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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Week 10

Lila is keeping up with practicing her sketching skills. Look at her lovely lily. Perhaps we could title is 'Lila's Lovely Lily'.

Week 8

Lila has sent in some lovely sketches this week. I think her cow looks very friendly and inquisitive :)


Week 6

Millie L-S has drawn a brilliant sketch of a room in one point perspective. Notice how she has cleverly drawn the lights on the ceiling in different sizes to show that the bigger they are, the closer they are. I think this is very skilled!

Week 4

Have a look at Harrison's wonderful poster to show his support for the NHS. This will lift the spirits of everyone who walks past his window - what a brilliant piece of artwork to create that will benefit others :)




Week 3


Some great artwork has been sent in from Lila. I love both of these. Pay particular attention to the cat's eyes - I think the detail Lila has added to them makes them look really realistic!


Immy has sent in these fab stone paintings and I think each one is charming in it's own different way! She was inspired to paint the stones from her garden after seeing some out with her family when they went for a walk in the countryside.



Lila is getting so much work done that she has had to start a second book to put all of her work in. She has designed this lovely cover for the front :)

Kit has sent in this super sketch of the house from X-Men.













Week 2

You continued to practice your skills with light and shade. Well done to those of you who sent the work below in.

Flo created a lovely Koala sketch using different line techniques and smudging to create a realistic texture for the fur. 

Anna created a 3D perspective brilliantly using shading and angles.

Kit sent in a great sketch to show how a light source affects light and shadows.


Week 1

In art you have been following the series of steps to explore light sources and add depth and shape through shading to create the illusion of 3D. Here are some examples sent in of your wonderful efforts:



Well done Lily C, Lola, Lila, Charlie and Kit :)