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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Developing Writing

Level 3 - greater depth writing activities for further study after IXL activities have been completed.

Autumn Term

write a letter about an important issue

In this challenge, you’ll need to write an open letter about an important issue such as climate change!  Think about:

  • What important issue would you like to change?
  • Who will you write to?
  • How will you convince them to help?

It’s time to grab a paper and pen and write your own! 

Click on the link below to watch a video where  children read out their own examples, and to download a letter template to use if you would like (scroll down to #3 Write a letter):

write a balanced argument

Write a for/against argument for using plastic bags in shops. 

Click on the link below to watch a short video exploring arguments for and against. Take notes as you watch and then write a short balanced argument using the formal adverbials and vocabulary you have learned in school. Don't forget to give your opinion in the conclusion!

100 word challenge!

Your challenge is to write 100 words (more or less!) which include the speech below:

“It doesn’t matter what you think, does it?”…

Remember, the speech can be at the start, in the middle or at the end of your writing.

Where will you set your writing?

Who will the characters be?

Will it be in the form of a story?/ a diary? / a newspaper report? / a poem?!

The choice is yours!!

Creative Writing Challenge 1

Story starter!

She had been tracking the deer.  Her parents had taught her how.

One hour before, finding the hoof prints in the soft earth, she had followed the trail of broken twigs and occasional nibbled leaf until she had located it. Creeping slowly and quietly, not making even the slightest sound, she remained undetected.

She had stumbled across the mysterious circles in a clearing in the forest, and watched as the deer approached them. With a slight twitch of its ears, the deer stepped indifferently through the first circle, and vanished. Completely vanished.

The girl let out a gasp, and walked towards the circles to investigate…

Can you continue the story? Does the girl step through the circle? What happens? How will the story finish?

Creative Writing Challenge 2

Use the story starter and questions below to write a short story about the picture above. 

Story Starter!

Sean wasn’t sure if he was the only person who had heeded the warnings. A great flood had swept over the planet, and now life was very different…

(you can change his name if you want to….!)

Creative Writing Challenge 2

Click on the link below to watch the 5 minute film about a group of meerkats living in the savannah.  One day, their peaceful existence is disrupted by a vulture intent on stealing their pride and joy. Will the meerkats be able to get it back?

Tell the story (or part of the story) from one of the meerkat’s point of view – so using the first person (I).

Describe how it feels to be in the African savannah, so that the reader can really imagine what it’s like to be there…


Spring Term



Summer Term