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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing



Aga and Hector have been writing their letters to their friends. They will type this up and email them tomorrow! (01/04/20)

20HP each, great writing.


Archie's excellent daily writing letter. 20HP! Great detail. 

Alina's BFG Storyboard - Amazing, well done!! 20HP!

Skye's BFG storyboard - WOW this is awesome! So much care taken.  Well done! 30HP!

Bluebell has been keeping up with her daily diary writing. 30HP!


Faith has made a quiz for you! 20HP! 

Watch and listen to Skye's 100-word challenge in the video below- why not send her an email with a nice comment?!

AMAZING writing and reading Skye - 30HP!



Archie's INCREDIBLE BFG Storyboard - well done, I LOVE it!!! 30HP.

Blake's 100-word challenge - OH MY WORD. Look how beautifully neat this is?! And I desperately want to read more!    WELL DONE BLAKE! 30HP!

Sky's BFG storyboard plan - great work! 20HP

Aga's fantastic planning. Senses, contractions, conjunctions and contractions! I think she is very ready to write her 100-word challenge tomorrow! Great effort, Aga. 25HP.


Blake's 100-Word Challenge - Brilliant description, I wish I could read more! 20HP!


Oscar's wonderful writing - well done, really excellent contractions and conjunctions used! 30HP!


Alexia's diary entry - fantastic writing, I love reading what you are all up to! Also, what beautiful handwriting! 30HP!

Archie's 100-word challenge, the suspense is killing me. Please write on... it is incredible! 20HP!