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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing


Archie's persuasive letter to Mr Jolley


Blake's persuasive letter

Skye's persuasive letter

Hector's persuasive letter


Faith's setting description

Hector's setting description

Blake's Box to the Bahamas poem

Faith wrote a lovely poem about her beloved hamster Pambo who sadly passed away this week.

Skye's Magic Box Poem.

Luna's letter to Drusillas Park.

Alina's letter to Drusillas Park!

Alexia's letter to Drusillas Park! 

Oscar's own creative writing about a new made up planet! - So cool and imaginative! 

Laura's fantastic worry doll and information page! Great work!

Aga's worry doll and information page - well done!

Oscar's incredible turbo SpaG - sentence types - 9/9 wow! Look at that gorgeous handwriting too, well done you!

Archie's incredible story 'The snail and the fox' 

Alexia's 'Powerful snail' story! (And her new friend!)


Wariyaporn's incredible Turbo SpaG - Adverbs! So beautifully neat!

Aga and Hector have been writing their letters to their friends. They will type this up and email them tomorrow! (01/04/20)

20HP each, great writing.


Archie's excellent daily writing letter. 20HP! Great detail. 

Alina's BFG Storyboard - Amazing, well done!! 20HP!

Skye's BFG storyboard - WOW this is awesome! So much care taken.  Well done! 30HP!

Bluebell has been keeping up with her daily diary writing. 30HP!


Faith has made a quiz for you! 20HP! 

Watch and listen to Skye's 100-word challenge in the video below- why not send her an email with a nice comment?!

AMAZING writing and reading Skye - 30HP!



Archie's INCREDIBLE BFG Storyboard - well done, I LOVE it!!! 30HP.

Blake's 100-word challenge - OH MY WORD. Look how beautifully neat this is?! And I desperately want to read more!    WELL DONE BLAKE! 30HP!

Sky's BFG storyboard plan - great work! 20HP

Aga's fantastic planning. Senses, contractions, conjunctions and contractions! I think she is very ready to write her 100-word challenge tomorrow! Great effort, Aga. 25HP.


Blake's 100-Word Challenge - Brilliant description, I wish I could read more! 20HP!


Oscar's wonderful writing - well done, really excellent contractions and conjunctions used! 30HP!


Alexia's diary entry - fantastic writing, I love reading what you are all up to! Also, what beautiful handwriting! 30HP!

Archie's 100-word challenge, the suspense is killing me. Please write on... it is incredible! 20HP!