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friday 3 april

Well, we've done it, 6SJ - we've got through two weeks of home learning!













Wiktoria has kept it going right to the end and sent me this great work from today - what a Bright Spark!  Amazing shading on that art work, Wiktoria!











I am really excited about the writing lessons we have planned for the first week back after the Easter holidays - but until then...... enjoy some time off; make sure you get some fresh air outside in the sunshine; keep up that reading; stay safe and I'll see you all again very soon - hopefully, with some great stories and photos of what you've all been getting up to!

Mrs Johnsonx

thursday 2 april

Good Thursday evening, 6SJ!  I am a bit later posting this today - as I took a break to go for a run on the seafront with my daughter, Amy!  Hope you are all raring to go for your last day of home learning before the Easter holidays, but don't forget to keep up that reading - and you can still check in with ixl/TT Rockstars!

I have heard from Wiktoria, Robyn and Lochy today - which I am so happy about!  It is so nice to hear how you are getting on and what you have been up to!

Robyn has been busy watching my English writing videos - and has sent me a picture of her work station.  It all looks very neat and organised, Robyn - and who's that watching you?!

She has also rescued a caterpillar from her garden - now named Matato - and is going to keep us posted on his metamorphosis (big word!) into a moth or butterfly...

Scroll down to see Robyn and Samantha's Amazing Art, Samantha's Wonderful Writing and Wiktoria's Super Spelling and Spectacular Science from today, too!  (Not sure those capitals are correct - but it's good alliteration!)

Have a great last day of home learning tomorrow before the Easter holidays - see you tomorrow!

wednesday 1 april

It was lovely today to hear from Alice G and hear how she has been getting on since the school closed.  She said she misses 6SJ and being in school - me too, Alice!  Keep up the great work - and (online!) dancing and running!  I also heard how Josh has been doing with his home learning this week - keep it up, Josh!  Any more news from any of you?  We'd love to hear from you!

Purdy has done this fantastic drawing of Charlie the dog - wow, Purdy!  I can see why art is your favourite subject...

Doris has been amusing herself at home by dressing up as an evacuee again!  Check out the pics below - spot the change in mood! 

See you all again tomorrow!!

tuesday 31 march

I can't believe today is the last day of March!  Spring is in the air - although it is still pretty chilly outside!  Hope you've all had another great day of home learning today - thanks to Lilia, Frankie, Daisy and Doris for keeping me posted on what they've been up to today (scroll down to see....)  One of my daughters is upstairs now taking a dance class on Zoom - her first one online - I wonder how she's getting on?  I can hear her moving about above me!  Have you done anything online that you would normally do in real life? Let us know!  Also, if I haven't heard from you yet, please drop me a quick line to say hello and let me know how you're getting on.  You don't have to send photos - it would just be lovely to hear from you!

Daisy's cat has joined her today for her home learning.  He/she doesn't look very enthusiastic! 


Well, hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend and have had a good first day back at your home learning.  I've had some great work from Purdy, Joshua, and Samantha today - scroll down to see updates...  and Frankie's dog, Darwin (below), is ready for another week of home learning! He needs to do up that top button though!  Lilia sent me a great video last Friday of her playing swingball out in the sunshine during a break from home learning.  (Unfortunately, I haven't been able to upload it yet...)  It is soooo important to still get outside and have some fresh air and exercise.  I am about to attempt a run on the seafront at the end of the road - typically, the weather has suddenly gone all grey and ominous looking! So, if I haven't heard from you yet, I'd still love to - just a quick email letting me know how you're getting on - or send me a photo/video of something you've been doing and I'll try my best to put it on here.  See you tomorrow!

friday 27 march - end of week 1!

Well, we've reached the end of our first week - and I hope you've enjoyed all your home learning!  Some of you have been very busy and have been emailing me your work and telling me what you've been doing.  This week, I've heard from Samantha, Lilia,  Daisy, Jayden, Jack, Harvey, Leila, Doris, Agnes, Frankie, Sorrel, Purdy and Joshua. (Scroll down to see some of it under the different subjects...)  Brilliant, you guys!  But come on, the rest of you, we want to know what you've been up to, too!  We'd like to see what work you've been doing and any more front covers and evacuee letters - but also, don't forget to send me any news/photos/videos of other activities you've been up to!  Also, where are you doing your home learning?  Send me a picture of your work station....

happy birthday Purdy!!!!

I have been learning lots of new skills this week - using the 6SJ visualiser to record myself teaching; uploading videos to you tube; uploading videos and photos to the school website...!!

What have you been doing (besides all your home learning)?!  Send me photos of any other activities you've been up to.....

Purdy has sent me all of the amazing maths work she has completed this week as well as English and Art!  Joshua has sent me in science and his evacuee letter from today, Lilia has also sent her evacuee letter and Leila has finished her front cover. Scroll down to see some of it.  

Daisy's dog was so tired out from all his home learning over the last two days - he took a break to go swimming today....

Terrific Takeaway Tasks

Thank you, Leila, for sending in this fantastic powerpoint all about how we can help to look after our environment.   You must have spent quite a long time creating this - and it links in with all the discussions we had in school about Greta Thunberg and the Climate Change Strikes.  I know Leila was reading Greta's book - has anyone else read it?

Thank you, Helenka, for sending in this amazing powerpoint all about World War 2!  We loved looking at this in class last Friday morning - we learned a lot and enjoyed completing the quiz.  We especially loved the effects between each slide and watched some of them about 20 times!

Agnes has told me she is inspired to create a powerpoint all about the Blitz, so watch this space!!

getting started - book covers!

Harvey's book cover - absolutely beautiful, Harvey!  You are so detailed, precise and careful in your art work.  I think this could be an artist's print...

Look at this amazingly creative book cover Leila has sent me today!  I love it! 

Another day, another great book cover!  Thanks for this, Samantha!  I love the Be Extraordinary in the background!

Jayden has sent me through his front cover today (24.3.20) - it's so creative and I love all the references to Chesswood's motto.  Is that Auggie from Wonder floating around in the middle?

Daisy's dog is keen to do some home learning as well!  I didn't realise Mr Jolley was now allowing dogs to study at Chesswood!

 I am currently working from home in our dining room and my two daughters are getting on with their home learning at the kitchen table.  Where are you doing yours?   

Look at this great book cover design that Frankie has created for his home learning book!  Let's have some more for me to put up on our class page....  How about adding some colour to your design - or creating a collage?  

Oh - and......


Jack has decorated the front cover of his home learning book today (23.2.30)  - send me yours if you want them displayed on our class page!

maths, reading, writing 

(Scroll down for other subjects!)

evacuee letters

Here is the start to Lilia's letter.  Lots of interesting detail and descriptions of what it felt like to arrive at Michelham Priory for the first time...  Great work, Lilia!


This really looks like an old letter from the 40's, Samantha, with the tea-stained paper.  I love some of the historical detail too!

Great job on your evacuee letter, Doris!  It really sounds like someone talking at the time and I love all the description of Michelham Priory - it really makes it come alive.

I love the 'daffs' in this, Daisy!  There certainly were a lot of them when we went to Michelham last  week...

Fantastic work on your evacuee letter today, Joshua!  I love the way you've used language that a child writing at the time of World War 2 would have used. Great job! 

Lilia has also done a great job on her evacuee letter today and has sent me pictures of it on her laptop.  I am working out the best way to display it on here, so bear with me and I'll do that tomorrow!


Great Pigeon Impossible writing, Samantha!  You have really thought about including the target language from the Grammar lessons.

Super spelling practice from Wiktoria today.  I wonder if you can use some of those words in your writing, Wiktoria?

What a great piece of opinion writing, Lilia!  I can tell you are all watching my video and really thinking about the language you include in your writing.

Great result on your spelling test today, Lilia!

Some more great opinion language in Frankie's piece of writing from today, too - and a bit of maths thrown in for good measure.

Some great use of the target language for the writing task today from Daisy - using fronted adverbials to give opinions.

Nice graffiti wall from Samantha to practise her spelling today.

Great work on your spelling test today, Leila!

Great maths work this week, Purdy!  She has finished the sheet!

Great revision of converting fractions into decimals today, Samantha!

Lilia has finished her first draft of her evacuee letter today, but plans to do some improving/editing tomorrow - great stuff, Lilia!

Great maths work today, Lilia!  You have clearly been busy today!

Thank you, Samantha, for sending in the planning you did yesterday for your evacuee letter. I can't wait to read your letter home!

Jayden has been working hard on his maths at home - and beautifully presented with self-marking done in purple pen!

Samantha sent me her writing task from Monday.  Beautiful presentation, Samantha!  She has come up with some great ideas of things that could have happened to her as an evacuee (using ideas from the videos and what we have read in class).  

Daisy has sent me these photos of her great maths and reading work from today (23.2.20) - looks like you've been working really hard, Daisy!  She has also sent me a first draft of her Michelham Priory letter - I'm looking forward to seeing a final version (and more from the rest of 6SJ!) that I can post on here towards the end of the week....  Today, in English, you were watching videos of evacuees and collecting ideas about feelings and emotions; tomorrow, you will be planning your own letter home!

Frankie also did some great maths work yesterday!  Make sure you take some time to do some fun stuff today, Frankie (24.2.20)!

Music, Art, Spanish, History, science, PE....

Great work on your eye diagram for science, Wiktoria.  We've got a great artistic view of the external eye from Robyn below and then, here, a diagram to show us what the eye looks like inside....

Fantastic shading in your art today, Samantha! They look good enought to eat!

That eye is amazing, Robyn!  I love the shading above the eye and the pupil is so carefully drawn with the light reflection.  

Another great eye diagram from Lilia.  Sorry it's sideways, Lilia, but for some reason today, my computer wasn't playing ball and wouldn't let me rotate it.  Just incline your head to the right to look at Lilia's work!

(Oh! It's corrected itself now - obviously needed a bit of time!)


Really careful work from Daisy today on her diagram of an eye for science.  I love the use of colour as well.

Well done, Purdy, for persevering with this task today - I know you said you found it quite tricky.  Amazing what we need to make our eyes work.


The use of colour in Doris's WW2 factsheet is really effective and makes it easier to read and pick out the key points from.  This would make a great classroom resource!  Thanks, Doris!



I really like the way Samantha has laid her WW2 factsheet out - it would make a great poster in the classroom to help us remember important facts about the war.

Great note-taking skills in History today, Joshua!

Purdy started by sketching eyes but decided to finish the whole person.  Apparently, the slogan on the T-shirt says: 'Feeling snappy' with a picture of a crab!

Joshua has completed the science investigation on how light travels today.  Super use of the planning sheet, Joshua!

Thanks for sending in your art work from today, Lilia. I love the way the shading makes it look 3D...

Mrs Cossins would be pleased to see that Lilia is keeping up with her music lessons....

Agnes has been doing some great Spanish revision! Muy bien, Agnes!


welcome to our class page, 6sj!

Hello 6SJ - Spruce or Whitebeam or whatever we are (both are great trees, so it doesn't matter)!!

Welcome to our class page!

I can keep in contact with you through this page and if you need to speak to me, remember you can email me at this address: (you can click on the link on the Year 6 Home Learning page to go straight to email).  This link is now working - thanks to Sorrel (for letting me know) and Mr Miller (for fixing it).

I also plan to post any pictures/examples of work or other things you've been doing on this page, so don't forget to send me anything you're proud of or things you would like to share with your class. 

We are posting maths and English lessons for each day (including Mrs RW reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse'), plus there will be lessons for History, Art, Science and PE posted throughout the week.  Try to do the maths and English and then, choose from 1 or 2 of the other lessons each day.  Why not make yourself a timetable for the day or week like we do at school?  You could start with maths or English like we normally do at school, or if you prefer, start your day with Art or History - or even the daily PE challenge to wake you up! - and then, move on to English or maths...  It's up to you!

Keep in touch,

Mrs Johnson

ps make sure you check out the videos for maths and English from Miss Pye and me!!