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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


This year's mighty School Production 2023 is Back to the Future with a Horrible Histories twist.

Some characters you will recognise from the film if you have seen it, but the story isn't quite the same. Take a look at the cast list.

If you would like to audition (try out) for a speaking part, you can show me what you can do next week during your Music lesson. If you miss Music next week, we can arrange a different time for you to audition.

I am not auditioning every speaking part. I will only audition the parts in green on the cast list. From these auditions, I will allocate all parts - so you might try out for Marty, but be offered Dustin for example. You can then decide whether you want to accept the part offered to you. If you would like to try out for a character that sings (highlighted in yellow), then you can audition for this next week - get practising! 

If you would just like to be in the production and would rather not have a speaking part, then you do not need to audition. You can just sign up and be in it. There are three groups to choose from. All have lots to do and are very funny.

Rehearsals will begin after the Easter break. If you get a main part, you will have lots of rehearsals. If you get a smaller part, there will be less. It is possible to sign up to other clubs and be in Back to the Future but when you have a rehearsal, you must come, or you won't know what you are doing on stage.

This year some of the characters sing. Here are the words and links to the songs if you would like to have a go at trying out for these parts. – Cleopatra (Lyrics) – Hieroglyphs Song (Lyrics) – Born To Rule (Lyrics) – We Will Rock You (Lyrics) – King of Bling (Lyrics) – Greek Dance

Link To Audition Pieces:




Doc / Doc Junior

Dad Doc


Princess Amelia

Stone Age People

King Aegeus


Grim Reaper