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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Welcome to English at Chesswood

Reading and writing, speaking and listening are life skills. It is through language that we explore, organise and make sense of our experiences. The way children understand and use language is crucial to their social and academic development and will affect all aspects of their life - at home, at school and in the wider world. No other area is as truly cross-curricular as language.

With this in mind, English is developed through reading, writing, speaking and listening, both across the curriculum and as a subject in its own right, ensuring there is opportunity to demonstrate high level literacy across all subjects. Developing language skills in a wide variety of situations with a diversity of audiences is the cornerstone upon which our English teaching is based. Our aim is to produce experienced and confident communicators: children who are able to sensitively select the most appropriate and effective means of communication from a wide variety of knowledge, skills, styles and techniques. At Chesswood, we aim to catch children's enthusiasm, engage their curiosity and use it in their understanding of the English language. 

Below are examples of writing from across the curriculum at Chesswood. Please use the menu to the left to view the curriculum and explore ways of supporting reading and writing.

Please scroll to the bottom to view / download the English Curriculum Overview

Chronological report linked to science

Where to find dragons in the UK - geography link

Narrative response to The Highwayman poem by Alfred Noyes - linked to Crime and Punishment theme

Letter following emigration to England - linked to 'It's a Small World'


Our debate on whether Roffey Homes should build a tower on the seafront


Poetry based on Rememberance Day

Comparing flooding in Bangladesh and Netherlands in geography

Pupils responded to their topic on natural disasters through poetry

A great recount of a day trip to London - by Sam

As part of the 'You Choose' theme - Should fizzy drinks be banned? 

Responding to the theme 'A Voyage of Discovery', children wrote in role as Charles Darwin.



Through studying volcanoes in the topic 'Angry Earth', pupils wrote stories based in Pompei

Mixed Year Group WW1 Poetry

To see the full range of WW1 poetry, go to 'History' - scroll down and download the booklet