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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

6OP - Sycamore



Hello 6OP and welcome to our class page!

This is a space for you to see all of the work that everyone is getting up to at home. I am going to upload updates and pictures of what you are doing so remember to email me anything you would like to go on here. My email address is 

I have been really impressed so far and can't wait to see what you send through next :)

Keep working hard!

Miss Pye


Wishing you all a very happy Easter break. Relax, enjoy and be sure to share anything special that you get up to. No lessons for 2 weeks - woo hoo!





Update from Miss Pye:

I'm loving receiving your work and updates this week 6OP. Here are a couple of pictures from me to say hello. You'll notice that I am joined by my new co-worker nephew George who sends a warm hello too. He's been busy at the laptop all day helping me plan lessons!






Special mentions

(remember to tell me any important news about birthdays, achievements, reading etc. so that I can let everyone know below).


  • Callum is setting a great example of how to stay fit and healthy while staying at home. He has challenged himself to run 5K a day. Well done - it's not easy running that far!

  • Well done to Lola for finishing her book 'Hunger Games' and reaching 750, 455 words!! Lola has sent in a book recommendation saying:
    "I would recommend it to everyone that loves adventure! It’s very upbeat and has moments of sadness and happiness."
  • Big congratulations to Kit for reaching 3 million words!! This is a huge achievement and Kit is currently at the top of 6OP's reading race!
  • Lila has been busy over the weekend making healthy vegetable spring rolls with her family. Have a look at her video to see how to do them yourselves:





  • Lila has been showing off her superb artisitic talent. Have a look at her tremendous little rabbit (conejito in Spanish).
  • Flo has been keeping active and sent me a great picture of her about to go for a nice run :)

  • Flo also got up early to make her family a surprise breakfast. What a super star! The Chesswood values of courtesty, care and kindness are shining through.


Book Covers

6OP have got their learning off to a super start by creating some beautiful front covers for their home learning books. Start as you mean to go on - take pride in everything you do!


Lovely examples so far from Lily, Hanya, Anna, Katie and Lila.


Your first task has been to follow the lesson stages and complete a letter home from an evacuee. When you have completed this task, make sure you go back through the lessons to make sure you have not missed anything. Thank you to Charlie who has sent in these examples of planning and writing for this task. 


Some brilliant draft letters have come through today. Well done Millie for stepping into the shoes of an evacuee and including important details about what they would that thought and how they would have felt.

Drafting and editing:

Lila wanted to step into the shoes of an evacuee fully when she wrote her letter so she used a quill and ink exactly as they would have done during WW2. What a lovely way to get a sense of what it would have been like to live in that time!



Some of you have been creating lovely special effects to make your letters look old and worn. Well done Kane and Flo for these beautiful pieces!



Leo has sent in a brilliant story today about a pigeon causing mischief. Have a read of his edited second paragraph...


100 Challenges!

I have been truly gripped by the brilliant suspense and tension that you have managed to create in your 100 word challenges! Well done to Flo, Kane, Kit, Lila and Anna for sending me some particularly powerful ones.



I think this 100 word piece from Charlie is really powerful. 

Mischievous Pigeon


Leo and Kit have shown that they can confidently write to show their opinion using fronted adverbials. Flo has been practising using relative clauses. Well done!


Flo is showing great control over her writing here and has skillyfully used parenthesis to make her sentences more complex.





You have been exploring light sources and how light travels. Charlie has managed to clearly demonstrate that light travels in straight lines. He has used mirrors held at different angles to cleverly change the direction the light is travelling in. The smooth, reflective surface helps the light rays to bounce off the surface and change direction.


Kit has been looking at the science acitivites for this week and has chosen to do a diagram showing different parts of the eye. I think this is brilliant - clear, informative, easy to follow, colourful and eye catching!

Charlie has sent in his diagram of an eye. He was able to explain to me the purpose of the pupil - to expand and narrow to let in a safe amount of light for us to see while keeping our eye safe from damage.


Anna has added to our collection of eye diagrams. She also collected lots of important information to explain the functions of the different parts of the eye- brilliant!


In art you have been following the series of steps to explore light source and add depth shape through shading to create the illusion of 3D. Here are some examples sent in of your wonderful efforts:




A super sketch of spheres has come in from Lily C :) 


Flo has created a lovely Koala sketch using different line techniques and smudging to create a realistic texture for the fur. 


Anna has created a 3D perspective brilliantly using shading and angles.

Kit has done a great sketch to show how a light source affects light and shadows.




Some super spellings have come in from Jeannie and Charlie. I enjoyed the silly sentences :)


Katie has had some help with GPS from her pet rat Thor :)

Kit has been using morse code to practice his spellings. Can you crack his code to see if they are correct?


Lots of you have been really enjoying Mrs RW's story 'The lighthouse' Well done Jeannie for considering the reading questions really thoughtfully. 


Check out Charlie's brilliant playing on his keyboard. Sounds great!




I have received some great pieces of maths work so far this week - well done for adjusting to not having your normal maths books or being able to stick your questions in. Many of you have also managed to crack the murder mystery. If you haven't done it yet email me with your answers when you think you know who the culprit is. 



Some fab FDP practice from Lily C :)



Flo has shown that she is a maths superstar by completing 12 fluency questions in just 10 minutes!!

Kit has created a great game to help test you on your FDP knowledge. Have a go:


Charlie and Leo have sent in some great examples of their maths work this week.


Charlie, Kane and Flo managed to crack the algebra code! Did you?