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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

Dyslexic Screener

As part of our commitment to improving provision for children with learning difficulties we screen children in for signs of dyslexia. This process is a precaution and supports the early identification of difficulties that may impact on progress, ensuring timely and appropriate intervention. The screener allows us to distinguish between those individuals experience general learning difficulties and those whose difficulties may be more specific and linked to hearing and/or vision, typically referred to as ‘Dyslexia’ or Specific Learning Difficulties.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a one off assessment and can sometimes be affected by how a child is on a particular day so can result in outcomes that are different from previous screeners that they may have had or report a random result that does not reflect ability or difficulties in a very small number of cases. The screener is not a diagnosis but does allow us to plan next steps and undertake further investigation and assessment if necessary. Where results are achieved that do not match professionals current thoughts or when moderate and severe dyslexia are indicated further investigation will be undertaken.


Academic staff and parents are informed of the outcomes of these assessment. As with any assessment, it must be read in context with other information before significant action is agreed or undertaken. It is particularly important that parents do not become overly worried or anxious about one result before professionals have had an opportunity to review and assess needs in more depth. If you are concerned about the outcomes of this screening assessment please don’t hesitate to contact the Special Needs Co-ordinator, Vanessa Radcliffe,

The following table explains the different outcome from the screener and outlines our next actions:

Letter code


Action advice


No signs of dyslexia

No action regarding dyslexic concerns


Few signs of dyslexia

Monitor progress


Mild dyslexia

Monitor progress


Moderate dyslexia

We will re-test after a short period of time and if required will carry out a 1:1 60 minutes assessment.


Severe dyslexia

Further assessment will be carried out using a 1:1 60 minutes programme. Further advice will be given to teachers and parents following this.












If you would like to read more about dyslexic traits then please visit the following website: