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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Monday 25th January 2021

New Daily Teams Meetings

Class pages will no longer be updated by the class teachers. This is due to our new learning expectations, which include a daily Microsoft Teams meeting, 08:45-09:00, to register home learners and prepare them for the day of learning.

To access Teams you need to be logged in to your school email account (Office 365) - for help, click here. Or see the child friendly video for using Office 365 - Outlook email  here.

For help using Teams, click here. Or see the child friendly video tutorial for using Teams  here.

Assessment work

You no longer need to email in evidence of your work on a daily basis - this has been replaced with set pieces of work that will be identified for assessment. Your teachers will tell you which ones these are in the morning Teams meeting and they will be clearly identified on the daily planning. 

To send in your assessment piece, you will usually send an email (ideally from your own school account) with a photo or uploaded attachment of the work. Sometimes, assessment may just be to complete a Microsoft Form or to complete a quiz.

Your teachers would love to respond to all of your emails but that is not possible now. If you do not get a response, and you think you should have (i.e. you asked a question that needs a response), please resend the email with, ‘PLEASE RESPOND’ in the email subject line, this will act as a reminder in such busy times.

Teachers will select samples of work from those entered, to build exemplars of work against the set success criteria at differentiated levels (working towards age related expectations, working at expectations and working at greater depth) to reflect a normal classroom. The work selected will remain anonymous and will focus only on the good examples of meeting the success criteria. Pupils (and families) will then be given the opportunity to self-assess their work against the exemplars to judge how well they are doing and pick out some targets to work on in their next assessment piece.

Enjoy the new learning format.

Mr Yelling

friday 22nd January

good morning 6SJ!

Hello 6SJ!  It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday - I hope you enjoyed the games as much as we did in school!  Sorry we had to end the meeting so abruptly.  We could hear all of you, but you obviously couldn't hear us!  Never mind, at least it was near the end of the call...

Friday again!  Have a lovely weekend - write and let me know what you've been up to next week!

Check out the work below from the last two days! (Coming soon.....)

Mrs Johnsonx

Olly's pigeon impossible plan! Lots of fantastic ideas packed in there!


Above is Philip's dialogue for pigeon impossible. Well punctuated and beautifully written!


Another example of a plan for today's pigeon impossible task from Charlie!


This is Arturo's written methods from last week - so important to keep these going so well done!


A double showing of work from Charlie - thank you for sending in your guided reading work too!


Thursday 21st January

good morning 6SJ!

Hello - I'm back in class again today so we thought we'd send you another messgage from the children in school:  Alex, Summer, Frankie, Raya, Jack, Zach and Matthew!

'Good morning, cheeky monkeys!  Hope you're having a good time at home and we're looking forward to seeing you soon!'

Our current favourite song:  Wimoweh - 'In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight......'

From 6SJ

wednesday 20th January

good morning 6SJ!

I hope you have all been enjoying the Pigeon Impossible writing tasks - I know we have in school! Remember to send it through to me once you've completed it - I want to see your fabulous writing!

We will be having another 6SJ Teams call on Thursday this week at 11am, so please have a look at the important rules below about the session:

When your teacher invites you to a session it will appear in the relevant channel on Teams. Try to make sure that you are in a quiet, shared, comfortable environment, free from distractions for your session. Please avoid being in your bedrooms unless supervised by an adult. 

  •  If you can’t make the “live” session, then try to let us know before the session begins.  
  •  Just like in the classroom, we ask you not to talk at the same time as the teacher. So, keep your microphone on mute unless you want to ask a question or say something (in which case hold up your hand just like you would in school). When you have got permission to speak, say what you want to say, and then mute your microphone again. 
  •  Keep your camera on (if you can) because we would like to see your lovely faces and create a virtual classroom. 
  • You must not record or take photos of teachers or students during video conferencing sessions, and you must not share lessons publicly. Remember our online safety rules – no sharing of personal information.
  • We must all follow these rules to keep you safe and to make sure things run smoothly. Just like in school, always remember the Chesswood Bright Sparks Code – show courtesy, care and kindness at all times.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday - I've got some games/activities in make sure you join us!  

Have a great day,

Mrs Johnsonx

Delicious pizza, Philip!


Charlie's egg-free brownies - apparently very delicious and easy. Hopefully he will share the recipe with us all!


Just to add in something to stop us all getting hungry... Olly's lovely reading comprehension!


Romyna and Mr Snuffles - what a beautiful cat! 
Miss Cooper's cat Bootsie (ginger and white) showing Bowie (all ginger) who is boss!


tuesday 19th January

good morning 6SJ!

Good morning all!  I am in class today with Summer, Alex, Frankie, Jack, Zach, Raya and Matthew so am a bit later with my class message this morning.  Thanks to those who sent me work in yesterday - it will be posted on here soon, so keep checking in! Hope you're all having a lovely day - here is a photo of 6SJ in school working on their maths: we've been getting on really well with our percentages!

Mrs Johnsonx

Loving Leen's engagement with home learning!


Philip's great and very dramatic police report.
Charlie's maths and nasty writing :D 



monday 18th January

good morning 6SJ!

A bit colder this morning - but what a lovely sunny start to the day!  Make sure you take a break from your home learning at some point and try to get out in the sunshine if you can - it really helps to have a break and clear your mind.

It was lovely to see lots of you on Friday on our Teams call.  Next week, hopefully, there'll be fewer technical glitches and we'll have more time to play a couple of games and have a bit of a chat.... 

Have a great day today - and don't forget to email if you have any problems with anything, any questions, or just want to let me know how you're doing.

Check out some great work from Friday below! 

Mrs Johnsonx

Arturo's scrumptious noodles, that he cooked for his family.



Fantastic use of a place value grid by Cristian to help him with multiplying and dividing by O,T,H and Th etc.


Philip's great maths work - lovely seeing lots of ticks there!


More world class writing from Olly :)


friday 15th January

good morning!

Good Friday morning!  Well done - you've made it to the end of another week!  Sorry I am a bit late posting my message this morning but I was sorting things out for our Teams call later at 11am this morning.  Make sure you have opened up Teams through your Outlook school email account.  You should have received my invite to our 6SJ meeting!  Hoping to see you all later for a whole class catch up...  It will be so nice to see your faces again after two weeks away - and you'll be able to catch up with the children in school too.

Watch out for work from yesterday that will be posted on here soon.  See you all later hopefully - and have a great weekend!

Mrs Johnsonx

Philip has done a fantastic job of using semi-colons for his nasty writing!


Above is Charlie's interview with his dad about his lock down experience


Zach told me about these amazing maps yesterday; they are inspired by the board game Risk, which he received for Xmas.


Leen's lovely interviewing plan!


thursday 14th January

good morning!

Hello - at the moment, sometimes I am out of class planning the home learning and making videos (!), but today, I am in class with 5 children from 6SJ!  We are going to be doing exactly the same learning as you at home, so it will be great to share some on here later.  Scroll down to see some work from yesterday!

Here is a message from 6SJ:

"Wish you were here!  We miss you all!"

Summer: "You're so lucky that you can eat your lunch when you want!"

Have a  lovely day - oh! and a final message from 6SJ: "Cheeseburger!"

Mrs J and 6SJ (Summer, Raya, Zach, Jack and Matthew) xx

Leo's pizza preparation


...and the delicious finished product!


A great time capsule letter from Charlie


...Oh and Philip's lovely science work!



wednesday 13th January

good morning!

Halfway through the week!  Foggy this morning - but the sea looked very calm and atmospheric on my cycle ride.  That's the great thing about living by the sea like we do - there's always something to enjoy, even when the weather isn't so great.  I hope you manage to get out and enjoy some fresh air, or maybe even a sea view, at some point today.

Don't forget - I am always so happy to hear from you.  Even if you are not sending me work, just drop me a line to let me know how you are getting on.  You can also always email me with any questions/problems.  If you don't know how to use your Chesswood email, use an adult's email address to let me know and I'll give you a hand.

Make sure you watch my Poem of the Day video!  

Have a great day,

Mrs Johnsonx

Olly's fantastic reading comprehension from yesterday!


Philip's diary entry for his time capsule, which is lovely!


tuesday 12th january

good morning, 6SJ!

Well, here we are again ready for another day of home learning!  Hope you've had a good start to your day - it's definitely much milder this morning, but a bit damp cycling in along the seafront.  The sea looked amazing though.

Thank you to Philip, Charlie and Olly who have sent me in work from yesterday.  Amazing job, boys!

Charlie's maths and writing


Olly's 'His Dark Materials Diary'. He has chosen to write this diary as an extra task based on his reading - well done Olly!


Philip's art


Here's some of our art work from in school last week.  I think the children in class are going to have another go today and maybe create 3D names now that they have got the hang of it.

Come on everyone else!  I want to hear from more of you today if possible........

Have a great day and see you again tomorrow,

Mrs Johnsonx

monday 11th january

good morning, 6SJ!

Welcome to our first full week of home learning in Year 6!  I hope you had a lovely weekend and feel recharged ready for another week of fun home learning activities!  It has been lovely to receive some of your home learning already, so a big shout out and thank you to Philip, Charlie, Olly, Romyna and Matthew!  

Olly's meditation
Philip's diary
Matthew's maths
Charlie's pizza


Romyna's ACRO

I'd love to hear from the rest of you, so please send me any work you are proud of and as well as earning house points, there will be a selection of work regularly posted on our class page to inspire others!

At least today is a bit warmer (although I did enjoy the white, frosty weather at the weekend!), so you won't have to wrap up quite so much if you go out for some fresh air.  Have a lovely day - let me know how you get on with your home learning - and speak again soon!  

Make sure you watch the Poem of the Day video for today!

Mrs Johnsonx



Meet the teacher

Hello, 6SJ parents!

Your children have done so well these past three weeks settling back into school and into life at the top of Chesswood! It has been lovely to meet them and I am really looking forward to sharing their last year at Chesswood with them. 

Please watch the video below to find out more about Year 6 and what we will be up to this year.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at:




Hello and welcome to Year 6! We are looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to life at the top of Chesswood – it’s a great adventure!

Firstly, we would love to find out more about you, so we have some super home learning tasks for you to do. Have a look at our Year 6 PowerPoint presentation to find out more.

Once you have completed your postcard task, email them to your class teacher with any other work or information you would like us to know.

In Year 6, we are all keen readers and we love to share our book recommendations with each other. Check out our reading list to find out loads of brilliant books for you to lose yourself in. We would love it if you can read at least 2 books from the lists over summer. This is a great way to start the year feeling confident and earn yourself some extra house points too!


That’s all for now – we can’t wait to see you in September. Until then, stay safe, have a great summer, and we’ll see you soon.

Teacher email address: