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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Wednesday 3 June



Wednesday 13 May

Here is Hope's celebration of her achieving 1 million words - a strawberry pavlova that required using maths for measuring and fractions for separating the strawberries fairly...and it tasted great! Can you match that?


Fantastic 'Where is the Maths?' pictures from Aaron, Nastia x2, Rares, Buddy and Andrei.



Tuesday 12 May

Buddy has sent the first entry for the maths competition - real life experience of him adding shopping up for an elderly neighbour and then working out the change - well done, Buddy.


Thursday 7 May

Well done to Aaron for sending in the first VE inspired work of the day - a brilliant drawing of a Spitfire.

Year 5 Assembly Rewards - Spring Term 2

The wheel of fortune has been out again - whizzing around to pick the names from the prize pots for reading and IXL targets.
Rewards are shown below for the lucky people picked by the wheel - congratulations to everyone who made it into the pots in the first place - 67 reading, 96 IXL maths and 69 IXL English. 
Special mentions for the top efforts during the half term: 
Sam (KM) for achieving 978% of his reading target.
Andrei (NY) for completing 18 hours and 52 minutes on IXL maths.
Anuhas (NY) for completing 9 hours and 55 minutes on IXL English. 


Jasper's entry to the Chesswood TV talent show.




Sophie has entered the rainbow competition.


The judging for the Cover competition has taken place and we have a class winner for each class - 50 house points per class winner. Begin your drum-roll for the winner - 100 house points - announcement after the pictures.

Raya (5AL)                                                                                         Khemjira (5CR)










Lexi (5EV)                                                                               Bella (5KM) 


Tommy (5NY)

And the winner is...

Lexi (5EV) for including thought for all subjects, teachers and Chesswood Bright Sparks messages too.

Well done Lexi - 100 house points.


Tuesday 31 March

Andrei has entered the book cover competition - a strong contender?


Thursday 26 March

Aaron has entered the book cover competition.

WENDESDAy 25 March

Kyah's book cover


Tommy has finished his Despicable Me themed book cover.

And now some photos from school based learners - Angela and Sophie.



To start us off, Nastia has already sent her new, personalised cover - can you beat that?

Ela is up for the book cover challenge.

Who will be next?

Sara again with her book cover.

Work completed by Cameron today - here is his entry for the front cover competition.