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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


IT'S Thursday so... IT's nearly friday!

I hope you're all well and looking forward to your Teams call tomorrow!

Many thanks for sending some work in and I've posted a couple of great pieces below.

Keep sending in more!

All the best and take care,

Mr Hicks

This is just the start of a great story from Sam!
Sam again writing all about Greek Masks!

Wednesday is here!

    Hi guys, Miss Usher here again. I hope that you found your tasks ok yesterday and managed to get most/all of them                done. Thank you to those of you that have sent work in both yesterday and today - I'll put another small selection at                the end of this message. Remember, even if you don't have work to send me, please drop me an e-mail so I can hear                how you're getting on at home!

    I'm enjoying making all of the videos for your English and reading. Between you and I, my favourite to make are the                  class reader ones! I'm really enjoying 'The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair' - I hope you are too!

    Today is my last day in school this week as usual, and Mrs Hossin is currently isolating, so she won't be in on Thursday            or Friday. This means that there is a possibility that this page won't be updated until Monday. However, if you have                  any photos to share, please send them to both myself and Mr Hicks, and he will try to upload them to this page if he                gets a chance.

    Below I've added 3 pictures of your home learning, as well as 3 top tens, completed today. Well done to those of you                that are on them this week. If you're not, could you challenge yourself to get onto one of them next week? You can do it!

Sophia H's book prediction

Sam's Seterra Europe Challenge

Sasha's Family & Career paragraph of his biography


    Fantastic work, as always 5UH! As I've said, we really are missing you all, so drop us an e-mail and tell us what you're            getting up to. 

    I'll speak to you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and take care!

    Miss Usher.


Hello 5UH!!

    Good morning everyone and welcome to 5UH's class page! You guys have done all of this before, but it's both Mrs                    Hossin's and my first time, so bear with us. We hope you've been getting involved in your home learning, especially                  as you have Mrs Hossin or myself doing your English inputs and your class reader videos each day - Luna (Mrs                          Hossin's daughter) even made a guest appearance!

    We've loved hearing from you while you've been off, and it's been brilliant to see the work that you've been doing -                  well done and keep it up! Even if you don't want to share work that you've completed, we'd LOVE to hear from you!                  Let us know how your days are going and what you're getting up to. We miss you! Send us an e-mail and keep in touch!

    I want to say a huge well done to Stanley for reaching over 100% of his reading target already - almost 200% actually!            Really brilliant work Stanley; keep it up!

    Below I'll include some of the work that we've been sent over the last week - it'll just be a small selection, so if yours                doesn't feature today, don't worry! Keep sending photos in and we'll get them up at some point!

   Jake's impressive sausage rolls


  Cerys' pom pom caterpillar, Po  Erdem's beautiful homemade bread

   Take care 5UH and I'll check in again tomorrow.

   Miss Usher.



Due to COVID restrictions, unfortunately, we cannot meet with parents this year. Therefore, we have produced this video to introduce ourselves, give a brief update on how the start of term has gone and tell you how you can support your child or contact us if you have any queries.



Transition Day - Wednesday 8th July

Watch my transition video to find out a little more about the new 5JH class.

Don't forget to check out the Daily Learning for our Transition Tasks - I would love to see your postcards so don't forget to email them to us, please.

Hopefully this will answer all of your questions, including the questions asked via the form responses.

If you have any further questions, or to post your postcards on the page (take a photo),

please email me:

I look forward to seeing you all in September.



Here are some suggested reading books suitable for Year 5 pupils - happy reading!


And don't forget to start some Year 5 IXL to get you ahead as well as improving your times tables on TT Rock Stars.

Be the Best You Can Be!

shared postcards

Postcards from children in school - thank you . Click on the picture to open the PDF document - then rotate counter-clockwise.