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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School

English - Writing

Tuesday 19th May

I've received so many fantastic magic box poems through! I think you have used your imagination brilliantly and made an excellent effort to include all your figurative language and features of a poem in there. Some awesome examples are below. 30HP if you are one on them!


Henry really managed to capture the style and structure of the poem!

I get such a strong image in my head when I read Cleo's poem! Some lovely item included.

Sophie has also worked really hard in creating that structure with some fantastic items that feel magical. Well done for typing up your poem and showing your computing skills too!

I can see how hard Zoe has worked to include some alliteration and adjectives to really bring her poem to life. Great work, Zoe!


Thursday 7th May 2020


There has been some brilliant writing going on in school and at home this week, as you were all writing your letters to Drusillas Park, finishing off worry dolls information and taking part in other writing tasks. 30HP extra if your work is below!

Sienna sent me through her lovely information plan all about worry dolls! Great work, Sienna! 

Well done to Harrison who sent in this lovely piece of writing to me this week. 20HP!

Sophie has been swotting up on her contractions! She has shown an amazing understanding 20HP!

Alfie has written a fantastic letter, and included some lovely pictures from when he has visited the zoo in the past. Great work, Alfie! 20HP!


Friday 1st May 2020

I've seen some fantastic writing about you worry dolls this week. They were really informative and would definitely let someone know all about them if they were unsure. Well done to Matilda, Henry and Alfie. Have an extra 20 HP each for working so hard!

Monday 27th April 2020

I've had some awesome writing in during the last week! You clearly worked really hard on producing your creative writing, and were excellently inspired by nature!

Sienna was inspired by the wonderful bees! What a great idea Sienna, they are such an important part of nature and teh world around us! Fantastic writing!


Youssef has published his writing as well. I really love the expanded noun phrases used here, they bring the whole piece alive and really transport me to sitting in a beautiful garden. Excellent work, Youssef!

Robert has done a fantastic job of using adverbs of time as interesting sentence starters in his writing. What a wonderful effort, Robert!

I've put some of Matilda's work on this page, because although it's based on her reading, she's shown some excellent punctuation! She has used her inverted commas correctly, and included all the punctuation necessary! Fantastic!

Ben has created a non chronological report all about snails. There are some brilliant facts included, and the presentation is bright, interesting and engaging! Great job, Ben!


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Well done to those of you that are doing a little bit of writing every day. This will help you practise your handwriting and think about your sentence structure. Great work! Matilda, Henry and Cleo have all been keeping up with their writing and working hard. I hope you've all noted your house points for your excellent effort!



Thursday 2nd April 2020

I have had lots of wonderful letters in this week that you have written, either by hand or you have copied me in to ones you have emailed to your friend. Thank you to Sophie, Ava, Ben, Alfie and Maiya who all copied me in to the letter they emailed! Excellent work. Give yourself your house points!

Henry is hard at work writing his letter here! The clipboard is a fantastic idea!

Matilda used beautiful, neat presentation to write to Mila!

Sienna wrote an excellent letter that included a range of fronted adverbials!

William produced some stunning handwriting and excellent punctuation in his fabulous letter

Cleo wrote a letter that used conjunctions to help extend her sentences! Great!

I can see that Sophie is correctly using an apostrophes for contraction and she's spending time proof reading to make her work the best it can be! Great idea! 


I hope you have all awarded yourself your housepoints for all your effort!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

I have received in some more wonderful pieces of English work. What strategies that we using in class are you using at home?

Cleo has written a beautiful little poem based on her daily walk. That's an amazing idea! 20HP, Cleo! Has anyone else been inspired by your daily exercise to create some descriptive writing? I'm certainly going to think about on my walk today!

Robert and Matilda have produced some really clear plans for thir letters to friends. They understand the purpose of a letter really well. Excellent work, you two! 20HP!

Matilda also did an excellent storyboard based on Chapter 2 of Danny The Champion of the World! 20HP!


Friday 27th March 2020

I'm continuing to receive in some beautiful writing! I'm so proud of how hard everyone is working on their handwriting and presentation too.

I really love getting through diary sentences. I enjoy hearing about your day so much and this is a lovely way of telling me. Well done to Henry for his fantastic sentences! 30HP! On Monday, can you write me ten sentences telling me about your weekend? 


Matilda has also told me all about her day. Thank you so much! What wonderful writing too! She's used so many adverbs of time! Can you spot them all? 30HP Matilda!

Matilda has been working super hard, because she has also created a storyboard based on chapter two of 'Danny The Champion of The World'! You have been working wonderfully on your home learning, Matilda! Another 30HP!

Sienna has been writing so much I'm surprised her pen hasn't run out! What a fantastic story, Sienna! I can see you've worked hard on including a lot of the criteria we use in class such as coordinating conjunctions, inverted commas and some wonderful powerful verbs! 30HP!


Thursday 26th March 2020

What amazing writers you all are! I'm so happy to receive all you diary entry sentences, door descriptions/stories and more. Well done, everyone! 

Cleo has written a wonderful story. I spotted powerful verbs, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. Fantastic! I loved how she described the scent of candy floss. I could smell it as I was reading it! 30HP

Henry has been practising his diary sentences and written a story. You've been working so hard. I must say, I adored the opening line of 'This door leads to a monster.' It really made me want to read on, and I had so many questions in my head as a reader! 30HP!


In school yesterday, we wrote our door stories as well! Maiya worked so hard on her one and had some amazing description included. I love how she described 'the bitter, cold air' and the howling wind. It really set the atmosphere! 30 HP, Maiya!

Sophie has been doing extra writing as well, practising her setting descriptions. What a superstar! 30HP!