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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Look at this great drawings from Samantha!  I love the manga style one below!

Look at this great monochrome line drawing of a hand by Leila!  Really careful work and the use of pattern is really effective.

Daisy's dog, Scampi, as sketched by Daisy - I love his curly hair sticking up on his head, Daisy! 25hp!!

Fantastic shading in your art today, Samantha! They look good enough to eat!

That eye is amazing, Robyn!  I love the shading above the eye and the pupil is so carefully drawn with the light reflection.  

Purdy started by sketching eyes but decided to finish the whole person.  Apparently, the slogan on the T-shirt says: 'Feeling snappy' with a picture of a crab!

Thanks for sending in your art work from today, Lilia. I love the way the shading makes it look 3D...