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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Welcome to Computing at Chesswood

The use of modern computer technology to support pupils' learning and enchance their enjoyment is a strength at Chesswood. Basic skills in the use of software applications are emphasised and all pupils will learn how to:

  • present information in a range of different ways
  • code and programme using the computational thinker concepts and approaches
  • use graphic design software
  • be effective users of the Internet, including email


Animation (Year 4)

We used photographs and imove to animate the digestive system. Once completed, we added speech and annotations to describe the journey.





Coding and Programming

Year 4 have been using their Computational thinking skills to create Algorithms and patterns. They composed a well known nursery rhyme using the script.

Year 3 created a Christmas theme with twinkling fairy lights.



All children at Chesswood Junior school are taught how to be behave and stay safe online. We take part in the safer internet day every year and pledge or promise to help others and understand the importance of E-Safety.

We use Avatars to hide our actual appearance online instead of using photos of ourselves. Here are some below:


Year 6 designed a phone stand using a template to remind the phone user about E-Safety


Piccollage posters



Desktop publishing

Year 3 have been using their knowledge of rocks to create a trifold leaflet using Microsoft Publisher.



Everyone at Chesswood loves Minecraft and have had the opportunity to use it to enhance their learning across the curriculum.

Year 6 built an Egyptian pyramid after researching the Pyramids of Giza online. They also took a virtual tour before designing and building their own Pyramid.



Board Games

The challenge was to create a board game using autoshapes and text alone. The games needed to include game pieces (Emojis) instructions and rules


TopTrumps Database

Year 3 used their knowledge of food to create a 'superfood' toptrumps game. They thought about the nutrients, fat, fibre




Year 5 used Sketchup to create 3D models. To begin they used an item or place they knew a lot about, so decided to use their bedroom



and then they used their new knowledge and understanding to develop their own Base camp for a mountaineering expedition. They created a mountainous terrain with a flatter area to build a base camp. the main focus was perspective and making sure the tents were the correct size. We had a few tents as big as the mountains themselves!