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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Reading

Thursday 2nd April 2020


As I said on the main page, you still have time to be added to the list if you haven't met your target yet! You've got one more day to go!

Well done to Ben, Alfie, William, Harrison Zoe and Harvey who have all met their target! 20HP!

Rocco, Sophie, Ryan, Isla, Cleo, Dylan and Matilda have all met their target twice. What fabulous reading! 30HP!

Maiya and Lochlan have met their target three times! What superstars! 40HP!

Mila has met her target four times! That is an amazing accomplishment! 50HP!

Ava has met her target five times! That is some incredible reading! Well done!! 60HP!

However, meeting her target a flabbergasting SEVEN TIMES is Sienna! What a brilliant achievement!! 100HP!


I am really enjoying this book and all your beautiful reading work you've been letting me know about.  Ben and Robert have created  wonderful predictions using thier knowledge of the story and Matilda drew a fantastic Wanted poster. I hope you've given yourself your task housepoints! Dylan has been doing some extra reading as well and created a book review for Gansta Granny! 20HP Dylan!


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Are you all enjoying 'Danny The Champion of the World'? What's your favourite Roald Dahl book? Henry and Matilda did some fantastic work on their definitions on Friday and learnt the meaning of some very challenging words. Well done, both of you! 20HP!


Friday 27th March 2020

You all amaze me! I have had so much lovely reading work in! I hope you're all working hard on meeting your targets (or for the second, third or seventh time!). I was so proud of Isla who emailed me to let me know she had achieved her target today. Well done! 20HP!

Danny The Champion of the World

Well done to both Henry and Matilda who worked really hard on their comprehension questions for the first chapter of the story. 20HP each!

How did everyone else do? Remember to use the strategies we practise in class!

  • Read through the text.
  • Read the question
  • Find the answer in the text and highlight
  • Write the answer in a complete sentence

The Incredible Bulk

3LB are continuing to overtake AR on the impressive quiz front! I've has some more wonderful ones sent in by Ava and Sienna. Brilliant work! 20HP! Can you work out the answers?


Thursday 26th March 2020

The Incredible Bulk

I think we may put AR out of a job, as I received some wonderful quizzes in yesterday! 

Well done to Maiya, Matilda, Sophie and Henry for their amazing quizzes! 20HP each! Can you answer their questions correctly?



Danny The Champion of the World

Are you enjoying the book so far? I really liked how Danny's Dad would tell him stories, including one about The BFG! 

Maiya has done an annotated drawing of Danny's caravan. What a brilliant idea to show your understanding, Maiya. 20HP!

Well done Sophie for a brilliant effort at finding all the answers to the comprehension questions. You clearly listened very well to the story and used the strategies we've practised to find the answers. Amazing! 20HP