Bella.  You are working really hard.


  I can see how much Melody enjoyed doing this piece of writing from the amount she has written.  Well done Melody.  A fantastic story.


Melody also found time to create a hand illusion painting in the style of Bridget Riley, complete all her Maths Challenges and  smash her time doing a timestable grid.  Fantastic Friday work Melody.

    Way to go William.  5Ks!!      What a PE superstar :-)

It is not even lunchtime and I have already received 2 great stories from Finley and William.  Well done boys.  Brilliant writing.  







thursday 2nd july

I have been conferring with other teachers in Year 5 and it seems that we are just above Miss Varley in word count but almost a million behind Miss Maskell!  Are you up for the challenge?  Ellie, Annie, Bella G, Melody, Bella P, William, Nethanylle and Rose have already met their target and are rapidly increasing their word count.  Harry, you are on 96.6%, you just need 0.7 points to meet your target.  Nicholas you are on 88.8% and need 1.2 points, Leon you are on 84.2% and need 1.5 points and Scarlett you are on 72.8% and need just 1.6 points.  

Caleb, Nethanylle, William, Bella P and Matilda have all made it to Millionaire status.  Harry, Annie, Eva and Nicholas you are so close (all over 700,000 words already) the question is how much do you want it?

Then there are the 6 children who have not done an AR quiz at all since March :-( It would be great if you could find the motivation to read at least one book and complete the quiz.  There is just over 2 weeks to go.  You can do it if you really want to and put your mind to it.

Looking forward to receiving some more of your amazing work today.

Miss Read



Ellie has had a go at the really tricky Geography crossword as well as completing her Turbo Maths and Duolingo.  Great work Ellie.




Annie and Erin have been very busy cultivating their Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, swiss chard and strawberries as well as completing the Geography crossword and Firework Science experiment.  Fantastic Home Learning girls.  Well done.


wednesday 1st july

We have reached the half way point of the week once again.  By now you should be well on your way to writing up your narrative for the first day of school.  Don't forget to send it to me.  hat I have seen so far has been excellent. 

It is also Art day and today you have the fun task of taking the best photograph you can.  Think about the rule of thirds we learnt when painting our waterscapes and think carefully about the angles and symmetry within your shot.  It is not a simple case of aim and capture I want to see an award winning shot :-)  

If photography is not something you enjoy there is also the Science Indoor Firework you can have a go at or the Tapestry of learning type activity for the weekly competition/challenge. 

With so much to choose from you shouldn't have time to be bored or unmotivated.

Have a great day.

Miss Read




William has been working exceptionally hard with his Home learning.  He has baked bread, coffe cake and rock cakes, grown his own basil from seed to garnish his pasta, made an indoor firework for science, researched the Alps, completed his writing for this week, done some art and spent 3 days doing a rubbery egg experiment. Fantastic work William.  Well done :-)

  Bella has written an excellent story with plenty of parenthes  is as well as contractions and relative clauses.  Excellent use of the success criteria Bella and great ending :-)


Turbo Maths, Amazing IXL and Crafty cards.  Sums up the work Ellie has sent in today. Great Learning :-)


Finley has worked really hard to complete the middle of his First Day at School writing.  It's looking great so far.  He also took this beautiful picture of some flowers.  Fantastic detail and colour.

  Here is an example of some of the fantastic work Malwina has been completing at home.  Looks like she has covered Turbo Maths, IXL, Spellings, PE, TTrockstars and Reading.  What a superstar.


Not content with finding all the amimals of the alphabet, Erin and Annie decided to find food beginning with all the letters of the alphabet.  Made me feel really hungry.  Erin then decided to settle down and read her book about the Cut-Throat Celts.  Better not mess with her in the future :-)

tuesday 30th june

Morning 5CR :-) Let me just start this message by assuring you unless you have been told you are moving, and it has been agreed, then you will be staying in the same class and all moving up together to year 6.  The only reason Mr Yelling was making phone calls was to try to even out the numbers in each class.  We just happen to have a really big class but because you are so amazing it won't matter that you will be the biggest class in Year 6 :-)

Looks like it is going to be a bit of a wet day again today.  As you can't go outside and be distracted by the sun and the paddling pool I am hoping a few more of you will send me some of your amazing work.  I am lucky enough to hear regularly from Ellie, Melody, Bella G, Finley and Khemjira and I can see that Bella P is keeping in touch more and so is Elsa but I miss the rest of you too so please keep sending in as much work as you can.

Have a great day

Miss Read


The rain may not be much fun for you but my sunflowers and raspberries are really appreciating it.  I am happy for you to send in photos of how well your plants are growing.  I know a lot of you sent in photos of you planting seeds a few months ago.  Bella G definitely has some and I know Matilda got some seeds/plants for her birthday.  I would love to see how well they are doing now.  Miss Read




Ellie seems to have had a fantastic day today. She completed a really detailed comprehension, got 20/20 in her spellings, got all her Turbo Maths right and even had time to do a Science experiment.  I think Ellie's idea of stirring with a fork made it so much better.  What do you think?



Melody has had a great day Home Learning today.  She smashed her time on her times table grid, got top marks on her Maths, wrote the first part of her story and even found time to drop off some delicious cakes to me that she made yesterday.  What a star :-)


Rose definitely has what it takes to be a Chesswood Bright Spark.  Not only did she persevere for hours to complete a particularly tricky IXL task but just look at the detail in her sketches.  She is certainly making sure she goes the Extra Mile to be the Best she can Be.

  Leon has come up with a great plan to help him complete the English set for this week.  I am really looking forward to reading about his extra nice and extra horrible teacher.  Work for no reason.  That's just not on.


Finley has made an amazing start to his story about his first day in a new school.  He has used some fantastic language and added quite a bit of description and suspense.  Well done Finley.  I can't wait to read the rest of it.

 Those of you that take the time to look through all the work sent in each day will know that yesterday Ellie sent in her report on Gene Kelly.  Ellie's dance teacher then posted it online and Ellie got a reply from Gene Kelly's wife Patricia Ward Kelly.  How amazing is that!

 monday 29th june

Good Morning 5CR.  I hope you have had a lovely weekend and relaxing couple of days away from Home learning.  I have noticed a big drop in work being sent in and I was sad to see that we couldn't make a Top Ten in anything last week :-( 

25 of you didn't do any TTRockstars and 17 of you didn't do any IXL at all :-(

I do understand that the weather is hot and you are starting to loose motivation but it is really important you keep up your daily learning and continue to complete as much work as you can to the best of your ability.  It really doesn't matter if instead of completing the Science set you choose to complete a task of your own related to Science or instead of completing the Art set you get creative and complete an art project of your own.  Any learning is better than no learning and there isn't really any excuse for not reading (6 of you have not read one book so far this term) or completing your IXL,  TTRockstars and Duolingo.  

Moan over.  I look forward to seeing lots of your incredible work this week and a massive increase in Top Ten participation.

Have a great day

Miss Read



 Leon has been working really hard on his comprehension.  Good job Leon.



Ellie has been researching the dancer/actor Gene Kelly and how Christmas is celebrated in Denmark.  She has found out some really interesting facts and even has a Danish Advent Calendar courtesy of her Danish Grandad.  So much fantastic work Ellie.  Well done


Bella has been working hard creating a plan for her writing about her first day at school and also Jet washing her patio.  Looking good Bella :-)

friday 26th june


Hi 5CR.  Sorry this message is a bit late today.  The computer in the room I am working in took 50 minutes to log me in! By the time I could access this website I had a class in front of me waiting to be taught.  They are completing their reports right now so I have a few minutes to write this message (The same reports you have been completing at home but have not yet sent me.  Hint Hint :-)  Hopefully I will have a few more to put up later today) 

Yesterday I was going over the reading targets and have noticed that six of you have not yet done a quiz this term.  Please can you try a little harder to finish your book.  It has been 12 weeks since the start of the Summer Term.  If you have been reading for 30 minutes a day, which is the expectation, that means it has taken you 30 hours to read your book so far!! I have a feeling you have not really been reading regularly at all :-(   I know some of you are reading larger books but you should still be able to read at least one large book per half term.

Eva, Annie, Nicholas and Harry.  You have already read over 700,000 words.  If you want to make it to a million you still have time, you just have to really want it :-)  

Ok,  must get back to teaching now.  It is a little cooler today so hopefully you will be able to complete your work for the week and get it sent to me :-)

Have a lovely Home Learning Day

Miss Read

     Check out this great report about Lionel Messi written by Tyreece in school.  Like those of you studying at home, he had to write an introduction and career paragraph making sure he followed the success criteria.  I think he did an excellent job.

    Finley has been looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world for RE.  Some countries have some very interesting traditions such as carrying model boats in Greece, Santa wearing a rugby shirt in New Zealand and camping in South Africa.  Really interesting facts Finley, well done.

  Elsa has been letting out her creative side.  Look how fantastic her acrylic paintings have turned out.  Simple yet really effective.






Melody has been extremely busy over the last few days.  She has made a sewn bookmark for her sister, been down the beach and found some amazing sealife, taken some incredibly detailed photos on her camera and made a poi.  Watch the video to check out her skills.  



Ellie has been working hard to complete all the Maths challenges set and to get a great score in her spelling test.  Well done Ellie, loads of correct answers there.



Khemjira has been back in the kitchen whipping up yet another fantastic Thai dish.  This time it's Read Bean Mochi.  It looks delicious.  She also found time to complete her Maths and spellings as well as making some more loom bands.  Well done Khemjira.  Brilliant Home Learning.


Cristian finished the week with some fantastic Maths, Spellings and writing.  Here is some of the work he completed.  Great work Cristian.

thursday 25th june

If you thought yesterday was hot, today is going to be even hotter,so please make sure you pop on that hat and sun cream and where possible stay in the shade :-) I know it can be quite difficult to focus when it's hot so make sure you take regular breaks and drink lots of water.  Just do your best and get as much work as you can completed then don't forget to send it in.  I have noticed I am getting less and less work sent to me :-( there are still three more weeks to go so it is important to continue to keep in a routine right until the end otherwise it will be even harder for you to come back to full time schooling in September.  If nothing else, find a comfy spot and get lost in a book.  Like I said yesterday, I would love to end this school year with every member of the class meeting their target.  How great would that be :-)

Stay safe in the sun

Miss Read


In-between keeping herself cool splashing in her pool (I am very jealous.  It is extremely hot in school)  Ellie managed to complete her Spellings, Maths and TTRockstars.  A great achievement considering the extreme heat everywhere.



Cristian has been keeping up with his Maths and spelling practice and has also managed to do some Science.  Well done Cristian.  You are a superstar.

  Finley has written a brilliant report on King Charles II  He seems an extremely odd king hiding up trees and closing down parliament.  A very interesting piece of writing.  Well done Finley.

  Bella P has written this fantastic report on Sir David Attenborough.  What a truly remarkable man.  It's no wonder Bella admires him so much.

wednesday 24th june

Hi 5CR.  In class again today so the message is pretty much the same as yesterday.  Have a lovely day Home Learning.  

Miss Read


It was really lovely to receive some work from Malwina today.   She has been busy completing a variety of activities across all the subjects.  Great Home learning Malwina :-)


Theo has been working hard on his Maths, Science, English, IXL and Hurricane work.  Here are just a few pieces of the work he has completed.  Well done Theo.  Brilliant Home Learning.

  And here we have Miss Melody Lapsley sporting the latest in designer tie dye bleached summer wear.  Looks amazing doesn't it :-)


When Melody is not getting ready for her catwalk career she also likes to make incredible Mosaic tables and complete lots of Maths.  Well done Melody.  Fantastic Home Learning.

tuesday 23rd june

Good Morning 5CR.  Looks like it is going to be another hot day today so make sure you pop on that hat and cover yourself in suntan lotion if you are going outside to do your Home Learning.  I am in class today so may not be able to reply to your texts until school finishes but as always I do promise to answer them and put up all your work so keep it coming.

Before signing off can I just say a huge congratulations to Ellie, Annie, Bella P, William, Nethanylle, Melody and Rose who have all met their target for Summer 2 Reading.  Nicholas, Bella G, Scarlett and Leon, you are so close.  Just one more book should do it.  So proud of you all and I know there are a few more of you that are at least half way :-)  Keep it up 5CR.  Wouldn't it be great if we all met our target :-) :-) :-)  Now there's a challenge for you all.

Have a great day learning

Miss Read


Ellie has read and passed the quizzes on 4 books so far this half term and we are only 3 weeks in.  That's 128,186 words read and still over three weeks to go.  Incredible :-)  Fantastic Turbo Maths and Spellings too as well as Duolingo and TTRockstars.  Does she ever stop!


Khemjira has baked the most delicious looking pork buns.  They look so tasty I can just imagine how good they smell.  Excellent Maths work too.

  Great way to practice your spellings Bella, enjoying the sunshine.


Bella G has been baking again.  This time banana muffins with a caramelised topping.  Delicious :-)




Melody went for a lovely walk on Sunday with her family for Fathers Day.  Doesn't it look beautiful at Leonardslea Gardens.  I think I may visit myself.  Very relaxing.  Yesterday she completed some Maths and then created a PSHE video with her sister.  Take a look if you can.  It certainly shows how lovely it is to be nice and complementary towards others and the importance of Team work.

monday 22nd june

What a lovely weekend.  Despite a bit of rain (which is excellent for the garden and plants) we still had lots of sun and I definitely made the most of it socially distancing in my parent's garden.  The woodpecker came to join us again and I was able to see my sisters and brother too, with their families, at different times throughout the day.  Certainly a reason to smile :-)

Hope your weekend was as great as mine.  I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing work you complete this week.  I noticed the amount of work being sent in is lessening. Try to keep up that motivation if you can.  We still have 4 weeks to go.  4 important weeks of learning that will make a difference when you come back in September and go into Year 6 so please, please continue to be the Best You Can Be and Go the Extra Mile to remain the incredible, fantastic class I know you are.

Have a lovely day

Miss Read



Here are the Top Tens from last week.  Fantastic reading but what has happened to the Duolingo, TTRockstars and IXL?  The IXL Maths only just made a Top Ten this week where normally I could have a Top 20 and I can't believe only 8 of you did Duolingo last week :-( Can we please try to make sure we all do our French, IXL and TTRockstars each week.  One thing that is certain is that you will be coming back to school at some point when it is safe.  Keeping up these skills online is really important if you are going to come back after the Summer Holidays and not find yourself struggling to keep up with the curriculum, especially if you don't know all of your times tables and you struggle with aspects of English or Maths.  Also, the French curriculum builds on what you learn in Year 5.  If you don't do any work in Year 5 how will you be able to move on to the next level in Year 6 and how can your new teacher support you all as a class if you are all at different levels of understanding.  Sorry to have a little moan.  I only want what is best for you and to make sure your transition to Year 6 goes well.  I know some of you are practising timestable skills in other ways such as completing grids, that is perfectly fine :-) but for those of you that are doing very little, try to do a small amount each day, even if it is just 15 minutes, it will all add up in the end and will help you greatly as your learning progresses.



Ellie has written a great comparison between two different Jacqueline Wilson books and has also managed to complete all her Maths and Spellings.  Great work Ellie.


Some fantastic work sent in from Cristian from the end of last week.  He even managed a comprehension.  Not easy for someone who speaks very little English.  He is definitely Going the Extra Mile to Be the Best he can Be.  Well done.

Friday 19th june

Its Friday :-D I know its the end of the week and you are all tired but I need to see just one more day of great Home learning this week and then you can have a lovely weekend off work.  I only received work from three of you yesterday so hopefully a few more of you will be good enough to send me some of your work today so I can share it with the class and celebrate your amazing achievements.

Have a great day learning

Miss Read




Some great Home Learning from Melody sent in today.  She finished her story and her Maths, completed a timestable grid in half the time as last week, nearly finished a book, learnt about forces and is completing a mosaic project. Well done Melody.

Like Finley, Bella P has also written an amazing story.  It isn't quite finished but what she has written is captivating and crammed full of brilliant vocabulary.  Well done Bella. Very impressive.


Finley has written a fantastic pirate story and used some incredible vocabulary.  He also remembered to use fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and parenthesis.  Incredible writing Finley.


If any of you watched Bella's stick figure video below and would like to have a go then just visit

I can't believe how simple but effective it is.  I am definitely going to have a go.

Thursday 18th june

Morning 5CR.  There are still 4 weeks and 2 days left to go of the Summer term.  For some of you that may seem like a very long time to continue Home learning. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that besides offer some suggestions that may help to keep up your motivation and make completing the online activities a bit more fun. 

Firstly please send in any work you have completed.  I reply to every single email sent in and I make sure I put up work from every single person I hear from.

Secondly you all have your own personal email that you can use to contact me.  I may not answer straight away but I promise I will answer you as soon as I can.  Let me know if you are feeling unmotivated or if you would like to adapt the learning to a topic that interests you more.  The activities provided are only suggestions.  I do want you to keep up with your Maths Methods and Timestables but if you don't want to write a story on the topic asked of you in English, do a story on something else or write a report instead.  I don't mind as long as you are using your writing skills and punctuation.  Those email addresses are also really handy for keeping in touch with others in the class.  All emails follow the same format - First name followed by initial of surname so why not send an email to a friend at 9am and discuss your day, perhaps you could share ideas or keep each other motivated.

Thirdly, technology is a wonderful thing.  There are so many different platforms through which you can actually see your friends and work alongside them but in different households.  I know some of you use google hangouts, there is also Skype, Zoom and Office teams plus many more.  See if your parents can get you set up to work with a friend.  It will make learning a lot more social rather than feeling like you are on your own, especially if you are an only child.  If you don't have a phone number for your friend there is always the email I mentioned above as a way to set up a face to face meeting, with your parents permission of course.

Lastly, although the weather is not great today, we are in Summer so generally we are able to complete Home learning outside if we choose to.  The government has said that up to 6 people can socially distance in a garden.  Perhaps, again with your parents permission, you could have a friend(s) round to complete activities with.  They would need to bring everything to complete the activity with them as it is not recommended to share equipment without disinfecting everything first, but if you have a garden table and chairs where you can be 2 metres apart then there is no reason you cannot learn together.

Hopefully these ideas may help.  I am always in school and always online so please contact me if there is anything else I can do for you.

Have a great day.  Miss you all

Miss Read






These science experiments Bella has been doing look so cool.  She has written a great explanation too to help us all understand the process.  Fantastic Home Learning Bella


Well done Ellie.  20/20 for your spellings, excellent turbo Maths and great Maths work.  Brilliant Home learning as ever.


Check out this fantastic game Finley has created.  It looks like great fun to play.  Well done Finley, excellent DT Work


Wednesday 17th june

Good Morning 5CR.  I had a really lovely day teaching in Year 3 yesterday but I am back in the library today sorting out all the books ready for the big move.  I have found lots of books that are now on AR so there will be even more choice for you when you get back in September.  I know some of you are reading books at an amazing rate and I would love to say you can borrow more from the school but unfortunately in order to contain the spread of any potential virus we are not able to lend books at this time.  Even the books in the classroom have to be quarantined for 3 days before being returned to the library.  Fortunately this strategy appears to be working and it will mean we can get you back into school much quicker when the government says it is safe to do so.

I thought I would share a little update on the sunflower growing situation

.  as you can see I am down to 3 plants now but they are all looking strong and I am hoping they will grow to at least a few metres high.  I will just have to wait and see.

Lots of great Home Learning for you today.  Sculptures in Art, Continents and Oceans in Geography, RSPCA animal activities for this weeks challenge and Pirate Treasure Map Games for Chesswood TV.  All look great fun so have a go at them, even if it means taking a break from some of the other activities.  Don't forget to send them in.  I may be working all over the school right now but sharing your work will always be my top priority.

Miss Read



Here is a small selection of work Cristian has done so far this week.  It never ceases to amaze me how well his ability to write English is progressing.  Well done Cristian.  Fantastic Home learning


Ellie has set herself a challenge of reading 500,000 words before the end of the term.  Now she has completed yet another book (she is now on 198% of her target) she only has 77,000 to go to reach her goal.  I think she will definitely make it.  She has been reading a book a week since the beginning of the Summer Term.  Great going Ellie.


  Bella decided to do some fantastic nature art today and made this Chameleon out of petals, it looks very camouflaged up in that tree.  Well done Bella.  Very creative.

 Bella's sunflowers are coming along nicely too.  If anyone else in the class is growing one, don't forget to send a picture.  I would love to put up a class page of sunflowers.  It's not too late to start growing one now if you don't have one.


Together Erin and Annie managed to complete one of the RSPCA activities I mentioned this morning.  Who knew there were  so many animals beginning with X, K and Z


Annie has been exploring her creative side with sculptures and photography.  Fantastic Stag Beetle photo and great clay work Annie.



Maths and Mosaics sums up Melody's day yesterday, she even researched mosaics around the world so she could plan her work to match some of the famous masterpieces around.  Great work Melody.  

tuesday 16th june

Morning 5CR.  Just a really quick message today as I am teaching in Year 3.  I will still answer all of your emails and put all of your work up on the class page so please still send it in.

Have a really lovely day Home Learning.  I can't wait to see what you complete today

Miss Read  





Elsa really, really, really wants a hamster. Look at all the research she has done to try to convince her dad.  Hopefully she has done enough to get one :-)



Khemjira has been hard at work today completing her Maths and comprehension.  With all the work completed she then decided to make herself some loomband bracelets.  Very colourful Khemjira.


When not completing Maths, spellings and comprehensions, Ellie likes to read 15 chapters of her book all in one day.  She only completed Billionaire boy last Thursday and it looks like she will be completing a quiz on her new book tomorrow.  Amazing reading commitment Ellie.


Over the last few months Bella G has been coming up with lots of imaginative ways to learn her spellings.  Check out her spelling bubbles and spelling story above.  Very creative Bella.


Annie and Erin have been developing their creative sides today by drawing these amazing butterflies.  Well done Girls.  Fantastic Artwork.

monday 15th june

Good Morning 5CR.  I hope you have all had a really lovely weekend.  By now I am sure most of you know the government does not plan for schools to return to normal until September.  I know this saddens a lot of you as you miss being in the classroom.  It saddens me too as I too miss you all terribly.  But as far as being in 5CR is concerned, nothing has changed.  I am still your teacher until September and you are all still my class so we need to continue to act like one by sharing our work on the class page and celebrating all your amazing achievements.   Let's start by sharing the Top Tens for last week.





A huge congratulations to Cristian for managing to be on 4 Top Tens this week and to Zane and Georgia for managing to be on three.  Remember to add 50HPs to your total for every Top Ten you appear on.  I will get your prizes to you for being at the top, even if it's in September.

Enjoy your Home Learning and send in  all the work you are proud of.  Let's make our class page the best it can be to represent our amazing class.

Miss Read



Bella G had an extremely creative day today, painting and making air dry clay figures.  She even found time to fit in some timestable practice.  Well done Bella.  Fantastic Home learning.  Such amazing skills.


Great Maths and Art work Ellie.  So nea and such great use of colour in your painting.  I hope you are proud of this fantastic work.

Looks like Finley and his brother Max had great fun with this Science investigation.  Home Learning is always much better to do when you have fun doing it.

 Annie has drawn this fantastic picture of a rabbit.  I am incredibly impressed with the artistic skills of 5CR.  Keep those amazing pictures coming.

  Finley was super quick in sending me his plan for his story.  His head must have been full of ideas.  I am really looking forward to reading the final piece if this great plan is anything to go by. 


friday 12th june

Good Morning 5CR.  Its Friday :-) almost the weekend.  Just a quick update for you with regards to what I am doing in school at the moment and why I am sometimes unable to upload your work and answer your emails until the end of the day.  As of Monday there will be three Year 5 Keyworker classes so if numbers increase any further I may be asked to teach in class (Only 2 of 5CR are in so don't worry you aren't missing out) so uploading your work may take a little longer but I promise I will do it so please do not stop sending it in.

At present I am covering another teacher whilst they do their planning and preparation and I cover Miss Price's class during lunchtimes.  I am also responsible for printing out all of the year 6 work for the following week (It has to be printed on a Friday and put into individual folders for each child so it is not touched for at least 2 days) with Miss Cousins (There are over 100 year 6 children in).  In addition Miss Cousins and I are also helping to relocate the library due to the fact that there are six Year 4 classes coming up in September so the library will need to become a classroom. Relocating the library involves levelling as many books as possible that are not already on AR and sorting all the books into their levels and authors.  I really enjoy it.  I definitely have the perfect surname to be around books :-)  In any spare time I then work on the Art curriculum,  which I must say is looking fantastic, cover playtimes and drink tea!

Now you know what I am going to be up to today please remember to send in your work to show me what you have been up to.

Enjoy your learning

Miss Read


To end this week I would like to share with you an incredible painting of a Red Panda which Bella has made for me.  She even put it in a frame and added some bamboo type leaves to make it look like the panda is standing on vegetation.  I was really touched by the amount of work she put into this gift.  Thank you Bella :-)



Melody's mum set Melody and her sister Willow a challenge this week.  They could make any biscuit or cake they liked but the cost of the ingredients had to be under £5 and they had to write out the recipe and cook it themselves.  These pictures show Melody's vegan cupcakes and her recipe.  She also did some Maths to work out what profit she would make if she sold them for £1 each.  Excellent Science, Maths and DT skills Melody.  You have had a fantastic Home Learning week.



Cristian's writing has come on fantastically  Just look how neat it is and how hard he has been working on his spellings.  I am an extremely proud teacher.




Check out Ellie's brilliant tap routines.  Such a great dancer.  She makes it look so easy but I know for certain it's really tricky and it takes a lot of practice to get this good. I really don't know where she finds the time especially as she is keeping up with all the IXL, Duolingo and reading too.

  Excellent colourful spellings Finley.  I hope it helps you remember them.



Finley and his brother created this excellent sports task.  Watch the video to find out who wins the jumping egg and spoon race.


William has been creating a Star Wars themed piece of Art Work.  He has used an incredible amount of detail and has obviously put loads of hard work into it.  He has also been writing a new story.  I will share both the finished story and Artwork with you once William is able to finish it.  Watch this space.


thursday 11th june

Hi All.  Thursday again and hopefully another day closer to getting normal school days back up and running.  I'm sure your are all getting a bit fed up of Home Learning but I need to ask you to keep going for just a little bit longer.  Unfortunately my trying to put into place a National Send Your Teacher Work day yesterday didn't work too well :-( Only 3 of you sent in work  (Thank you Melody, Erin and Ellie) a little bit more today would be really appreciated :-)

I am really pleased to see however that 14 of you have already done an AR Quiz with 7 of you over half way towards meeting your target and one of you (Congratulations William) has already met their target.  This is a fantastic amount of regular reading and you should be really proud of yourselves.

Keep up the perseverance and high standards and don't forget about the Sussex Games Challenges (Mr Quick keeps asking me to remind you) which can be found on the PE Daily Learning page.  All the children in school are taking part so it would be great if you could all take part too.

Have fun Home Learning

Miss Read


Bella G sent in some great pictures of her making Soy wax scented blocks.  She had to melt the wax, add some citrus so it smelt nice then pour the melted wax onto dried flowers and tiny shells.  The end result looks brilliant.  Well done Bella.  Excellent  DT work.


Ellie was on fire with her reading yesterday. She read for 2 hours and finished 9 chapters so she could do the AR quiz.  Amazing work Eliie.  Like William you have already met your Summer 2 target after less than 2 weeks.  That's an incredible feat.  Excellent spellings and Turbo Maths too.  Such dedication to Home Learning.

This mini football game Nethanylle made looks brilliant.  I can see she had a lot of fun playing football with her family.  I wonder who won??



These instructions to make Milky Bar cheesecake from Finley are fantastic.  I will definitely be having a go at making this :-)


Bella P has written an amazing character description for Lyra from the Northern Lights.  She describes her really well and has obviously enjoyed reading about the character in her book.  Great Work Bella P

wednesday 10th june

Good Morning my amazing class.  Apparently today is National egg roll day (Smelly), National Ballpoint pen day (Great for doing Home Learning) National Black Cow Day!!!, National Herbs and Spices Day (Time to get cooking) and National Iced Tea day (I prefer mine steaming hot) I am not sure who decides on these national days but I am gutted I missed National Be a Millionaire Day on the 20th May, that would have been great if we could all have become Millionaires.  What would you do first? Go on holiday, buy an expensive present, help out a charity.  So many options.  Unfortunately that day has gone so I have decided  to create an extra day for today.  National send your teacher work day.  Hopefully you will all want to get involved :-D  

Hope to hear from you soon

Miss Read




Duolingo, book reviews, spellings, Turbo maths and PE.  Another exceptionally busy day for Ellie.  Fantastic work.



Great reasons why people should holiday in Britain Erin, English Breakfasts, Sunday Roasts, Shopping and crabbing on the beach.  All fantastic aspects of our British lifestyle.  


Do you remember the picture of the buckle sent in by Melody last Tuesday?  It was found buried in her garden so she and her sister decided to try and find out the history behind it and who it could have belonged to.  Unfortunately it is not possible to upload Powerpoints to this website so I have taken pictures of the pages and have put them all  below.  There are quite a few but it was so interesting every slide deserved to be included.  Hope you all enjoy the Lapsley family research as much as I did







 Incredible researching.  Melody has promised to keep us informed about what the Archaeological Society say. :-)


It is always good to keep safe in crowded spaces.  Excellent Handmade Face mask Melody.   Great sewing skills.


tuesday 9th june

Hi 5CR.  What happened with the Duolingo??? Just a top 7.  I know it is just another thing to remember but if you can log on a couple of times a week it would be great.  You will be learning French again in Year 6 so the more you can learn now, the further you can get next year :-) There are also lots of other fun activities you can be getting on with alongside your English Instruction writing and Maths such as building a fitness circuit as part of the weekly challenge or earning one of 8 Blue Peter badges for different accomplishments.  There's also Life cycles in Science and three different activities for reading.  Choose something that you will enjoy and try to complete it to the best of your ability rather than trying to do everything at once, then remember to send it in so the whole class can celebrate your success.

Happy Home Learning :-)

Miss Read



I am really pleased to be able to put up some of Scarlett's incredible work today.  Although she isn't able to send me work every day, when she does send it in it is always proof that she is working to be The best she can Be and Going the Extra Mile with her Home Learning.  Well done Scarlett.  A true Superstar Learner.


Khemjira has created these great fidget spinners (See the video below to watch them spin) as well as completing her English and Turbo Maths today.  Great work Khemjira.  Lovely to see your beautiful smile in the video.




Check out Ellie's fantastic bookmark.  Definitely a great thing to create if you are reading as many books as Ellie is.  Top of the TTRockstars leaderboard and amazing Turbo Maths too.  There's no stopping this Home Learning Superstar.

  Queenie has written some fantastic advice and facts about Guinea Pigs, incase you ever want to get one or would like to know about them.  Very interesting.  A lot of hard work and research has been put into this writing.  Well done Queenie


monday 8th june

Good Morning 5CR.  I hope you had a really lovely weekend.  Now the government have said it is alright to meet in groups of up to 6 in back gardens, providing you social distance, I spent a lovely day yesterday with my parents for the first time since lock down. I was lucky enough to see the woodpecker I mentioned last week and a mother blue tit feeding her young so I thought I would share this with you.



The woodpecker can be seen on the bird feeder which contains fat balls.  The pigeon is sat underneath because the woodpecker is a really messy eater.  The woodpecker is male, you can tell this by the red stripe on its head.  My parents have said the baby woodpeckers have been down too but unfortunately I wasn't able to see them.



This video is of a mother Blue Tit feeding her young.  The babies cannot hold onto the bird feeder so they rely on their parents to feed them.

Hopefully I will be able to bring you some more nature videos when I visit them next.  I have lots of cats that come into my garden so other than seagulls (which are often bigger than cats!) I don't get to see many birds when I am sat at home.

Have a lovely day Home Learning and if you would like to share anything you have been up to at the weekend with the rest of the class, send it in with your work and I will pop it on the class page.

Miss Read





Just a little sample of the great work done by Ellie today.  Looks like she is still working hard and she never fails to send in work.  Such perseverance and dedication.  What a superstar.


    I am so proud of all the incredible hard work Cristian is putting into his Home Learning.  So much fantastic Maths and Spellings sent in.  I know he is working extremely hard every day.  Great work Cristian.

  A brilliant playscript here by Georgia.  So much imagination.  I can't wait to find out whether the giants capture Jill.  An excellent twist to the Jack and the Beanstalk tale.  Well done.

Finley has done a great character profile for some of the main characters in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books.  I can clearly see he enjoys these books from the amount of detail he has put in.  Fantastic work Finley.


Welcome to the Grainger Express shop where you can be sure to experience  practical Mathmatical learning with friendly service and a smile.  Great idea Bella.  I'm sure you and your siblings had lots of fun. 



I can clearly see that Joshua has been putting a lot of effort into his Home Learning.  Lots of Maths, English, Spelling and Geography sent it.  Excellent work Josh

friday 5th june

Yay, its Friday.  Good Morning all.  I feel so fortunate to have already heard from 14 of you this week and feel really lucky to have such a wonderful class who love learning and who I know will go far in life.  I did receive a heartfelt letter from one of you yesterday (not sure if she wants to be named)  which clearly expressed how she feels about Covid 19, calling it a disruption and a very, very annoying virus.  She then went on to say that she is starting to get bored of the virus because she misses everyone so much.  I am sure lots of you share her thoughts and I would love to say that you can all come back into class again but unfortunately I am unable to do that at this time :-(  however, I will promise that as soon as the government say it is safe I will be more than happy to welcome you all back :-) I do miss being in class as much as you do and look forward to the day when the virus has been wiped out completely.  Until then all I can do is to be here for you if you need any support, put all your amazing work on the class page and be thankful that you are all well and I will see you all again soon.

Have a really lovely day all

Miss Read



So much artistic creativity from Bella G today.  Amy from Sonic, the dog from Born to Run (in her amazing book review) Fantastic Mr Fox and some unicorns.  Such brilliant talent.  Well done Bella.

More brilliant Maths and Spellings from Cristian.  You are doing so well.  Such a fantastic learner.


  Here is another great play script.  This time from Bella P with her twist on Hansel and Gretal.  It's one of those stories that keeps you guessing right up until the end and finishes with a cliff hanger.  Well done Bella.  Fantastic English work.


Outstanding IXL, Reading, Timestables and three zoom dance classes.  Ellie definitely deserves a weekend off after all that hard work.

  Not content with spending hours on his play script.  Finley then decided to draw all the characters too.  Now that is definitely Going the Extra Mile.  Well done Finley


I am so proud of this amazing play script Finley has created.  Not only did he work exceptionally hard on the original draft but then edited it to make it even better.  10/10 Finley for all your fabulous work.



Here is a lovely selection of work from Eva.  It is a little worrying to see that once she completed her Maths, DT Stickers, Costume design, Book review and Science she took a trip to the beach and melted into the pebbles. :-O  I will keep you updated as to her return :-)

thursday 4th june


Hi All.  I can't believe we are already over half way through this week.  It seems to have gone so quickly.  I received so much fantastic work yesterday.  I can see so many of you are Going the Extra Mile to Be the Best You can Be and that makes me extremely happy. Have a brilliant day Home Learning.  Hope to hear from you all soon.

Miss Read


Top marks on her spelling Test, Fantastic costumes for her book characters, Lots of Maths and even some Geography.  Ellie has once again filled her day with fantastic Home Learning.  Great work Ellie

 Theo looks extremely comfy in that spot.  Great place to read.


  Looks like Zane is hoping to become the next David Bailey.  Excellent images Zane.  Great focus and light.



You really have to check out this play by Melody and her family.  It is absolutely brilliant.  Melody and her sister have designed costumes and sets alongside the conversations their characters have and they all have multiple rules.  I have included the scrip below so you can read along.  This is definitely Going the Extra Mile for English.


wednesday 3rd june

Good Morning my lovely class.  A huge thank you to everybody who sent in work yesterday.  It was great to see all your amazing Home learning and hear about what you had been up to during the half term break.

I have just taken a look at  your daily learning for today and I can see there are lots of great activities you could have a go at completing alongside your Maths and English.  Perhaps you would like to enter the Science Experiment Competition for Chesswood TV or maybe you would like to increase your knowledge of where you live through the Geography task or what about completing my Art task and having some fun either designing a costume for a character in your book or a set for one of the locations.  Be as creative as you like.  Could you make the costume out of cloth? Could you build the set in a cardboard box?  Remember to have fun and don't forget to send in your work.

Have a great day

Miss Read


Fantastic fraction work above by Ellie.  I really liked how even though she found it quite tricky at first she persevered and kept going until she had completed the work.  Well done Ellie you definitely went the Extra Mile.


Khemjira has written a fantastic review on a book call The Spy who Loved School Dinners.  It sounds like a great book to me if any of you would like to read it.  She has also completed lots of fractions which she appears to be very confident with.  Well done Khemjira.  Excellent work.



What do you think of Finley's idea for Alex Rider outfits, one casual and one spy?.  I think they are pretty cool.  His playscript is pretty cool too.  Will the Piggy end up eating the 3 wolves???? Only Finley knows.  I can't wait for the second instalment.




For those who were interested in Bella's Lava Lamp, here is a video and written explanation.  It looks like a lot of fun if you want to give it a go.


Bella has been working hard over the half term break to complete Bad Dad with her sister.  As you can see from her smiling face she not only completed the book but also aced the quiz.  76.9% of her target met already.  Great going Bella.

In her spare time, when not reading, Bella also managed to care for her sunflowers and make both a Lava Lamp and a Snow Globe.  Definitely a budding Scientist in the making.  Check out the photos and video below.




Science is so amazing isn't it.


Cristian sent me 2 days of his amazing spellings and fraction work.  It looks like he is getting really confident with both of these now.  Keep up the fantastic work Cristian, you are definitely a Home Learning Superstar.

Tuesday 2nd June

Hi 5CR.  Are you all still out there?  I only heard from three of you yesterday and I am used to hearing from at least 8 or 9 of you a day.  Its a lonely business being a teacher without a class so come on, cheer me up by sending in some of your amazing work :-) 

I am so pleased to say that although it is only day 2 of this Summer term I am already able to praise  Annie, Eva, Rose and Nicholas who are all on their way to meeting their Summer 2 AR target as well as Nethanylle who is at 53.8% and William who is at 90.1% !  What a great achievement so early on in the term.

Lots of great activities lined up for you today in addition to the Maths and English.  Why not have a go at the PE challenges while the weather is still nice or perhaps you could take a look at the water cycle in Science or write a book review for your favourite lock down book that you have read over the past couple of months.  Whatever you choose to do, keep up that amazing perseverance you have shown me so far.  You are all amazing and I really appreciate how hard you are working.

Miss Read


Melody and her sister have come across this great Maths resource, which they seem to be thoroughly enjoying playing with,  as well as this old buckle which they dug up in their garden.  Like true Historians they are now going to research the background to their house and the land it was built on in 1910.  Who knows what interesting discoveries they will make.  I can't wait to find out.


Ellie has done her book review on The longest Whale song by Jacqueline Wilson.  I can clearly see that Ellie really enjoyed it.  Perhaps you might like to have a go at reading it too.  She has also completed more brilliant Turbo Maths as well as doing extra reading and IXL Maths.  Well done Ellie




Check out a very happy Nicholas who has now completed all of his IXL English and earnt every award.  What a superstar. Well done Nicholas.  Double IXL Maths from now on.  No rest for the intelligent.


Like Bella, Rose has also been working hard on her Book Review.  Rose decided to review Mallory Towers First Term by Enid Blyton.  Such a fantastic author.  Enid wrote a total of 762 books in her career which spanned for over 40 years from 1922 to 1968.  Rose has also found time to bake some delicious looking cakes and complete her Maths.  What a superstar Home Learner.


As you can see Bella P has worked really hard on her Book Review for 'Wonder' by R J Palacio.  It is a great book which has also been made into a film.  If the curriculum in Year 6 stays the same you will all get to read it later this year in the Autumn Term.

monday 1st june

Good Morning 5CR.  I hope you have had an amazing half term.  The weather has been fantastic.  I have managed to sort out my garden, read 3 books, go for some beautiful walks, see a woodpecker and watch a mother blue tit feeding her young in my parent's garden (via zoom) as well as do lots of cooking which I love.  The two middle pictures show my strawberry and raspberry plants and my sunflowers. The last picture is a view from Devils Dyke, you can see for miles in all directions. The view is, as my dad would say,  phenomenal.


Although I am sure you have all enjoyed a week off learning,  unfortunately it is now time to once again be The Best you can Be and Go the Extra Mile to make sure you don't forget any of the knowledge you learnt before we went into lock down.

To get you all in the right frame for learning, I will start by putting up the Top Tens.  Remember to give yourselves 50HPs for each time you appear on a list and give yourself a huge pat on the back for being so amazing.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of your brilliant work today.  Don't forget to email it to me.

Miss Read





  Ellie never disappoints.  First day back and I have received spellings and lots of Maths.  Well done Ellie.  Keep up the amazing work.


Finley has been working hard on both his English and his History.  He even went the Extra Mile to write some additional facts about three of the countries in the British Empire.  Well done Finley.  Excellent Home Learning



Just before half term Georgia had the amazing opportunity to become an osteologist for the day and rebuild a skeleton of a  fox using bones dug up by her dog (They were cleaned and sterilised by her mum who works with bones as part of her profession) Georgia was able to to rebuild the skeleton whilst learning about all the different types of animal bone and their function in the body.  Fantastic Science Georgia.


Georgia continued with the Science theme and completed a food chain/life cycle piece of work before moving on to History and DT.  Excellent looking cheese and sun dried tomato loaves Georgia.  I'm sure they were extremely tasty.



Check out Queenie's cute Guinea Pigs.  They look adorable.  I'm sure she will be a great carer for them and I'm hoping she will let us know what she has to do to take care of them by writing out her daily routine.  Perhaps others in the class have pets too and would like to do the same thing. It would be great to have lots of lovely pets on our class page and be able to help others learn how to look after them.

friday 22nd may

Well you've done it.  You have completed another 5 weeks of amazing Home Learning and after today you can have a well deserved week off.  I only received work from 4 of you yesterday so I would like to see a little more work sent in today please.  Our class page has looked amazing from day one so I would like to keep it that way until the day we return to school and I can only do that with your support :-)

It looks like once the wind settles down, today will be another lovely day so make sure, if you are near to completing your book, you find a lovely warm spot to read in and do your AR quiz.  I will be checking at the end of school today and passing all the names to Mr Yelling.  

Have a great Half Term

Miss Read


Last work of this half term.  The amazing Ellie who has managed to beat her time for completing a Times table grid by a whole 1 minute.  Well done Ellie.  Brilliant Home Learning.


Readings, spellings and lots and lots of Maths.  Well done Cristian you are a brilliant Home Learner.


Bella has been working hard on her drawing skills, DT and Maths.  How great is her drawing and what a fantastic NHS sign to put up in her window.  An all round great Home Learner.

  Summer 1 target met 100% well done Khemjira. Fantastic reading


Khemjira's latest dish she has been cooking is Thai fried potato balls.  Don't they look amazing.  Great Maths too.

  Looks like Zane has created a great place to read.  Very comfy.  With such perfect reading conditions I'm sure he will definitely be meeting his reading target next half term.



Another amazing news report.  This time from Theo who is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the Titanic and has created a great news report all about it as if he was a news reader from 1912.  His beautifully handwritten version of the report can be seen below.



Eva has sent in this fantastic news report.  She warns you to ignore the extreme bedhead but has a very positive message for everyone in what could be seen as a very negative time.  Excellent work Eva


Check out this delicious looking lunch Eva made for her family during the week.  I'm sure it tasted amazing.  She also found time to create a great poster on Muslim weddings.  A brilliant week on Home Learning.  Well done.

   Austin has done a great job writing all his spellings in bubble writing.  It looks great and large enough to see no matter where you are in the room.  Great job Austin.

thursday 21st may

Good Morning everyone. Another lovely hot day, another chance for learning in the sunshine and reading in the shade.  I was so touched yesterday by your amazing collage.  You really did make my day so thank you all of you.  Definitely one of the most amazing classes I have ever had and of course I should also thank your amazing parents who are doing such a good job of supporting you with your Home Learning. Gold Awards for all of you. 

I am really looking forward to seeing your news reports either today or tomorrow and also those Science food chains and Geography food information.  I only received work from 5 of you yesterday, rather than my usual 8 or 9 so I am going with the fact that you must have all been super busy creating amazing work to show me today :-)

Have a brilliant day.  Hope to hear from you all soon.

Miss Read


Looks like Melody and Willow have the perfect place to read .  Swinging in a Hammock in the warmth of the garden. Lovely.  Reading there has certainly had the desired effect.  Another quiz passed.  Well done 


Ellie has sent work to me every single day since we started Home Learning.  Her perseverance and attitude to learning is fantastic.  Today she passed yet another quiz and has now met 200% of her target as well as working really hard on her Maths and Spellings. Amazing work.

  It seems that Annie and Erin never get enough of baking.  There house must be full of delicious treats.  This time they have baked Brownies.  I do hope I get a chance to taste all this amazing food they are cooking when the schools re-open :-)


Yet another amazing video clip from Melody.  This time Melody and her sister have created a news report based on the schools re-opening on the 1st of June.  She has thought carefully about the studio decoration as well as the interviews and props she has used.  All in all it is fantastic.  There is even some drama.  Never leave your back door open.  Watch the video to find out why.





Check out all the creative ways Melody and her sister have been using to learn their times-tables. You might want to have a go yourself or maybe let the class know of some inventive ideas you have been using with your family.



Melody's brother came up with a great Art Project for Melody and her sister to do this week. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think. Melody started by choosing objects to represent a theme, in this case, lockdown. Then she traced the pictures before filling them in with block colours.  Doesn't the end result look fantastic. Excellent Art work.



wednesday 20th may

Hi everyone.  Today is going to be hot hot hot so make sure you pop on that sun-cream if you are going to be outside.  Let's start today off with another fantastic joke, this time from Theo - Why did the photographer go to jail?   Because he was framed :-) 

Lots of lovely activities planned for you today on the Year 5 daily learning page.  More work on your news report, a Geography activity to find out where the food in you cupboard comes from, PE for Mr Quick, hope your times are improving on all the activities, and some Art if you fancy doing it.  I know I keep nagging but also please don't forget you only have 3 days to meet your Summer 1 reading target.  Ellie, Bella G, Melody, William, Finley and Nicholas have already made it whilst Matilda, Nethanylle and Rose are so close its unbelievable.  The rest of you, it only takes 1 book with enough points to meet so find yourself a nice shady spot in the garden and curl up on a comfy rug or cushion and get lost in an adventure.  

Nearly half term so keep persevering.  You are all doing amazingly well and I am super proud of you all.

Miss Read



You really are the most amazing class.  Thank you so much :-) :-) :-)​​​​​




Lots of lovely work sent in by Cristian today.  maths, Spellings and starter boards as well as a lovely photo of him and his sister at Seven Sisters.  It is always good to take a break from Home Learning to enjoy the sun.


Here is Ellie's Spellings, Maths and Times tables for the day.  Incredibly she has reduced the time it takes her to complete a times table grid by just under 2 minutes.  Thats amazing Lerning.  Well done Ellie.


Erin and Annie have been busy making jam tarts.  They look extremely delicious.  Great DT


tuesday 19th may


Hi 5CR.  I am looking forward to another day of receiving all your amazing work. There is some great Science for you to do today on food chains. I know Georgia is going to love doing that and I am sure there are many mor of you that enjoy being scientific and will produce some amazing pieces of work.

I really hope some of you signed up to the West Sussex school games yesterday so we can help Chesswood get to the top. If you haven't done it yet that could be a task for you to do today.  The only thing you have to do is practise the activities and send your results in on Friday.

Last week Bella G very nicely sent in some Sunflower seeds for me to plant.  They are now on a pot on my window sill and I can't wait to see how high they grow.  If any of you are growing sunflowers too it would be great to see who can grow the tallest in the class by the time we break up for the Summer Holidays.  If you want to join in, get planting and make sure you send in updates on how tall your sunflower is getting.  It is just a bit of fun so you don't have to join in,  but it would be great if all of us grew one.

Have a great day Home Learning

Miss Read

  Bella looks very pleased with her colourful way of practising her spellings.  Great work Bella, you can clearly see the different endings.


Once Ellie got her Turbo maths and Spellings out of the way today she started on an amazing story.  I have put up her plan for you to see but you will have to wait for the finished work.  I have had a sneak preview and I can tell you it is excellent.


Khemjira always makes the most delicious looking desserts.  These are Thai glutinous rice balls in coconut milk.


When not making desserts she even finds time to complete her Comprehension,  Maths and turbo Maths.  Brilliant Home Learning Khemjira.


Joshua has been hard at work completing lots of different activities for many subjects.  Here is an example of his fantastic Maths and Art.  He obviously did a lot of research for his job profile.  Well done Joshua.  Excellent Home Learning.


Finley has completed not just one, but three excellent Food Chains.  Great researching and fantastic presentation Finley.


Melody and her sister Willow have been busy making a great colour wheel which they then turned into a Rainbow. Even the cat joined in.  Can you spot it?

monday 18th may update

According to Mr Quick there are no personal challenges this week and you need to complete the challenges at the following website  If you go onto Home Learning then PE Daily Learning, examples of the challenges are on there.  This week it is Wall Sits, Stork Stands, Dish and Dome and Around the World.  They are really easy to complete so don't worry if you think you aren't all that good at PE, you will be able to do them.  Sorry for putting up the wrong bit earlier.  I was a little unclear before.

monday 18th may

Good Morning 5CR.  Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Today is day one of what looks to be a really lovely week.  Just the right weather to Home Learn in the garden and enjoy the sunshine.  I have taken a quick look at your learning activities for today and they look great fun.  You can be a journalist in English and record yourself reading your article like a newsreader, in History you can make Salmagundi or create a dish using ingredients that would have been around in the Victorian times and if cooking is something you really enjoy you can even have a go at the Great CTV Bake Off!  I have also been informed by Mr Quick that although many of you are doing Joe Wicks workout every day, very few of you are taking part in the Personal Challenges set.  This week it is Squats, Mountain climbs, Pillow to Pillow and Sofa Dips.  See how many of each you can do today, practice each day and then on Friday send in your improved scores to Mr Quick.  He will definitely appreciate it.  Chesswood isn't doing too great against other schools right now so bring out your competitive spirit and make Chesswood the best.

Just a few more jokes to set off the week with a smile.  The first is from Austin - Why do golfers carry a spare sock?  Just incase they get a hole in one!!  And below are some from Queenie. 



Have a great day

Miss Read



Well done 5CR, great Top Tens this week.  The only one we didn't get a Top Ten for was TTRockstars.  We will have to try a bit harder on that this week. 

Here is Nethanylle's Stop Cyber bulling poster.  Like Finley, she also has some great advice to keep you safe online.


Another excellent comprehension by Ellie along with Spellings, Turbo Maths and a times table Grid Challenge she decided to set for herself.  Ellie is going to complete a grid every other day to see how much she can improve her time.  I think that seems like a great idea.

Finley has completed his Cyber Bullying poster.  Great advice Finley to keep us safe online.




If you need some fun ways to learn your times tables you must check out this video from Melody, it's amazing.  You will definitely want to learn using her methods.  



Queenie has already finished her News Report and it is only 10.42am on day one.  A very speedy bit of home learning but a very important message.

friday 15th may

Morning 5CR.  Its Friday, the sun is shining and it is just 1 more day until the weekend.  Let's start this Friday with a couple of jokes.  Here is one from Austin - What did the ocean say to the pirate?  Nothing, it just waved.  And heres another one, this time from Tyreece - Why did the bicycle collapse?  Because it was two tyred.   

I am really pleased to say that both Melody and Bella P met their Summer 1 reading targets yesterday and a potential 3 more could do it today.  Keep it up 5CR, that prize draw will be taking place at the end of next week.  For some of you it is a really easy target to meet for others you may have to work a little harder but it is definitely possible.

Have a great day Home Learning and keep sending in your amazing work.

Miss Read

Such beautiful colours and finite detail in this picture by Queenie.  Definitely an artist in the making.




Eva has been working incredibly hard over the last few days.  Not only has she completed her Geography, DT, PE and Maths but she also wrote a fantastic story and a brilliant definition of what a friend is.  Definitely a recipe to follow.  Well done Eva


Cristian has been working exceptionally hard on his Maths this week completing lots of multiplication and division questions.  He also found time to work on his spellings and managed to get a fantastic score of 13/20.  Brilliant work Cristian.


Great Maths, 20/20 in her spellings and an AR Quiz passed meaning she has met her target and has now read over twice as many words as she did in Year 4 - Incredible work Ellie.  


thursday 14th may

Good Morning 5CR.  Being over half way through the week and very close to the end of this half term I decided to take a look at the Reading that you have been doing.  So far 2 of you - William and Nicholas - have met their Summer 1 target.  A further 2 of you - Finley and Matlida - are within 0.5 of their target and then there are 10 of you - Ellie, Bella G, Khemjira, Melody, Harry, Eva, Cristian, Queenie, Nethanylle, and Joshua - who are all over half way to meeting their target.  Unfortunately there are also 14 of you that have not taken a test in the last 5 weeks.  It could be because you are reading a really long book or it could be because you are not doing enough reading.  Either way I would like you to try really hard to take a test in the week and 2 days we have remaining in this half term and to make sure that you read for at least 30 minutes each day.  There are very few jobs in the world that do not involve having to read and there are no subjects in school where reading does not feature at all so it is infact key to learning and really important.  

Don't forget to send me in any work you are proud of.

Have a lovely Home Learning Day.

Miss Read

  Annie      Erin


When Annie and Erin are not racing around the street on their Go-Kart, they like to create bunting, draw Spongbob and up-cycle clothing.  Great Home learning girls.  Keep it up.

  This is what an overjoyed Melody looks like when she meets her AR Target.  Well done Melody.  Fantastic work


As well as reading 2 books, Melody also found time to write a job profile for a clothes designer and check on her bug hotel.  It looks like a few bugs have definitely decided to check in.



Here is some of Ellie's work from the last 2 days.  Always beautifully presented and always done to the best of her ability.  Great Home Learning.

 Such a beautiful picture drawn by Queenie.  Such lovely use of colour.

Theo has been looking at Maths with regards to Carbohydrates and Insulin levels.  Really important Maths for him and such great learning.

  How brilliant is this kettle drawn by Matilda.  Great detail and shading. It looks so realistic.


Check out Finley's cool up-cycled T-Shirt.  It looks great.  Not satisfied with doing just one of the DT Tasks, he then went on to do the other two as well.  Definitely Going the Extra Mile.  Well done Finley

wednesday 13th may

Another beautiful sunny day .  It's National Numeracy Day today.  Time to find numbers everywhere and dress up in an outfit that includes Maths.  It could be as easy as How many stripes on my outfit? or How many different coloured spots? or perhaps you own some outfits with numbers on them.  It doesn't matter how you celebrate just get involved and send in your pictures for the website.  Make sure you have a lovely day Home Learning and remember to take a break if you are finding some of the work a little difficult.  You can always do some reading or IXL then get back to the tricky stuff when you are feeling more able to do it.  It is important to complete as much of the work set as you can but it is also important for you to not get upset or frustrated about doing it.  Learning should be about increasing your knowledge.  You should do it because it is going to help you in the future no matter what job you choose to do. If you can find a love of Learning now I promise you it will make life a lot easier for you in the future, and you will get the better jobs.  It may not lead to the best paid job but it will lead to a job that you want to do and you will enjoy doing.  

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Miss Read


Melody has been working really hard on her writing so she took a little break to work on some Bitesize Maths.  Looks like you are doing really well Melody.  Keep it up.


How delicious does this pizza look! Georgia has even sent a close up picture to make us drool at its excellence.  As a bit of a twist she used a naan bread as the base then added olive oil, balsamic dressing, parmesan, red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and grated cheese.  Delicious.  Georgia also managed to finish an entire spelling book.  She is definitely Going the Extra Mile to Be the Best she Can Be.

  Finley has had a really creative morning.  He designed a Maths game for his little brother to play which involved him finding the answers to Maths questions which were hidden around the house.  It looks like he had great fun and completed the game.  His reward was a lovely apple. Amazing idea Finley.  Well done.

Oliver has been researching his local area and has drawn this great map. He has even thought about the shape of the road and the little passages that go off it.  Excellent Home learning.

  Annie and Erin are racing through their Home Learning.  Looks like they are all set for Goblin cars next year.


tuesday 12th may

Hi 5CR.  I know there is a lot of talk at the moment regarding schools and their re-opening but nothing is certain yet so we need you to keep persevering with the Home Learning until we know for sure when and how we can safely teach children in a school environment.  So here are some exciting activities you could do today.

Maths is multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits.  I know some of you still find this tricky.  Can you challenge yourself to learn this method?                                                                                                                                                                                                     TTRockstars - Play Soundcheck 5 times - can you score 25/25                                                                                                        Duolingo - Can you earn 10XP  (We only had a top 8 this week - there are 33 of us.  We can at least get a Top 10)                   Musical Maths - It is National Numeracy Day tomorrow.  Can you create a little song or rap to help people who struggle with their times tables to learn them.  Think of all the songs you know the words to. Why do you remember the words?  Use this knowledge to help you come up with a great times table song.                                                                                                          Music - A little plea from Miss Cossins to not forget about music.  It has its own section on the drop down list so it is easy to miss as it is not on our Year 5 Daily Learning table.  This week Miss Cossins would like you to research a genre of music such as Classical, Dance, Rock or Musical Theatre and create a poster or powerpoint on it.  Sounds like fun.  You get to listen to some great music whilst researching it.

Whatever you decide to do today remember to challenge yourself to Go the Extra Mile and Be the Best you can Be.  Have fun and don't forget to read.

Miss Read 


Khemjira and her sister's culinary skills never cease to amaze me.  They have made Thai fruit shaped Mung Bean dessert.  It looks delicious.

It appears that Tom has been getting some help with his comprehension from his dog Millie Molly Mandy.  She even put on a Chesswood tie so she could feel like part of the Chesswood Community.  Great work Tom.  I can see you have written loads, or was it your dog???  She is looking a little guilty there.


Theo has been working really hard on his IXL.  He looks very pleased with his efforts so far.  Will he be top of the Top Tens next week?  Who know,  perhaps he is in line for a prize as well as 50HPs.

Look at this amazing poster created by Ellie.  I can clearly see she loves her musical theatre.  As well as going the extra mile with her poster she also went the extra mile with her spellings and Turbo Maths getting top marks in both.  Well done Ellie.

Cristian has been putting loads of effort into National Numeracy Day.  Check out where he has found numbers on every day equipment and his clever body numbers with his sister.  Can you identify the numbers 77, 9 and 56?  and what do you think the answer to their number problem might be?  Great Work Cristian and family.


Cristian has also been working extremely hard on his Maths and spellings.  Amazing Home Learning Cristian.




monday 11th may

Good Morning 5CR.  What a great weekend we had.  I hope your V E Day celebrations all went socially distancing well.  I went for a lovely walk on Friday along the seafront and then went for a bike ride on Saturday.  It was so nice to feel the warmth of the sun and appreciate how beautiful Worthing is.  We are really lucky to live near the sea.  I love the sound of the water crashing against the rocks and seeing the waves gently lap against the pebbles.  I did have to move from the rock I was sitting on twice though as the sea kept coming further in.  I didn't mind my feet getting wet but some of those surprisingly big waves were definitely trying to soak me!  On Sunday I made bread for the first time and cooked some brownies and flapjacks.  They all came out really well.  My daughter is going to make some soup today so we can have soup with fresh bread for tea tonight.  I am really enjoying having time to experiment with my cooking and I can see you are all enjoying it too. We are going to have a nation of fantastic bakers, forget the ready meals and oven tray meals.  You are all cooking from scratch which is an excellent skill to have.

Have a lovely day Home Learning and keep sending me in your amazing photos.  Believe me when I say I really enjoy seeing them and I appreciate each and every one of them.  As a class we are doing so well, personally I think we are the best but I am a little biased.  Have a great day

Miss Read



 Here are the Top Tens for last week.  Well done all of you that appear on these lists especially Deni.  Nearly 14 hours of IXL Maths!  That's incredible.  I would like to just point out that only 5 children did 30 minutes or more of both IXL Maths and English.  I know there is lots of other work you are doing but it is still important to keep up to date with your Times table knowledge, Reading + Maths and  English skills.  It may seem a while off yet that you will be back in school but you will be back at some point and these skills are all really important in every year group.


Looks like there was lots of fun to be had at Melody's V E Day celebrations. Decorations and freshly cooked scones with cream.  I bet they tasted great.  Just look at the concentration on her face as she was measuring the ingredients.  There is no way they could go wrong.  Brilliant Home Learning.


Ellie has completed yet more fabulous work and is still working on completing all of the IXL English questions for year 5.  Nobody I know of has ever completed all the Maths questions.  Could you be the first?  A real challenge there if anyone would like to accept it.


William is continuing to work really hard on his baking and art skills.  How fantastic does that chocolate chip bread look and his picture of Mandalorian is very acurate.  Looks like he had a fantastic V E day too.




How cute are Khemjira's drawings.  Such a brilliant artist.  It's great that she still finds time for all her Art whilst managing to complete comprehensions and Turbo Maths too.

   Delicious looking lemon drizzle cake and an excellent information page on V E Day from Georgia.  Well done. Great Home Learning.




Eva had a great week last week completing her Shape Challenge, Geography, Maths, Music and Extra Challenges.  Fantastic Home Learning.  What a superstar.



This is a sample of the work Joshua completed last week.  Geography, Maths, Spelling and Music.  Keep up the great work Josh.  I am really pleased you are completing a variety of subjects, makes Home Learning much more fun.


Lets start the week with some photos of Oliver cooking Rock Cakes.  It looks like he is having great fun.  Excellent DT Home Learning.


thursday 7th may

Its a 4 day week so today is your last day of Home Learning before getting a 3 day break.  Let's make today amazing. I have only heard from 10 of you this week so the rest of you, make me smile and show me what you have been up to. Have you tried the Origami?  What about the DT engineering Activities?  The Music looks fun and lots of you are enjoying the descriptive writing, some of you have even written stories. There is loads to choose from so come on 5CR, keep up the amazing work.  If nothing else, all of you were asked to sent an email from your school email address.  So far I have heard from 15 of you since Home Learning started.  Where are you everyone else?  Send me a joke.  If your email doesn't work.  Let me know and I will sort it for you.

Heres a joke from Eva to start off the smiles                                                                                                                                          Today a lady came to the bank.  She asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.

Miss Read

Ellie has of course been completing her Maths and English Home Learning but on top of that she has been hammering her English IXL.  98% Mastered.  Just 2 sections to go.  Go Ellie!


As well as his writing, Cristian has been working hard on his Maths and Spellings.  He even found time to create a flag for VE day and I'm sure his music learning will come in really handy for the celebrations.  Fantastic work Cristian.

  Matilda has been working hard Bird Spotting in her garden.  What a great activity to be doing at home.

      Fantastic fact file on how Muslims celebrate the birth of a baby.  I can see you have worked really hard on this Bella. Very informative.

  Check out Eva's amazing drawing.  I love how she has explained how she feels about this type of Art work and the steps she had to achieve to complete it.  Fantastic work.



Lots of you have been working really hard on using descriptive language to describe pictures this week.  Below are 4 more pieces of amazing work by 5CR .  Well done Bella P, Finley, Melody and Cristian.  Excellent use of language and the senses.

  Bella  P







This video of Melody and Willow's volcano is fantastic.  Well worth a watch with brilliant sound effects and editing.  Well done Lapsley family.  Incredible Home Learning.



wednesday 6th may

Good Morning once again.  Let's start today with some of the jokes sent in yesterday.

Zane sent in - Doctor Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a vampire.                                                                                                                                        Necks please.                                                                    

Ellie sent in - Why did the boy eat his homework?                                                                                                                                                       Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake!

and Bella P sent in a cheeky one that I'm sure your parents will find funny too.  The adults in the PPA room did yesterday.                              Son: Dad what happens when you are drunk?                                                                                                                                        Dad: You see those 4 trees, you would see 8                                                                                                                                          Son: There are only 2 trees Dad!

I hope those jokes put a smile on your face to start off your day of Home Learning.  Keep them coming in along with your fantastic work. I know Miss Cossins has added a few activities on the music section of the Home Learning so don't forget to take a look.

Enjoy the sunshine

Miss Read


Ellie has been working really hard on her VE Day poster.  Very informative Ellie and so well presented.


She has of course also kept up with her Maths and Spellings.  Great work as always.




Check out Bella's fantastic description of the picture on the screen behind her.  She has used some amazing figurative language.  You could almost imagine yourself being there.



Bella had chosen to present her VE Day information in a really creative way.  Putting herself in the picture as if she was there at the celebrations as a 5 year old girl.  Such a lovely way to show your knowledge Bella.  Well done.


Finley has been hard at work writing yet another descriptive paragraph.  He challenged himself to use all the senses this time and he managed it really well.  He has also created a map of his local area with a key.  Well done Finley.  Great work.


Rose has been doing even more baking.  This time it's chocolate marble cake.  She made it as a surprise for her mum. It looks extremely delicious.  She has also been working hard on her descriptive writing.. her forest sounds a lovely place to visit.


Check out this amazing descriptive writing by Melody.  Rather than just writing a few sentences she wrote an entire story and it's fantastic.  She definitely went the Extra Mile.


This is the beginning of Melody's volcano.  Apparently there is a video to come.  I am definitely looking forward to that.  Great shape activity too.


tuesday 5th mAY

A little fact for you to start off your day.  Tuesday gets its name from a middle English word Tiwesday.  This middle English word comes from the Old English word Tiwes daeg, named after the Nordic God of War Tyr otherwise known as Tiu to the Anglo Saxons.  I find the origins of words quite fascinating. I wonder how the people who discover something new decide what to call it?  How would you name a new discovery?  Anyway, back to todays learning.   I know that this Home Learning has been going on for a while now but try to remain positive and keep persevering.  Hopefully we will all be able to see each other soon but until then this class page is a fantastic way to stay in touch with the rest of the class.  From phoning you all I know that many of you enjoy looking through the fantastic work that has been sent in and seeing the smiling faces of your class mates so keep it coming.  This class page will be a fantastic snapshot of how children who had to go through the Coronavirus pandemic kept up their learning and made their school proud.  Children in the future at Chesswood may well use it as part of their History lesson! how cool is that, you may be part of the new History Curriculum to come.  

Have a great day making Chesswood proud.

Miss Read


Check out Ellie's descriptive story.  It's amazing.  This is the new improved version.  It would make a great book.


Ellie's spellings, Turbo Maths and ability to do Timetables are top class too.  Great work Rock Hero.

    Can you bend your body into the shape of your name?  Bella P can.  Great work.



Someone else who is really proud of their  V E Day poster is Bella G.  She did an incredible amount of research and planning to create her finished piece of work and found out lots of interesting facts.  Fantastic presentation.  Well done.


After completing so much work she decided she really needed a treat.  Ginger biscuits were the answer.  Great cooking Bella



Finley is extremely proud of his V E Day Poster. He has researched some great facts.  He is also proud of his descriptive writing.  Great use of the senses Finley.


Khemjira has produced some fantastic bookmarks using her watercolour skills.  Very postive messages Khemjira.  Great comprehension and Maths too.


Check out Georgia's Gecko project.  It's really fascinating.  I learnt such a lot about Geckos from reading it.  Great candle making too.

    Fantastic spelling test and Maths Cristian.  You should be really proud of your hard work.


Here is just some of the amazing Maths work from Joshua.  He is working extremely hard at his IXL, Reading and Duolingo too.  He was on all 4 Top Tens.  Well done Josh.

monday 4th may

Good Morning 5CR.  There's nothing like the sunshine for making us feel happy and ready to learn.  It's a 4 day week this week with a Bank Holiday on Friday.  Bank Holidays are usually on a Monday but this year it is on a Friday to coincide with VE day.  The Chesswood Competition this week is to research VE day and create a piece of work to show your understanding.  I would really like you to have a go at this if you can.  This Corona Virus lockdown may seem really bad but what our grandparents/great grandparents went through in the war was far worse and it is important to remember what they did to ensure we are a free country today.

Well done all of you who have been keeping up with your reading.  We are only on week 3 of the Summer term and 17 of you have already taken a quiz or two (The Top Tens are below)  9 of you are already over 50% of your target, William has met 221.4% of his target and Nicholas and Nethanylle are less than 2.0 points off meeting.  Keep it up 5CR.  You are all amazing and I am really proud of you.

  William is really proud of his reading and so am I.  Amazing word count.

 Lovely descriptive writing Finley.  It sounds a very relaxing, calm place.


Superstar Ellie has begun the week with more fabulous work.  Her story is very mysterious.  Where did the lady come from? Why did she fall from up high?  Where is she?  This would make the beginning of a great story.



30 Hps for anyone on these Top Ten posters.  There will be prizes for anyone at the top when we get back to class.  I am keeping a note so don't worry you will definitely get your reward at some point. 


friday 1st May

Good Morning 5CR.  Its Friday and the rain has passed.  Time for another lovely day of Home Learning before the weekend.

I know today is a very special day for one child in the class.  Happy Birthday William.  If it is your Birthday then please let me know and I am more than happy to wish you a Happy Birthday on our class page.  If you have already had a Birthday and would like to send in a picture of your Birthday fun then I will wish you a belated Birthday and we can celebrate a little late.  I am also happy for you to send in pictures of yourself with cards or banners to wish your friends a Happy Birthday.  It must be a little strange to have a birthday in lock down so lets try to make it the best it can be without actually being able to see each other in person.

Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Miss Read




This hairdryer game is amazing and so much fun.  I really want to make one now.



Fantastic science experimenting by Melody and her sister Willow.  Even a question and answer session after to explain their results.  Brilliant Home Learning.



It is really not easy to teach someone to play the recorder.  Great patience Melody.  I am sure Willow will get there in the end.


Amazing diary entries Melody.  I love the idea of crumpets and Biscoff Spread for breakfast.



Brilliant marble run Khemjira.  You should be very proud of yourself.


Bella G has been busy getting creative with her sisters.  They have been making worry dolls together.  Bella not only managed to make one of her own but she also helped sew her sister's too.  Excellent Going the Extra Mile and showing Chesswood Courtesy, Care and Kindness Bella.  What a superstar.


Cristian has been working super hard too this week.  Check out his writing in English.  So proud Cristian.  This is amazing.



Having also finished her spellings and Turbo Maths, Ellie is now ready to settle down to a little bit of light reading - 10 Jacqueline Wilson Books.  Have fun.



Ellie also likes to create hovercraft in her Home Learning time, then slide across the floor like one.  Fantastic work Ellie

Ellie has also been working hard to remember fact about Islam birth too.  Don't be alarmed.  She doesn't really want to shave off the heads of all Islam babies, she meant hair, not head!

Finley has obviously remembered a lot about Islam Birth from out RE lessons.  Excellent facts Finley.



It looks like lots of you have been making marble runs.  Well done.  I know it can be quite tricky.  Ellie has sent in a video of hers and Zane has sent in a great picture.  Well done both of you.

thursday 30th april

Good Morning 5CR.  Happy Thursday. We are over half way through the week already. Nearly time for the Friday Teacher Dance.  Its a good one this week so make sure you watch it tomorrow.  

Thank you to all of you who sent in colour wheels yesterday, I have received a few more today so I will put them up as soon as I can.  Keep them coming, it makes our site look really colourful and cheery.  

I have just taken a look at the Year 5 Daily Learning document and I can see there are lots of fantastic activities on there for you to do.  For DT you can make a marble run, you don't have to use marbles, any small ball from a game will do.  How creative can you get?  Or perhaps you could make a video for Miss Cousins of you singing with feeling.  Maybe performance poetry is more your thing, I know you are good at that, I have video evidence from when we did poetry before.  And the last thing on there is for you to create a comedy routine.  Now I know for sure you can do that 5CR.  Come on lets get creative and make the rest of the class smile. Don't forget to send your amazing work to  You never know, your work may well be chosen for the next instalment of Chesswood TV.  

Have fun learning

Miss Read



First Marble run of the day from Nethanylle.  Well done.  Very creative work.



Bella has been hard at work creating some amazing Art Work based on 'The River'.  I love her use of sparkle and collage to give colour to her work.  Her fish drawings are amazing too.  can you work out her riddle below?


It seems that after all their Home Learning  Bella and her family needed a little treat.  That chocolate fountain looks delicious.


Lets start off today with colour wheels from Bella P and Georgia.  I am really impressed with how many different items they found to make their wheels.  So imaginative girls.  Well done.

wednesday 29th april


Ellie has managed to pass yet another AR test.  Well done Ellie you are well on your way to meeting your Summer 1 Target.  Great Turbo Maths and spellings too.


Cristian has been hard at work completing his maths and making sure his spellings are a colourful as possible.  Great work Cristian.


When Elsa is not creating complex colour wheels she likes to debate whether it is best to put jam on top of cream or cream on top of jam when eating scones.  Her scones look so delicious I'm sure nobody really minded which way round the jam and cream went as long as they got to eat them.


It was really lovely to get some work from Bella P this morning.  She sent me the work she is most proud of and she has every right to be proud, its fantastic.  Check out her History of Holmfield Park.  Really interesting.  Well done Bella.


Every time I think I have put up all the colour wheels I get more. It's fantastic.  Our page is really colourful today.  Thank you Rose for your version, as well as your excellent crafty pots and your smiling spellings.  Brilliant work.


It is lovely to see all the colour wheels you have sent in.  I really like how you have all use different items to create your wheel with.  Finley used pens, Malwina and Ellie an assortment of things and Zane, Lego.  Well done.  Very creative.


Elsa decided to do hers a little differently.  She started with the Primary colours then added the Secondary colours.  She even wrote an explanation.  Fantastic artwork Elsa.

tuesday 28th april

Good Morning.  I know it looks a bit glum out there but spare a thought for all the plants you have in your garden, especially the ones you have recently planted.  They are going to love it.  It looks like you are going to have to find fun ways to do Home Learning indoors and I'm sure that will not be too much of a problem if the fantastic extra learning pictures you have been sending in are anything to go by.  Perhaps you could teach yourself a new skill like juggling with socks or you could create something out of recycled boxes or even make up a new board game to play with your family.  The options are limitless if you put your mind to it. Rose decided to research the Titanic, Harry did a bird watch in his garden, Elsa recorded herself having an in depth conversation with her dad about the meaning of the word  'alien' and whether there could be 'alien' life forms elsewhere in the universe whilst Georgia painted some rocks to brighten up her home and researched tadpoles. What ever you decide to do in addition to the Learning given for today, make sure you keep a smile on your face.  Smiles can spread quicker than most known viruses.  Have you ever noticed how if you smile at someone they usually smile back.  Try it today and let me know how often you were able to make someone smile.  Especially your mums and dads.  Remember they are working extra hard too :-)

I have finally got round to doing the Top Tens for last week.  If your name is on the list congratulations and make sure you tally up those house points.

Have a great day.

Miss Read


Melody has begun the week by writing a diary entry from 2 different perspectives.


She also managed to complete her Maths, make a worry doll and get to Level 2 on her Touch Typing.  Great start to the week Melody.  Well done.

    Leon has completed a great comprehension on recycling.  Such an important topic for everyone.


William and Finley have started writing a brilliant story.  Check out the first few slides.  Can't wait for the next instalment 


Ellie has had a very productive day today.  Check out her amazing drawing and her fantastic NHS Rainbow cake. Excellent creative learning Ellie

  Only a top 9 this week.  Come on 5CR, we are better than that.  Well done these 9 children that did do their Duo Lingo last week. Have 50 HPs each




Monday 27th april

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend in the sun.  I went for a lovely walk down to the beach yesterday with my daughter. Although due to social distancing we were not allowed to stay for long, we did stand and watch the waves crashing on the shore.  It is one of my favourite sounds. 

Well its week 4 of Home Learning and I must say I am really proud of you all.  The work you are sending in is of a fantastic standard and I have received work from all but 5 of you which is amazing.  I am working on creating Top Tens for your IXL and Reading from last week.  I will try to get that up by the end of today if I can.

Have fun Home Learning and if I haven't got through to you by phone yet  I promise I am trying my best and I will get hold of you as soon as I can.

Miss Read


Ellie never disappoints when it comes to sending in her learning.  Here is a selection of her amazing work from Friday and today.  Always presented neatly and always the best of her ability.  Well done Ellie. A real Home Learning champion.

Khemjira is definitely an artist in the making.  Check out her fantastic painting.  


Somehow she also found time to do her Maths and English.  Well done Khemjira, you are a star.


Alongside all his other Home learning, Nicholas has been planting seeds, making sock puppets (the blue one is Chuck Norris)


Playing Goodminton ( A good version of Badminton) and cooking pizza.  So much creativity.  Well done Nicholas.


William was not put off when his dad wanted to clean the oven.  He simply made a cake in a mug instead.  Luckily he has shared the recipe with us. He also did some challenging Maths and an AR quiz.  Great Home Learning William.

  In amongst all his other Home Learning, Zane found a great way to study the moon phases using Oreo biscuits.  I am pretty sure there will be a total eclipse soon.  Those moons look very yummy.

  Lovely poetry Malwina.  You have really thought carefully about the words


Melody has been feeling really creative over the last few days.She has researched and created this amazing piece of Art


Made a bug hotel with her family.  Completed some touch typing and even found time to carry out a Science experiment.



Well done Melody.  Incredible Home Learning.

   Not only has Bella been extremely creative down the beach


But she has also completed lots of amazing Maths after listening to Charlie with her dog Beaux



and still found time to create an entire gymnastic routine with her sister.  Fabulous Home Learning.


Friday 24th april

Yay it's Friday.  Have you all checked out the prize table above.  Well done Khemjira.  A book prize is waiting for you when you get back and a big congratulations to Matilda, Deni, Eva, Tom, Cristian and Theo.  100 housepoints for all of you.

Today I am teaching the combined Year 3 and 4 class all morning so I won't be able to return any emails or upload any work to the class page until late afternoon.  I am also going to try to phone everyone I have not got through to yet once I finish teaching.  The number will come up as witheld or private, but it will most likely be me.  I have really enjoyed chatting to all the parents and children that I have got through to so far and I am looking forward to catching up with lots more of you today.  Please still continue to send in your work.  I really enjoy seeing what you have been up to and I promise it will make it on to our class page at some point very soon.

Have a great day class and enjoy your weekend in the sun.

Miss Read



It looks like Rose is getting ready for Junior Masterchef.  Your cooking looks really tasty.  She even found find time to get in a little research on the Titanic and some Guided Reading Comprehension whilst she was waiting for her goodies to bake.  Fantastic Home Learning Rose.


Georgia has been doing an immense amount of Home Learning over the last few weeks.  She has made a mini garden, created Easter cards, made a den out of sticks and branches, painted rocks and grown plants from seeds.


She even found time to do some science classifying, Tadpole observations, chilled out reading and poetry.  According to Georgia, Teachers Rock.  I agree.


Ellie seemed to be looking forward to doing her cooking but when it came to eating it she looks very surprised as to how tasty healthy food can be.

     As well as her cooking skills, Ellie has also been working on her spellings and Turbo Maths.  More fantastic work.  Time to have a well deserved weekend break in the sunshine.

  As well as getting all his Maths correct.


It looks like he got his dinner menu correct too.  That looks really tasty Josh. Well done.


    Excellent Maths and writing Oliver, very neat.

  Very creating and very healthy.  Well done Malwina.

 Zane has been busy creating this colourful masterpiece for the NHS.  Well done Zane it looks amazing.  So much detail.. It must have taken you ages.


Khemjira has been making Thai-Style banana cupcakes.  Luckily she remembered to email the recipe so we can all have a go if we want to.  They look really yummy.


Cristian has been hard at work completing his Nasty Writing,  Maths and poetry.  Check out the words he has used for his Haiku.  Such lovely use of language.

thursday 23rd april

Morning all.  It was really lovely to get to speak to some of you and your parents yesterday.  If I haven't phoned you yet I promise I will get round to doing it over the next couple of days.

Yesterday was a particularly slow computer day.  I decided to work from home so that I would be able to make my phone calls but my computer decided it really did not want to work at any speed and when I asked it to upload all your amazing work it flatly refused.  The school computers this morning however didn't really have a choice.  They know they have to work hard for the school to run.  In someways it is a bit like us.  When we are in school we know we have to get certain work done so we get on with it but when we are at home there are some days we just don't feel like it.  Let me assure you that I do understand and you are not expected to get the same amount of work done at home as you do at school.  These are very strange times and it can be very hard to get motivated.  Just try your hardest and get done what you can.  I also want to mention your hard working parents (Home Learning Educators) I would like you all to give them the biggest hug today and tell them what an amazing job they are doing.  In the classroom we all do the same lesson at the same time and have all the resources we need to support the learning.  Your parents are not only trying to run a house (cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing, mending, mowing ....) but some are also working from home and trying to teach more than one child in different year groups different subjects with very few resources.  I think they are all amazing and deserve to be praised.  I am really proud of them as much as I am proud of you. 

Have a lovely day and enjoy your learning.

Miss Read



Excellent poetry Melody.  I find being with my friends, sunshine, babies giggling, flowers and strawberry ice cream makes me happy too.  Your other poems all have beautiful vocabulary to make me smile as well.  I am pleased you have loads in your life that makes you enjoy the world around you and everything in it like family, friends, nature and animals.



Matilda has been very busy with her Home Learning.  Not only has she completed loads of amazing written work but she has also found the time to plant some seeds she got for her Birthday.  Look how big they have grown already.  The class would love to see them when they are fully grown.  Don't forget to send us another picture.


Khemjira has written a great acrostic poem about friends.  Everything you have written is so true.  That's why great friends are so good to have.  Excellent Nasty Writing and Turbo Maths too.



      Such lovely poems Finley.  Excellent use of descriptive language.  Keep up the great work.



Here is a selection of Amazing work by Eva.  Read through her poems, they are full of fantastic vocabulary her receipe is pretty cool too.  I bet it would taste really yummy.



It was fantastic to hear from Joshua today.  He has been working super hard.  He sent me 14 examples of his Turbo Maths!  I chose a good example and have added examples of his amazing History, DT and Spellings too.  He seems to be quite comfortable at that table with his sister.  Keep up the great work Josh.



Wow Scarlett such lovely work.  I can see you have put so much effort into you Home Learning.  You sent me so many pieces of work I had to choose just a selection for the class page.  Really proud of all the effort you are putting in.


Zane has created a fantastic chill out place to do his learning.  Great idea Zane.  Keep up the fantastic work.

  Cristian has created a lovely rainbow for the NHS


as well as completing his Geography work on Biomes, rainbow spellings and Maths.



He even found time for some skillfull drumming  Great talent Cristian.

wednesday 22nd april

Good Morning 5CR, the sun is shining and it's a perfect day to do some amazing Home Learning.  Mr Yelling did the Spring 2 raffle draw yesterday and I am pleased to say that 2 of you got a prize in Reading and 4 of you got a prize in Maths (27 of you did over 3 hours of Maths IXL over Easter.  You are amazing, keep it up) Mr Yelling is looking to do the IXL English draw today so make sure you keep an eye on our class page for those winners.  

I have just taken a look at the daily learning and there is so much on there you can have a go at.  I would love to see the type of Art you enjoy, the Geography biome game looks good and I am really enjoying all the poems you are sending in.  You also still have 2 days to complete the Turning Tides Easter competition and I have had very few drawings and paintings of rainbows for the NHS.  Being so close to the hospital it would be lovely if we can cover the wards with your amazing pictures.  

Lets keep up our reputation of being the Best we can Be and Going the Extra Mile.  I know you can do it and I am really proud of you.

Miss Read



Queenie has been researching the Mayan's.  Make sure you check out the amazing facts ahe has found.  Really interesting.



Eva has been really hard at working practising her Maths and Spellings as well as writing a beautiful poem about her family.

She has also been hard at work practising her gymnastics.  Check out her amazing skills in the clip below.




Ellie has been hard at work doing her Turbo Maths, Spelling and writing.  Her 4 seasons Haiku poem is fantastic. Lovely use of language and all your work is so well presented.  Fantastic learning.


Theo has been working hard on his English. Excellent Nasty Writing.  Great description 

Finley has been researching Watercolour artists.  His favourite was Bob Rudd.  What do you think?  Excellent researching.


Check out Bella's amazing watercolour of The Dome.  She even researched its History.  Well done Bella.

  And her poster is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.


Great comprehension work Leon.  Lovely full answers.

Tuesday 21st april

Happy Tuesday 5CR.  Thank you for all the lovely work and pictures you sent in yesterday.  I am really pleased that a lot of you are back into the swing of Home Learning after having two weeks off.  For those of you who have not yet sent me work, please do.  It is important that while we are apart physically we are able to be together on our class page by sharing all the amazing work we have done.

Big thank you to Eva and William who have done the AR Quiz for the Invention of Hugo Cabret along with Nethanylle and Leon.  Come on the rest of you.  You didn't even have to read the book, it was read to you so there isn't really any excuse for not doing the quiz.  Also a big well done to Joshua, Nicholas, Queenie and Khemjira who have done an AR quiz already this week and are on their way to meeting their target.  The prize draws will still happen and the prizes will be waiting for you when you get back to school.  Mr Yelling will be announcing the winners of the Spring 2 prize draw very soon.

Remember Home Learning is meant to be fun.  You are not expected to do everything from the daily work set, just pick the things you would like to have a go at and make sure to practice those Maths methods and spelling.

Have a lovely day and hope to hear from you all soon

Miss Read



Another great Learning day from Cristian.  Your written English is coming on really well and your poster is full of detail.  Well done.



Take a look at Melody practising her balancing and stretching.  A little wobbly at times but some lovely straight lines.


Melody then continued to practice catching, squats and blind star jumps. Are you there under that hair Melody?


Melody also found time to complete lots of Maths

 and this amazing poster for the NHS and an AR quiz.  Top work.


Along with her written learning(above) Ellie has been practising her gymnastics.  Check out her flexible moves in this clip below.



She even had time to fit in a bit of touch typing without looking at her fingers.  Well done Ellie, another fantastic day of home learning.

  Finley's amazing acrostic poem. Full of knowledge about the Greek Gods.


Beautiful artwork from Khemjira using water colour ink.  Well done, so creative.


Make the pizza, bake the pizza, smell the pizza, eat the pizza.  Excellent steps to enjoying delicious cuisine from Bella.


Eva has been busy completing her Mayan God work as well as her reading comprehension and English.  Read through her amazing cinquain poem.  It's lovely and all about family.  She also sent in her ICT DoppleMe character but I am waiting to have a few more before putting that up Hint Hint 5CR.  I though it would be fun to try and recognise the members of the class from their DoppleMe.  Just complete the DoppleMe online, take a picture then email it to me.


Along with practicing his DT skills of baking Cristian is practicing his methods, keeping fit and .......


climbing trees.  A bit like Leon who has taken climbing to a new level!  When Leon is not climbing he likes to make bridges.  Bear Grills would be very proud.



Monday 20th april

Good Morning 5CR.  I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter Break.  Now it's back to all the fun of Home Learning. I am more than happy for you to send me some pictures of what you have been up to over Easter along with your amazing work from today, it's time to flood our page with fantastic work and fun photos.

I did notice that other than Nethanylle and Leon, none of you have completed the AR Quiz on The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  This book is worth 4 points and has 25,083 words.  By listening to any chapters you missed and taking the quiz you will all be well on your way to meeting your new Summer 1 targets.  

Having had 2 weeks off you may be thinking, what is the point of Home Learning?  The answer is simple.  Firstly, achieving something everyday makes us feel good and feeling good is linked to being happy, so in a funny way completing the work set is actually good for your health :-) Secondly, you will at some point be returning to school (hopefully before the end of the school year because I miss you all :-) ) and when you do you will need to continue to build upon the knowledge you have in order to be ready for the Year 6 curriculum in September.  Like with anything you do, if you don't practise, your ability to do that skill reduces.  This will make it much harder for you to catch up when you are back in the classroom.  And lastly, I love seeing all the work you have done so in making yourself happy you are making me happy too.  

 Congratulations to this Top Ten.  Bella is Bella P


First day back and Ellie is straight in with the Home Learning.  Fantastic presentation and excellent detail.  Well done.


Looks like Leon had lots of fun over the Easter Holidays.  Star gazing, climbing trees and logs as well as roasting marshmallows.  


Amazing poems Theo and such beautiful handwriting.  I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday.



Easter in William's house looked amazing.  Cooking, making bread, growing plants, science experiments, rockpooling, fancy dress PE and chillin in the pool.  He also did an Easter Egg hunt.  So much learning and so much fun.

Queenie has been researching Mayan Gods.  I am so pleased we no longer practise these rituals.  I quite like my heart!  

        A little message from Bella G.  :-)


Bella has been having fun in her garden practising her sewing skills this Easter.  Not only has she made some lovely teddies but she has also fixed some of the broken items around the house.  Well done Bella.  Great work.



Lets start off this new term with a fantastic video from Melody.  If you have ever wondered how they make Honeycomb, Melody and her sister will show you exactly how it is made.  I might even have a go myself



Here is another video from the lovely Melody.  This time she is doing an investigation into the type of glass and amount of water you need to be able to make a musical composition.  Very interesting Science work.  Well done.


Unfortunately this amazing work from Deni was sent after I had left school for the Easter Holidays but I feel she deserves to be praised for her amazing effort so I have put these pictures up for everyone to see.  Well done Deni.

Friday 3rd april


Good Morning 5CR, where did you all go yesterday?   Apart from Khemjira, Oliver , Ellie and Leon, the rest of you seem to have disappeared.   It is the last day of Home Learning for two weeks so lets end this term with some amazing work for our class page.  You do not have to send in all the work you do, just the piece you are most proud of and I will proudly show it below.

I am in the process of sorting out the Top Ten Word count and Book count for March and the Reading Heros for this week so keep an eye on the space below, they will definitely appear at some today.  Also look out for the Friday dance crew which I am sure Mr Quick will be posting up during lunch.

Have a great day learning

Miss Read


Here we are.  The last pieces of work for the Spring 2 Term.  Thankyou Khemjira, great poster, Maths and Science work


So much work has gone into this writing Melody.  You should be so proud of yourself.


WOW Melody.  Amazing Art work.  Your collaborative Kandinsky work is fantastic.  You have definitely gone 'The Extra Mile' to Be The Best You Can Be'


Ellie never fails to complete her Home Learning.  You really are a superstar Ellie.  Have a well deserved two weeks off.


Here is a sample of the amazing work that Scarlett has been doing. Maths, Spellings, Writing and she has read Charlie and the Cholcolate Factory and passed the quiz.  So many reasons to be proud.  Well done Scarlett

  Well done Malwina.  Great Spellings.



Anyone who appears on any of these reading achievement posters can have 50Hps for each poster their name is on.  I am really, really proud of you.  Keep it up.  You are super stars.

Thursday 2nd april

Hi 5CR.   I am currently working on creating an amazing Art Curriculum with Mr Himsworth and Miss Price and we are all amazed by the standard of the sketching you are sending in.  Such high quality.  Here at Chesswood we want all our children to 'Go the Extra Mile' and 'Be the best you can Be',  you are certainly doing this with your Art and all the rest of your Home Learning. Such dedication.  Keep it up :-) Although we are about to have a 2 week break, make sure you still try to fit in a little learning each day.  There will be no work set on the class 5 Daily Learning page but you still have the opportunity to practice your Writing, Art, Maths and Reading.  I am sure with your imaginations and creativity you can come up with some really fun ways to do this.  Enjoy your day.  Miss Read


I see Khemjira is putting her DT skills to good use and she has even been kind enough to write out the recipe for us incase we would like to have a go at creating a huge marshmallow Krispie cake for our families too.


More beautifully presented work from Ellie.  From the wow comment on her division by two digits calculation I can see someone else is as impressed as I am by her high quality work.

 Delicious looking cake baked by Ellie for her Morfer (Grandad in Danish)  Excellent DT Skills


Excellent Maths and spellings from Oliver.  I know how tricky you used to find division.  Now you are completing calclations with ease.  Well done

wednesday 1st april

Good Morning 5CR, you have all been working so hard.  I am very proud of you all.  Just 3 more days of Home Learning before you get 2 weeks off for the Easter Holidays so lets make it a fun packed 3 days of learning  so I can put all your lovely work on this class page.  If I haven't heard from you yet, please get in touch, it would be great to see what you have been up to since you have not been able to come into school.   Keep doing those AR quizzes.  Top Tens will be posted very soon.

Have a lovely day

Miss Read


Congratulations Leon, Tom and Nicholas have yourself 50HPs and a prize will be waiting for you when you get back to school.  Also well done everyone else on the list.  50Hps each keep up the amazing work.

  Fantastic maths Oliver.  Well done



Check out Tom's amazing art work.  Its brilliant.  Well done Tom



What great writing and origami Melody.  I can see you have put a lot of work into your Home Learning.  I really like how you have made a draft of your letter before writing it up. Excellent work.



Eva sent me loads of amazing work today.  Rather than put it all on the class page I have chosen some of the best bits.  Fantastic Home Learning Eva.


I really like how Finley has made a draft of his letter before writing it up in neat.


He also used some great research techniques and created a word map.  Excellent Home Learning.  I know you are really proud of it.


More amazing Home Learning from Cristian.  Great cylinders and you are working really well on duolingo.



What a fantastic routine.  Well done Ellie.  Amazing.


Malwina is in a very creative mood today.  Excellent sketching and origami.


Some lovely spellings and Turbo Maths completed by Cristian whilst a green and yellow dinosaur cooks him pancakes.  Looks like great fun Cristian.  Excellent DT skills.


Well done Nikolay.  I can see you are working steadily through your book and keeping up with all the Home Learning.  Fantastic work.



This is amazing Bella.  You have put so much thought and effort into your fairy mansion.  Well done.   Have 50HPs

Tuesday 31st MARch 

Hi 5CR

I am so pleased to see that you are all doing so well on your Home Learning. I love receiving all your fantastic photos.  I hope you have all noticed that the housepoints are now shown alongside each piece of work on the daily learning table.  Remember to tally up all your hard work carefully, ready to put on your housepoint charts when you get back to school. 

This is the last week of the Spring 2 Term so I would like you to try your hardest to meet your targets on Accelerated Reader.  So far only 9 children have met their target ( Scarlett, Nicholas, Finley, Nethanylle, William, Caleb, Bella P, Annie and Matilda) 4 children are really close (Ellie, Deni, Khemjira and Harry) 5 of you have not read a single book this half term :(  and the rest of you can make it if you really try to be the best you can be and go the extra mile.  I am happy for you to email me if you would like to know how close you are to your target and how many points you still need :-)

I will be posting the top tens for IXL and TTRockstars tomorrow.  Remember prizes are available for the name at the top of each list.  I am keeping a note of all the children who have earnt prizes so far and I promise that no matter what date you come back to school I will ensure you get to choose your prize.  I am so proud of all the hard work you have been putting in.  Keep it up 5CR


I am not sure if William has sent me a picture of the cookies from the other day or whether he just loves making cookies.  It is definitely one of the best ways to do Home Learning as you get to eat your learning once you have finished.  He has been hard at work with his History and Science too.  Well done William.

  Yet another quiz completed by Ellie.  Target met.  Well done


More beautifully presented work Ellie.  You really are living up to the Chesswood Mottos of Be the Best you can Be and Go the Extra Mile

Theo gives a pretty good argument for not wearing a uniform in his letter to Mr Jolley.  Great work Theo. Well done

What an incredible eye drawn by Bella G - So much detail.  And she finished a book and passed a quiz.  Well done.  Amazing Home Learning

Queenie has decided if she can't work with her friends in the classroom, she will do it online instead.  Hi Bella P.  Great idea Queenie.

I just don't know where Elsa gets all the energy from.  In this picture she is doing a 3km run  She really is going the extra mile!



Excellent spinner experiment Eva.  You explained the science behind it really well


Annie and Erin have been hard at work researching life in Ancient Greece.  They have also been doing a lot of Duolingo and IXL.  I wonder if they will be at the top of the Top Tens this week.  They are definitely in for a chance at the prizes on offer.



Elsa has been in touch to say that she felt very active this morning.  

  Check out her awesome skills.


Like Cristian, Melody was putting her DT skills to good use yesterday and she too made some delicious looking cookies.  She also learnt all about surface tension and wrote a great report.  Excellent Science work.  Remember to add on those housepoints.


Those cookies look fantastic Cristian.  Great Maths work too.  Make sure you look on the daily learning table to see how many house points you have earnt.

Monday 30th march


More amazing work from Nikolay.  You are working so hard.  What a superstar.

Excellent Maths investigating Oliver.  Wee done


Well done Tom.  A fantastic game idea and loads of excellent spellings and Maths.  Keep up the good work.


Melody looks like she is having a lot of fun baking cookies inbetween her writing.  I hope they tasted yummy.


Well done Finley.  Loads of French home learning done and an excellnt map of Hugo's life.


Excellent writing Malwina.  I really like how well you have self-assessed your work.

  Well done Ellie.  Yet another AR quiz completed.  90% of your target completed.  1 point to go.


Fantastic work once again Ellie.  I love that you even found time to create a poster for your post woman.


Mystery solved.  Thank you Nikolay.  Now I understand the importance of the paper clip and water in the bowl.  Excellent Science experiment.

Here are the top 7 readers for week 1 of Home Learning.  Well done all of you.  50Hps if you are on the list.  Everyone else in the class, don't forget to complete those books and do your AR quizzes.  Each week the top readers will get a prize.  This week the prizes go to Ellie who read the most words and Scarlett who read the most books.  Well done girls.


Leo has been hard at work again practising his art skills, writing and doing his IXL.  30 more Hps for your fantastic home learning.  Keep it up.


Elsa has been putting all her ICT skills to good use sorting out her apps on her ipad to ensure she can find things as quickly as possible.  Have 20HPs for all your hard work



Thank you Queenie.  Lovely demonstration of compass directions you can find when you are out and about. Have yourself 20HPs 

Duolingo Top Tens

Some of you have made a fantastic start on Duolingo. The 20HP goes to Nethanylle with a huge 526XP-c'est formidable! 10HP for everyone else on the list for their excellent efforts.

1st-Nethanylle 526XP

2nd-Ellie 116XP

3rd-Erin 59XP

4th-Annie 58 XP

5th-Joshua 50XP

6th- Eva 30XP