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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

6RW - Spruce


Hello? 6RW? Anyone there?

Where is everyone.....?



Hello, 6RW. How are we today?

So, after having a day at home with my famalam yesterday, I am now back at school being terribly sensible, as you can see below:

I came back to an inbox full of lovely messages with photos of work from some very busy people. 20 house points for each piece of work on here!

Starting with Spencer's fantastic NHS design - not only is it bright and striking, but it sends a positive and supportive message too. Well done, Spencer!

Olivia has been busy with her Pigeon Impossible writing - great work, Olivia!

Caitlin has been constructing an awesome Anderson Shelter to fit in with our WWII topic. Super work, Caitlin!

She has also been busy with all sorts of activities, including an alternative ending for Alma, where she escapes!




Hello, lovelies!

I'm at home today (surrounded by muppets - see pic and video), so I just have a quick message for you all for today - please watch! 

Tomorrow will be back to business as usual, when I will be uploading your work. By the way, every piece of work I upload onto this class page gets you 20 house points!

Bye for now!




Hi 6RW,

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Herbie was busy...



And here's why he was in disgrace...












Apart from that, I had quite a quiet weekend.

Now, more importantly, what have YOU guys been up to? Well let's take a look, shall we?

Isla has written a fantastic report on Pigeon Impossible

Josh has been busy creating a rainbow for Worthing's Rainbow Trail

Great job, Josh! That'll cheer people up as they walk by. 

Awesome news from Olivia - she passed her AR quiz on Harry Potter! Well done, Olivia!

Olivia has also done some excellent Maths reasoning - super work!

Harriet has a nifty little corner for her reading - it looks very snuggly in there!

A beautiful painting from Spencer - I love the colours!

Seth has been completing the deisgn for the front cover of his home school book - great design, well done, Seth!

Friday 27th March 2020

Hello, again!

Well, we made it - our first week of home learning. How did it go? I'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections - maybe you could show me in a picture, a comic strip, a poem, a photo or a little video. What went well for you this week? What could have been better? What would you like to improve on next week? I have to say, I'd really like to hear from more of you. Just send me an email to check in, let me know how you're getting on. Even if you don't send me any work, I'd still love to hear from you.

In the past couple of days, some of 6RW have been busy. Let's have a look at what you've been up to.

Jacob has written a fantastic letter and I loved hearing him read it out in his video:



Thea's been busy - so has her cat! Great to see the puss reading too - I'll need to show Herbie and tell him he needs to buck up his ideas!

What a fantastic letter, Thea. Great job!

Daisy's been practising more art and what a lovely artist she is!

Seth has done his 100 word challenge today, and of course it was a Titanic story. Seth, you ol' romantic, you!

Seth also sent me photos of a project he's been doing on WWII. There were so many, I couldn't include them all, but these two are very special:


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick note to say hello, I'm thinking of you - don't forget to email me and I'll be putting more work up tomorrow. So far, I've only heard from Daisy, Rosie, Seth, Harriet, Jacob, Lucas, Emily and Mariama (but no work from you yet!). Come on, we can do better than that!


Wednesday 25th March 2020

Well, hello!

How are you? You look fantastic today, what a smile!

It seems we have some new pupils in 6RW and they're off to an awesome start with their home learning already:

Well done to Rosie and her furry friends!

When I left home this morning, Herbie was in his office, as usual:

I'm in this kind of mood today...

... so now it's your turn. I need silly photos of you lot, especially those of you reading in funny positions or places and wearing random things. I miss your faces, so come on! Send me your pics!!

Let's get on with today's business, shall we? Who is doing what? Well, Lucas is practising his DuoLingo. Daisy is sending me lots of her 'worrrrrrrrrrrk', as she likes to call it. And Jacob has been busy with his Art... but I'd really like to see a lot more! So come on, 6RW, email me your photos of your work, you reading, book recommendations, where you work, how you work - anything that shows me that you're keeping busy and being brilliant Bright Sparks!

Isn't this great? Fantastic shadowing, Jacob, and I love the space/moon theme!


Daisy's written her draft of her evacuee letter - great start, Daisy!

She's also got us started with the silly reading photo contest...

Rosie has been drawing her spheres - and what a cracking job she's doing there!

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hi 6RW!

This morning, I walked into our classroom to find our AR display trying to escape!

Don't worry though - I gave it a stern telling off then hung it back up.

So how are you guys getting on? I hope you're enjoying the home learning we've put together for you - please email me to let me know that you're checking in and share what you're doing, so I can upload it below. 

Let's see what you've been up to so far...

Lucas has been enjoying PE with his sister and dog

Daisy's done a great job of her sphere

Harriet's been busy with the front cover of her Home Learning book and some written methods and GPS practice:

Seth has organised a fantastic Book Nook of his own

Emily's evacuee poster has lots of facts - what fantastic work!

Daisy has done some great planning for her evacuee letter, following Mrs Johnson's lesson brilliantly

And Harriet's dog Scampi is joining in with learning from home


Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello 6RW! 

Did you spot the error above?! I still don't know if we're Whitebeam or Spruce. Or Bruce. ;)

Anyway, welcome to our page. This is where I'll post messages and photos and Top 10s and things. I'd really love to see examples of your work too and anything you're doing at home - photos would be great. I would especially like to see photos of you reading! Feel free to pass on any book recommendations, too! For Mother's Day, Tilly bought me the latest Sara Pennypacker book, which I'm so excited to read. She wrote Pax, (Sara Pennypacker, not Tilly), which as you know, is my favourite children's book.

So bear with me, because I'm at school and busy busy busy, but as and when I get the chance, I'll be popping stuff up on this page. 

You can email me directly at:

If you need support with work at home, I might not be able to get back to you as I'll be in class, but one of the Year 6 teachers working at home can help you. You can email them at:

That's all for now - I miss your cheeky faces already!

Mrs R-W :)



This was our Survivor Selfie that we took on our last day:

And a few from Michelham Priory (more coming soon):