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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

ACRO Champions

Linking to our 'Life Opportunities' curriculum driver, children engage with how ACRO is relevant to life in the real world through engaging with ACRO Champions. These are individuals, historical and within our community (including many visitors to school) who demonstrate and use the skills we focus on in school. Where possible, children interview visitors to gain an understanding of their jobs / roles and links to ACRO, especially where there are clear links to what children are learning in class. 

We would love to increase the number of ACRO Champions in school. They really do bring learning alive for children. If you would like to be part of this, please complete the form below and we will do the rest - click on the image or LINK.

ACRO Champion



Mariana Redpath
Veterinary Surgeon

Johnny Sandford
Head Chef

Ben Miller 
IT Manager

Laura Swatridge

Calligraphy & Pet Portraits


Sondej Kwha-Unlar
Chef - Tasty Thai 49


Kathryn Burton-Hughes
Children & Youth Worker - St Georges Church


Alex Walter
Advanced Paramedic Practitioner


Graham Carter
Engineering Geologist


Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Mark Zuckerberg
Computer Scientist