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thursday 4th june

Hello!  I can't believe it has been over a week since I last said hello on our class page! I hope you've all been having a good time at home - I know a couple of you have been emailing me with updates about what you've been doing and sending me your work to look at.  I'd love to hear from a few more of you.  Even though I can't post on here every day now I'm back in school, I can still reply to any emails you send me.

Joshua has been regularly sending me in photos of all the great home learning he's been doing - thanks, Joshua!  And Doris has been busy picking elderflowers to make some elderflower cordial. Below are some photos and the recipe if you would like to try yourself.  Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!  Mrs Johnsonx



wednesday 3rd june

Good afternoon, 6SJ!  I'm sorry I didn't manage to drop you a line yesterday, but we were busy in school preparing for some of you to come back to class.  I hope you've had a lovely couple of days - despite the rain, it's still nice and warm this afternoon.

Because I am now back in school teaching some of you, I won't be updating our class page with your work in the same way, but I would still love to hear from those of you who are still at home - so please do drop me a line and let me know what you've been up to and/or send me any work you've been doing, and I will still reply at the end of the day. 

I will still be posting messages on here - it just might not be every day.  

Hope you all have a lovely evening!  Mrs Johnsonx

monday 1st june

Good morning, 6SJ!  I hope you had an amazing half term with all this gorgeous sunny, summer weather.  I have even managed a dip in the sea a couple of times and it has been surprisingly warm.  Lovely!  

I am writing this to you from the seat at my desk in 6SJ, and it is the first time I've been into our classroom in ten weeks!  That's why my message is later today - I came in early but it was lovely to see Mr Hicks and Mrs R-W again after so long, so I caught up with them a bit before I came in here.  Looking forward to seeing the rest of the teachers later.  

I hope you've had a lovely rest and are ready to start learning again today.    Enjoy your home learning today, but also make sure you get some time to enjoy the sunshine (put on the sun cream though - its hot out there!).

Have a great day - looking forward to hearing what you get up to later, Mrs Jx

friday 22nd may

More updates from today:  some great sandcastle building from Joshua on the beach this afternoon (see below!) and some fantastic writing work from Harry in English-Writing.  Helenka has also managed to complete reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (amazing, Helenka!) and is trying to send me the video of her science experiment, which we will work on uploading soon!

Work updates: check out Art (Samantha), DT (Helenka), English-Writing (Joshua, Alice G, Lilia), Music (Doris, Lilia), Science (Jayden) and Spanish (Alice G)...

Well, well done, 6SJ!  We've completed a full half term of home learning!!

Keep up that great focus and hard work today and then, you can have a well-deserved rest next week.

I asked you to let me know if you have been doing or learning anything new during lockdown and Lilia told me that she has been making music videos and posting them on her status on What's App.  She has also written 9 songs of her own!   Check out Music on our subject menu bar to hear one of them:  Dream Big.  She also has written a goodbye song to Chesswood, but we'll save that one for later in the year...  Thank you for sharing them with us, Lilia, and who knows - maybe a future in music beckons?

Jayden has been doing some great research into a scientific phenomenon called the Brachistochrone.  This was new to me and makes for very interesting reading.  Check it out on our Science page!

Helenka has been trying her hand at lots of baking while she has been at home.  Her mum says she is better than her at it now - look at our DT page to see Helenka's yummy banana bread!

I had quite a few emails from different people yesterday, so thank you!  (Keep sending me work/news today and I will endeavour to post it on here before the end of the day....)

Have a great day and an even greater half term!

Ooh, I forgot to say - well done to Theo, Samantha, Kelsey and Helenka!  You've made it onto our Y6 collage this week - check it out!

Mrs Johnsonxx

thursday 21st may

Work updates: English-Writing for two poems from Kelsey (!), Maths (Lilia) and Spelling (Kelsey again!) - let's hear from some different people for our last day before half term tomorrow.  Remember to get reading and quizzing as well so you can meet your reading target for this half term!

Morning, 6SJ! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.  It's so lovely to have some gorgeous warm weather - with no wind!  I'd love to hear from a few more of you today - it's so nice when I receive an email from you telling me what you've been up to.  Jack has been learning magic tricks and running with his dad and can now run 4km!  What a great achievement!  He has also been emailing his friends on his Chesswood email account, baking a lot and trying new foods as well as finishing three books and designing a den and building it in his room.  Phew!  It's great to use this time to learn and do new things.  Oh yes, and Jack has also learned the 50 states of America and can recite them from memory!

What new things have you been doing or learning?  Have a great day,

Mrs Johnsonx

wednesday 20th may

New Top Tens now in - 20hp for each one you're on!  Some of you have already beaten your reading targets, and some of you are very close.  Some of you need to get quizzing!  Let's see who can get there by Friday!

Work updates: check out English-Writing for some powerful poetry from Frankie, Theo and Lilia, and Spelling for some super spelling and great grammar practice from Joshua!

Another beautiful sunny morning, 6SJ! Apparently, it's going to be 21 degrees by tomorrow...  It does make it easier to get up and start home working /learning when it's sunny, doesn't it?  Imagine doing this in the middle of winter when it's cold and dark; we'd just want to stay in bed!  Keep your fantastic motivation and effort going until Friday - and then you can have a much deserved rest.

Happy Wednesday!

Mrs Johnsonxx ps here are some sunny day gifs for you!

Tuesday 19th may

Work updates: look at Computing (Purdy's funny Scratch video!), English-Writing (Leila, Kelsey and Theo), History (Joshua), PSHE (Leila) and Spanish (Agnes, Doris, Myla, Purdy and Wiktoria).  Great to hear from all of you!

Morning!  I had quite a few emails from you yesterday afternoon, so look out for work updates soon...  Hope you had a good day yesterday - after I finished work, I went for a short run on the seafront with my daughter, Amy, and then did a yoga class on you tube.  After that I cooked dinner and we had stir fried noodles, which - if I say so myself - was delicious!

My internet connection was VERY slow yesterday and nothing was working properly, so wish me luck for today.  Hope you aren't getting too frustrated with slow connections too.  I find the best thing to do when it isn't working well is to stop!  Do something different for a while that you can do offline and then go back to it later....

Have a great day, 6SJ!  I would love to hear from some of you I haven't heard from in a while....!

Mrs Jx

monday 18th may

Work updates: thanks to Theo and Doris for sending through their work on Friday afternoon - look at English - Writing and Maths.

Good morning, 6SJ!  Welcome to another sunny Monday morning of home learning!  This is our last week before half term, so let's keep up the great effort you've all been putting in over the past few weeks.


Have a good day - and look out for those work updates soon.  I'm looking forward to hearing lots more 'pings' into my email inbox today as all your work and news comes flying in...

Mrs Johnsonx

friday 15th may

Work updates: look at PSHE to see a great presentation Theo has written about becoming a zoologist when he is older.  He has been inspired by watching the Chester Zoo stream online.  Has anyone else been watching it?  Also, look at English - Writing to see some great time capsule work from Kelsey...

Morning 6SJ. Miss Cooper here! I have been busy cooking the last few days as I am determined to come out of all of this a better cook - check out my dishes and cake below, the cake in particular was yummy. Have any of you decided to come out of this with a new or improved skill?!

      Pasanda Spiced Prawn Pilaf        Cheese and Caramelised Onion Pork Steaks            Chocolate cake!


And to add to Miss Cooper's delicious-looking cooking photos, here are some photos Sorrel sent me of some naan bread she made to go with her dad's curry last night.  I've asked for the recipe!

Good morning!  Just a brief hello from me this morning as I update work - Miss Cooper will be sending you another message today, so keep an eye out for that....

Have a great Friday - and a lovely weekend and I'll see you again on Monday for another week of home learning before half term!  Mrs Jx

thursday 14th may

Work updates: Maths (Kelsey and Jayden), and PSHE (Leila) - let's have a bit more today to put up tomorrow!

Good morning, 6SJ! Hope you all had a good day yesterday - did you see the collages of pictures for National Numeracy Day (on the Facebook page)? Harvey's Minecraft sphere made it up there - as did Leila (counting and bagging her pocket money!).

Each week, we are also creating a collage of work from Y6 - these also go on to social media, so check them out if you haven't already.  You (or your work) might have made it up there!  (So far, Daisy, Tate, Bongani, Lilia, Doris and Frankie have been included I think - so let's try to have different people each week...)

So, what have you been up to?  Have a look below - and then, have a great day!  Mrs Jx

Harvey has been busy on his allotment.  Look at all these gorgeous pictures - the colours of the butterfly on the marigold are amazing!

Here's Leila counting her pocket money on National Numeracy Day:

Daisy sent in a presentation she made with her sister, Harriet, all about their 'adventures' in lockdown - here are a few slides - who knew there was so much wildlife on Worthing beach?!  Good to see Scampi plays a starring role!

wednesday 13th may

Work updates:  look at Computing (all of Harvey's Minecraft creations!), English - Writing (Leila's thoughts on school uniform), and Maths (Jayden's fabulous 4 Ops!)...

Hola!  Coma estas? I've noticed that quite a few of you have been practising your Spanish on duolingo - muy bien!  If you don't have your duolingo username and password, just email me and I can send it to you.

Alice G has been very busy creating this volcano at home.  What a great takeaway task! 

Harvey has been creating on Minecraft for National Numeracy day.  This sphere constructed from cubes is amazing - it must have taken ages!

I love the pop up shop at the front of this castle!

Oh, and here's a duck.....!

Daisy has learned how to make a protective face mask from an old sock (clean, I hope!).  She popped some tissues inside, did some fancy cutting to each end of the sock and hey, presto!














It's been lovely to hear from more of you yesterday - keep those emails coming!  Work updates to follow - have a great day, Mrs Johnsonx

tuesday 12th may

Work updates - DT (Frankie), English - Writing (Samantha and Myla), and Science (Leila).  Check out Myla's video down below this message as well!

Good morning!  And another beautiful sunny day!  Keep up the great work and keep those emails coming - I haven't been hearing from as many of you recently, so stay in touch!  Here's a rather blurry photo of me in my new routine of having my second coffee at my laptop... 

Mr Gilbert has just told me about National Numeracy Day tomorrow - so remember, we'd love to receive any photos of you dressed up as a number and using maths at home.  Harvey has told me he's been doing lots of Minecraft builds at home, which uses lots of maths skills. He's also been visiting his family's allotment and doing lots of work there - we'd love to see some photos!  Please send me through some tomatoes when they're ripe!

Have a great day, y'all!  Mrs Johnsonx

ps look at this great video Myla has sent in of her performing her poem about a favourite place:



monday 11th may

Work updates: look at Art (Leila), English-Writing (Samantha), and Maths (Kelsey).

Morning, 6SJ!  Hope you've had a lovely 3 day weekend and are ready for another week of home learning.  Let's keep it going until half term, which is only 2 weeks away!  I'd love to hear what you've been up to over the past 3 days - here are some updates I've already received.

Kelsey has been making 'poutine' with his dad - I had never heard of this before and had to look it up online.  I read that it comes from the French part of Canada in Quebec and is made with potato chips, cheese curds and gravy.  It sounds like great comfort food!

Sorrel made these rock cakes and scones for VE day on Friday - hope they tasted as good as they looked, Sorrel!  Did anyone see the Spitfire fly over on VE Day?








Leila has also finished creating this great poster in support of NHS staff.  I love the way the slogan refers directly to the image.

Have a great Monday - and keep those updates coming!

Mrs Johnsonx

thursday 7th may

Work updates now in: check out English-Reading for a great powerpoint about how to look after a dog from Frankie, English-Writing to see more playwriting from Daisy and Harriet, History to see Leila's evacuee bag and Maths for more great work from Jayden.  Oh, and here's a great photo from Kelsey and his brother - doing a bit of 'bonding'! (Thanks also to Kelsey for his toilet roll video!)

What a beautiful warm sunny morning today! It feels like summer could be on its way...  Hooray!

Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend to come - I know we can't get out and about in the same way at the moment, but what have you got planned for VE Day tomorrow?  There are lots of websites online where you can find bunting to print off and colour in (if you can print at home), or why not make some bunting of your own using paper and string?  You could even have your own mini street party or picnic - in your garden or back yard, or sitting in a sunny spot indoors!

If you're interested to find out more about VE Day, you could follow this newsround link:

Newsround VE Day







Hope you have a lovely weekend - let me know what you've been up to on Monday! 

Mrs Johnsonx

wednesday 6th may

Work updates now in - check out DT (Lilia), English-Writing (Jayden and Kelsey), and Maths (Leila).  Thanks also to Daisy for sending in more of her play script. Well done all of you - let's have some different people today!

Buenos dias!  What a lovely sunny morning - I was even able to sit outside in the sun for my morning coffee today. 

Lilly has sent me in a video to add to Maria's toilet roll creation (see below) - thanks, Lilly!  That means we now have 18 members of our class included in the video - if you would like to be included too, make sure you send me or Maria your clip.

Two more days of home learning this week - Friday is a bank holiday!  It's usually on the first Monday in May, but this year, the government changed it to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe - in World War 2).  75 years ago, when war ended in Europe, people held big street parties to celebrate.







It must have been incredible to realise that the war was finally over.

Work updates to follow - don't forget to check out yesterday's Top Tens (see newsflash below!).

Mrs Johnsonx

ps Lilly's toilet roll video was so good that I had to add it on here!




New Top Tens are now in - click on Top Tens in the blue menu bar.  Well done to all of you who are listed (20hp for each one you are on)!  There are lots of you, so make sure you check!

Also, a big well done to Helena, Maria, Sorrel, Leila, Lilia, Daisy, Robyn, Doris, Joshua and Jessika, who all met their reading targets before Easter.  100hp each!

(Samantha, Tate and Wiktoria were close behind so let's see who can get there by half term...) Some of you have already smashed it!

Doris is also now a millionaire!!  Great work, Doris! 30hp!!

tuesday 5th may

Good Tuesday morning, 6SJ!  Hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed your home learning.

One of the highlights of my Monday was this chocolate mousse tart that one of my daughters made and brought into me with a cup of tea during the afternoon.  It was one of the nicest desserts I have ever eaten!

Keep those emails and work updates coming - I'm looking forward to hearing what you've been up to today....  Have a good Tuesday,

Mrs Johnsonxx

work updates!

Check out: English - Writing (Kelsey, Leila, Lilia and Daisy), History (Bongani), Maths (Jayden), RE (Leila) and Spelling (Samantha) work updates from Friday and today!  Thank you all of you!  Lovely to hear from Bongani - let's hear from a few more different people tomorrow!

monday 4th may

Good morning, 6SJ! Welcome back to a sunny Monday morning!  Hope you had a good weekend and are all ready for another week of great home learning....

To brighten up your Monday morning even further, here is the toilet roll video that Maria sent in.  If you would like to be included, just film yourself catching a toilet roll (the choice of location is yours!) and then, throw it on...  Have a look at the video below so you get the idea!  Once you've made your video, email it to either me or Maria to edit in to the film.  It would be great to have as many of us as possible included.

Work updates to follow!  Thanks for all your emails on Friday.

Have a great Monday!xx



friday 1st may

happy may day!!

Another week of home learning done!  Well done, 6SJ!  You're all doing brilliantly! Keep those emails coming...  (If you're still stuck on how to use your Chesswood email, drop me a line and I can help you get sorted.)  Doris and Harvey have both told me how much they have enjoyed being able to email their friends.  It also makes it easier to email me with a question, or send me work.

Updates to work coming soon... so check back here to see which subject folders have been updated.

Have a great Friday, 6SJ - and a lovely weekend!

Mrs Johnsonxx

Updates of work are now in.  Check out: English-writing for some great colour poems from  Kelsey, Doris,Lilia and Agnes, and a book review from Samantha.  Also, check out Maths and Spelling for more work from Leila and Kelsey.  Don't forget I email with housepoints for every piece of work you send in...

Also, Doris, Tate and Samantha might want to give Charlie the dog a listen!

thursday 30th april

Good morning!  Thursday again already?!  The sun is shining again this morning, which really lifts your spirits first thing. Hope you enjoyed hearing from Miss Cooper yesterday - those crocheted teddy bears are very cute!

Apologies that yesterday afternoon I was not able to update the class page with your work as there were issues with the internet - and I would still have been there at midnight! 

Doris sent me this great video of her making falafel at home.  It has background music and everything - it's like watching Junior Bake Off (only with falafel)!



Sorrel sent me this photo of her cat, Kiki, taking an interest in what she was writing yesterday!  Apparently, she likes to attack Sorrel's pen when she writes and has a special cushion by the window where she sits and watches Sorrel work.

Don't forget to email Maria a short video of you catching and throwing on a toilet roll - she has her Chesswood email sorted now, so just type Maria into the search bar and her address will come up - or you can send it to me.

Have a good day and I'll see you tomorrow - check out English-Writing, DT and Geography for work updates (it was nice to hear from Tate yesterday - thanks, Tate!).  Top Tens to this space!

(I've taken to wearing my Chesswood leaver's hoodie  the last couple of days - it's very warm and comfy!)

Wednesday 29th april


Morning 6SJ! Miss Cooper here. How are you all? Another cooler day again unfortunately but what a great time to work on a skill – I have been busy crocheting frontline hero bears to go in peoples windows to support key workers. Hoping the sun will be out soon though so that I can get back out walking and on my bike. I have been exploring lots of Angmering Woods and even venturing across to Arundel on my MTB bike. So many beautiful places to be seen, including all the bluebells out in bloom. I have loved seeing what you have all been up to. My current plan to get through the less sunny weather is to teach my cat a new trick – check out the video of Bowie below with his bell! He is now learning how to wave on command too. I’ll upload a video once he’s cracked it. Anyone else taught their pet a new trick? Would love to see a video or photo!   



tuesday 28 april

tuesday updates!

I've heard from lots of you over the last couple of days, which has been so lovely.  Keep those updates coming!  Check out: Computing, DT, English-Writing, Geography and Science on the right to see the latest work updates (Leila, Sorrel, Doris, Frankie (power point about light!), Harvey and Jack).

Here's a few more updates on what you've all been getting up to at home:  Jayden has been busy building a homemade swing in his garden. Check this out!  A great bit of DT, Jayden!



Leila has also been doing some DT at home and helping her Dad fix a door handle!  Great work, Leila! 

Harry has really enjoyed to listening to Mrs R-W's reading of Letters from the Lighthouse - so has his mum!  He got 100% in the quiz - great job, Harry!  Can you spot Mrs R-W on Harry's phone?!

Jack has even taken the time out of his busy home learning schedule to write a thank you letter to Joe Wickes for posting his daily workouts on line. I hope you're going to send it to him, Jack - I'm sure he'd love to get your feedback!!

Good Tuesday morning!  It's a lot darker today and the rain is hammering on the window as I type, but in some ways, I quite like it -it makes you feel all nice and cosy inside!  Like being in a tent and hearing it pattering on the roof...

Hope you all had a great day yesterday and enjoy your home learning today, too. I have been receiving work and emails from people I hadn't heard from before, so that's great.  I will be updating the subjects on the right with new work later on this morning, so check it out later.  Frankie, Kelsey and Maria might want to give Charlie the dog a listen, too!

Don't forget to send in your loo roll videos (scroll down if you don't know what I'm talking about!).  I'm going to do mine later!

Have a great dayx

monday 27 april

Good morning, 6SJ! Hope you've had a great weekend and managed to get outside in the sunshine for a walk - it's a bit chillier today, brrr! 

It was lovely to speak to you all last week and to hear how you've all been getting on.  Thank you for all the work you have been sending into me since.  Check out: Science, English-Writing, Art, DT, Maths, History and Home Learning Front Covers for today's updates!

important newsflash for Monday!

Maria has also sent me a great video she has created and edited all by herself - it starts with photos of our class trip to Michelham Priory and then, shows different members of the class throwing a toilet roll to each other (obviously, not really! - but edited very cleverly so it looks like that's what they're doing!)  There are some really inventive ideas of how to be filmed catching it!

Maria would obviously love as many members of 6SJ as possible to be included in the video, so if you can film yourself catching a toilet roll on a phone or tablet, send it to me and I can forward it on to her (or send it straight to Maria if you know her Chesswood email address).

Wouldn't it be great to have as many of us as possible included and then I could send it to Chesswood TV? (Updates to Chesswood TV need to be sent to Mr Gilbert by Wed 5pm - so grab that loo roll and start filming!)

Have a great dayx

ps here's Maria's dog getting ready to do his home learning in the sunshine!

friday 24 april

happy birthday, Tiannie!

Friday!  Last day of the week!  I don't know about you but the weeks are going past really quickly.  I spoke to quite a lot of you yesterday and hope to speak to more of you today.  It's been so nice to hear your voices and find out how you have been getting on.  Quite a few people hadn't been looking at our Class Page, so if you are looking at this for the first time this morning, welcome!

important newsflash:

Lots of you I have spoken to have told me you don't know how to use your Chesswood email.  Mr Miller says an announcement went out on Schools Buddy yesterday reminding you of your Chesswood email and how to use it. If you haven't been able to contact friends much so far, using your Chesswood email would be a great way to do that. You can also email me - remember if you're stuck with anything, have a question or problem, or want to let me know what you've been doing during the day, drop me a line!  I want to start hearing from more of you!

Yesterday, I heard from Maria, who is busy planning a pesto pasta meal - hope we see photos soon!  She has also created a video with some friends where they throw a roll of toilet paper to each other - remotely!  I am very intrigued to see more....

Check out: Geography, Computing, Maths, History and Reading to see work updates from yesterday!  House points for any work sent in....

Also, look at this great informative power point Lilia has sent in about the coronavirus. It presents the facts in a clear and simple way - and gives you lots of useful information (oh! and there are quite a few pictures of cute animals thrown in....!).  Great independent work on this powerpoint, Lilia - it must have taken you a long time....

And...check out this awesome video of Lochy showing off his new lochy(sorry, lock! )picking skills! 



Have a great day and weekend - looking forward to hearing more news on Monday!

Mrs Johnsonx

thursday 23 april

Good Thursday morning!  Hope you had a lovely day yesterday - the sun is shining today and apparently, the weather is getting warmer.

Here's a picture of me ready to start work at my laptop - I can't do anything though without my morning coffee!  I've got up, had a shower, done my short youtube yoga session, had breakfast and now I'm ready to go... 

What's your new morning routine?  Let me know!!  I would still love to hear from more of you - it's so nice when I receive emails telling me what you've been up to.

By the way, yesterday, I forgot to give house points to the people who sent me work - check out the photos again, guys, and I've added in the house points.  Also, check out DT to see some great photos of Helenka making (and eating!) her tomato pasta....

Make sure you listen to Charlie the dog today as there may be a shout out to our superstar readers! 

Have a great day - see you tomorrow!

wednesday 22 april

Good morning!  Halfway through our first week back already...  Hope you had a good day yesterday and have had your breakfast and are ready to go....  I'm starting each day with a short yoga class on youtube (!) - how are you starting yours?! 

You'll probably notice that I have finished reorganising our page, so don't forget to check the subject tabs on the right (or below if you're on a phone!) for updates of your classmates' work.  If I haven't heard from you yet, I'd love to! 

I had quite a few emails yesterday, so check out the tabs for all your latest work! (DT, Reading and Spelling)

Have a great day - enjoy the sunshine at some point!

Mrs Johnsonx


Have a look at our Top Tens on the right hand side to see our latest Reading Top Tens - remember 20 hp for each one!  IXL and TT to follow...

A huge shout out to Lochy, Maria, Sorrel and Robyn who are all now millionaire readers!!!!  30hp each!! Keep up all that fantastic reading everyone!!!!

The Top Tens are not just about the yearly word count - this week, there is also one for number of quizzes passed in the spring term.  There will also soon be one for Reading Targets for last term - so, no matter what your word count, if you are being the best you can be with your reading, you can still get onto the Top Tens!

tuesday 21 april

Good morning, 6SJ!  I hope you enjoyed your first day back at home learning yesterday and are ready to go again today!  I was a bit late posting my welcome back message yesterday so if you missed it, make sure to scroll down and have a look at the updates from yesterday... 

I had some exciting news from Lilia yesterday.  After lots of reading over the holidays, she is now a double millionaire!!!!!  Huge shout out to Lilia!!!!!  I think Lilia deserves 50hp for her incredible achievement!

With all this time at home, it is a really good opportunity to do lots of reading and get those word counts up - I wonder who has met their target from last term?  If you listen to all of Mrs RW's reading of 'Letters From the Lighthouse', you can also do that quiz on AR and boost that word count even more.

  Top 10s will be going out this morning, so have a look and if you are listed, you will receive 20hp for every one you are on!  We plan to have our Y6 awards ceremony at some point, so these house points will count.  Keep a record of them somewhere - maybe you can create your own house point card? 

I will be giving out house points for work sent in to me as well - so be sure to keep me posted!

Have a great day and let me know how you get on today!

week 3 - MONDAY 20 APRIL

Welcome back, 6SJ!  I hope you had a lovely Easter break and have managed to have a good rest and recharge those batteries a bit.  I spent my time doing lots of reading, all those jobs in my house and (very small!) garden that I've been putting off for a while, and had lots of wonderful walks and runs on the beach.  I'd love to hear what you've been up to!  Send me an email and let me know - I miss seeing all your smiling faces every morning, so any photos or videos would be great too!

Our class page is going to look slightly different this half term - as I will be posting your work in the subject links on the right hand side, so have a look and see what your classmates have been up to!

I hope you've had a great day back doing the home learning.  Have a good evening - and I'll see you all again tomorrow!

Updates from the holidays and today:

Wiktoria's cat has been helping her with her home learning - not sure he/she is keen on that tie!

(Have a look at what Wiktoria has been up to under DT on the right, too!)

Lilia has been busy over the Easter holidays making rainbows to thank the NHS and other key workers.  I'd love to see pictures of any others if you have been busy making them at home...

friday 3 april

Well, we've done it, 6SJ - we've got through two weeks of home learning!













Wiktoria has kept it going right to the end and sent me this great work from today - what a Bright Spark!  Amazing shading on that art work, Wiktoria!











I am really excited about the writing lessons we have planned for the first week back after the Easter holidays - but until then...... enjoy some time off; make sure you get some fresh air outside in the sunshine; keep up that reading; stay safe and I'll see you all again very soon - hopefully, with some great stories and photos of what you've all been getting up to!

Mrs Johnsonx

thursday 2 april

Good Thursday evening, 6SJ!  I am a bit later posting this today - as I took a break to go for a run on the seafront with my daughter, Amy!  Hope you are all raring to go for your last day of home learning before the Easter holidays, but don't forget to keep up that reading - and you can still check in with ixl/TT Rockstars!

I have heard from Wiktoria, Robyn and Lochy today - which I am so happy about!  It is so nice to hear how you are getting on and what you have been up to!

Robyn has been busy watching my English writing videos - and has sent me a picture of her work station.  It all looks very neat and organised, Robyn - and who's that watching you?!

She has also rescued a caterpillar from her garden - now named Matato - and is going to keep us posted on his metamorphosis (big word!) into a moth or butterfly...

Scroll down to see Robyn and Samantha's Amazing Art, Samantha's Wonderful Writing and Wiktoria's Super Spelling and Spectacular Science from today, too!  (Not sure those capitals are correct - but it's good alliteration!)

Have a great last day of home learning tomorrow before the Easter holidays - see you tomorrow!

wednesday 1 april

It was lovely today to hear from Alice G and hear how she has been getting on since the school closed.  She said she misses 6SJ and being in school - me too, Alice!  Keep up the great work - and (online!) dancing and running!  I also heard how Josh has been doing with his home learning this week - keep it up, Josh!  Any more news from any of you?  We'd love to hear from you!

Purdy has done this fantastic drawing of Charlie the dog - wow, Purdy!  I can see why art is your favourite subject...

Doris has been amusing herself at home by dressing up as an evacuee again!  Check out the pics below - spot the change in mood! 

See you all again tomorrow!!

tuesday 31 march

I can't believe today is the last day of March!  Spring is in the air - although it is still pretty chilly outside!  Hope you've all had another great day of home learning today - thanks to Lilia, Frankie, Daisy and Doris for keeping me posted on what they've been up to today (scroll down to see....)  One of my daughters is upstairs now taking a dance class on Zoom - her first one online - I wonder how she's getting on?  I can hear her moving about above me!  Have you done anything online that you would normally do in real life? Let us know!  Also, if I haven't heard from you yet, please drop me a quick line to say hello and let me know how you're getting on.  You don't have to send photos - it would just be lovely to hear from you!

Daisy's cat has joined her today for her home learning.  He/she doesn't look very enthusiastic! 


Well, hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend and have had a good first day back at your home learning.  I've had some great work from Purdy, Joshua, and Samantha today - scroll down to see updates...  and Frankie's dog, Darwin (below), is ready for another week of home learning! He needs to do up that top button though!  Lilia sent me a great video last Friday of her playing swingball out in the sunshine during a break from home learning.  (Unfortunately, I haven't been able to upload it yet...)  It is soooo important to still get outside and have some fresh air and exercise.  I am about to attempt a run on the seafront at the end of the road - typically, the weather has suddenly gone all grey and ominous looking! So, if I haven't heard from you yet, I'd still love to - just a quick email letting me know how you're getting on - or send me a photo/video of something you've been doing and I'll try my best to put it on here.  See you tomorrow!

friday 27 march - end of week 1!

Well, we've reached the end of our first week - and I hope you've enjoyed all your home learning!  Some of you have been very busy and have been emailing me your work and telling me what you've been doing.  This week, I've heard from Samantha, Lilia,  Daisy, Jayden, Jack, Harvey, Leila, Doris, Agnes, Frankie, Sorrel, Purdy and Joshua. (Scroll down to see some of it under the different subjects...)  Brilliant, you guys!  But come on, the rest of you, we want to know what you've been up to, too!  We'd like to see what work you've been doing and any more front covers and evacuee letters - but also, don't forget to send me any news/photos/videos of other activities you've been up to!  Also, where are you doing your home learning?  Send me a picture of your work station....

happy birthday Purdy!!!!

I have been learning lots of new skills this week - using the 6SJ visualiser to record myself teaching; uploading videos to you tube; uploading videos and photos to the school website...!!

What have you been doing (besides all your home learning)?!  Send me photos of any other activities you've been up to.....

Purdy has sent me all of the amazing maths work she has completed this week as well as English and Art!  Joshua has sent me in science and his evacuee letter from today, Lilia has also sent her evacuee letter and Leila has finished her front cover. Scroll down to see some of it.  

Daisy's dog was so tired out from all his home learning over the last two days - he took a break to go swimming today....


welcome to our class page, 6sj!


Hello 6SJ - Spruce or Whitebeam or whatever we are (both are great trees, so it doesn't matter)!!

Welcome to our class page!

I can keep in contact with you through this page and if you need to speak to me, remember you can email me at this address: (you can click on the link on the Year 6 Home Learning page to go straight to email).  This link is now working - thanks to Sorrel (for letting me know) and Mr Miller (for fixing it).

I also plan to post any pictures/examples of work or other things you've been doing on this page, so don't forget to send me anything you're proud of or things you would like to share with your class. 

We are posting maths and English lessons for each day (including Mrs RW reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse'), plus there will be lessons for History, Art, Science and PE posted throughout the week.  Try to do the maths and English and then, choose from 1 or 2 of the other lessons each day.  Why not make yourself a timetable for the day or week like we do at school?  You could start with maths or English like we normally do at school, or if you prefer, start your day with Art or History - or even the daily PE challenge to wake you up! - and then, move on to English or maths...  It's up to you!

Keep in touch,

Mrs Johnson

ps make sure you check out the videos for maths and English from Miss Pye and me!!