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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday 25th January 2021

New Daily Teams Meetings

Class pages will no longer be updated by the class teachers. This is due to our new learning expectations, which include a daily Microsoft Teams meeting, 08:45-09:00, to register home learners and prepare them for the day of learning.

To access Teams you need to be logged in to your school email account (Office 365) - for help, click here. Or see the child friendly video for using Office 365 - Outlook email  here.

For help using Teams, click here. Or see the child friendly video tutorial for using Teams  here.

Assessment work

You no longer need to email in evidence of your work on a daily basis - this has been replaced with set pieces of work that will be identified for assessment. Your teachers will tell you which ones these are in the morning Teams meeting and they will be clearly identified on the daily planning. 

To send in your assessment piece, you will usually send an email (ideally from your own school account) with a photo or uploaded attachment of the work. Sometimes, assessment may just be to complete a Microsoft Form or to complete a quiz.

Your teachers would love to respond to all of your emails but that is not possible now. If you do not get a response, and you think you should have (i.e. you asked a question that needs a response), please resend the email with, ‘PLEASE RESPOND’ in the email subject line, this will act as a reminder in such busy times.

Teachers will select samples of work from those entered, to build exemplars of work against the set success criteria at differentiated levels (working towards age related expectations, working at expectations and working at greater depth) to reflect a normal classroom. The work selected will remain anonymous and will focus only on the good examples of meeting the success criteria. Pupils (and families) will then be given the opportunity to self-assess their work against the exemplars to judge how well they are doing and pick out some targets to work on in their next assessment piece.

Enjoy the new learning format.

Mr Yelling

Hello 5Em!

Hello everyone, I hope that you are well and have enjoyed the home learning this week. 

On our class page, I will post some photos of great work and achievements throughout the week for us all to enjoy. It will also have the Top Tens for the week. 

I have also posted the top tens and house points for this week. You can be awarded up to 50 house points for the Top Tens and those that are completing work and sending it in are also getting house points. 

If you have any questions or want to send me any of your work, please email me:

We are going to have a teams call every day from 8:30 till around 9:00 and on  Wednesday afternoon from 2:30pm - 3:00pm, so please join in using your school email!

There is also a live PE session on Wednesday 27th January at 10:55 - 11:30am! It would be great if you could join in with Mr Quick and Mr Haggart

I hope to see you all soon! 

Miss McConnell :) 


Here are all the reading targets so far this term! Keep up with your reading and lets all try to get to 100% again. 





Here are some suggested reading books suitable for Year 5 pupils - happy reading!


And don't forget to start some Year 5 IXL to get you ahead as well as improving your times tables on TT Rock Stars.

Be the Best You Can Be!