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reading targets - 08.02.21

top tens - 02.02.21




Monday 25th January 2021

New Daily Teams Meetings

Class pages will no longer be updated by the class teachers. This is due to our new learning expectations, which include a daily Microsoft Teams meeting, 08:45-09:00, to register home learners and prepare them for the day of learning.

To access Teams you need to be logged in to your school email account (Office 365) - for help, click here. Or see the child friendly video for using Office 365 - Outlook email  here.

For help using Teams, click here. Or see the child friendly video tutorial for using Teams  here.

Assessment work

You no longer need to email in evidence of your work on a daily basis - this has been replaced with set pieces of work that will be identified for assessment. Your teachers will tell you which ones these are in the morning Teams meeting and they will be clearly identified on the daily planning. 

To send in your assessment piece, you will usually send an email (ideally from your own school account) with a photo or uploaded attachment of the work. Sometimes, assessment may just be to complete a Microsoft Form or to complete a quiz.

Your teachers would love to respond to all of your emails but that is not possible now. If you do not get a response, and you think you should have (i.e. you asked a question that needs a response), please resend the email with, ‘PLEASE RESPOND’ in the email subject line, this will act as a reminder in such busy times.

Teachers will select samples of work from those entered, to build exemplars of work against the set success criteria at differentiated levels (working towards age related expectations, working at expectations and working at greater depth) to reflect a normal classroom. The work selected will remain anonymous and will focus only on the good examples of meeting the success criteria. Pupils (and families) will then be given the opportunity to self-assess their work against the exemplars to judge how well they are doing and pick out some targets to work on in their next assessment piece.

Enjoy the new learning format.

Mr Yelling


Good morning 6MH! Happy Friday! That's 3 whole weeks of home learning you've completed now. I'm so proud of all of you for your amazing efforts with your daily learning. I just wanted to share with you this video; Melody had a go at one of the DT engineering challenges - to build a spaghetti bridge! Check it out below.

Huge well done, Melody. You did an incredible job!



Have a lovely weekend all of you. Speak soon. Miss Hills x


An attempt at a smiley group photo! Sorry those of you who aren't in it!! 


GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS TOMORROW?! Yes, it's Thursday, and THURSDAY means 6MH TEAMS CALL!!!! I'm so excited to see you all again and to play a game this time! 

A few things to know before you join the teams call at 11am...

 - When your teacher invites you to a session it will appear in the relevant channel on Teams. Try to make sure that you are in a quiet, shared, comfortable environment, free from distractions for your session. Please avoid being in your bedrooms unless supervised by an adult. 

 -  If you can’t make the “live” session, then try let us know before the session begins.  

 - Just like in the classroom, we ask you not to talk at the same time as the teacher. So, keep your microphone on mute unless you want to ask a question or say something in which case hold up your hand just like you would in school. When you have got permission to speak, say what you want to say, and then mute your microphone again. 

 -  Keep your camera on (if you can) because we would like to see your lovely faces and create a virtual classroom. 

 - You must not record or take photos of teachers or students during video conferencing sessions, and you must not share lessons publicly. Remember our online safety rules – no sharing of personal information.

 - We must all follow these rules to keep you safe and to make sure things run smoothly. Just like in school, always remember the Chesswood Bright Sparks Code – show courtesy, care and kindness at all times.


Also have you heard that Mr Quick and Mr Haggart are becoming the new Joe Wicks?! They're going LIVE. See below...

Hi everybody,  

Date: Wednesday 27th January 10:55-11:30am 

To help you along with your #20/21 Exercise Challenge you are all completing at home - we are going to put on a series of interactive exercise sessions on Wednesday mornings.  

For our sessions you will need the following: 

  • A rolled-up pair of socks or a small ball (tennis ball)  
  • A cushion or larger ball (such as a football/netball/rugby/basketball)  
  • 2 x tins of food or small hand weights 

(If you haven't got any of the above handy don't worry - just join in anyway!)  

  • Some space - it doesn't need to be a big space about 2 or 3m long and wide enough to move your arms and legs about.  

Some of the activities will be fitness-based and others will be around co-ordination and skill.  

The action will start at 11am but we want you to be ready at 10:55 so we can say hello to you all.  

See you then! 

Mr Quick and Mr Haggart 

Lots and lots of fun things to look forward to! Take care and see you tomorrow at 11! :D Miss Hills


Good morning 6MH! Thank you for continuing to send me work, you are engaging with it so well and I am so proud to hear of so many of you emailing me all on your own - some of you are even attaching your work to the email without your parents help, it's very impressive, keep it up! Please keep looking at our 'Celebrating 6MH's work' page, as I update it with new work daily! Have a great day home learning and keep being the best you can be. I'll talk to some of your parents this evening for parent's evening - I can't wait to praise you all, you are the most lovely class I could have wished for. Take care, Miss Hills


Week 3!

Good morning you lovely lot. Week 3 - That means we're almost half way there! Then it will be February half term. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I went for lots of walks and then went to see the starling murmuration in Brighton last night. It is my favourite thing to see. It is like a show! If you haven't seen it before, I would hugely recommend going to see it when you can. The starlings perform just before sunset and it is an incredible show! I'll post the video I took of them below so you can watch it too, I find it really relaxing listening to the sound of the waves. :D Have fun home learning, I will see you again on Thursday at 11am for a teams call and I will speak to your parents before then on the phone for parents evening if they've booked a slot. Take care! Miss Hills.




day 4 of home learning

Good evening 6MH, I cannot tell you how much I LOVED seeing most of you on our teams call this morning. I am already looking forward to our next one on Thursday at 11am. You were all so sensible, polite and smiley! I've missed your faces. In total we had 23/28 people in our class, that's pretty good! Hopefully we will have even more next time. I've added the photo below as it makes me so happy. Hopefully you will like it too. I loved meeting all of your pets, they were super cute! Have a really lovely, restful weekend. You cetainly deserve it! Take care, speak soon. Miss Hills


day 4 of home learning

Good morning 6MH, I hope you are all getting on ok with the home learning. I am very much looking forward to the teams meeting video call we will be having tomorrow at 11am! If you have a pet you would like to bring along to share with us all, feel free! Those who aren't reading our class page won't know about this, so maybe it will encourage them to look at it in the future... 

If you get a chance to open up Microsoft Teams before Friday, you will see a message from me, please reply as I'll get it immediately and this will be a really helpful tool for us to chat quickly so I can help with any work or problems you may be experiencing. 

See you all tomorrow on Teams at 11am!! :D Miss Hills 


day 3 of home learning

I cannot believe how quickly today has gone! I was in class teaching today and it was so nice to be back with some children from our class and some from Miss Wadge's class, they were all lovely! I am receiving a lot of emails which is fantastic as I can see lots of you are completing the home learning. Try to keep up with the maths and writing as this changes each day, the foundation subjects change each week so try to complete them in the afternoons when you get the chance. Only one per day is plenty. Have you been watching the poem of the day and listening to the new class novel? Have a lovely evening, speak soon. 

Miss Hills


day 2 of home learning!

Good afternoon 6MH, I can't believe we are half way through day 2 already. I have been sent some really incredible work from lots of you. Your presentation is still fantastic despite not having me to nag you about it and I can see you are putting a lot of effort into each piece of work. Please continue to send me your work and a little email if you would like, I'd love to know how you are and what you've been up to at home. If you haven't already, check out our  'Celebrating 6MH's Work!' page to see some amazing work completed by pupils in our class! You might even spot some of your own work on there. Have a fantastic afternoon and evening and I will write again tomorrow. Please check in each day as I will be posting updates for you to all see!

Take care,

Miss Hills. 


Good morning, 6MH! 

I cannot believe it is week 2 of home learning ALREADY. Where did the first week go?! It feels so strange writing this, after seeing you last Monday, the last thing I said to most of you was 'Have a lovely evening, see you tomorrow!', I wasn't expecting to hear Boris say that most people would not be going to school on Tuesday. Anyway, I hope you are all well and that you've found your way to the 'Lockdown Learning' page on the school website. We are updating it every single day with new learning so that you can continue to learn whilst being at home. If you need to go back to a previous day because you missed something, just scroll down and you'll find the previous day just underneath in a separate table. 

I have been so pleased to hear from so many of you already, I have had about 20 of you email me already! Some of our class are still at school, Oli, Leon, Zane and Will have been in school, they've joined some children in 6EW and are being taught by Miss Wadge 4/5 days of the week! (I get to teach them once a week). My main job is to do lots of planning for home learners and to upload it on to the website for you to all access. I must say, I much prefer having you lot here and teaching you face to face, but we must do what is safest for everyone, and it won't be forever. Look underneath this message for a little video from Miss Wadge's new combined class. You'll get to see Zane, Oli and Leon recorded by the pro recorder, Will. 

Keep emailing me photos of what you've been up to and sending me work so that I can see you are being the best you can be. You will find many images of work from pupils in our class on the 'Celebrating 6MH's Work!' page. I'll be posting at least 3 per day, so keep your eyes peeled for some of your work! :) 

Take care and continue being excellent home learners!

Miss Hills





Meet the teacher

Hello, Year 6 parents!

Firstly, may I just say that your children have been incredible so far, they have settled in really well and are completing work to such a high standard already. I have loved having them the past two weeks and look forward to spending their final year with them at Chesswood. 

Please watch the video below to find out more about Year 6 and to have a quick tour of your child's classroom. 

Any questions please email me at:





Hello and welcome to Year 6! I am looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to life at the TOP of Chesswood – it’s going to be a great adventure!

Firstly, I would love to find out more about you, so I have some super home learning tasks for you to do. Have a look at the Year 6 introduction to find out more...

Once you have completed your postcard task, please email it to me!

My email address is: 

You can also send any other work or information you would like me to know, including any other questions you have.


In Year 6, we are all keen readers and we love to share our book recommendations with each other. Check out our reading challenge to discover loads of brilliant books for you to lose yourself in.

That’s all for now – I can’t wait to see you in September. Until then, have a great transition day, stay safe, have an incredible summer, and I'll see you soon!

Update: I have already started receiving some really excellent work and I am so impressed by what I am seeing! Please check out our 'Celebrating 6MH's Work!' page to see everyone's Postcards and any other work I receive today. You are doing a great job, I look forward to receiving more fantastic work and answering any questions you may have.

I would love a photo of you reading in a peculiar place - e.g. the garden on a swing, in a washing basket, at the beach etc. I will display this in our classroom for September so send them my way if you can! - The weirder, the more wonderful! House points to be earned! - see Reading section below.

Miss Hills :)





riddle answers!

1) What can be as big as you, but does not weigh anything? - Your shadow. 

2) What can you hold but never throw? - Your breath! (Or, a grudge).

What am I?

1) If you drop me, I'm sure to crack, but give me a smile, I'll always smile back. - A mirror. 

2) The more you take from me, the greater I become. - A hole!


Maths trick

Think of a number...

Double it...

Add ten... 

Half it... 

Take away the number you started with.



How does it work? Does it work with any starting number... even zero?  Try it out! 


year 6 Introduction


postcard activity






I would love a photo of you reading in a peculiar place - e.g. the garden on a swing, in a washing basket, at the beach etc. I will display this in our classroom for September so send them my way if you can! - The weirder, the more wonderful, like this one I found on the Internet - 30HP for sending me a creative photo before Friday 17th!

challenge: 100 books to try to read in year 6

Try to read at least 2 books during the summer holidays so that you can get a head start with your word count and to earn lots of house points! Check out the free e-books below for access to some great books.


25 books to read in year 6 - Including free e-books!

Video: celebrities choose their favourite books



mindfulness Colouring pages - decorate our classroom door!