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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing


Some amazing poems here! Well done to everyone! Can you guess who wrote what poem?


Free the animals or keep them in the zoo???

Jacob, Anouk and Olivia have had their say.....what do you think?


A fantastic snail illustrated by Odlie which would fit into any published book! A great ending to an amazing story.

To read the whole story scroll down......

One more snail story!

Great writing Barnaby! I enjoyed that one!

More snail stories!

A great story from Ava that finishes on a cliff hanger! Good use of subheadings, direct speech and synonyms for 'said'!

Well done Christian! A great story AND practising your typing skills!

Even more snail stories...

Amazing work here from Idahla and Odile! Fantastic stories that have also been presented very neatly!


Amazing writing!

Great writing and spelling here from Zac! Well done!

SNail stories!

Some amazing stories from SIenna and Mehmet! I really enjoyed reading them - thank you!

100 word challenge

Well done to ERIN, MAX, OLIVIA, SAMUEL, SAMMY and ODILE for sending in their 100 word challenges! I had great fun reading them all! 20HP