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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Autumn Achievement Report

Principles of Chesswood Termly Reporting:

  • We seek to share technical assessment information with families so that parents may then be conscious of critical information leading to a position of strength for parents seeking the best for their child. As such the reports are designed for adults rather than for children to read. The decision to share the report content with a child sits with the family based on their expert knowledge of their own child, their maturity, their sensitivity and how to get the best out of them.
  • We believe that test outcomes form a critical foundation to support professionals and families to identify what is going well and where there are areas for improvement. On that basis, I have designed a system to be used equally by professionals and families to ensure that both can know and understand the key factors for judging achievement in reading, writing and maths:
  1. The target estimate (this represents a considerable challenge for each child)
  2. The current attainment
  3. The personal best attainment at Chesswood
  4. The lowest attainment
  5. The progress from the beginning of the year to the current term
  6. The progress from the end of infant school to the current term

We acknowledge that families are provided with more information more often than probably any other school in England and that information is not always easy to understand and will require time and effort for each family to make effective use of it. We believe this is absolutely the right thing to do to ensuring each and every child has all adults around them with a single set of information able to monitor achievement and take action early to keep a child on track.

  • As part of the system, the decision has been taken to issue one report, rather than the two (one overview and one detailed) each term. Page one and two of the new report contain the overview information. The remaining three pages focus on greater detail for each subject. Families may then review the content and depth to suit their needs.
  • The termly report will no longer be sent out hard copy for families, instead we will confirm with all families when the report is available in the parent portal. This will ensure that children do not become alarmed or upset by the colour coding used to support parents identify key priorities, when peeking at the report before families have a chance to see it.  If a family is unable to access the internet to read the report online we will print a copy free of charge on request.
  • The achievement reports are designed for adults to read and reflect, rather than children. This distinction is important to ensure we are able to provide parents with key data and judgements, rather than risk an unclear message in a more child friendly report. We advise parents to chat through their reflection from the reports including the key area/s where a child is doing well and where there are potential areas for improvement. As ever, if there are many areas for improvement, take the opportunity to prioritise their focus in the coming weeks on a small number, this is likely to secure their interest and engagement and avoid a child being overwhelmed by expectation.

The autumn achievement report includes four core areas of information:

  • Personal Contextual e.g. attendance, punctuality, pupil premium status, behaviour and engagement
  • Summative Test Outcomes i.e. results from specific standardised tests
  • Teacher Assessment i.e. performance noted within the classroom, not test based
  • Wider indicators – Accelerated reader, IXL and TT rockstars

In addition to this guide, parents may wish to refer to the ‘Securing Consistent Teacher Judgements’ document. The document sets out the range of options in each area alongside the guidance for specific judgements e.g. behaviour and engagement; teacher assessment judgements; IXL skills that must be mastered to gain different Jedi status within our reward programme; likewise, the number of words that must be banked within the accelerated reader platform to gain different Jedi status.

Please read the full guidance following this LINK or clicking on the image below.


To read the parent letter accompanying reports this term please click on the image below or follow this LINK