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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

5NY - Maple


The judging for the Cover competition has taken place and we have a class winner for each class - 50 house points per class winner. Begin your drum-roll for the winner - 100 house points - announcement after the pictures.

Raya (5AL)                                                                                         Khemjira (5CR)










Lexi (5EV)                                                                               Bella (5KM) 


Tommy (5NY)

And the winner is...

Lexi (5EV) for including thought for all subjects, teachers and Chesswood Bright Sparks messages too.

Well done Lexi - 100 house points.




We made it, the end of Spring Term, even if it has been the strangest end to a term ever known! Let us all make today count, the final day of concentrated learning for the next couple of weeks.  Can I please have some contact from people who have not said 'hello' yet -you know who you are!

To kick start the day, Andrei has finally managed to send through his Scratch game for you to play - he has persevered massively to get this link to you, so please play the game and leave a nice comment.

Nastia has completed the science project, checking the distances with a tape measure - brilliant.

Angela has completed more of her Ancient Greek booklet - Athena and Pegasus featuring on her artwork.


Sonny has posted pictures of him as an artist and the finished product - great work.


Nastia has completed her daily reading task.



Hi everyone, we are nearly at the Easter holidays, so let's give 100% effort for the next two days. I want to hear from everyone in the class before Easter - there are quite a few who are hiding from me!!! Send me an email to say 'hello' (see IT Help to see how to do this from your account), you can include a picture or video if you wish. 

Remember to check out news from the rest of the week (below) - Nastia wants you to play her game, you need to collect your house points from the TOP 10s and there are various videos and pet pictures.

Angela has taken the DT task to the next level - becoming an engineer herself.

Aaron has been taught an important life skill - making the tea!

Andrei is keeping fit.

Nastia has included her engineer for DT.

Hope has completed the art from yesterday.

Let's start today with the mouthwatering offering from Angela - rock buns, for which she has kindly produced the recipe.


WeDNEsDAY 1 ApRIL 2020

As it is April Fools Day, your task today is to send in joke to amuse everyone.

Remember to keep sending in the work you are most proud of too.

Nastia challenges you to all play her Scratch game - you can leave comments too (be responsible!) 

Anglea's cat has a motivational message for the class.



TOP 10s for last week: Wednesday 25 to Tuesday 31 March.

10 house points for every time your name appears on a Top 10 list. Keep you house points in a safe place (front of your orange exercise book?) so that we can continue to celebrate house points when we get back to school.

Challenge - can you get onto any of the Top 10 lists after Easter?




Nastia's science experiment video.



Emails received later yesterday included Andrei's science...

and Angela's art - a study of Leonardo da Vinci.


Goooooood morning! There are plenty of people that I have not heard from yet - time to get your work (or faces) on our class page! Send in your best work, a message for the class, or a joke to cheer us up. Remember to scroll down the page to see what other messages have been sent this week - and see the work in the menu section on the right.

Elisha is very proud of her formal letter.

Buddy's guinea pig is helping him with his work - he looks very educated.

Aaron has completed his science experiment.



Either Andrei is trying to cast a spell without a wand, or he is doing his spelling!



Andrei has entered the book cover competition - a strong contender?

Elisha added her spellings from yesterday - great acrostic skills, but can you spot the mistake?

To start, here are a few more photos from yesterday - Nastia's letter followed by Andrei's and Cameron's history task.


Good morning, I hope you all had a good weekend. This is the last week of term before a well-earned Easter holiday, let us make it a week full of enjoyable learning.

Please note a few changes - I will not be adding every picture to the class pages this week (it has been taking too long for all members of staff) so please only email me with the work you are most proud of each day. I would suggest that timetables, spellings, IXL and written methods do not need to be photographed any more. 

Aaron has sent in his joke of the day...

What do you call a wet bear?

A drizzly bear 🐻

Keep them coming!

Some of you have made a fantastic start on Duolingo this week. The 20HP goes to Buddy, who has achieved a massive 362XP. C'est formidable! Well done everyone else on the list, have 10HP for your excellent efforts. I'm looking forward to when we can speak and sing in French together again in class! Mrs Nicholson.

1st Place-Buddy, 362 XP

2nd Place-Cameron, 254 XP

3rd Place-Sara, 149 XP

4th Place-Elisha, 97 XP

5th Place-Nastia, 95 XP

6th Place-Sonny, 88 XP

7th Place, Sophie, 70XP

Tommy has been artistic too - look at this masterpiece!

Nastia has sent in a take away task she did over the weekend - amazing artwork.

I will still accept and post pictures of pets helping with your work - for instance, Elisha's cat has been doing her work for her!


Cats like to help out teachers too.Here's Ozzy helping out Mrs Nicholson today.




FriDAY 27 MARCH 2020

Have you got that Friday feeling? Well, you should - it's going to be a great day!

I'm really looking forward to everyone contacting me today - you were challenged to send me an email yesterday (see above) so let's get more of the class contacting me. Thank you for all of the photos and videos so far. Remember, you can just send a video or message to say 'Hello' to your classmates if you like.

We start the day with some contributions from Cameron and Elisha from yesterday. I wonder how many other helpful pets we have at home too?

Updates today are in these pages: maths, reading, DT, writing, history, RE, science and PE. Some great videos too!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thank you to Aaron - he has sent us a tune to cheer us all up on a Friday!



Aaron has shared his workspace.

Andrei wanted to give everyone the message that he is missing you all "soooo much!"

Cameron has set up his work area.



Welcome back to our class page. If this is your first visit - where have you been?

Thank you so much for all of the contributions you have been sending in - I still want more! You are welcome to send me short videos of you saying 'hi' to the class, it does not all just have to be work, work, work. Make sure you scroll down through the whole of yesterday (and today) to see all of the fantastic posts. Enjoy your Duolingo debuts - feel free to write some French in your work books too; make some music and send the video in and send in evidence of your paper tower challenge! If you have missed any chapters of Hugo - catch up by scrolling down the Y5 Daily Learning page to find the videos. I'm looking forward to another great day.

New development!

Mr Gilbert has designed some new page links (see the blue section on the right) so that we can see similar work together.

All updates will be posted in these pages from now on.

Updates today are in these pages: maths, reading, PE, DT, writing, music, competitions and art.


Buddy has sent us all a joke:

Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a tent inside another tent.

I expect you are too tense. (two tents)

Ha Ha

Nastia's cat Marfa has been helping her with the DT project!



Angela's cat is also helping with her work.


Good morning. I'm looking forward to receiving more pictures and videos today -  the writing task should be quite fun!

Check out the posts from yesterday if you have not done so yet.

Let us start the day with work from Kyah - a pet themed book cover, no less.

Well done, Nastia - morning maths already completed. With IXL tasks also completed and the reading task - great work.


Sara has sent in her written methods for the morning.

And Nastia shows everyone how to do the geography task for the day.

Sara has sent us her silly spellings - great use of many of the spellings in each sentence!

Can you guess who this self portrait is of?

Nastia of course - well done to those who got it right.

I'm still waiting for videos to cheer everyone up - the writing task from today! Come on folks, send them in, don't be shy.

Tommy has sent updates on how his learning has gone today - he is the winner of the PE challenge in his household!



Angela has had a great day at home too - I am certainly uplifted from your class greeting - thank you.



And Hope has also been working hard - a wonderful portrait and competition for the best book cover!


Some videos of the learning in school - thank you Sophie and Oscar.





The final pictures of the day are from Elisha - another hard day at work.




Another fantastic day of learning, keep sending in the pictures and videos, I will upload them tomorrow.


Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the varied learning yesterday. Keep the photos of work coming and short videos of PE activities or a message to your class mates. Email them to me (Mr Y) and I'll get them on this page as quickly as possible.

Check out the posts from yesterday if you have not done so yet.

Nastia wins the race to be first again...


Hope has done her PE start to the day.

Gracie has made contact (via Sara!) and here is her history work.

And now some photos from school based learners - Angela, Sophie and Willow.



Cameron has sent in a picture of him taking part in his daily PE.

Elisha's daily update reveals a lot of work completed - but how much did the cat do?




That's all for today folks - keep sending your pictures and video and I'll get them on the page for tomorrow.

Monday 23 March, 2020

Hi everyone. Welcome to the virtual school environment - our home for the next few weeks. Mrs Nicholson and I will keep this page updated with all of your home learning pictures and videos. Remember though, we will be looking for top quality - remember those capital letters and to underline the date and title of your work - our standards should not drop just because you are working in your PJs!

Suggestions to keep your minds active: create a timetable every day for the order you will attempt the home learning (you could send a picture of yours); take photos of your work to share with the rest of the class; if you cannot do one of the daily activities, choose a take-away task that you can do instead - send a photo or short video.

Why not send a short video to say hello to your classmates and give an update of what you are doing.

Nastia in quickly again - this time a video of her PE activity today.



Sara showing her morning's work.

And Sara takes the lead in the posting stakes - her concept map for reading.

Nastia back in the running with her spelling work for the day. Where is everybody else?

Sara has sent in her work planner for the day - a good idea for others'.

Ela's spellings and maths for the day.

Elisha sent her work in for the day all at once.



Sara with one final piece of work - her writing task.