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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Art Curriculum Celebration

year 3

Drawing - Spheres



Drawing - Human Eye


Van Gogh - Self Portraits









Collage - Matisse

introduction to photography


Drawing - Cubes


drawing - Overlapping spheres

printing - Marc martin river collages


year 4

drawing skills - cylinders



andy warhol - artist study



shading in black and white, shading in colour

abstract art - miro

working with chalk - fox art

abstract 3d sculpture - kandinsky


Year 5

drawing skills - human face

artist study - lois mailou jones


3d artwork - clay masks


drawing skills - hollow cubes

painting - matt sewell watercolour birds

drawing skills - cylindrical objects

painting - worthing watercolour seascapes


year 6

drawing - 3d lettering in 2d perspective

Sketching - Lino Self Portraits


printing - lino self portraits










painting - banksy street art


















drawing - advertising in corporate colours

collage - scherenschnitte

drawing skills - 3d perspective