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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Community Feedback

Formal Community Feedback

To help the Chesswood community thrive we rely on knowing what children and family think about important aspects of their school experience. School leaders seek formal feedback from parents twice per year and from children once per year. To ensure the outcomes are representative we encourage every family to participate. The parent questionnaire is based on the Ofsted Parent View questions to ensure we are consistent with the information Ofsted will hold school leaders accountable for. We therefore request parents complete an online internal questionnaire in Spring. This version is not seen by Ofsted and it provides an opportunity for parents to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Importantly our questionnaire is not anonymous as we will always seek to address opportunities for improvement and to do that we may need to contact the family to find out more information or to confirm whether the aspect has improved for them once we have taken action. Towards the end of the summer term (July) we request that all families complete the Ofsted version, this is anonymous and parents are invited to complete multiple choice answers only therefore, there is no opportunity to add any context, so it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Similar to the internal parent questionnaire, all children complete an online internal questionnaire during the summer term.

Latest Pupil Feedback Overview

For the full report and outcomes please visit the Pupil Feedback Page

Latest Parent Feedback Overview

For the full report and outcomes please visit the Parent Feedback Page


In addition to the formal feedback, we always seek to receive informal individual updates from children and families. On that basis, we have created the 'Room to Share' online form for children and families to use 24/7 365 - school leaders receive a notification following each completed response.

School Community - Room to Share

We have a facility to allow children and adults to share their questions, worries or thoughts directly with us, without meeting in person as this can sometimes be daunting. The form below may be completed at any time and we will review new submissions usually on the same working day and certainly within three working days, including INSET days. This form is not monitored during the school holidays but on our return we will seek to respond within three working days, when a response has been requested. Should you hold a more serious concern please refer to our .

For more significant concerns and complaints families encouraged to visit our concerns and complaints process guide. You will find the principles and school policy on raising a formal complaint. There is also an online form and a hard copy word form that may be downloaded and completed. You can be assured that we do want to hear formal concerns and complaints and we do expect in the overwhelming majority of cases to resolve more significant issues to the child's and families' satisfaction. We always seek to put things right where is reasonable to do so. Families should be assured that we will treat complaints openly, fairly, promptly and without prejudice.