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final notice for the class of 2019-2020!

Goodbye, my lovely class. For those of you who were in today, all I can say is that I'm glad I had my sunglasses on as we clapped you out of the gates - I was wobbling like a teary old sausage behind them! Thank you for a very special final few hours together; for my lovely cards (I'm going to read them later with my family and probably get all soppy again), for my thoughtful, gorgeous presents (I really don't want to, but I MIGHT share my chocolate with my family - but not Herbie, no matter what he thinks) and for just being there with your smiley (and sweaty - so hot today) faces.

And for those of you still at home, I'm sorry we didn't get to say goodbye. I've written a story for your leaving present, which I've attached below. It's very silly but hopefully will make you laugh - you all star in it.

Take care, all of you, and stay in touch - send me the odd email to let me know how you're getting on. Have a brilliant, awesome Summer. 

Love from Mrs R-W xx

P.S. Your parents have received an email with the video link to the Leavers' Assembly. Make sure you watch it - if you were there, you can relive the experience and if you weren't there, you can see which 6RW members received very special awards (and shortlisted nominations!).



Some of you have found it difficult to email me so instructions below:

  1. Go to Office 365 (
  2. Sign in with your email address, this will be your username followed by ‘’. For most of you this will be your first name, followed by the first letter of your surname. E.g. Click Next.
  3. Type in your usual password. Click Sign In. You're in!

You can email me directly at:

***TRY TO USE YOUR CHESSWOOD EMAIL ADDRESS - I SENT YOU another email so look out FOR IT...***

If you can't get onto AR, are you Googling it, because that won't work? Go onto the Reading Support At Home section on our Home Learning page and there is an image and link directly to AR from there. Or click on/type this into your address bar at the top:

messages and work

friday 26th june

Hello hello hello! Hope you're all well and happy and not melting in this crazy heat. We're gradually filling up in 6RW, and as lovely as it is to see everyone's little faces, we do miss those of you who aren't here. We may all be in different places, but we are still a team!

Only a few things to share this week:

I received a fantastic presentation from Seth (and his very clever sister).


Maryam's little Baxter made us go all gooey in class!


Sam's been studying things under his new microscope.


monday 15th june

Hello lovely people. I hope you're all well and happy and had a great week last week. Like I said before, now that many of us are back in school, I won't be updating this page as much, but I would still like to celebrate any work that you're doing, so don't forget to send it in. I know from Miss Cooper and Ms Carter that some of you have been working hard and have promised to send in photos of what you're doing, so I'm ready when you are!

I have some birthday shout-outs from last week....


friday 5th june

Hello, lovelies and Happy Friday! Those of you who've been in school, we made it! Our first few days back. It's been a little strange but you've all been absolutely awesome and I'm really proud of you.

For those of you still at home - we've missed you! I'm sure you've been having your own lovely time though and keeping up with your learning, reading and/or family time.

As I said in a previous post, now I'm back in class every day, I won't be updating this page daily - I'm aiming for once a week! I will still respond to any emails though and award house points for work so do please stay in touch and let me know how you're getting on.

So... this week we've had two 6RW birthdays! Our lovely Harriet and our lovely Jacob, so a big, huge happy birthday to you guys!


That's a lie. I absolutely did not.


Jacob and his cake.


tuesday 2nd june

Morning, lovelies! I'm back in school today, being a busy bee getting things ready for those of you returning. I've also had some lovely work sent in:

Beautiful painting by Olivia and her mum!


Isla's perspective of a 'big man' - super job.


Captain Maryam and her brother sailing the ocean waves....(sort of).


monday 1st june 

Good morning, lovely people. I hope you all had a spectacular half term. We spent a lot of time on the beach, in the park and in our garden - it was lovely. Thank goodness for this gorgeous weather we've had! I've attached a few photos of my half term fun:

Beach life - even my toes were happy!


I think my watermelon was smiling at me!


Yesterday, I kicked Herbie off our 'people sofa' and sent him back to the one he's allowed to sit on. So he turned his back on me and refused to look at me...

So... I'm back in our classroom - woo hoo! I've missed it. It looks a little strange, compared to what we're used to - I've attached a photo below so you can see for yourselves. For those of you coming back on Wednesday, this is what it will look like, complete with a smiley me! I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys.

See? It's not so bad. It's still our happy place.

This does mean though, that I won't be able to reply to messages as quickly or as often, and updating our class page may slip a little as I'm busy in school. However, those of you who are staying at home, fear not! I will not (EVER!) forget you - I'll still check in and we'll still celebrate your work on this page. It might just take me a bit longer to get around to it.


friday 22nd may (week 8)

Hi, 6RW, hope you're all well. It's our last day before half term, so one more push for some home learning and then you have a week off! I'm really looking forward to seeing some of you after half term - I don't know who's coming back yet, but I'll be really happy to see each and every one of you. I've missed you guys and it'll be so great to be back together before we all go our separate ways at the end of term.

Now, for some learning...

Isla's written some fantastic limericks!


Janek English 1 - see the words he's ticked? He uses them in sentences below.


Good work, Jan.


thursday 21st may (week 8)

Hello, lovelies. I'll be in school for most of today, so this is just a quick hello to say here are the top 10s (well, only the top 5 in English, sadly), which include data up to and including yesterday, not today.





Lovely haiku from Harriet.





wednesday 20th may (week 8)

Hi, 6RW, I hope you've had a super day. I'm a little late posting today as I've been a busy, busy bee planning some lovely art for after half term. I've been looking longingly out of the window at the gorgeous sunshine and my next-door neighbours chilling in their garden, while I've been hunched over my laptop indoors.



And it seems you've been busy too, judging from your emails - it's been great to see what you've all been up to. Firstly, a gorgeous poem about winter from Lera:




Emily's been capturing rainbows.


Isla's poem about an abstract noun - hatred. What a powerful last line!


Janek's comprehension practice


More beautiful Maths from Lera.


Rosie's History hand


tuesday 19th may (week 8)

Hello, lovely people. I hope you're all well and happy and enjoying this nice weather and all the brilliant learning you're doing!

Here's some of the lovely work I've received recently:

Great poem from Jacob.

Olivia's also written something lovely.


monday 18th may (week 8)

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


We have got some very exciting news.

Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute.

We are really excited about this opportunity and know that there are a number of children that would like to enter this challenge.

Mr Gilbert & Mr Yelling would also like to create Chesswood's very own Hall of Fame on the Maths Celebration page for the fastest children.

To get involved, get an adult or sibling to record you achieving your highest score on Studio. Send your entries in to Mr Gilbert and Mr Yelling before the 4th of June. We will then put a selection of the videos on the school website. If your score is amongst the highest, we will then forward your entry onto TT Rock Stars for you so it is entered into the competition.

You can send videos to us as many times as you want - we'll take your best entry - but it needs to be clear it's you doing the answers - so the video needs to include your whole minute of playing, with you in shot.

Come on, 6RW! Let's see some of your names up there!

For more details, visit here:

In other news, let's see what you've been up to today..

Excellent mathematical skills from Lera - and beautiful presentation, too!

Lera's lovely poem about a birch tree.






Sam's poem - lovely work!


Harriet and Daisy's lovely poem


friday 15th may (week 7)

Hello, lovely people. It's been very quiet the last couple of days. Have you all fallen into your time capsules? Are you buried behind a pile of all the books you're reading? Have your furry friends taken you hostage?


wednesday 13th may (week 7)

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and dogs and cats and (if you're with Daisy) baby squirrels. Here are this week's top 10s - pay close attention to the Maths and English ones especially.... (usual house points for those of you featured - great work!)



There's been more movin' and shakin' in our Top 10 this week....


And here's what some of you have been up to today...

Harriet's note to her Future Self


Isla's Future Self note


Harriet and Daisy have been making a lovely Lockdown presentation, including some fantastic beach exploring.


tuesday 12th may (week 7)

Hello, lovelies. Another beautiful blue sky out there... Right, tomorrow is National Numeracy Day and we would love it if you could dress up as a number or anything number-themed, or wear a football shirt with a number on, or anything like that - you know the drill, you've been here before! Then send me photos, the sillier, the better - really rock those poses. We're going to display the best ones in a school collage. Dress up your doggies in digits, your felines in figures, your newts in numerals, your grandma in geometry, your dad in decimals, your mum in mathematical symbols, your fish in fractions, etc etc etc (you get the (decimal) point! (sorry!)).


monday 11th may (week 7)

Hello, 6RW, I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and were able to celebrate VE Day in some way. If you did, and you have pictures, I'd love to see them. My inbox is a little empty right now... Scroll down to see what I received last week.


Olivia read FOUR books over the weekend and passed AR quizzes on all of them. Fantastic reading, Olivia! 


thursday 7th may (week 6)

Let's see what you've been up to today. A few of you have been finishing the Soar narratives and I've really enjoyed reading them:

Isla's version of Soar. Fantastic fronted adverbials, Isla!


Thea's ending to Soar. I love the 'colony of ships' - well done, Thea!


Love the idea of a tiny boy in a tiny hot air balloon, Harriet!




Seth has made a mini movie - can you guess what it's about? Or what the title might be? I thought maybe a spy, but I could be wrong....


 Look at this face....

Little Baxter, Maryam's pup. He gets 1000 house points for being so cute.


wednesday 6th may (week 5)

Hello, lovely people. Lots to go through today.

Firstly, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We have a Double Millionaire, please and thank you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS DAISY SPEAK! WOO HOOOOOOOOO! Amazing, achievement, Daisy, well done. 100 house points.

Secondly, we have a new, furry member of 6RW. Meet little Baxter, Maryam's adorable new puppy. He's a Miniature Dachshund and only 4 months old. Pretty sure I could fit him in my pocket..


Alfie H rescued a dehydrated bee and sent us this lovely video - the picture quality is amazing, I've never seen a bee in such perfect detail before!







Check out Seth's trailer for his romantic film, 'Love At First Sight.' Who needs 'Titatnic' eh, Seth?!


This week's Top 10s below. I say Top 10, only 5 of you did any English IXL in the last week, so have an extra 10 house points for the effort (on top of the usual 10). Those of you in the Maths IXL list can have the usual 10 house points each. AMAZING work by Anakin, I think that must be a record! Well done, and 100 house points to you. I looked through your record and I can see you've put in a superhuman effort.




Maryam's having a super time in Dorset, where she's in Lockdown with her family. She's been cycling loads and having lots of exercise - and now looking after little Baxter.


Sam's been making bread and enjoying eating it too!



Hi 6RW! I've been reading and recording a new book, which will be uploaded for tomorrow. I'm reading Rumblestar by Abi Elphinstone. It's a gorgeous book full of cloud giants and trolls and lots of magical things and brilliant, funny characters - some of you may have read it (Alfie H) or Everdark, which was a small book she wrote for World Book Day and starts the whole adventure off. Abi Elphinstone also wrote Sky Song, which we were due to read in Year 6 - I actually think Rumblestar is even better.

Anyway, it's only a reading for pleasure thing, no questions attached, so you can listen to me read while you do other things. Summer likes to do jigsaws while she listens, maybe you could do some art or tidy your bedrooms or try some funky yoga positions, or you could sit and gawp at my stunningly beautiful face while I read to you.

I know, I'm pretty.

Don't forget, you can do an AR quiz on this book too, once we're finished.

So let's have a look at what you guys have been up to...


Jacob's lava is from Mount Etna, where he visited 4 years ago. What a lovely experience!


Jan is continuing to work hard on his English comprehension skills. Great work, Jan!


Sky's worked really hard on her Maths this week and her spellings, too. Super spelling, Sky! (Ooohh! Alliteration!)


Excellent Spanish practice from Caitlin, Isla, Olivia and Thea. Perfecto, chicas!


Congratulations to Olivia for completing another AR quiz! Olivia and I agree that we both love this book and it has a BEAUTIFUL front cover.



Hello, lovely people. I hope you had a super weekend and managed to get some fresh air and exercise - it was a bright, sunny day on Saturday so I'm sure many of you were outside for some of it.

A bit of news for you - I'm reading and recording a new book for you to watch/listen to, which will start to be uploaded in the next day or two so watch this space....

I fired up my laptop this morning to find a few messages from some of you already - what an enthusiastic bunch you are!


Thea's written a gorgeous poem about her floofy bedroom. It sounds dreamy....


Harriet's been making these yummy-looking American pancakes - are you taking bookings Harriet? I'd like a table for one tomorrow morning, please...




Hello, 6RW, we're nearly at the weekend, woo hoo!

It's been pretty quiet in my inbox today but I've been busy at school. I even agreed to another Friday dance with the rest of the staff - watch out for Mr Himsworth, he couldn't plank for too long. He has spaghetti arms! At least he tried though - I was too busy getting in a muddle on my feet, let alone while planking!

Isla packed her evacuee bag - we agreed that she wouldn't have had a mobile phone during WWII, so Isla's thinking about what she could replace it with.


Jan's been busy with his Maths.


Thea's artistic and feline-themed poem.


Have a lovely weekend!


thursday 30th april (week 4)

Good morning, 6RW! Look what was in my inbox this morning...

That's a lot of questions! Well done, everyone!


Speaking of IXL, see below for Top 10s for Maths and English as well as our top readers. Have a good morning - at least the sun's shining again today. :)



AWESOME work from Mikey, well done! Great work from all of you - shame there's no one to put in number 10 though.


Super effort, Emily, well done! Fantastic work, all of you! (Where are numbers 9 and 10?)


There's been some movin' and shakin' in the top 10 this week, with more of you finishing books and doing AR quizzes. Awesome work, my little bookworms.


wednesday 29th april (week 4)

Hello, lovely people! I'm in school this week and managed to pop into our classroom for a couple of things. I miss our school home! It looks a little lonely without us in there being noisy and chattery, our brains fizzing with all the learning we're doing.

Oh the times I've stood at that door saying 'Good morning!' to you all and complimenting those of you with spectacular bed hair...


Mrs Bourner and I are beavering away at our computers. We're using Mrs Johnson's classroom as a second planning room for teachers.

Anyway, enough of that. I've added some work to yesterday's section and here's what you've been doing today (some of you):


I love Olivia's planning for her poem - what a fun activity to bring letters to life like that!


Olivia's second poem - love this too! Super work, Olivia!


Excellent place value work from Lera. What beautiful presentation!


Good use of parenthesis, Jan!


tuesday 28th april (week 4)

Hello 6RW. It's not the best day for being out in the garden, is it? Still, it's nice weather for ducks and it's good for our plants and flowers.

When I came into school this morning, I had lots of lovely messages already in my inbox. You guys have certainly been busy and productive! Let's have a look...


Thea's been doing some beautiful art - what lovely colours!


Caitlin sent in this striking blackout poem. Great work, Caitlin!


Sam's been very busy in his garden recently. Look at this awesome rock pool he's been creating!


Super poem from Isla


Also from Lera. Great work, Lera.


Sam did some awesome research on the film composer, John Williams. Cracking work, Sam!


Sam also researched coding. Well done, Sam, I expect you'll be working for MI5 one day. Ssshhhh....


monday 27th april (week 4)

Good morning, 6RW! We have a new member of our furry class. Meet Tia, Mia's beautiful puppy...

Josh has been busy cooking spaghetti bolognese...


... and making bread! I particularly like how Josh is poking out his tongue in concentration!


Isla has also been a chef this week, making pasta from scratch!


Isla's pasta tree! (It's actually a pasta rack for drying it out).


Mariama's book review on The Middler - I really enjoyed it too.


Janek's been practising his reading comprehension and English skills.

UPDATE: Eve is the winner of our emoji challenge! Well done, Eve!



I have a little brain teaser for you today. Have a look at the Emoji Pictionary below and see how many of the book titles you can guess. Email me your answers! 

A clue for No 3 to set you off... There's a caterpillar and lots of food. He's going to eat the lot so he must be The H----- C----------!

UPDATE: I've only heard from Eve so far, but she's given me 12/15 answers and they all look pretty good to me! Anyone else want to meet Eve's challenge to beat her? Alfie H has got all 15! Anyone else up for it?!


Summer's been listening to Letters From The Lighthouse while doing this HUGE jigsaw! 500 pieces! Pretty impressive!


Summer has also been teaching her snake how to read I'm impressed - Wolf Wilder is an excellent book!


Janek's been using his mathematical skills...


... and exercising his writing muscles. Nice to hear from you, Jan the Good Man!


And finally, a word from Herbie...

'Have a nice weekend, my furry, fluffy friends (and your humans). Remember to wash your paws.'


thursday 23rd april (week 3)

Let's see what you lovelies have been doing:

Firstly, a fab book review from Caitlin:




Caitlin's also been busy with a super science poster on the topic of light. How illuminating, Caitlin!! (geddit?!)


It was so great to speak to Sky earlier today and she was able to send me photos of some of the great work she's been doing, including this 100 word story. Super story, Sky - I love the WWII theme!

Sky has also been practising her spellings - so has Olivia. Great work, girls!

Eve has created an excellent air raid shelter - she even made people and furniture for inside! Amazing work, Eve!



Harriet wrote a great book review and presented it in this fab PowerPoint. I couldn't include all the pages, so I chose my favourites. Great work, Harriet!


And lastly, from Jacob's dog, Tommy, who is just not feeling the learning this week. He has been, however, chewing hairbrushes.


This morning I've collated IXL data for the last 30 days - this includes the week before Easter, the Easter holidays and this week so far. Top 10s are below. Not enough of you are practising English, so I could only put 7 of you on the list. Everyone who is on the list gets 20 house points, so well done. Next week, it'll be back to weekly Top 10s, so make sure you get your name on that list!




wednesday 22nd april (week 3)

NEWS JUST IN: Isla has completed 3 AR quizzes today and improved her word count - she has now reached over 1, 400,000 words! Fantastic achievement, Isla, well done! The latest Top 10 readers are found below:


We have another book recommendation from Seth today, too. I love Malorie Blackman as well, she's written so many books for children and young adults, definitely worth checking her out!




What lovely emails I've been receiving today with some really fantastic work. Let's have a look at what I've been sent:

Rosie and her brother have been recreating snowboarding fun. It's amazing what a bit of imagination and creativity can do! What a fantastic human art masterpiece!

That's not all Rosie's been up to. Take a look at this...




Alfie H sent me his evacuee letter from last term - very emotive, Alfie!


Isla's book review on Pax made me smile. As you all know, Pax is my favourite children's book so I totally agree with Isla when she calls it a 'heart-wrenching masterpiece'!


Daisy's book review certainly has me interested, too. The glamour of the Orient Express? Yes, please!


Seth also has a book review he'd like to share - I definitely want to read this one, I love creepy stories!



Good morning, 6RW. I hope you are starting to find your rhythm with your home learning again. If you've just logged on since Easter, see yesterday's message.

After we all logged off our laptops and screens yesterday, my family and I went for our usual walk with Herbie and came across this lovely message at the bottom of a tree:

What a positive message - and very true. 

I'll be uploading some of your lovely work later - look forward to hearing from you. If you're just getting your head around being back and haven't done anything yet, just send me an email to let me know how you are and how your Easter was. Instructions below!

Monday 20th April (week 3)

Hi, 6RW, and welcome back to our weird and wonderful new school term during Lockdown. I hope you had a lovely Easter with lots of chocolate and sunshine - thank goodness it didn't rain much! We had some nice walks with Herbie and said hello to the sea.

Okay - I have some housekeeping bits and pieces to share with you:

  1. You'll notice that I've done some spring cleaning and jiggery pokery on our class page, so now I've filed the work you've sent me into subjects on the right. If you click on any of those tabs, you'll find your work there. I'll continue to upload your work each day on this page, and then at the end of each week, I'll move it over to the subject-specific tabs so it's 'archived'.
  2. In the English-Reading tab, I've included a section for book recommendations. I'll have my own to share with you, but I'd really like to see some of yours too. Send me a photo of you holding the book you'd like to recommend, and describe the book in 3 words (or you could even make a short video about it).
  3. In the Art tab I've included some rainbow and NHS art - has anyone else done some rainbow pictures that you have up in your windows at home. Like to share them with us?
  4. Don't forget, you can now log in to Office 365 using your email address *username* and your password - both are the same as your AR username and password. If I haven't already heard from you, please drop me a line to check in and let me know what/how you're doing. These skills of time management, independent learning, organisation and communication are so important, not just for Year 6, but for high school and beyond! They are skills that employers expect you to have when you're grown up and in the big wide world, so get using them now!

So stay in touch (you can email me directly at: and I look forward to seeing what fantastic learning you're doing, books you're reading and fun you're having! 

Mrs R-W :)




If you watched all the recorded readings of Letters From The Lighthouse, you can do an AR quiz on the book. Build up that word count - we're still checking AR and I will still post top 10 readers!

Eve has been VERY brave and used her exercise time to swim in the sea. She told me her teeth were chattering and I'm not surprised!! Well done, Eve!

I haven't had any work from anyone for today yet ('Blimey, Mrs R-W, give us a chance!'), but our lovely Lera did send me loads of her work just as we broke up before the Easter holidays, so let's have a look at just a few pieces (there was a lot!):

Firstly, we have this fantastic diagram of an eye. 


Excellent use of time adverbials and modal verbs, Lera!


Super answers for the Guided Reading, Lera.


I particularly like your answer to question 3, Lera, well done.