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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5NY - Maple

Friday 17th July

The final post from the 5NY class page. Have a great summer everyone. See you in September for a great Year 6!

TOP 5 House Points (well nobody else sent in their totals!)

The last day of term is a cause for both celebration and sadness.

Sadness that we will no longer be a class together - it has been a pleasure to be your class teacher this year. Such a shame that the school year has ended so strangely, but I so proud of all of you who have worked so hard in difficult times.

Celebration because we have reached the end of another school year - I wish you all well in your journey into Year 6.

Have a wonderful Summer break, look forward to seeing you all in September.


I don't want you to send your work in today - just messages for your teachers and classmates!

Don't forget to send me your house points totals - only a top 2 so far!

Here are the final Top 10s for the year - huge congratulations if you have made any of the lists.




Buddy's message is, "Have a nice holiday. Good luck in your new job, Mrs Nicholson.  Thank you for teaching me."

Nastia, Angela, Rares and Sonny have sent their thanks and best wishes.

Aaron wishes you all a great summer holiday and look forward to seeing his classmates in September. He says good luck to Mrs Nicholson. He will miss her.

Andrei sent the following message: Bye, bye Mrs Nicholson and bye, bye Mr Yelling! Bye everyone, have a very happy summer holidays!

Tommy's farewell is below.


Thursday 16th July

Thursday always seems the longest day of the week to me - a long way from Monday and still not quite Friday. Let us all try our best to keep positive and work hard. remember to send in your messages for the class at the end of the strangest school year of all time.

Here is a goodbye message from Mrs Overton.



Cameron has sent a message for Mrs N, "Sorry I couldn't say goodbye. Hope you have a fab time in your new job."


Wednesday 15th July

Happy Middle-of-the-week day everyone! Let's keep working hard for the last few days-only 3 to go including today and then it is a well-deserved break before the hard work begins again in September.

And today also marks for me (Mrs Nicholson) my final day as your teacher and my final day at Chesswood. Some of you may know that I am moving on to a new school in Brighton, much closer to my home.  After 10 school years, it's going to be a bit strange for me not to be driving down Chesswood Road everyday. It's been a pleasure to teach you all for Year 4 and 5-first time that I've ever taught the same class twice and I couldn't have wished for a better bunch to spend my days with! I'm very proud to have shared your learning journey with you all- we've certainly had a lot of fun! It has been wonderful to see each and everyone of you grow and develop from those fresh-faced Year 3s I first met to the now grown-up (nearly) oldest in the school! I wish you all the very best and every success in Year 6 and beyond. Now who's been chopping onions?!!

Love, Mrs Nicholson

Thank you Mrs Nicholson

I would like to start the tributes to Mrs Nicholson, she has been great to work with and a wonderful teacher to you all.

We will really miss her at school from September.

If you want to post a thank you message or video, send it to us and I will add it to the class page.


In other news, Aaron has been creating in his science experiment!



Tuesday 14th July

Tuesday is upon us already. Keep sending in your hard work.

Thank you Nastia for your contribution - turbo maths, GPS and spelling.


Aaron has turned 10 years old - happy birthday!

Angela has been working hard at her maths - she has also sent in her house points

(as the first person, she is currently winning!)


Monday 13th July

Welcome one and all to the last week of Year 5! What a strange year we have had. Well done to everyone for surviving it.

Mrs Nicholson and I would love to celebrate your fantastic efforts over the lockdown period. Please can you all count your house points earned in lockdown (you should have been recording this each week in your book) and email us both. It would also be lovely to collect a few goodbye photos (you waving goodbye) and messages to your classmates, or perhaps put your messsage in a video and send it in. I await your emails.


And here are the final duolingo Top Tens. I have been amazed at your dedication to your continuing French learning-how impressed are your Year 6 teachers going to be with your French skills?! Vraiment, c'est absolument fantastique et je suis très fière de vous!

-Mme Nicholson

Friday 10th July

Good morning - the end of the penultimate week of term - everyone looking forward to the holidays - tiredness setting in. Let's all make the extra effort to keep the quality high today.

Rares has continued his reading streak.


Thursday 9th July

Good morning. I will update the page as soon as I get a chance today.

Please do keep sending in your work, it will be placed on here eventually.

Well done, Tommy - 10/10 on your history too.

Buddy has turned into a mad scientist!



Buddy has also been reading.

Rares has been speed reading!


And Andrei has also completed a book.

Ela is proud of her writing - with a bit of added maths.

Aaron has been working on his DT.


Wednesday 8th July

Happy Transition day everyone! Wow, it's so hard to believe that you'll all be in Year 6 soon-doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago I first met you back when you were in Year 3 and you all asked me a million and one questions about what Year 4 would be like. Enjoy the day and 'meeting' your new teachers!

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning (I am actually posting this on Monday evening because I will be very busy on Tuesday). I will attempt to add content today but we have lots to plan for transition day on Wednesday as well - please keep sending in your work and I will include it as soon as possible.

Here is an update from Monday.

Amazing history top scores from Sophie, Nastia and Andrei, with a brilliant 9 from Rares.


Rares has also sent in his writing and maths.


Monday 6th July

Happy Monday morning everyone. Two weeks left of lockdown learning, then a fantastic Summer break and we are all back to school in September. Let's make sure you prepare for Year 6 as well as possible by putting maximum effort into your learning for these last two weeks.

Exciting personal news from me; this week I added to 5NY pets corner - meet Gryff, my new Black Labrador puppy!

No way near as exciting as as a new pupper, but here's our Top Nines (ahem..!) for Duolingo:

Super work as always from Cameron (20HP) and check out Aaron climbing the charts to second place!

News round up from last week.

Andrei finished the week with 20/20 for his spellings, completing his reading comprehension and doing his maths.


Rares completed his writing by editing his spellings and doing even more maths.



Friday 3rd July

It's Friday - nearly the weekend - one more push for hard work before two more days off.

Andrei has made an English quiz for you all.

And Andrei has been reading double!


Aaron has added to the art collection and completed his geography quiz.


Rares sent his art just after I updated yesterday (scroll down to see the art, cakes and a video of Buddy's guinea pigs!)


Thursday 2nd July

Wow, what a lot of work I have received over the last couple of days, thank you so much.

Art has been a strong favourite, with entries from Hope (great timing), Tommy (picturesque), Ela (beautiful), Nastia (cute) and Sara (just jealous!)

Maths has the usual suspects happy with their work: Andrei, Angela and Rares.


Rares has also been writing.


Nastia completed her science experiment.

Tommy and Andrei did the geography crossword.


Angela baked some excellent looking cakes - they tasted brilliant too (thank you!)

And finally, Buddy thought he would cheer us up with a video of his guinea pigs...and his sister

(I assume you can tell which is which!)



Wednesday 1ST JULY

Happy July everyone. Lovely videos and pictures shared yesterday - scroll down if you have not seen them.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to receiving even more.

Here are the IXL, AR and TT top tens for this week. Check out the AR targets met- 961% by Angela? WOW!!!


Tuesday 30th June

OK, own up-who did a rain dance?! Where oh where has the beautiful weather gone? At least if you're indoors today, there are lots of home learning activities to be getting on with. I know the holidays are coming, but let's keep going with our learning for these last few weeks of Year 5.

Work from today:

Science videos from Tommy and Andrei.






Tommy also did his history quiz.

Andrei also did some maths.

Rares has completed maths and writing today.


Here is some excellent work from the past few days.

Sonny did a writing report on Michael Jordan.

Aaron has created another fine science video.



Angela has also been doing her science - life cycles.


Rares has been working on his maths and history.


Monday 29 June

Welcome back to another week of home learning - just three weeks left to the Summer Holidays!!!

Therefore, we need to all work as hard as possible to prepare for Year 6.

Here are the Duolingo Top Tens for this week, with Cameron back on the top spot! Well done Cameron 20HP and 10HP for everyone else.

A quick update from last week.

Sophie was proud of the report she wrote in school.

Buddy has been working hard and created his report on the computer.



Rares has been working out his angles.


Friday 26 June

What a great week. Let us finish on a high. Send in your work to get on this page.


Thursday 25 JUNE

What a scorching day, I hope you are enjoying it - in between learning of course!

Aaron has been creating - his DT project had one success and one failure, which do you think was which?


Wednesday 24 June

Happy Hot Wednesday everyone. What a hot day it is going to be today and tomorrow. Make sure to wear lots of suncream if you're heading out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are the Top Tens for the past 7 days. Some amazing work going on in 5NY; Kyah has 100% accuracy in TT rockstars, 10700 coins earned by Billy and finally Angela at over 500% of her reading target. Well done everyone.





Tuesday 23 June

Good morning. Where does the time go? I seem to have lost yesterday in a blur of work!

Aaron has sent a couple of pictures to cheer everyone up.

Do you prefer his cat ready to pounce or in relaxed mode?


Here is an update from our regular contributors.

Tommy has completed another book and researched some history.


Rares has completed his history research, writing and maths and reading.


Cameron has captured his Duolingo skills, which is why he tops the charts so often.

Buddy took his geography quiz last week.


MOnday 22nd June

Well that was another quick weekend, wasn't it? What did you all get up to? Looks like the hot weather should be back this week, so certainly something to look forward to! In the meantime, here are the Top Tens for Duolingo. And looks like we have a new kid in town at the top of the charts. Well done Billy, have 20HP! 10HP for the rest of you. There are certainly going to be a lot of housepoints to record when we finally get back to school, aren't there?!