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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

6OP - Sycamore



Hello 6OP and welcome to our class page!

This is a space for you to see all of the work that everyone is getting up to at home. I am going to upload updates and pictures of what you are doing so remember to email me anything you would like to go on here. My email address is 

I have been really impressed so far and can't wait to see what you send through next :)

Keep working hard!

Miss Pye


Week 12

Hello and welcome to week 12 everyone. I hope you're all doing very well at home and are feeling refreshed after the weekend. 

Be sure to send me an email if you want to say hello or send me some pictures or information about what you have been getting up to with your learning at home!

Check in daily to see new riddles :)

                               Tuesday's riddle




                              Monday's riddle




Week 11

Hello :)


Missing you all lots! Hope you're doing well. Remember you can email me any time if you want to show me some work or just say hello!

Have a go at this week's riddles. A new one will be added each day...

                               Friday's riddle



                               Thursday's riddle



                               Wednesday's riddle




                                Tuesday's riddle




                               Monday's riddle



Week 10

Hello again :)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend with your families and are ready for another week of learning either at home or in school. Keep an eye on our page to see the best examples of new work being added on each day. 

I thought it might be a nice idea to have a daily riddle like we used to have at the end of the day in class. Check on this page every day to see a video of me recording a riddle for you. 10HP if you guess them correctly. See if your family can guess them too :)


                                Friday's riddle - mind reading



                                Thursday's riddle



                                Wednesday's riddle



                              Tuesday's riddle
                               (the video may load onto other riddles so make sure to click the stop button if you want to play along each                                 day.)




                               Monday's riddle





Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for lots of learning this week. I've already had lots of brilliant things sent in and am looking forward to hearing from more of you to see what you've been doing. 

Best wishes always,

Miss Pye :)

Week 8

Welcome back 6OP - I hope that you all had a great half term and are feeling refreshed and ready for learning. You may be returning to school this week or remaining at home; either way, I will be keeping our pages updated regularly to keep us all as connected as possible. Make sure to let me know what you are getting up to and I will make sure to send some messages to let you know what I am doing as well! 

Best Wishes Always,

Miss Pye


Here's a clip of the gorgeous beach that I enjoyed during half term. A reminder to appreciate what is on our doorstep as not everyone lives so close to the sea!



Special Mentions

  • Charlie deserves a round of applause for his reading efforts this year! He has reached nearly 3.5 Million words - what a superstar! He has just finished the 'The Enemy' book series and would like to recommend it to the class. He says 'if you like lord of the flies or action/tragedy, this series is for you.'

Week 6

Hello 6OP! 

I hope you are all doing well as we being our sixth week of home learning. This weekend I decided to spend my time doing a bit of art. The picture below is of a type of drawing called a 'mandala'. I would recommend to anyone wanting to relax. I got so into it that the time flew by. If you would like to have a go yourself, have a look at mandala tutorials online. All you need to get started is a maths compass, a pencil and a pen. If you look really closely, you'll be able to see faint pencil lines of circles - drawing these helps to make the shapes inside the circles symmetrical. 

If you do have a go, be sure to send me a picture :)

Best wishes as always!

Miss Pye

Week 5

  • Well done to Toby for reaching 600,000 words. Toby told me at the start of this year that he was going to push himself with his reading and he has done me proud reaching this target!
  • Well done to Charlie for his exceptional effort in reaching 3 million words! He has told me it felt like he had to read 'forever' to get there but he persevered and he did it. It's such a good feeling when you push yourself and achieve something you didn't think you could!
  • Thank you to Millie for sending in these super pictures she has made in prepartion for VE commemorations on Friday 6th May.


  • More superb reading achievements this week... very well done to Vraj for reaching the million word milestone in his reading! He has worked hard with his reading all year and it is paying off. He has also set himself the terrific goal of reading a book a week during the time he is at home which I think is a great target to have!
  • Well done to Lila for reaching the half a million milestone in her reading. She has reached 508,667 words which is a great achievement :)

If you have passed a quiz or reached your target make sure to let me know!

Week 4

Wednesday 30th April

A message from Miss Cooper to 6OP

Morning 6OP! Miss Cooper here. How are you all? Another cooler day again unfortunately but what a great time to work on a skill – I have been busy crocheting frontline hero bears to go in people’s windows to support key workers. Hoping the sun will be out soon though so that I can get back out walking and on my bike. I have been exploring lots of Angmering Woods and even venturing across to Arundel on my MTB bike. So many beautiful places to be seen, including all the bluebells out in bloom. I have loved seeing what you have all been up to. My current plan to get through the less sunny weather is to teach my cat a new trick – check out Bowie below with his bell! He is now learning how to wave on command too. I’ll upload a video once he’s cracked it. Anyone else taught their pet a new trick? Would love to see a video or photo!




Monday 27th April

A message from Miss Pye

 Hello :)

I hope you all enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend and are ready for lots of learning again this week. 

I spent my weekend finishing off a project I have been working on. My family and I wanted to play Scrabble but we didn't have the game in the house so I decided to make my own version. I used an old art canvas for the board and some pebbles from the garden to make the tiles - oh an lots of felt tip pens for the colouring in! I wanted to share it with you so that you can see what can be made from recycling old, unused things in your house! The photos below show each stage of it being made. If you want to have a go at making something of your own I would love to see it :)




Special Mentions

Have a look at this beautiful book cover Hanya has designed and drawn for her second home learning book! I think it is super and has brightened up a very raining morning for me :)


Week 3 - Welcome back 

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. I hope you had a lovely time and can't wait to hear what you got up to. I am grateful that we got lots of sunshine and only a little bit of rain :)

You will notice that the pictures of your work have moved. Everything can now be found in the lesson pages to the right under 'also in this section' so be sure to check each lesson page to see more wonderful pieces of work over the next few weeks. 

Special mentions

  • Harrison has sent me lots of lovely photos to show us all of the fun things he got up to during Easter. Have a look at his fantastic clay man and those super glasses that he made using a 3D printer! Wow!

  • Check out these delicious cupcakes that Lily C has been making at home. If only we could all taste a virtual cupcake!



  • Big well done to Lauren for reaching 2million words on AR. This is a huge achievement and something to feel really proud of!

  • Many happy returns to Callum! Wishing you a very happy 11th birthday indeed. It looks like you've had a great morning so far. I, and I'm sure the rest of 6OP, hope you have a lovely day.


Week 2

Wishing you all a very happy Easter break. Relax, enjoy and be sure to share anything special that you get up to. No lessons for 2 weeks - woo hoo!





Update from Miss Pye:

I'm loving receiving your work and updates this week 6OP. Here are a couple of pictures from me to say hello. You'll notice that I am joined by my new co-worker nephew George who sends a warm hello too. He's been busy at the laptop all day helping me plan lessons!





Special mentions

Remember to tell me any important news about birthdays, achievements, reading etc. so that I can let everyone know below.


  • Callum is setting a great example of how to stay fit and healthy while staying at home. He has challenged himself to run 5K a day. Well done - it's not easy running that far!

  • Well done to Lola for finishing her book 'Hunger Games' and reaching 750, 455 words!! Lola has sent in a book recommendation saying:
    "I would recommend it to everyone that loves adventure! It’s very upbeat and has moments of sadness and happiness."
  • Big congratulations to Kit for reaching 3 million words!! This is a huge achievement and Kit is currently at the top of 6OP's reading race!
  • Lila has been busy over the weekend making healthy vegetable spring rolls with her family. Have a look at her video to see how to do them yourselves:





  • Lila has been showing off her superb artisitic talent. Have a look at her tremendous little rabbit (conejito in Spanish).
  • Flo has been keeping active and sent me a great picture of her about to go for a nice run :)

  • Flo also got up early to make her family a surprise breakfast. What a super star! The Chesswood values of courtesty, care and kindness are shining through.


Book Covers

6OP have got their learning off to a super start by creating some beautiful front covers for their home learning books. Start as you mean to go on - take pride in everything you do!


Lovely examples so far from Lily, Hanya, Anna, Katie and Lila.