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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Class Pages

We have a culture of celebration at Chesswood - we believe children's efforts and achievements should be celebrated and shared. During the difficult times we are facing, it is our desire and drive to keep positive and share the great outcomes from work done at home and within school (for those children who are here). 

We have been absolutely delighted with the volume of responses we have had to the website from parents and children.  Please be sure to regularly check out your class page.  Why not have a look at other classes in your year group too, to see what they've been up to?  How about the other year groups as well?

Each class page is the main hub for children, parents and teachers to come together and share work during our Limited Community Service.  On each page you will find a daily message from the class teacher, sometimes with a photo!  You'll also see a collection of work and messages from children, which in time will be relocated by subject (just follow the tabs on the right of the page).

Here are some highlights: