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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Reading

A rest for the ANTS!

Thank you Aida and Olivia for planning a lovely holiday for the ants! 


Icy LairS!

Well done Odile and Olivia! Great drawings of Starjik's lair! Brilliant imagination and inference!


Ruskin the Hero!


A great drawing with a great reason to support it from Olivia


The story of Corky's medal! Excellent work Mehmet!

Fantastic book review!

Well done Isla! A great book review. Your use of images really supports your writing. Well done! 

show me the way to the pheasants! 

A fantastic map of the locations from 'Danny the Champion of the World'. Great work Olivia.

Have you seen this boy?

Amazing wanted posters containing clear information with some excellent drawings and images to support the text! Well done! (left: Olivia, right: Odile, bottom: Barnaby)

What could danny be up to?

Just like old times! Two interesting predictions from Olivia and Odile!

BFG Story board

More great work from Odlile! A fantastic storyboard of the BFG!

"My fovourite food is fighter jets!" screams Humbert! What a terror he's become! Great work Odile - 20HP

Anouk showing us her character description and drawing of the 'little big dude' Humbert. What a fantastic way with language you have and the drawing is fantastic! 20HP! Do I spy a Pokemon top as well???

Some great reading activities from Freya here! That chair looks oh so comfy - perfect for drawing and reading in! 20HP


=Two hungry Humberts here from Jesse-Lee (left) and Sammy (right). Lovely stuff! 20HP




An amazing quiz from Sammy about 'The Incredible Bulk'! Click on the link below to download it! I'm loving the cake border by the way - it's making me hungry! 20HP