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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Dream, Aspire, Achieve Academy

Our desire is that the whole school community supports us in realising the school motto for ALL children at Chesswood:-

'Dream, Aspire, Achieve'

This motto, along with our curriculum drivers 'Life Opportunities' and 'Creativity, Confidence & Competence' underpins all we do within and beyond the curriculum. 

The Dream, Aspire, Academy is designed to promote, inspire and wherever possible provide key experiences, opportunities, life skills, and wider knowledge that we believe all children should have access to in their time at Chesswood (both within and out of school). They are designed as a starting point to encourage our community to engage in enriching activities that add further to the curriculum offer through school. We'd love families to engage and enjoy participation in the ideas below - and add ideas of their own to inspire others. 

We are currently seeking to develop this further by creating a recognition scheme to encourage and motivate children and families to engage with the opportunities and experiences promoted here. 


Dream, Aspire, Achieve Academy Activities


Worthing is a great location for water sports - by the sea and close to rivers. An amazing opportunity to experience the excitement and achievement of getting out on the water (and in). Thanks to Shaun Oliver for providing instruction in kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding. Children overcame fears and experienced success and achievement. 

Jack on The Green

Jack on the Green lantern Festival is an annual event at Beach House Park in Worthing - this is a free (ticketed) event that all children in Worthing should experience at least once. 

An evening walk should start with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows by a fire.

 Some of the amazing lanterns on display.


The Santa Bus

Worthing has many amazing Christmas light displays - both in the town centre and on houses around the town. All children should experience the excitement in the build up to Christmas; both having an opportunity to meet Santa and visit the lights around town. We put on a 'Santa Bus' to find Santa and visit some of the best lights around town. 

All aboard the bus - setting off to track and find Santa

Then Santa led a tour of the best Christmas lights in Worthing.

Magic and Balloon Modelling 

Alongside a STEM workshop (an event put on as part of our 'Ambition for All' project), we had the opportunity to experience a magic show, put on by the incredible 'Crouchy' - who also taught the children how to make a balloon dog. Magic creates a sense of awe and wonder - seeing the faces of the children was a joy. The morning also included a 'Science of Hovercraft' session led by Ali from STEM Innovation  

                      'I would like to build a real hovercraft when I am older and want to do more days like these'

  'I really enjoyed STEM morning it was the best part of my weekend'

'Where do you want me to start, it was all great! We made a hovercraft and rode on it reducing friction was how the hovercraft moved using hand power' 


 Lambing at Coombes Farm

Worthing is in a stunning location between the sea and the South Downs. Spring is a time when the fields on the Downs are full of ewes and their lambs - a joyful sight. Getting close up to lambs and experiencing our wonderful countryside is a must for children. We took a group of children to experience lambing (with an opportunity to bottle-feed a lamb) and for a tractor ride up on the Downs above Coombes Farm in Lancing. 

 Experiencing the joy of running in the countryside and rolling down a hill.

 British Wildlife Centre

Visiting the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield to learn all about the amazing wildlife found across Great Britain.