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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


FRiday 15/01/2021

Hello, Mrs Bourner and Mrs Peace here. You did it! You made it to Friday - well done! We have all being trying to find (and get used to) a new routine with our teaching and learning so it is really important that we get that perfected in the coming week, and for you to do that we need to set out come clear expectations for a minimum of work for you to complete. Mrs Peace and myself will discuss these with you when me meet later today for our Office Teams video chat.

Each day you need to do the following:

Maths, English and Guided Reading

On our daily learning we have included all the resources you need to help support you with your work. You MUST watch any tutorial videos for that lesson before you attempt the work. We have had some pieces of writing in that didn't cover what we had taught in the input and there were some maths errors cropping up that may not have occurred if the video had been watched. Time and care has been taken to make sure these videos are informative and show you how to use certain grammar and structures effectively. Between us, it is really all about Mrs Johnson and Mrs RW competing for highest video views on their journey to becoming the next YouTube sensation. All the resources are organised in to subjects beneath the plan for the day so you shouldn't have any trouble finding the videos, worksheets, planning documents or anything else before you begin. If you are unsure then pop us an email and we'll guide you through it. Use any worksheets to the best of your ability. If you cannot print then you can number the questions, copy headings, copy diagrams, copy key vocabulary and more to help you organise your work so that you can learn with ease. If you have a success criteria use it carefully to identify what you were confident using and what your next steps are. Send in pictures of each of these finished tasks - even if it is just a quick phone photo popped in an email with your name as the subject. 

Reading -

You should find time to read every day. Reading is a good way to unwind before falling asleep - better than tablets or screen time that have been proven to stimulate your brain. If using en e-book, you are better off finding a cosy spot to snuggle up and read in around lunch time or in the early afternoon.

Reading targets were really popular last term so why don't you try setting your own. You could email us just to tell us that you are on a certain page and you will be at a certain chapter by the end of the next week, or that you plan to complete your book and quiz by a certain date. If you prefer others to set you targets then try asking someone at home to help. You and a friend could even challenge one another and have a competition to see who meets their target first.

You could start a book club using the list of e-books we have recommended that are also on AR; everyone in your group will be able to read the book online for free. 

Reading recommendations including e-books

You could all read the first few chapters and then have a video call to discuss what you have learnt, what you like about the characters and what you think will happen next. 

Once you have completed those tasks each day there are lots of other wonderful activities for you to try from PSHE to Science. Everything you need can be found in the Daily Learning section of the website and you can access it easily from here by clicking on the following link:

Daily Learning

Remember - you've got this!

We'll show those High Schools what Chesswood students are made of - Lockdown Shcmockdown!



Thursday 14/01/2021

Hello and welcome to Thursday - over half the week completed. Let's get in to a positive learning groove with some top jokes from the Mrs Bourner store of hilarity. If these don't have you LOL'ing on your bedroom floor then I sincerely apologise for my poor sense of humour. I'm making Thursday our joke day so please send in your amusing entries if you think you can do better - you probably can.

Why are frogs always so happy? 

They eat whatever bugs them.

Why do ducks have tail feathers?

To cover their buttquacks

Did you hear the joke about the roof? 

Never mind, it's over your head.

Now enough of that silliness - here are our shout outs for today. A big well done to Hazel for working on her time capsule and her maths. I like how Hazel uses notes in her maths to identify where she has drawn on previous learning and so show some of her strategies. Thank you to Leo for also sending in the work he has been up to - he has also offered to give me advice, should I need it, with minor repairs on my car. I'm going to hold you to that Leo! Tiann has sent in her reading work yesterday that she has taken great care of - well done Tiann! Thank you to everyone else that sent in work yesterday - we love seeing all of your efforts.




Wednesday 13/01/2021

Good morning, Mrs Bourner here again. How are we all doing today? Drop us an email and check in to say hello and share all the wonderful work you have been doing. Whilst Mrs Peace has been busy in school, I have been working from home but am back in to teach on Thursdays. When I am at home I am replying to emails, planning, updating the class page and more. We are having to adjust in pur household too as I have had both Ida and Rufus with me and we have been working on Rufus' home learning too. His working space is in the kitchen to give him some space to hide away from his little sister and to avoid all the distractions in his bedroom and the living room. He likes it there though as he is closer to the snacks.

Thank you again to all those who have emailed and sent in work yesterday. Cariad gets another huge shout out today for becoming a reading Millionaire!! Excellent work Cariad. She has also sent in a presentation she made about the Anglo-Saxons which is really well presented and informative. Another piece sent in was from Courtney who has been hard at work on her long division method - lovely to see you working on these skills you have been building on this year.



Tuesday 12/01/2021

Hi all! Mrs Peace here. I'm working in school at the moment and I'm often popping in to class where Miss Hook is teaching. We miss seeing all of your wonderful faces here but it is nice to be able to see the work you are sending in and how busy you have been. I am very impressed! My workspace is the same before but I am interested to see your working areas you have organised at home so do not forget to sent those photos in to myself and Mrs Bourner to share on our class page. Everything is pretty similar here with our timetable and lots of hand washing and social distancing. Are you using the home learning and have you planned a timetable for each day? It is really helpful to keep up a routine each day so that you know what to do and what to expect. 

Today I'd like to say a big well done to Phoebe for keeping up the reading. She is finishing The One Dollar Horse and looking to complete a quiz on AR. You can't log in to AR by searching it on Google - you have to use the school link below.

Good luck with that quiz Phoebe!

Another shout out goes to Cariad for her time capsule writing. She included a comparison sheet so she could compare things like her favourite colour or favourite food. I like to see that Cariad is always trying hard to keep up this year 6 punctuation to keep her writing well structured and coherent.

Lastly, Ghenmar has been sending in some wonderful action shots of his cooking skills. That is a very organised cookery area you have there Ghenmar - possibly a chef in the making. 

Keep up the good work everyone and if we have not had an email from you yet please drop myself and Mrs Bourner an email to say hello,


Monday 11/01/2021

Good morning guys! What an unusual way to start a year but maybe this year will be a good one for some great new year resolutions. How about this year to plan to keep your room or workspace tidy and organised so that home learning is enjoyable. You could make a resolution to end each learning day with a mindfulness or meditation task to help take care of your mind so that you are calm and relaxed. Do you and family fall out on the best of days? Well make this the year where you make a resolution to be helpful without being asked and to avoid those bad habits that cause frustration at home. You could chat about the resolutions you plan to make and help each other to keep them. A great resolution that I recommend to everyone is to be kind to yourself - lockdowns are tricky to navigate so make sure you find time to relax; do something nice for yourself such as have a bath or play a video game; keep in contact with friends and family members through email, phone calls, video calls or even write them a letter by hand; listen to a great piece of music every morning that makes you feel good; and get a good nights sleep each night to help you reset for the next day.

A big well done to Leo, Hazel, Seb, Ghenmar, Cariad for sending in your wonderful work you have been doing- excellent effort getting into the swing of home learning so quickly. We will always get back to you to celebrate your efforts and we will share a few examples of work each day. If I haven't chosen your work it is only because I have been sent lots of wonderful pieces and can only pick a few to upload. 


Cariad's suspension bridge                    Ghenmar's writing                                  Hazel's maths


Leo's instructions                             Seb's writing


Each Monday I will set you an additional task for the week and also a link to a great tune to help you get up and go. My task for you this week is to take a photo of your work space to share with others here - are you in the living room sharing the dining table or have you managed to find a comfy corner in your bedroom? 

And here is your get up and go tune to help you start each day right this week! To recognise 5 years since the passing of music legend David Bowie, I bring you Modern Love....

Modern Love

Have a great day - from Mrs Bourner

July 2020

Sadly, due to the ongoing circumstances, we are unable to meet you all in person to say hello and celebrate the wonderful start the children have made. Because of this we have recorded a video with a little extra information on the topics we are going to cover, uniform, homework and more.  It has been a fabulous start with all of the children showing a readiness to learn, participate and share a  wonderful year together in 6BP.

Thank you for all your help supporting and encouraging them in these tricky times.






Hello and welcome to Year 6! We are looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to life at the top of Chesswood – it’s a great adventure! Myself and Mrs Peace are in our second year working together and we both cannot wait to start the year with you. You are going to achieve great things together!

Firstly, we would love to find out more about you, so we have some super home learning tasks for you to do. Have a look at our Year 6 PowerPoint presentation to find out more. 

Once you have completed your postcard task, email them to your class teacher with any other work or information you would like us to know.

In Year 6, we are all keen readers and we love to share our book recommendations with each other. Check out our reading list to find out loads of brilliant books for you to lose yourself in. In our introductory video we have a few recommendations for the summer based on authors we have enjoyed reading. We would love it if you can read at least 2 books from the lists over summer. This is a great way to start the year feeling confident and earn yourself some extra house points too!


That’s all for now – we can’t wait to see you in September. Until then, stay safe, have a great summer, and we’ll see you soon.

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