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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Drug & Substance Misuse

The overall aim of drug education at Chesswood Junior School is to equip pupils with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to be in a position to make informed, healthy choices and decisions and to prevent or reduce the harmful consequences of drug misuse.

Learning Outcomes

  • to provide accurate information about drugs and the law relating to them;
  • to increase understanding about the implications and possible consequences of use and misuse of drugs;
  • to provide opportunities to examine attitudes and values to drug use;
  • to promote the developments of personal and social skills relating to health behaviour and the opportunity to practise them.
  • To enable young people to identify sources of appropriate personal support.


  • Drug education is provided within a broader programme of PSHCE where wider issues of promoting health, positive behaviour and social responsibility can be addressed and where drug misuse prevention is but one component.
  • The school acknowledges that a positive, health promoting ethos helps pupils to feel valued and part of the school community and in doing so helps to build self esteem and self images that may help pupils to cope more effectively in drug related situations.

PHSCE is integrated within cross-curricular themes and the science curriculum.