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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School



The judging for the Cover competition has taken place and we have a class winner for each class - 50 house points per class winner. Begin your drum-roll for the winner - 100 house points - announcement after the pictures.

Raya (5AL)                                                                                         Khemjira (5CR)










Lexi (5EV)                                                                               Bella (5KM) 


Tommy (5NY)

And the winner is...

Lexi (5EV) for including thought for all subjects, teachers and Chesswood Bright Sparks messages too.

Well done Lexi - 100 house points.

Look here at all our entries to the home learning book cover competition!! Remember you all get 10HPs for just sending me a photo of your front cover. 

 Here we've got James' 

 Annabel's front cover looks very colourful 

And we've got Bella's front cover! I l ike how you've included the Chesswood logo there.

We've got Poppy here!!