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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Dream Aspire Achieve - Ambition for All

At Chesswood we are ambitious for ALL children regardless of background. Our curriculum is designed to enable ALL to Dream, Aspire and Achieve; with our curriculum drivers of 'Life Opportunities' and 'Creativity, Confidence & Competence' underpinning all that we do. This page celebrates Dream, Aspire, Achieve in action and demonstrates the pride we have in all pupils in our community. 


Ambition Profile


Ming-Kai has been having lessons with Anne for only a year. He is absolutely fantastic. He loves learning a range of styles and plays anything and everything. He is a natural! Ming-Kai loves playing his keyboard at home because it makes him happy.





Franky loves to dance, it's one of the key things that makes her happy. She was given the opportunity to take part in the Time to Dance group for this year to help boost her confidence and have the opportunity to dance on the Pavilion stage. 

Franky's Mum said:

"Being part of the Time to Dance group has helped Franky to attend school, she can sometime be reluctant, and also her self-esteem. Her general happiness at home has improved as she has felt 'useful'. 

Her general confidence has improved, and it enabled her to make new friends and interact with different groups of people. 

Most of all it let her know that she was good at something and that has made us all happy."


Boss attended our Dream Aspire Achieve Academy STEM morning and enjoyed a chance to experience something new riding on a hovercraft!


Harley wants to build a hovercraft when he is older after attending our STEM morning and wants to enjoy more days like this and to learn new experiences.


Lily is desperate to play the violin. She even asked Father Christmas for a violin. Lily is one to watch. Sh talks non-stop about the violin. Her mum has even enroled her in the West Sussex Youth orchestra - and she hasn't even started. Her first lessons was today - but sadly her teacher was unwell. When there's a shortage of teachers, children step up to the mark. Sammy in Year 6 gave Lily her first lesson!! Thank you, Sammy. 




Boss has recently JOINED the Youth Orchestra and plays Viola and Cello (not at the same time!) He LOVES the string family! Obsessed with it and loves drawing pics.

He took part in his first concert last weekend (July 2023) at the Assembly Hall in Worthing. We couldn't be prouder! The West Sussex Music Service also have their eyes on his progress!

The WSO (Worthing Symphony Orchestra) was a fantastic opportunity for all children to watch an orchestra but some were more inspired than others! Boss is obsessed with the String family. He is currently having Viola lessons and has also fallen in love with the cello. Meet Boss:



The whole of Year 3 went to the watch the Worthing Symphony Orchestra last week. Watch their reaction when the orchestra started playing. They loved it! What an experience!



Levi the Actor


Here he is auditioning!


And here he is all dressed up! 


Melody's Scholarship!

From Melody's mum:

Melody came to Chesswood with an enthusiasm for music and leaves it with 4 years of amazing experiences in music and performance under her belt. Her weekly music lessons with Claire Cossins were always the highlight of her week; the range of musical styles and musical appreciation she's been exposed to in them has been astounding, and above all, huge fun. She was able to take advantage of some wonderful peripatetic teachers during her time at Chesswood. However, it has really been the range of opportunities the school gave her for performance - both solo and in a range of groups and choirs - which really developed her confidence and love of musical expression. She has sung in the school choir all over the town at various concerts, festivals and community events such as Armed Forces Day and singing in the local care homes at Christmas; she was an enthusiastic member of her Rocksteady group throughout junior school; she has performed in many 'Stars of the Future' and 'Dance Mania' shows which have always been fun, informal and rumbustious! Chesswood kept up the commitment to performance and music through lockdowns and she was featured singing and playing guitar in an online talent show during that time. Of course she was also part of two completely crazy school productions, dancing and singing, and were it not for Covid there would have been more. She was thrilled to be selected to be part of the Dementia Friendly Choir in Year 6 which was a very special, cross-generational opportunity to sing and have fun with members of that community, and she also accompanied the group on guitar. She leaves Chesswood with so many indelible, happy and encouraging musical and performance memories - and in addition, with a competitive dual choral and music scholarship to her senior school. I doubt she would have achieved this without all the encouragement, support and, above all, performance opportunities she experienced throughout her junior school years. Thank you to Claire Cossins and Chesswood for all the music!




The Development of a Band - Year 3 to Year 6

Josie, Jed, Isaac, Sam and Arthur have been members of The Lightning Bolts since Year 3. Over the years, they have gone from strength to strength. Josie on keyboards, Isaac and Jed on drums and Arthur and Sam on electric guitar!



Arthur says:

It took almost a week to consider joining Rocksteady but when I did, I was in Dreamland. Rocksteady has made me talented and the best bit, is performing. I love performing in front of everyone. At first, I was ridiculously nervous, but now I have so much confidence. It has inspired me to be just like Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). 

Josie says:

Rocksteady is really cool! I've made lots of friends with the other band members. Being part of The Lightning Bolts has inspired me to take up lessons on the keyboard separately, so I can improve my playing.

Jed says:

Being part of The Lightning Bolts has been so much fun! I have made firm friendships with my other band members and I have got so much better at playing the drums.

Isaac says:

When I watched the first Rocksteady concert in Year 3, I thought 'this looks fun,' so I decided to try it. In Year 4, I asked for drums for Christmas and I got better at home. The concerts are especially fun because we get to show off what we've been working on. The Imagine Dragons inspire me - I might one day get just as good.

Sam Says:

I find it fun during concerts, scary at first, but you soon get used to it. I really liked performing Counting Stars. I've definitely got better. It helps that I play an acoustic as well.

Chloe the dancer

After missing out on PE dance lessons due to COVID, Chloe really impressed with her desire, ability and creativity in her lessons. She was confident to perform in front of her peers and keen to take a leading role, because of this she was selected to take part in the Time To Dance group and performed to an audience of over 500 at the local theatre. Following this she then helped to host and perform in the school's pupil-led dance festival 'Danceania'.

Chloe Says:

I was really excited to perform on stage - when I was younger I got the chance and I really wanted the opportunity to do it again. The experience was fun as everyone had time together to work on a project. This has made me want to get back fully into dancing - plus I got to smile a lot!

Chloe's Mum Says:

I was so proud of Chloe's performance at Time to Dance she looked so happy on stage

VAL the guitar legend 

Val wanted to dream big and learn how to play the guitar. He shows real commitment to making progress, and we are so proud of him. Well done, Val! 


Val's teacher says

Val has shown a positive attitude towards guitar lessons. He always tries his best to achieve a good standard of playing with improved accuracy. Val comes to lessons prepared and has made excellent progress, not only in practical playing, but in musical notation and theory. Well done, Val!

Eira the Violin Virtuoso

Eira started to play violin in Year 5 having shown a real passion for music. Mrs Cossins spotted her talent and arranged for her to receive violin lessons in school. Eira has shown incredible commitment to learning and love of performing. Despite initial nerves, she recently took part in the Worthing Music and Arts Festival, supported by a very proud family, where she impressed all with her accomplished performance. 


Eira says: 

Playing the violin has really helped my confidence as I’ve now had to do a few performances. Having the confidence has helped me in other areas like my karate where I also have to perform in front of others. It has also helped me focus more in maths and English. In the future I hope to perform more and maybe win some awards. Hopefully, I can play in an orchestra when I get to my next school.

Mum Says: 

Eira got the violin in January 2020, then we went into lockdown. Over the pandemic, the school arranged for Eira to have her lessons in the school online. The violin has improved Eira's confidence and has helped with her achievements in her school work. We are so proud of Eira, she is breaking barriers and Chesswood has given her many opportunities and I know Eira will dream, aspire and certainly achieve. Thank you Chesswood. 

Eira's teacher says:

‘Eira has been taking violin lessons in school for nearly 3 yrs. in that time she has developed many skills from reading music, the fine motor skills required of the instrument and expanding her musical knowledge.  Eira recently performed in the 12 and under class at Worthing Music and Arts Festival which involved her standing up and performing a solo in front of an audience and adjudicator.  Performance can often seem very daunting but Eira’s attitude was, ‘…you’ve just got to go up there and enjoy it.’  She said it wasn’t about the winning but being able to take the opportunity to share something that she loved. And Eira shows such a love for music!  She practises and works hard to accomplish the skills necessary to play each piece of music and isn’t put off when she meets a challenge.  I am very proud of Eira and everything she has achieved in her lessons.  Her approach and attitude to learning is very positive. ‘

And she continues to impress: Eira performed in a Rocksteady Concert this morning - this time playing the keyboard!!

Yes, she is performing next to a huge dinosaur!

What did you think of that, Eira?


Finley The Rock STar



FInley Says:

"I have learnt lots of songs, I have fun and I enjoy everything. I feel like I'm getting better at playing guitar and drums."

Finley's Teachers say: 
Rose from Rocksteady:

"Since teaching Finley I have seen his enthusiasm for our weekly Rocksteady lessons grow tremendously. He is always the first in the door and excited to get started straight away. Finley has built important friendships within the band, and his confidence when speaking to me, his friends or when putting forward ideas to the group has come on leaps and bounds. It is wonderful to see friendships forming between classmates over a shared love of music. Playing the drums focuses Finley and has proven to be a great way to release any built up energy and find a sense of calm. He has an innate sense of rhythm which always shines through and is a key skill in music that he has mastered in his lessons at Rocksteady. Finley is a joy to teach, and it is wonderful to see him progressing in not only his skills as a drummer but also in forming friendships and developing his love of music."

Zach The Footballer 

Zach sometimes finds lessons challenging, but loves his sport, and being part of a school team keeps him focussed. He was part of the most successful Y6 football team in Chesswood history, not only winning the Worthing competition, but the Southern Area and Sussex ones too. This meant that the team qualified for the Southern Counties Football finals in London against county champions from 14 areas.  


Zach Says:

"Going to the event made me feel proud and excited. It helped me to achieve more than I thought I ever would in football. The experience made me more excited about going to school and I like being part of a special team." 

Budding Olympians 

Giving your all in PE lessons is one thing all of these pupils have in common, always willing to try to beat their personal bests at things and give every challenge a go. At the locality inclusion indoor athletics event this group of Y4 & 5s, who were chosen because of their positive attitudes, competed against mainly Y6 pupils but did incredibly well to finish runners-up. 


Liam Says:

"I was really proud of myself as I did really well in the bean bag target game. Happy to be part of the school team and I loved winning my medal and I would love to do things like this again."

Alex Says:

"Double thumbs up for the experience. I loved getting a medal for trying my hardest. I had lots of fun, but it made me a little tried."

Levi Says:

"I was happy and excited I might get a medal and I did (2 in fact!). I was really proud to be part of the school team."

George The Sporty All-Rounder

George came to light in PE lessons when individually both teachers noticed performances in indoor athletics sessions due to some impressive scores. He was then used to do demonstrations and as an example to others in his Year group. Invitations for George to join other groups were accepted and his confidence grew.

Through encouragement from Mr Quick, George has

  • Represented the school Indoor athletics team
  • Taken part in a Y4 Gifted and Talent Indoor Athletics competition (whilst in Y3).
  • Joined multiple sports clubs within school and one out of school.
  • Represented the Y4 netball team, Y3 football Team and Y3 athletics team.

His class teacher says:

“…his confidence has sky-rocketed, his willingly participates in discussions within a group or whole class. His reading is now above 100 and his writing has improved because he has become a more confident person.”

Louise the confident performer

In Year 5 Louise made fantastic strides in PE. She has worked closely with a group of friends and has taken part in 2 dance festivals dancing on a stage – one with an audience of 250 people. Since taking part in these sessions Louise has become more confident (a huge achievement) to show her work in PE with dance and gymnastics.

Mum Says: 

“It was one of the highlights of our year last time!” “I don't think we can still quite believe that Louise took part in Dancemania"

“Louise is also saying that she would like to be involved in sports day on Monday. However we anticipate that she will be very anxious about it on Monday morning and may change her mind! I'm sorry not to be able to give you a definitive answer but her anxiety makes this sort of thing difficult to manage. We are trying to encourage her to do it as she is being positive about it at the moment.” – Louise took part in sports day!!!

Amelie the star footballer

Amelie has grown in confidence since starting to play football at the all-girls football club. Being a Y6 pupil she was given the responsibility of setting up a warm up activity for the rest of the group. She has also develop some leadership skills (which has helped her confidence) whilst working on projects leading Y2 pupils.

Amelie Says:

“I didn’t enjoy or think I was any good at sports before this year and then Mr Haggart and Mr Quick helped me get better at sport and I really started to enjoy it. I started girls football at school and I play for Worthing Town outside of school too.”

Parent Says:

"I just wanted to pass on how very grateful we are for all the encouragement and nurture that you have shown Amelie. You have really helped her to believe in herself with regards to her football in particular.”