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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

6EP - Yew

Hello 6EP!

This is Miss Price checking in on you all and making sure you are all well and keeping safe. 

This is our class page of success so if you complete a piece of work that makes you feel particularly proud, please do send it over to me (my email is and we can put it up on our page in sparkling lights to celebrate your achievements. 

I know this is a strange time but look how well you're coping! You should all be very proud. I certainly am. 

PS as I've been going on my walks each night to the seafront in Brighton, I have noticed that lots of houses and flats have a rainbow on show from their windows. Do you know why people are doing this? It is to show unity; that we are all standing together and supporting one another during this tough and odd time. We can do this even when we cannot be together physically. Have you created a rainbow yet? If you have I would love to see! If not, perhaps that is something you could do today for your creative afternoon. Do you have siblings? Make it a collage! 

I have saved a rainbow template at the bottom of our page if you would like one.


PS I have been looking at this website non stop over the past few weeks and have built in some activities for when you are back. If you aren't coming back into school and are going to continue to be home schooled then do please take a look. There are lots of brilliant activities that should help to make you feel more calm. 

Here it is:


Hello 6EP!

In class we have been reading 'A Kind of Spark' by Elle McNicoll which is about an autistic girl's experiences in her small Scottish town. The author is also autistic! I would urge anyone who hasn't already read the book to give it a go - we loved it here at school :)




As you may be aware, we are participating in the South Downs Project. This is a  partnership between The Friends of the South Downs and 4 local schools: Bury, Shipley, Findon and Chesswood. To develop momentum, the project leader, Chris, has decided to run a summer competition for years 4, 5 and 6. This will involve Chesswood pupils interviewing local residents about memories they have from their childhood, working life and specific historical events (see: attached letter at the bottom to enter). Good luck!


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Happy Tuesday! Who is coming in tomorrow and who is looking forward to it? I am very excited to see as many of your faces as possible :) 

How are you feeling about the next 7 weeks? Remember the resources we have available to support you and you can always email me to check in. See some of you tomorrow!

Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning 6EP! How was your half term break? I hope you had a lovely few days off working and enjoyed the sunshine. How are you feeling about coming back in later this week? Feel free to send me an email if you fancy a chat or if you're feeling a bit worried - I might not know the answer to your questions but I can definitely try to find out so you're not too worried before coming in. Let me know :)

Happy Monday!

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning - you've done it! One last push to get through today and then we're in half term relaxation mode before a busy seven final weeks. Enjoy your break, the sunshine and remember to continue to let me know how you're getting on - I'll still be checking in :)

I'm very proud of you all for how you've handled the past five weeks. Superstars!

Thursday 21st May 2020

Two days before the weekend... I bet you are all excited for May half term. If you have any particular plans do let me know. Enjoy the sunshine today!

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Mid week already?! Well done all of you. I hope you get some time to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine today - how lovely! Perhaps you could eat your lunch outside? I'll be going for a run along the seafront to see the beach or go for my swim. How have you all been relaxing after your home learning days? I am finding that a run or swim is really allowing me to relax and switch off from the day before the next one. Maybe this is something you can try if you're feeling a little overwhelmed? Let me know what you find works for you :)

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning 6EP! How are you all today? It's Tuesday already (how fast did yesterday seem to go!?) and I was sent lots of brilliant pictures of you all yesterday. Lovely to see :) 

Let's see if I can get the same amount today...

Monday 18th May 2020

I can't believe that we have only one week left before half term! Where did all that time go? You have all done so well. Not take each of this week as it comes. If we've got through 4 weeks this half term, we can definitely get through one more. Let's go! 

I have been so impressed by a PowerPoint presentation sent into me by Freya - it shows me what life must have been like in WW2. Very informative and thought provoking - star!

Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning and welcome to Friday! Well done you. One more day to get through and then you can enjoy a nice weekend relax. Perhaps you've been saving pizza making for this evening as a Friday treat! I'm tempted myself!

A BIG happy birthday shout out to wonderful Oliver too - have a brilliant weekend :)

Thursday 14th May 2020

Nearly there! I was very impressed with some of the learning produced yesterday - some people had their best day yet! Keep it all coming through today too - I am loving seeing how you fill your days. 

My favourite task this week is the deep pan pizza in D&T - has anyone had a go at making their own yet? I would love to see them and for you to tell me what toppings you put on your pizza! Yum. 

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning 6EP! Sorry I didn't get in touch yesterday - I was not in school. Now I'm back and loved seeing what you got up to. Remember to send through today's learning too! 

How are you all feeling about the latest government advice? If anyone feels confused or anxious at all, I'm only an email away so do please get in touch and we can sort out any worries you may have. I can't promise to answer all your questions but I can promise to try!

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning and welcome back 6EP! Wasn't that long weekend break so very needed?! We were lucky with the weather too. What did you all get up to? I would love to see some pictures. I know Victoria has been very busy baking :)

This week you have lots of brilliant and engaging activities on the home learning page - let me know which are your favourite and if you have any questions do just let me know!

Thursday 7th May 2020

We made it! Welcome to the last day before a long weekend break. Well done :)

There are lots of exciting challenging ready for today so take a look, have a go and then let me see! 

Wednesday 6th May 2020

I hope you all liked the suprise messages from Miss Carter and Miss Daly yesterday! I loved the pictures I was sent (and the cake pictured lasted about half a day in the staff room before being demolished! Thank you Victoria!)

Welcome to Wednesday! Remember that this week is a short week because on Friday we have a bank holiday for VE day. Do you know what this means and what it is all about? Perhaps you could do some research to find out all about it today? Let me know what you find out!

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning! How are you all? I can't believe we are already on Tuesday - yesterday flew by! It'll be Friday before we know it!

A message from Miss Daly:

Hi 6EP. Hope you are all well. I miss seeing all your smiley faces each morning. I have really enjoyed seeing some of the photos of what you have been doing. You have been working really hard. Keep them coming in so we can see what you are all up to.

A message from Miss Carter:

Dear 6EP,

I know that there have been a lot of changes recently to our daily routine, but from what I have heard, everybody is trying their best to continue with their learning from home! So, well done everyone! There are certainly a lot of great resources available on the Year 6 Daily learning pages, including some fantastic and inspiring video tutorials! I know that we are all really missing seeing you every day! Keep up the good work and remember to take some time to relax too and get some exercise!

Best wishes,
Miss. Carter.

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning 6EP! How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed it. I did some baking and so the staff room has some chocolate flapjacks in there now! It's important to do little things to keep others happy in these strange times. Could you use the D&T task to help you do some baking for someone today? I found it very calming. 

I also did lots of running along the seafront - what have you been doing for your daily exercise? It's important to make sure we feel happy and energised; ready for the day ahead. 

Remember to keep sending me in pictures of what you've been up to each day - our class page looks very bare!

Miss you all lots,

Miss Price :)

Friday 1st May 2020

We've made it to May! How are you all feeling today? You've done so well to make it to Friday - get today's learning done and then you can relax and enjoy the weekend. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I would love to hear what you get up to. Remember to email me in your work - I got lots of brilliant pieces yesterday so thank you to those of you who sent some work through. 

Just a reminder: we have had a change of system at school so even if I said I would be calling you this week, I will no longer be doing that because it has been assigned a teaching assistant job. Therefore, in the next few weeks you may receive a call from Miss Daly or Miss Carter. You can always email me if you would like to talk :)

Thursday 30th April 2020

Good morning 6EP! We have so nearly made it to the weekend! How has this week been for you all? Remember to keep sending me pictures for our class page. Some of you may be called this week and next by a teaching assistant - you will also have the opportunity to have a chat with them if you like and to share any worries. They will let me know so we can deal with everything :)

Emily has been busy at home using cooking as her brain break! Lots of banana bread and some sourdough bread too! Yum!

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday! Thank goodness it's slightly better weather today - hopefully this means we can get some more fresh air and feel a bit more energised today! Remember to keep sending me through pictures and updates - if you want to but aren't sure how to go about it, let me know and we can sort it together :)

Brilliant Oliver is having a dance workout using his Wii as he hasn't been getting along with the Jo Wicks workouts - what a fabulous example of using other ideas to keep fit!

Victoria is working hard to experiment with Science theories - take a look!

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all well despite this HORRID weather! It will mean you will need to be imaginative today with your activities as they will need to be indoors. Remember to ensure you are being kind to your parents and carers; days like this will be tough on everyone. DO let me know what indoor activities you get up to. Perhaps you could create and design your own game to play this evening?

Thank you to Victoria who is consistently sending me in updates and pictures to upload - what a star! 

I love seeing the learning that everyone is getting up to. Show me more please!

Monday 27th April 2020

You've made it! Week 4! How are you all feeling? You should all be very proud of yourselves. Keep sending me in your work - I am trying to put up as much as I can when I get the pictures through. Thank you to those of you who are emailing and let me know what you're getting up to. It's so lovely to hear from you. I will be calling some of you this week so I look forward to that!

Victoria showing us her brilliant grammar learning - she is working very hard to have a go at the subjects that she is finding tricky. 

Friday 24th April 2020

Good morning 6EP and welcome to Friday! Congratulations. How did you find this week? 

I would love to hear all about what you are planning to do this weekend to relax - email me and let me know!

I will be continuing to call round today and Monday so I look forward to hearing you all soon!

Happy Friday :)

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning to you all! Nearly Friday...

How are you finding everything? I have put a new link to some fun Writing activities at the bottom of our class page with the other links to support sheets - take a look at them and have a go if you're finding the English too challenging today. Let me know how you get on and if you enjoy the tasks!

I hope you're all looking forward to the staff dance video tomorrow...

Oliver has sent us in some EXCELLENT photos of him and his dad - I love the foundation subject learning that is happening here! I spot some lino printing too...brilliant to see you applying that skill Oliver!

Superstar Emily having a go at making a pasta bake for her family for lunch - great to see! Yum!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning 6EP - you've made it half way through week one! Well done! 

I am really missing you all this week. It's peculiar being in a class with children who aren't all of you! How is it all going at home? I have no doubts you're making life as easy as possible for parents/ carers. Let me know :)

Let's see how you are getting on today...

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning! Thank you to those of you who are still sending me updates - even if they aren't all on the website I am loving seeing what you are all up to. Lots of excellent activities to keep you all busy!

Monday 20th April 2020

We're back! How were your Easter holidays? I hope you had a really lovely break and enjoyed spending some time in the lovely sunshine. Thank you to those of you who have sent me in some pictures - I am back in class so will still be checking emails where I can but I may not be able to respond as quickly as before. 

Let's see what you have got up to in day one!

Easter Holidays - week two

Good morning 6EP! You are so nearly through the Easter holidays and ready to go back to the routine of school - are some of you looking forward to the structure?

Have you enjoyed the break so far? Did you get lots of Easter chocolates?!

PLEASE do keep sending me emails to keep me updated on how you are and what you've been doing. I've been hearing from a few of you but still want to make sure that you're staying well and happy.

Next week I will be back in school teaching the children who are still coming in so I'll be able to check my emails even more. 

Stay safe - you are all doing so so well in this strange time. 

Miss Price 

Easter Holidays - week one

Good morning 6EP! 

How are you all? I so hope you are enjoying your holidays and getting a well earnt rest. I would love to know what you're all getting up to. I have been doing lots of things whilst at home; lots of lino printing (but instead of faces like we did together, I have done some plant leaves); a little bit of cleaning (my least favourite thing to do) and lots of reading. Have any of you read 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse'? It is written and illustrated by Charlie Mackery and is very beautiful. Each page acts like a stand alone quote within the whole context of the book and I desperately want to make the best ones into prints! 

The other book that's on my long list to read is 'The House with Chicken Legs' by Sophie Anderson. Perhaps you could listen to it on audio or have a go at paired reading with whoever is at home with you at the moment? It is a recommendation from other Y6s at Chesswood! 

Remember to keep sending me in pictures via email - I can still upload them onto the website over the holidays so you can still see what everyone is up to! 

Speak soon - I'm so proud of you all.

Miss Price 

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning! This is it - the last day and final push before your Easter break. You have all done so well! Yesterday I received ZERO pictures or updates - I got very lonely. Send them over to me! 

Enjoy today - you should all be really impressed with yourself, as I most certainly am. 

Check out our brilliant Victoria who has worked out how to add 3D animals to photos she takes using an IPad. WOW

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Look at you all! Nearly at the end of week two! I am particularly missing your faces today so please do keep sending me in your pictures of home learning - they lighten up my day when I see them! 

What have you all got planned for today? Remember you are always welcome to email me or the support email if you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed with anything - we are still here to help :)

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Happy April Fools' day! I dread to think what you will all be getting up to today when pranks and tricks are allowed BUT if you think you have a particularly good one then send it over for me to see! I won't be scared from afar!

Remember to keep sending me in your updates and what you have been up to each day - I love seeing your faces and being impressed by all your talents. 


Wonderful Oliver hard at work at home AND taking a movement break all at once! We love the game with your sister too!

Emily worked really hard today on her Maths and Science work - wow!

Victoria working hard on her spellings at home. 

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning everyone! What are your plans for today? Yesterday I had emails from the same three children - come on 6EP! I want to know how you're doing! 

Have a very good day today - I will be in school this week but it's a bit different for me as I'm working on our Art curriculum so won't be in front of a class. It's a bit of a change for us all but keep going!

I am so impressed with the work Emily and her dad have been having a go at. Look at the effort going into some of those spellings! Emily you are definitely going the extra mile you total star!

Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning and welcome to week 2 day one! We have one more week before the Easter break so let's make sure we really work hard this week and enjoy it. PLEASE remember to send in pictures of you doing your home learning and your activities - I love to see them!

Look at brilliant Emily spending time on her scooter with her brother this weekend at the park, doing her Maths work AND cooking up a storm. Phew:

Friday 27th March 2020

Friday! You've so nearly made it through week 1. You stars. Let's all push through today and try really hard and then enjoy a break in the sunshine (we hope!) this weekend! 

Victoria cooking soup for the family using her knife skills! Thank you to Victoria who keeps sending me in great pictures!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning 6EP - pleaseeee do remember to send me over some pictures of what you have all been up to whilst working from home - my email inbox is lonely and I am missing you all! 

You have SO nearly completed week 1 of our new normal routine. Look at you!

I am loving Victoria's home learning set up. I have received lots of impressive work and emails from you Victoria! What a superstar. 

Wednesday 25th March 2020 

Emily has been working hard with her mum to write a draft for her letter home as an evacuee. She identified all the full stops, capital letters and other punctuation that needed fixing! Excellent team work with mum. I bet you're looking forward to a lunch break next Emily!

It feels really odd not to see all your smiley faces each morning! How are you all? What do you all have on your timetable for today?

Thank you to everyone who has sent me some pictures of their home learning so far. Keep it up - I am loving seeing your faces and what you are all up to. 

Remember to keep checking our page - I'll be updating daily to keep a bit of structure for us all. 

Tuesday 24th March 2020 - Day Two!

Superstar Victoria working hard writing her letter home as an evacuee and taking a break by learning how to play tennis. Brilliant home learning Victoria!

Monday 23rd March 2020 - Day One!

Lovely Emily took a break from her hard work today by cooking her family some pancakes for lunch. Yum!

Take a look at Kieran's thoughtful inference responses to our new book, 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. Well done Kieran!

Some of 6EP at our trip to Michelham Priory last week - can you spot those hiding at the back?!