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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Assembly Strands

Assemblies, first and foremost enable a strong sense of community to develop. Communities work best when all hold the cultural capital to engage positively and confidently, building identity and belonging. Our assemblies focus on four different strands as detailed in the image above. 

The Dalai Lama's focus on inner peace and moving away from self centredness towards thoughts, understanding and positive action for and with others aligns well with the focus of Chesswood Junior School's ethos and our community code. Our assembly programme's foundation is wholly focussed on looking beyond ourselves, reflecting on the world around us and considering how we can make things better for all. Take the time to listen as we couldn't say it better :-)

Our Long Term Assembly PLan

Click on the image below to open an overview of the assemblies in this academic year. The plan below is a broad guide rather than a prescriptive list. Some assembly topics may require more time to ensure the knowledge and understanding can be retained by the vast majority of children. Equally there are some times when local, national and international events need to be an arising focus to increase understanding, reduce children's worry and answer their questions. Assemblies are a uniquely positive space in which to collectively address such events appropriately.  This will mean from time to time some topics may be moved or not included in that academic year as time is finite. Decisions on the assembly content are taken by senior leaders and professional judgements on the breadth and balance of content are regularly considered.

Expectations for a good assembly

Click on the image below to open the document including the community code.

Can you help?

We are always keen to change and improve assembly content so that it has the best possible impact on children's learning and engagement with different topics. If you feel there is content available that we may have missed please use the form below to help us improve our assembly programme or follow this LINK

Awe and Wonder: Strange Stranger and Strangest

Challenge your view

The World often cannot be categorised, easily referenced or placed in neat little boxes - nor can our thinking. We regularly watch, enjoy and think about the 'Strange, stranger and strangest' content on the BBC newsround website.

Click on the image opposite or follow this link


A picture says a thousand words....

The BBC share the news and features in photograph collections. They are often inspiring and promote awe and wonder about the World around us and the places and people we share our planet with, and that we may never meet. Enjoy and learn from the incredible images. We will include our favourites in rows below from time to time.

Click on the image opposite or follow this link

Most content is suitable for children aged 7-11, however we strongly recommend parent supervision when exploring this website.

Click on the images below to enjoy our favourite images:

Nature Conservancy Winners 2021


Gorillas and humans


Fire and smoke in Ethiopia - Meskel


Eco Systems