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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School



book cover competition! 

I feel like I'm outside in the woods with this front cover! I can almost hear the birds singing! Great work Ava - 20HP!

Lovely stuff Barnaby! The old photos are great and I really like the colurful face and drawing on the back! 20HP


Great design Eddie! I can see lots of Pokemon and a very smiley sun! 20HP

Top effort by Freya! Loving the colour scheme! 20HP

Excellent Idahlia! All the colours in the middle really make it stand out! 20HP

reading photos

Somebody is hiding in the shed!


A fantastic place to read Samuel! Looks like great fun! 20HP

Hang ABout! WHo's This???

Who could this be hiding in the cupboard??? I think it could be Max! What a great place to have a read! 

roof top reading!

Well I on earth did Samuel get up there???

'COT' IN The act

Who is this Roald Dahl fan reading underneath a cot??? It looks very cosy! Hold on a minute........It's Anouk! What a fantastic place to read! 20HP! 

Now Odile is reading IN a cot! Unbelievable! You best check to make sure Anouk isn't hiding under there! 20HP

Reading den!

Who's this cheeky reader?! I do believe it's Sienna and she's made herself a reading den under her bed! Look at those lights! She's reading our class read! Let us know what happens! 20HP! 

Can you think of somewhere even stranger to read??? Send in your photos!!!