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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


friday 15th may

Well done Ethan, I hope I am next!

tuesday 12th may

Another great day on the coding front - Well done to Alice and Max for successful completion.

monday 11th may

Another great day for certificates, well done on to Frankie and Maaya - quite a wall we are getting. 

tuesday 5th may

Look at this 2 class certificates for coding in one day - such amazing skills you must now have, well done.


tuesday 28th april

Looks like Frankie has got this computing subject sorted- he is back again, this time with his coding skills!



friday 3rd april

Whilst lots of you I know have been emailing me and keeping in touch with your friends.  Frankie has sent me actual proof of himself using the computer when sending his letter to Max - lucky Max!